29+ Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Deformities

By josh6122 1 year ago

Denzel Washington - Permanently Crooked Finger

Image Source: redditDenzel Washington, the 62-year-old hard man and perennial heart throb, does not come without flaws. The two-time Academy Award winner's right hand has a damaged pinky finger from playing sports as a kid. Because of the severity of the injury, Washington decided to discuss his crooked finger openly.Original content sourced from femanin.com

Mark Wahlberg - Third Nipple

Image Source: dailymailLily Allen isn't the only famous person who was born with a third nipple. As you can see in the photo above, the former Marky Mark is a member of the exclusive trip-nip club, with Allen, Zac Efron, and Tilda Swinton. After eventually confirming the rumour, Wahlberg added, "It's actually the size of an infant's nipple, it didn't expand."

Martin Sheen - One Arm 3 Inches Shorter Than The Other

Image Source: dailyfeedYou've probably never seen Martin Sheen's deformity since it's so minor. This is despite the fact that the actor has been on our screens for over 50 years. "I've got this malformed left arm, three inches shorter than the right, and I can't do a thing with it," Sheen says.  Unfortunately, Sheen has been like this from the day he was born.

Halle Berry - Sixth Toe

Image Source: dailyfeedHalle Berry, an Academy Award winner and annual top ten most beautiful lady, has long been reported to have a sixth toe. For years, photos of what seems to be an additional toe next to her pinky toe have been circulating on the Internet. Polydactyly refers to the presence of an additional toe or finger.

Ashton Kutcher - Webbed Toes

Image Source: pinterestAshton Kutcher is one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood. You'll have seen him in multiple blockbuster movies...what you may not have seen are his web toes. He's proof that nobody is perfect - not that there is anything wrong with having webbed toes. And it's not something that bothers Kutcher at all. In fact, he enjoys getting them out on national TV sometimes.

Kylie Jenner - Crooked Middle Toe

Image Source: dailyfeedIf you've ever been on Kylie Jenner's Instagram you may have seen in the comments that there are a lot of comments about her feet. People have even claimed she has extra toes. So, to defend what she claims are 'cute ass feet' she uploaded a picture and explained that she broke her middle toe and it has healed a little crooked.

Andy Garcia - Born With An Attached Conjoined Twin

Image Source: dailyfeedAndy Garcia is a famous actor well known particularly for his role in Ocean's 11 amongst many. He was actually born attached to a conjoined twin which never fully developed or formed properly and so it had to be removed from Garcia. The scars can still be seen.

Maria Sharapova - Extra Toe On Each Foot

Image Source: tennisforumMaria Sharapova is one of the world's greatest tennis players, having made it to the very top in her field. And, her deformity has never held her back. She has an extra toe on each foot, which is a condition known as polydactyl. So instead of 10 toes she has 12.

Steven Tyler - Deformed Toes

Image Source: dailymailSteven Tyler is a successful actor who has a condition called Morton's Neuroma. This affects the nerve between the toes, which then causes pain and thickening. His toes are now slightly deformed. Not that Tyler has let this stop his career success at all.

Harry Styles - Third Nipple

Image source: twitterHarry Styles, the most popular solo singer from the now-defunct One Direction, has his former colleagues in the nipple department beat. In that regard, the hunk outperforms even Lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg... Styles has two additional nipples instead of one. He verified it in an interview with Chelsea Handler.

Karolína Kurková - No Belly Button

Image Source: huffingtonKarolna Kurková, a Czech model and actress, is proof that you don't have to be perfect to make it in the modelling business. Kurková may work in the fashion industry, but she isn't faultless (just like the rest of us!). But why is that? Kurková, a former Victoria's Secret Angel and Vogue cover model, has also starred in films like as GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Britney Spears - Psoriasis

Image Source: ohnoBritney Spears may have been the squeaky-clean pop queen of the 1990s and 2000s, but she has never been without flaws. Spears is claimed to have psoriasis, which affects 125 million individuals globally (about 2-3 percent of the population). Psoriasis is a skin ailment marked by scaly red spots.

