30 Images That Are Enough To Ruin Anyone’s Day

By Lynsey 7 months ago

Spiders where you don't want them

Image source: Reddit
There's nothing worse than being woken up by something crawling through your bed. Worse, that something being a spider! Although, most spiders are harmless, having the eight legged friend accompanying you in your bed is many people's idea of a real life nightmare!


Image source: Reddit
Cutting your sandwiches like this should be illegal! This is an OCD person's nightmare and one that will ruin the day of even the best of us. I mean, who makes a sandwich like this!? I guess at least it doesn't affect the eating experience and it should still taste the same...

Airport snoozing

Image source: Reddit
There's nothing worse than arriving at the airport to realise your flight has been delayed, even worse if it's your connecting flight and it's the middle of the night/ early morning. Luckily, there are many places where you can get your head down. Just don't be that person who takes up multiple seats, leaving others to find a corner on the floor!

Who opens packets like this?

Image source: Reddit
Have you ever looked at your significant other and thought...'who are you?' Witnessing them opening packets of food can make you think this if they are savage enough to rip open the packet from the middle, or worse, upside down! There are some things you can let go, maybe this is not the one...

Missing the garbage men

Image source: Reddit
We've all done the mad, rushed sprint to the door as you hear the garbage men pull up and you realise you haven't taken the bins out. What's even worse, and sure you start you day off sourly, is when you race out in your pyjamas for all the neighbors to see, only for them to drive off!

The dreaded Lego phase

Image source: Reddit
Lego. The dreaded Lego. There is no pain like that of walking in to a room and unsuspectingly finding yourself walking on a bed of Lego. This seemingly harmless child's toy packs a punch! Especially if you manage to find yourself standing on a rogue piece - I swear the single and smallest pieces are the most painful!

Tangled cables

Image source: Reddit
It is shocking to think that some people are out and about walking around with their headphones rattling in their bag, ending up like this! It's worse to think that some people neglect their cables at home too and they are all twisted up in a tangled nightmare!

Is this anyone's charger?

Image source: Reddit
There's committing to a charger that's on its way out and then there's taping it in to an inch of it's life to make it work. Nothing is more annoying that having to prop you cable at a certain angle in order for your charger to charge your device - unless that doesn't work and your battery dies, that's defiantly more annoying!


Image source: Reddit
Your day is sure to be ruined if you wake up and realise that someone has ransacked either your house or car. Whether they have taken any of your possessions or not, the violation is like no other and can cause a great deal of stress to those involved.

The panic...

Image source: Reddit
Most people set an alarm to wake them up, giving them enough time to shower, get ready and maybe even have a cup  of coffee before heading out. When your alarm in fact does not go off, due to a number of reason, the panic and rush is sure to start your day of in the worst way possible!

That missing piece!

Image source: Reddit
You spend hours, if not days, piecing together your family sized puzzle, only to realise it's missing a piece! Day ruined. Especially if you then spend ages after hunting for the missing piece, only to be certain that it simply just doesn't exist and now it feels as if you have wasted your time on this one.

Where's the milk?

Image source: Reddit
It's early. You haven't slept well and now you have to get ready to start your day. The only thing that will make you feel that little bit human is having a nice cup of coffee. Until you realise there's no milk left! A heartbreaking discovery, sure to ruin your day - unless you like your coffee black that it is!

Added nutrients, right?

Image source: Reddit
Hopefully you've noticed your bread is a little off before you've constructed your sandwich and eaten half of it... Some say it is extra nutrients but most say its disgusting! It's enough to ruin anyone's day - especially if it's the end of the month and that's all you've got in.

Might as well get the steps in!

Image source: Reddit
If you're lucky enough to work or live in a building that has one elevator, or more, then it can become quite a nice, novel way to travel through the building that requires minimal effort. So when you rock up and see the dreaded sign saying 'out of order' and realise you have to now attempt to climb the Mount Everest of staircases, it can be sure to ruin your day.

Are you kidding?!

Image source: ladbible.com
You're walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business, and a vehicle drives past - definitely too fast and definitely too close - and suddenly you're cascaded with a wave of water. Whether you're on your way to work or simply running errands, it's the worst start to your day.

