30 Animals That Are Considered Delicacies Around The World

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Tuna Eyeball- Japan

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, so maybe Tuna isn't quite such a weird food for people to eat, but this specific part of the Tuna that has become a delicacy around Japan. They are known as Maguro no me and are very much a cultural appreciation for ensuring that food isn't wasted. I think eating eyes in general is something I'd want to avoid, especially when you take in to account there gelatinous texture.

Grasshoppers- Thailand

Image Source: Reddit
I'm not gonna lie, eating bugs is something that I think I'd probably choose to avoid no matter where I was in the world. In Thai cuisine, insects have long been used as a source of protein and supposedly have quite a unique texture and taste. Although they are a common street food snack they are also incorporated to salads and other meals to add the crispiness.

Wasps- Japan

Image Source: Atlas Obscura
If you're out visiting the big cities of Japan the you might not come across Wasps as part of the menu in certain restaurants, they're usually found in more rural areas. They have their stingers removed and can even be eaten whilst alive! There's something about eating animals alive that puts me off, never mind when they're bugs that might be found in rice crackers, rice balls or even as a soba noodle topping.

Spiders- Cambodia

Image Source: Reddit
Spiders are actually commonly eaten in Cambodia is quite a traditional source of protein and are definitely considered a delicacy! They are commonly eaten thanks to their wide availability and have to be cleaned with the legs and fangs usually removed. That might persuade me to think about it, because the legs are what seem to be the most off-putting part of the spider don't you think? They are typically fried and added to stir-fries and soups.

Silkworms- South Korea

Image Source: Reddit
Although these little worms are eaten all the way around Asia, they are particularly popular in South Korea where they are boiled or fried and known as Beondegi. It doesn't sound quite so appealing to us here in the US or western civilizations, but over in Asia it's actually seen to be a delicacy and you can often find them on stalls upon the side of the street.

Snails- France

Image Source: Reddit
This is quite a commonly recognised delicacy around the world and people often turn their heads up at eating Escargot, or snails whilst they're visiting France. They were once a common choice for the working class back in the day and they are now traditionally viewed as an appetiser in French restaurants. They might be a little chewy but that might be hidden by the garlic and herb butter that they're usually served in.

Stink Bugs- Across Africa

Image Source: VnExpress International
Stink bugs don't look extremely appealing and just hearing the name 'Stink' might be enough to put people off choosing to try this African Delicacy, popular in countries like Uganda and Myanmar. They are typically fried in order to remove the stench that they release which supposedly makes for quite a delicious and crunchy snack to stave away some of the hunger.

Frogs- France

Image Source: Reddit
Snails aren't the only odd delicacy that people in France are known to quite commonly eat, but Frogs' legs too! Typically they are boiled, but they can also be fried and most people claim that they offer quite a similar taste to that of chicken! As with the snails, they are usually accompanied with seasonings like herbs and garlic which might make them a little more appealing.

Kangaroo- Australia

Image Source: Reddit
When you hear the word Australia, many of you might instantly think about one of their most commonly recognised animals, the Kangaroo. You might think they're cute, but some Australians actually choose to eat them! The aboriginal people ate them for generations and that has followed on to the current day and it's pretty much eaten in all the same ways as other red meats like Beef and Lamb!

Crocodile- South Africa

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There are a number of countries that choose to eat crocodiles including Australia, South Africa and Thailand; they are typically butchered into cuts similar to that of pork and chicken before being cooked in a variety of ways. Most commonly, the meat is grilled or fried, although some countries choose to put their crocodile meat into soups or stews for a more tender meat feeling.

Rattlesnake- USA

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Okay, so there's probably a load of you who are probably thinking 'who the hell in the US are eating rattlesnakes'. The thing is though, that throughout of the southwestern states it has actually become somewhat of a novelty food item and is usually fried or baked using some seasoning. Either way, I don't think I'll be choosing to make this part of my own regular diet.

Guinea Pig- Peru

Image Source: Reddit
Guinea Pig is actually commonly eaten across South America in countries like Ecuador and Bolivia, but the Peruvians are perhaps the most well-known eaters of this odd delicacy. They are usually either roasted or fried, although it wouldn't be amiss to find them as part of a casserole. It seems odd to imagine eating something as cute as a Guinea Pig, something we'd consider a pet!

Starfish- China

Image Source: The Roaming Fork
Starfish isn't a very common ingredient anywhere around the world as a result of some of them actually being toxic to humans; that hasn't stopped the Chinese from eating them or even using them in medicine. They have to be thoroughly boiled to remove toxins and then added to soups or stews. This probably isn't the way that Patrick Starfish wants to be remembered!

Cobra- Vietnam

Image Source: Reddit
Consuming snake meat, not just cobra has always traditionally been popular in southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia and is definitely a delicacy that tourists often choose to give a go. Considering so many people are absolutely terrified of snakes it might help them overcome their fear to see the creatures grilled and then stabbed by a stick, prepared to be eaten.

Scorpions- Mexico

Image Source: Reddit
Scorpions might be eaten across the world in a few different locations including China, but also Mexico where they are traditionally deep fried and skewered to be made available as a crunch street snack. This has to be done to avoid consuming any toxins and don't worry; they will always remove the stinger as well to avoid you having any minor accidents during your meal.