Vincent Vaughn - Missing His Thumb

Image Source: lifeandstyleVaughn was 17 years old when he was involved in an automobile accident, escaping with his life but not all of his bodily parts. The end of Vaughn's thumb was severed in the collision. The event wrecked the future comedian's dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

Jennifer Garner - Floating Toe

Image Source: devianHave you ever looked at Jennifer Garner's feet? Have you ever seen them up close like this? If you did, you'd see that the Alias star and former Batfleck wife's right foot had a 'floating toe.' Garner has a condition known as brachymetatarsia. Due to the way the finger hovers above the others, it is more generally referred to as a floating toe.

Cassandra Naud - Birthmark

Image Source: peopleCassandra Naud is a Canadian actress and a professional dancer. She has a fairly large birthmark under her eye. She embraces it and does not try to hide away, sending the message that everybody has unique aspects that we should never be ashamed of and should love them instead.

Matthew Perry - Missing The Tip Of His Finger

Image Source: lifeandstyleEven the cast members of Friends have their own peculiarities. Matthew Perry, alias Chandler, is the chosen one here. Take a close look at the illustration below. Have you noticed anything? No? Take a closer look at this… Matthew Perry is missing a portion of his little finger.

Oprah - Bunions

Image Source: yournextOprah may be Oprah...but even she cannot escape bunions. It may not be the most glamorous thing - but lots of people experience bunions. She blames it on wearing heels all of the time, it has now made part of her foot stick out into what now looks like a deformity.

Gemma Arterton - Born With 6 Fingers

Image Source: yournextYou may know Gemma Amerton as the Bond girl. But she has another claim to fame. She was actually born with six fingers on each hand. These extra fingers were boneless and the doctors tied them when she was a baby so they would fall off. Now she is just left with two little bumps, one on each hand.

Harrison Ford - Scar On His Chin

Image Source: twitterDid you know that when it comes to Hollywood heavyweights, Harrison Ford has a visible scar on his chin? If you need additional proof, just take a look at the image! You might not have noticed it in the midst of all of his crazy stunts in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films, but it's there. This is how he did it…

Kate Middleton - Scar On Her Head

Image Source: irishThe Duchess of Cambridge is used to looking her best as a member of the Royal family. However, Middleton inadvertently showed a scar to the world's media. Kate's left side of her head has an obvious scar, as you can see. The Duchess was initially hesitant to explain the scar, but after years Buckingham Palace addressed.

Ed Sheeran - Scar On His Cheek From A Member Of The Royal Family

Image Source: thesunWhen it comes to royalty, Ed Sheeran can thank another member of the British Royal Family for his deformity. But who is to blame? Princess Beatrice, it turns out, was the one who gave him the scar! She was reportedly having a dinner party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor and had invited Ed, as well as a slew of other celebrities.

Tom Hardy - Permanently Bent Pinky Finger

Image Source: fabulousTom Hardy's on-screen reputation for scary performances is well-deserved, but his off-screen reputation for intensity is also well-deserved. Hardy was a hellraiser when he was younger, having been jailed for joyriding and weapons possession as well as nearly losing his life to drug addiction.

LeBron James - Scars On His Head

Image Source: twitterYou wouldn't have seen the scars on the back of LeBron James' skull if he wasn't moving around so swiftly. What are those shapes on his right side of the skull? Because of LeBron's thinning hair, fans of the basketball star have just recently been aware of them. People, on the other hand, can't seem to agree on how he obtained the high grade.

David Bowie - Different Colored Eyes

Image Source: twitterIt was a visible deformity that only contributed to David Bowie's otherworldly allure. From the age of 15, Bowie's right eye had a permanently dilated pupil. Bowie received a life-altering hit after a battle with his old school mate George Underwood (which began over a lady they both admired, naturally).

Dan Aykroyd - Syndactyly

Image Source: devianDan Aykroyd may enjoy ghost hunting, but he may not be so enthusiastic about the health of his feet. Why? Under his shoes, he has a very well-hidden abnormality... You wouldn't know it because Aykroyd rarely shows his feet on camera, but he suffers from syndactyly. Syndactyly, is often known as webbed toes.