Waking up to a flat tyre

Image source: Reddit
For some people, waking up to find your car tyre flat is a nuisance but not the end of the world as you set to changing it yourself. However, some statistics reveal that up to  60% of people don't know how to change a tyre and therefore require roadside assistance - a major inconvenience that is going to set your day back.

Taking risks

Image source: Reddit
How many of you take you phone or your laptop in to the bathroom with you when you do your business or have a bath or shower?Most of you! It is common to continue binge watching your series whilst you bath or to listening to music or podcasts whilst you do your business - maybe just consider where you place your device!

You had one job!

Image source: theguardian.com
There's nothing worse than asking a passerby to capture a beautiful moment between you and your loved one, only to get home and realise their finger is dominating the picture and you can''t see half if it. This can especially ruin your day if it so happens to be a special event, like an engagement or wedding picture.

I din't want my parcel intact anyway...

Image source: Youtube
You order something special, confident it will arrive with "fragile' strapped to it and in one piece, only to get home and see a crushed parcel on your doorstep! How does that even happen? To ruin your day further, you complain and no-one acknowledges the parcel being broken and claim they delivered it in one piece! As if it spontaneously crushed itself whilst sitting on your doorstep.

The dreaded missed delivery note

Image source: Reddit
You've sat in and waited for your expected delivery all day, only to receive the dreaded 'Sorry we missed you' note be posted through the door. This can be particularly annoying if in fact they simply haven't tried to deliver the parcel at all or you simply didn't manage to get to the door quick enough.


Image source: Reddit
The irony of the 'Do not bend' notice on an important document, like a diploma certificate, only to find it bent and forced in to your mailbox just to get it in. Luckily it doesn't affect the legitimacy of the document but it's definitely highly annoying and enough to ruin your day.

Caught off guard

Image source: Reddit
Going to the toilet to do your private business is usually a moment in time where you can have five minutes piece to yourself. That is, until you have children! The fascination with wasting toilet roll is something else! And if you don't have children, simply running out of toilet roll and not noticing until it is too late can ruin the day of even the best of us.

Who does this?

Image source: Reddit
There are two kinds of people in the world: those that squeeze the toothpaste up from the bottom like a civilised human when using it, and those who squeeze from anywhere. One leads the toothpaste looking like this when it's empty and the other leave the tube in a twisted mess.

I thought I could make it...

Image source: Reddit
You're running late and the red light 'fuel low' sign dings on your dash instantly ruining your day. Whether you're on your way out or heading back home again, there's always that moment where you think 'can I make it?'. A risky thought and one that can end in disaster if you're not careful!

Multiple notifications

Image source: Reddit
Some of you get a notification and have to read it immediately to remove that little red bubble; others aren't bothered and let them build up. Glancing at a colleagues phone to see hundreds of unread messages and emails will ruin your day if you're the first type of person who is obsessive at clearing these on your own device.

It's no longer new...

Image source: Reddit
Seeing your beloved device with a smashed screen is soul destroying, especially if it is brand new. We've all been there when we've purchased a new phone, to be asked if we would like the screen protector. You know the time you say no, is the time you leave the shop, miraculously trip over your own feet and drop your beautifully new device and smash the screen.

Mind the poop!

Image source: Reddit
You're out on a walk, whether you have a dog or not, trying to get your daily steps in and to clear you head and you find yourself stepping on dog faeces. The worst thing to happen in your day, especially when it takes two minutes to pick up after your dog, yet about a half an hour cleaning the muck off the bottom of your shoe - and the smell never really goes away!

The most annoying thing EVER!

Image source: Reddit
One of the most annoying sights to see, and one to definitely ruin your day is walking down the sidewalk behind someone in a hoody who hasn't realised their hood is inside out, waving like a parachute in the wind. If you know them, great! You can correct it for them, however it's not quite socially acceptable to go around correcting strangers hoods without asking.

Someone needs a pedi!

Image source: Reddit
Being served your food by someone who has more hand hygiene is one that will ruin your day and most likely turn you off your food at the same time. Nails are a breeding sight for bacteria which is why many food establishments require them to be trimmed and kept clean.

Paper cuts

Image source: Reddit
One of the most painful experiences you'll ever go through in life is that of a paper cut. It's true what they say that the smaller the cut, the more painful it is! These unsuspecting wounds are tiny and simply incredibly annoying as they often get caught in what your doing and take ages to heal!