Opossum- South America

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Here in the US you might recognise Opossums as something you'd see as roadkill after being hit by cars on the highways; but across South America they are actually a traditional meal for some indigenous cultures. Despite being quite an unappealing animal for us, they are supposedly cut and prepared in a similar way to the meats we eat on a daily basis.

Dog- South Korea

Image Source: Reddit
You've probably come across the racial stereotype that dogs are often eaten regularly in Asian countries like China and South Korea. It is true that during periods of events like Bok Nal, dog can be a popular choice, however in recent years, many people and residents of the country have decided to turn their backs on this quite ancient and now less desired delicacy.

Shark- China

Image Source: Reddit
Sharks have long been touted as some of the biggest predators within the earth's oceans, but did you know that we actually eat them a whole load more than they do us? Shark-fin soup is popular across Asia, whilst in Australia you can actually get your hands on a species of shark known as the Flake can actually bought in takeaway fish and chip shops across the country. In Iceland they even eat Hakarl, a fermented shark dish!

Whales- Japan and Iceland

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Whaling, the process of catching whales is actually an incredibly supportive feature of Japan's economy and that has lead to them becoming a popular delicacy. And in Iceland they go a step further than the Japanese, where they catch and eat Minke Whale which is eaten raw! It seems a step too far to eat one of the most intelligent and beloved animals in our seas!

Camel- Egypt

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I suppose when you imagine some countries eat horse meat it comes as no surprise that the Egyptians like to tuck in to camel meat every now and then! They have long been traditionally used as an alternative to traditional meats when it comes to eating steaks and ribs and the fat found in the humps is often used around other meats to help preserve them!

Iguana- Mexico

Image Source: Reddit
Throughout Mexico and much of Central Mexico, meat of the Iguana has become quite the delicacy as a result of its rich flavour (similar to that of chicken). The meat is very commonly stewed or put in to soups, although they have also been known to be grilled and then even skewered as a snack or even put in to tamales or taco's, two common Mexican dishes.

Fruit Bat- Guam

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Okay, there will be many people reading this that would go a little crazy if they spotted a bat flying towards them, but over in Guam they actually try to catch fruit bats and have them for dinner! Their delicacy dish is fruit bat soup (sounds great doesn't it?) and the bat is pretty much eaten as it is, washed and covered in coconut milk before being served to you in a bowl. Mmmmmm.

Horse- France and Japan

Image Source: Reddit
Horses are commonly recognised as either a working animal or an animal that people choose to keep as pets, so it might be a surprise to hear that they are actually commonly eaten in western civilization countries like France and Belgium. In fact, there are French butchers that solely specialise in selling the meat! The meat is typically served in sausage form or in stews whilst the Japanese eat a dish known as Basashi, which is just raw horse meat!

Alligator- USA

Image Source: Reddit
I've already mentioned the Crocodile so it's only fair to mention their distant cousin the Alligator which is actually commonly eaten in some of the southern states here in the United States! It isn't just the meat that people go for either, but also the eggs that they hatch too! Supposedly the meat comes in steak form and is actually quite delicious and firm in texture!

Rats- North Korea

Image Source: Pulse
As a result of food sources being quite rare in North Korea, it's actually quite common for these little pests to be eaten as a source of protein! They are quite a common feature of the country so the availability is what caused the rise in their consuming. I'm not sure about you, but I don't think there's anything that could get me to force a bit of rat meat down my throat! They are also barbecued in some areas of Africa and southeast Asia too!

Sea Turtle- Central America

Image Source: Reddit
It seems quite depressing to imagine eating these gorgeous and highly popular sea creatures but across the continent of Asia and throughout Central America turtle is seen to be quite the delicacy. They have to be cleaned thoroughly and are then typically served as a soup and people have long claimed to taste similarly to that of chicken or veal following it being grilled or fried.

Jellyfish- China

Image Source: Reddit
It's quite common to see squid or octopus eaten on menu's all around the world but you'd be less likely to spot these animals anywhere. That's because only around an eighth of the species around the world are actually safe for human consumption! They have to be perfectly processed before they can be eaten, which is quite an arduous and time consuming process.

Cassowaries- Papua New Guinea

Image Source: Reddit
Cassowaries are some of the most spectacular looking birds you'll come across around the world and the Korowai tribe within the country of Papua New Guinea have claimed that the meat tastes like human. That might not be the best advertisement for the meat and you might question how they know this! They eat witch doctors, that's why.... pretty normal right?

Emu- Australia

Image Source: Reddit
Just like the cassowaries, Emu's are another quite exotic bird (to us at least) that are actually commonly eaten in countries like Australia. Supposedly the meat is extremely healthy for you, lean and high in Vitamin C; some people even suggest the meat is that good it all tastes like a filet mignon. Despite this, it hasn't really caught on around the whole country never mind the rest of the world.

Maggots- Africa and Italy

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, some of these I can get behind, but this is genuinely disgusting and there is no way I could ever even comprehend putting one of those wriggly looking bugs in my mouth! They are a popular choice in Africa as they are solely protein whilst in countries like Italy they are used in the process of creating Sardinian cheese and then sometimes eaten alongside it once they're done!