Jonah Hill - Scar on Arm

Image Source: dailymailJonah Hill is one of Hollywood's most prominent comedians, but there's one thing he never jokes about. If you look closely at Hill in films like Superbad and Maniac, you'll notice a distinct scar on his right arm. Hill's scar, which seems to be a serious burn from afar, is actually the product of a youthful misadventure.

Joaquin Phoenix - Cleft Palate

Image Source: trendingYou've certainly seen Joaquin Phoenix's scar before, but you're probably clueless as to how he acquired it. Thankfully, the actor has been forthcoming about his facial mark and its origins. This type of scar is normally the consequence of a cleft palate procedure, although Phoenix claims that the scar on his lip is only a birthmark.

Tina Fey

Image Source: baklolTina Fey's significant scar on her left cheek is the result of a horrific experience. The  mark is usually hidden by make-up, although photographers have occasionally caught a glimpse of it. Tina was allegedly attacked by a guy with a knife in the alley behind her house when she was a young child in kindergarten, slicing her in the face.

Megan Fox - Clubbed Thumbs

Image Source: clickholeMegan Fox's thumbs are easy to overlook due to her near-perfect appearance – unless you're one of the individuals who is obsessed with them. Take a look at the photo below to see Megan's incredibly unusual deformity: Megan Fox is one of several celebrities with clubbed thumbs, also described as brachydactyly of the thumb in medical terms.

Jason Momoa - Scar Across Eyebrow

Image Source: jasonmomoaJason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, is another superstar who has a horrific narrative behind his facial deformity. Momoa hasn't always been scarred. In 2008, he was having a drink at the Bird Cafe (a Hollywood bar) when a fellow punter became irate. One guy slashed him across the face with a shattered beer glass - yikes!

Daryl Hannah - Missing The Top Of Her Index Finger

Image Source: usmagazine"I had an injury when I was three years old that still impacts my mentality," Daryl Hannah told the Daily Mail in 2010. Hannah was a nipper at the time of the accident she was referring to, which happened at her grandmother's house in Chicago. The actress was apparently playing about on her grandmother's stairlift when it caught her index finger.

Mary J Blige

Image Source: stylecasterMary J. Blige is often trailed by paparazzi thanks to her nine Grammy honours and eight platinum records. Even her most ardent followers may have missed the scar that runs down the left side of her face, right behind her eye. Others speculate that it has something to do with a horrific occurrence in Blige's upbringing that she refuses to talk about in public.

Kesha - Born With A Tail

Image Source: newsWhen it comes to Kesha, the strange doesn't end with her allegations of having sex with a ghost. She does, after all, have her own celebrity deformity. Kesha (or Ke$ha, if you prefer) has also claimed that she was born with an extra limb. Kesha revealed to Heat magazine in 2013 that she was born with a tail.

George Takei - Permanently Cramped Foot

Image Source: allegianceMr Sulu's foot, unfortunately and courageously went where no foot had gone before......and it never came back. One foot is now permanently cramped, according to Star Trek actor and LGBT campaigner George Takei. And, according to the iconic science fiction actor, the blame lies with one well-intentioned but ultimately life-changing fan.

Charlie Puth - Scar on his Eyebrow

Image Source: theodysseyAs a singer-songwriter and aspiring YouTube celebrity, Charlie Puth has spent a lot of his brief life in front of the camera. Most people can't help but notice Puth's noticeable brow scar on his right side of his face. And the tale behind how he received the mark is gruesome. Puth was just 2 years old when he was assaulted by a dog.

Billy Corgan - Nevus Flammeus

Image Source: themackdownBilly Corgan, one of the most well-known alternative music stars of the 1990s, may also be the most well-known individual with noticeable nevus flammeus. In layman's terms, this implies that the Smashing Pumpkins frontman's skin is unusually coloured with a vivid pink birthmark.

Michael Williams - Scar Across His Whole Face

Image Source: bbcMichael K Williams has been in a number of successful television shows, including The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. There's also no avoiding the big scar that runs down his forehead. It flies past his nose and lands on his right cheek. The actor was 25 years old when he received the scar. He tried to break up a brawl that started at a Queens, New York, home party.

