30 Hacks That Only Van Drivers Know About

By Jack Trelawny 8 months ago

1. Use a Shoe Organizer

Image Source: The Camperco Shop
Maximize van space and organization by utilizing a convenient shoe organizer. Simply hang it on the back of your van's seats to efficiently store and access small tools and essential supplies, enhancing your on-the-go work efficiency and keeping your workspace tidy.

2. Bungee Cord Wrangler

Image Source: The Family Handyman
Achieve easy access to bungee cords using this ingenious trick: thread them through a broomstick, then firmly affix it inside your van. This ensures your cords are always within reach, contributing to a well-organized and efficient van interior.

3. Magnetic Magic

Image Source: Reddit
Elevate your tool organization strategy with magnetic tool holders: Mount magnetic strips or bars on the interior surface of your van's doors to create a dedicated space for securely storing metal tools and small components. This practical approach maximizes your van's storage capacity and streamlines your work process, ensuring tools are always within easy reach and well-organized for any task at hand.

4. Reflective Tape

Image Source: WX Reflective 
Elevate your storage capabilities by integrating personalized shelving and compartments within your van's interior. This tailored solution not only expands your storage capacity but also enhances organizational efficiency, enabling you to make the most of available space and maintain a well-ordered environment for quick and convenient access to tools and supplies, ultimately boosting productivity.

5. Custom Shelving

Image Source: Reddit
Elevate your storage efficiency by integrating personalized shelves and compartments into your van's interior. This customized approach optimizes available space, fostering a well-organized environment that facilitates easy access to tools and supplies, leading to the ultimate maximization of productivity.

6. Mirror Extenders

Image Source: Caravan and camping
Elevate your field of vision and safety by affixing mirror extenders to your side mirrors. This simple addition significantly enhances visibility, making it easier to navigate through confined spaces and ensuring optimal safety when towing trailers or large loads.

7. Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier

Image Source: Switchback travel 
Contemplate the advantages of incorporating a hitch-mounted cargo carrier into your setup, as it can significantly expand your storage options, making it especially beneficial for accommodating oversized items that might otherwise be challenging to fit inside your van's interior.

8. Tire Pressure Monitoring

Image Source: Cyclo cross racer
Give serious consideration to investing in a tire pressure monitoring system. This decision ensures that your tires consistently maintain proper inflation levels, significantly enhancing safety and driving efficiency for a more secure and reliable journey

9. Rubber Floor Mats

Image Source: Rubber Matting
Consider the practicality of rubber floor mats, which prove invaluable in simplifying the cleanup of spills and debris. Their use not only eases maintenance but also ensures a cleaner and more organized van interior, creating a hassle-free workspace.

10. Cargo Nets

Image Source: Ebay
Ensure the stability of your cargo during transit by employing cargo nets or bungee cords to effectively secure loose items. This proactive approach guarantees that your load remains firmly in place, enhancing both the safety and smoothness of your journey.

11. Drawer Units

Image Source: Van kit direct 
Optimize your van's storage potential with the incorporation of drawer units. By installing these specialized units, you can efficiently store and access smaller tools and equipment, ensuring a well-organized workspace. Say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through clutter; these drawer units provide a structured solution that enhances productivity.

12. LED Lighting

Image Source: Youtube
Illuminate Your Workspace for Nighttime Efficiency, when working under dim lighting conditions or during the night, LED lighting becomes a valuable addition to your van's interior. By integrating LED lights, you create a well-lit environment that not only improves visibility but also boosts safety and productivity. Enhance your workspace, and take on tasks with confidence, regardless of the time of day.

13. Power Inverter

Image Source: Supercheap auto
Unleash On-the-Go Charging Capabilities. Embrace versatility on the road by incorporating a power inverter into your van setup. This invaluable accessory enables you to charge tools and devices while in transit, eliminating downtime and ensuring uninterrupted work efficiency. With a power inverter, you're equipped to tackle your tasks with power and convenience wherever your journey takes you.

14. Backup Camera

Image Source: Tadibrothers 
Simplify Precision Parking and Maneuvering. When faced with the challenges of tight parking spaces, a backup camera becomes an indispensable asset. By integrating this technology into your vehicle, you can significantly ease the process of parking and maneuvering. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of tight spots; a backup camera enhances your spatial awareness, making every parking scenario more manageable and less daunting.

15. Reflective Cones

Image Source: Reddit
Enhance Roadside Safety with Reflective Traffic Cones. Safety should always be a top priority, especially when working on the roadside. One effective way to bolster safety measures is by keeping reflective traffic cones within your van. These cones serve as crucial visual markers, alerting passing vehicles and ensuring your workspace is highly visible, minimizing the risk of accidents. Prioritizing safety with reflective cones is a responsible choice for any roadside work situation.

