30 Hacks To Avoid Getting Cheated On

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Communicate Effectively

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One of the best ways to make sure your relationship will remain strong is to always communicate well with one another. Communication can be the foundation of a good relationship and if you can tell each other everything clearly and simply then you're on the right path.

Actively Listen To Them

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Active listening can be a powerful tool in safeguarding your relationship. By giving your partner your full attention they will realise how much you validate their feelings as well as understanding they can trust you. We all want to be heard and valued so keep that process going.

Build A Good Level Of Trust

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Just as communication is important, so is trust. To avoid some issues when it comes to infidelity you need to invest in making sure that you trust each other. This can be earned by being consistently honest and reliable, after all what sort of relationship can grow if people don't trust each other.

Spend Quality Time Together

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Quality time is such a precious commodity in relationships and sometimes couples can let this time drift away from each other. Try and make an effort to create some meaningful moments together whether that means you're going out or you're just cuddling up on the sofa every now and then.

Establish Boundaries

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By setting boundaries at the start of a relationship then you'll be taking a proactive step to avoiding cheating. This allows both people in the relationship to be aware of what is and isn't acceptable in their eyes. Always try and be respectful of the boundaries the other person has set.

Be Transparent With Each Other

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It's always important to remain transparent with your partner and this kind of goes hand in hand with communicating well. By being transparent you can begin to address any potential issues before they escalate too much. This way you might not be able to keep any hidden agendas.

Maintain Independence

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Whilst it is also important to spend time together in a relationship, you also need to maintain your own independence. Encourage each other to pursue their own hobbies and friendships. This means the pressure isn't just on one another to keep each other emotionally fulfilled.

Share Your Goals

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Sharing your goals with one another can actually strengthen your connection and commitment to a partner. You can then make it your goal to help the other achieve their dreams and then celebrate them together. By being actively involved in each other's aspirations you're less likely to be cheated on.

Show Affection To One Another

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If you're the sort of person that thrives off of affection then you might want to express this regularly. This can help maintain the emotional and physical connection between a couple and this can come in the form of affection like hugs, kisses and compliments to remind your partner of the love you share.

Treat Each Other With Respect

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Respect is one of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy relationship. Always try and treat your partner with kindness and consideration. By avoiding any disrespectful behaviour you and your partner will be able to feel valued and cherished, making the idea of cheating even more unlikely.

Express Gratitude Regularly

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You should try and make it a habit within your daily life to express the gratitude you have for your partner's presence in your life. By acknowledging their contributions and showing appreciation for what they do for you you'll be reinforcing the positive aspects of the relationship.

Learn How To Resolve Conflicts

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Conflict is natural in relationships, but the way you handle it can make all the difference in how it will affect the relationship in the long run. By learning to resolve them constructively you'll have a valuable way to minimize the risk of cheating. Try to not blame one another for the problems.

Keep The Intimacy Alive

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By maintaining intimacy, you might be able to lower the chance your partner will cheat on you. Try and nurture the emotional connection you have with your partner whether that be emotional or physical. Physical intimacy can be exactly what you need to keep the spark alive.

Surprise Each Other With Romantic Gestures

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Romance in a relationship is so important, so try and surprise your partner with some thoughtful and romantic gestures to keep the romance alive. This could be just leaving love notes or gifting some small tokens of appreciation like chocolates, bottles of wine or maybe some flowers.

Keep Going On Date Nights

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Date nights are another fantastic way to try and maintain the spark within your relationship. By regularly setting time aside for just the two of you to get out and avoid distractions can be great. You might go for food or you might try and explore some new places or revisit your favourite spots.

Encourage Personal Growth

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Always try and encourage each other's personal growth, by supporting their aspirations and development you will only be encouraging the same back to you. When you both feel supported in your own journeys, there will be quite the fulfilling and dynamic feeling within the relationship.

Become Best Friends

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Not only should your partner JUST be your partner, but they should also be your best friend too. By ensuring that this is the feeling throughout the relationship you'll be able to feel less pressure to keep it going. You'll be able to effortlessly have fun with one another and confide everything with them.

Consider Counselling

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If you're beginning to notice some issues within the relationship then you might want to consider counselling. You shouldn't be ashamed to do so as many people have saved their relationships doing this. A trained therapist can actually guide you through improving your confirmation.

Be Honest If You're Unhappy

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Although you might want to hide the negative feelings you're having in a relationship, the most important thing you can do is be honest with a partner. If you're dissatisfied with something then open up to them and try to resolve it instead of letting the issue build up to a higher level.

Introduce Each Other's Social Circles

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By introducing your partner to your own social circle and vice versa you can create a much greater sense of unity and belonging. When partners feel integrated there might be a reduced need for them to seek some further connections outside of the relationship that could lead to cheating.

Be Empathetic

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Empathy is quite the powerful tool in maintaining a strong relationship. Although it might seem difficult, by understanding your partner's perspective you will be able to foster a deeper connection and hopefully minimize some future misunderstandings. Always try your hardest to do so!

Learn From Past Mistakes

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Reflecting on your past mistakes in relationships could be essential in making sure your relationship remains stable. If either of you have suffered infidelity in the past you can use it as an opportunity to learn and grow with one another and commit to making the changes to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Trust Your Instincts

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Intuition can often be a powerful ally in making sure you aren't cheated on. Obviously if you have suspicions you need to try and make sure it's true before you talk about it. This doesn't mean you shouldn't trust your gut though as sometimes it can help identify problems.

Be Willing To Forgive

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Forgiveness can be something that many of us struggle to get along with, but if your partner has made a mistake or a lapse in judgement then be willing to try and forgive them. You don't have to forget what happened but it does mean that you can try and help the relationship heal.

Avoid Temptations

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Whilst it can be impossible to avoid all temptations in life, by being aware of things that might trigger them you can avoid certain situations. Try and recognize situations in which your partner might be tempted and make some proactive steps to avoid them and steer clear of temptation.

Plan For The Future

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Not only should you talk about your future goals with one another, but you should also try and make plans to make sure that they happen too. Once both partners have an aligned vision for the future, like how many children you might have or where you want to visit, you'll be in a stronger place.

Get Married

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Although some people still end up cheating on their partner after marriage, this should be a process that strengthens the relationship. The act of marriage is usually seen to be a deeper level of commitment and can therefore be quite the deterrent against someone cheating as they've been bound by vows.

Break Up If You Have Too

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Sometimes the relationship just has reached it's end point and despite your best efforts it might be time to let your partner go. Once the relationship has soured you or your partner might begin to have your head turned and this can create some infidelity issues that could be easily avoided.

Don't Hide Big Secrets

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Openness and honesty, as I've already mentioned are very important in preventing infidelity on both sides. But aside from that, you should try and avoid hiding any significant secrets from your partner, especially if they might have an impact on the quality of the relationship. I'm sure they'll try to help you!

Have Regular Check-Ups

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Regular check-ins with your partner are often overlooked by couples. But you can use these to make sure that you are both in the same place in regards to your relationship, share your feelings and bring up any possible concerns. You'll have an ongoing dialogue that can only be a positive thing.