16. Cable Organizer

Image Source: Amazon
Streamline Cord and Cable Management. In the modern world, cords and cables are an essential part of our daily lives. Yet, managing them can often become a tangled mess. To overcome this challenge, consider utilizing cable organizers or Velcro straps. These tools enable you to efficiently manage and secure your cords and cables, eliminating clutter and chaos. Keep your workspace organized and your connections secure, ensuring a more efficient and productive work environment.

17. Drawer Liners

Image Source: Amazon
Maintain Tool Stability with Non-Slip Drawer Liners. When it comes to keeping your tools securely in place during transit, non-slip drawer liners are your dependable ally. By incorporating these liners into your drawer storage, you can effectively prevent tools from shifting or sliding around, safeguarding both your equipment and the interior of your van. Say goodbye to the noise and potential damage caused by tool movement, and ensure a smooth and secure journey.

18. Seat Covers

Image Source: Amazon
Shield Your Seats with Easy-to-Clean, Durable Seat Covers. Your van's seats endure daily wear and tear, which can lead to premature deterioration. To protect your investment and ensure long-lasting comfort, consider installing durable seat covers. These covers not only shield your seats from stains, spills, and general wear but are also designed for easy cleaning. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your seats are well-preserved and always ready to provide a comfortable and clean driving experience.

19. Portable Generator

Image Source: The Newyork Times
Unlock On-Site Power Solutions with a Compact Generator. When you're working on-site, having access to reliable power is often essential. That's where a small portable generator proves invaluable. By carrying one of these compact generators, you're equipped to meet on-site power needs efficiently. Whether it's running tools, charging equipment, or providing backup power, a portable generator ensures you have the necessary energy source at your fingertips, enhancing your on-site capabilities and versatility.

20. Toolbox Stickers

Image Source: The Garage Journal
Streamline Tool Identification with Labels. Improve toolbox and storage bin organization by applying labels. These toolbox stickers simplify identification, enabling quick access to the right tools. Stay efficient and well-organized, minimizing downtime on tasks.

21. Trash Bin

Image Source: Direct2U
Maintain Van Cleanliness with a Compact Bin. Enhance cleanliness and organization within your van by having a small trash bin on hand. This simple addition promotes tidiness, ensuring that waste is properly disposed of and your workspace remains clean and clutter-free.

22. Locking Storage

Image Source: Van Vault
Safeguard Valuables with Secure Cabinets. Protect your valuable tools and equipment by installing locking cabinets or storage units. These secure solutions provide peace of mind, deterring theft and ensuring that your valuable assets are safely stored and protected within your vanSpare Key: Hide a spare key on the outside of your van in case you ever lock yourself out.

23. Glove Box Organizer

Image Source: Trail 4Runner
Efficiently Manage Crucial Documents. Employ a glove box organizer to streamline the storage of vital documents, like registration and insurance papers. This organizational tool ensures quick access to essential paperwork, promoting efficiency and compliance.

24. First Aid Kit

Image Source: Vanwagan
Prioritize Safety with a Comprehensive Kit. Ensure safety is a top priority by consistently having a well-equipped first aid kit at your disposal. Be prepared for emergencies with a fully stocked kit, ready to provide immediate medical assistance when needed.

25. Squeegee and Wipes

Image Source: Reddit
Maintain Clear Visibility with Cleaning Tools. Keep your windshield and mirrors spotless with the aid of a squeegee and wipes. These handy tools enable you to swiftly and effectively remove dirt and debris, ensuring optimal visibility and safer driving conditions.

26. Weather Mats

Image Source: Reddit
Preserve Your Van with All-Weather Floor Protection. Safeguard your van's interior by investing in high-quality, weather-resistant floor mats. These mats provide essential protection against rain, mud, and snow, extending the lifespan of your vehicle and maintaining a clean and durable interior.

27. Van Alarm System

Image Source: Pandora Car Alarms
Enhance Security and Shield Your Tools. Ensure the safety of your valuable tools and equipment by installing a comprehensive van alarm system. Not only does it serve as a potent theft deterrent, but it also offers peace of mind, knowing that your assets are protected around the clock.

28. Hand Truck/Dolly

Image Source: HTS Systems 
Simplify Heavy Load Handling On the Go. Streamline the transportation of heavy items with the convenience of a foldable hand truck or dolly. These portable tools make moving substantial loads more manageable, reducing physical strain and increasing efficiency during the transport process.

29. Emergency Kit

Image Source: Tom's Guide
Be Prepared for Roadside Challenges. Ensure you're ready for unforeseen roadside emergencies by maintaining an emergency kit. It includes essential items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, and flares, providing peace of mind and quick solutions in times of need.

30. Tailored Racks

Image Source: Life Adventure Overland
Personalize Roof and Ladder Racks for Secure Transportation. Enhance your van's versatility by customizing roof and ladder racks to safely accommodate long or oversized items. This tailored approach ensures secure transportation, making it ideal for various load requirements