Anna Kournikova - Extra Toe

Image Source: dailyfeedOkay maybe it's something about tennis because famous tennis player Anna Kournikova also has extra toes. Maybe the extra toes actually ends up being an advantage in the sports field rather than a hindrance. It has certainly not held these two professional women back.

Elizabeth Taylor - Double Set Of Eyelashes

Image Source: dailyfeedElizabeth Taylor became known as Hollywood's Cleopatra for her stunning beauty. Imagine your body deformity being a double set of eyelashes...this is surely any girls dream. Whilst some people are applying an extra layer of fake eyelashes, Elizabeth Taylor had an extra set naturally.

Kate Bosworth - Different Colored Eyes

Image Source: dailyfeedKate Bosworth is a famous beauty and one thing that makes her even more stand out special is her different coloured eyes. One is light blue in colour but the other eye is honey kind of hazel coloured. It is something that she has embraced as a part of her natural beauty.

Angelina Jolie - Knobbly Knees

Image Source: dailyfeedAngelina Jolie is not just a famous Hollywood A-lister, she's also considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. But, even she does not come without body quirks as we all do. She actually has particularly knobbly knees which are not conventionally shaped.

Gerard Butler - Protruding Right Hear

Image Source: dailyfeedGerard Butler may have a protruding right ear as a result of childhood surgery...but he's still a hunk. He told Men’s Journal magazine: “I didn’t realize it until I had to shave my head for that movie. Everyone went, ‘Holy f__, one ear sticks out way more than the other one!”

Seal - Facial Scars

Image Source: dailyfeedSeal's facial scars are actually the result of a disease called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus which is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the skin and causes this patterning in the skin. Seal, after keeping it a secret for some time has now managed to embrace his facial scarring as part of him.

Stephen Colbert - Top Half Ear Sticks Out

Image Source: dailyfeedWhen you see Colbert you can see that part of his ear sticks out more than the rest. It turns out that he has been deaf in his right ear since he was just a child. He had a surgery when he was young that was intended to fix his perforated eardrum. Instead it caused damage to his inner ear instead.

Jane Seymour - Different Colored Eyes

Image Source: tumblrJane Seymour also has what is called Complete Heterochromia which means that her two eyes are different colours completely. One is greeny blue in colour and the other is brown. It makes her looks even more exceptional. When she was younger, she used to be ashamed of this whereas with age she has grown to love it.

Lily Allen - Third Nipple

Image Source: LifeandStyleMagIn 2007, Lily Allen, who isn't renowned for being the most restrained British star, did something crazy. In true Lily manner, she decided to flash the entire country — yes, you read it correctly. Check out Lily flashing above. The artist chose to lift her top and display a nipple live on British television.

Gigi Hadid - Exceptional Amount Of Moles

Image Source: pinterestIt's easy to think that a supermodel would have no insecurities. But that would not be right. Gigi Hadid has an exceptional amount of moles, they doubled as she grew older. She used to try and cover her body because of it, but now she has learn to come to terms with them and accept them and never try to hide them.

Elizabeth Berkley - Heterochromia

Image Source: themoviedatabaseElizabeth Berkley is regarded as a beauty. She also has a condition called Heterochromia which has resulted in a large section of one of her green eyes being brown. The condition is usually harmless, as long as it is benign. And, now it has made a rare and charming beauty look.

Carrie Underwood - Extra Nipple

Image Source: spotifyCarrie Underwood is not the only celeb to be born with an extra nipple as we have seen. She said that it looked like a mole but it was actually a third nipple that she chose to have removed, It occurs within 5% of the population. But, it was not something she wanted to keep as a unusual feature.

Gaten Matarazzo - Cleidocranial Dysostosis

Gaten Matarazzo's Teeth: Whats Happened to Them? - Techie + GamersImage Source: Techie and Gamers'Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo was born with a rare genetic condition which affects the development of bones and teeth. Cleidocranial Dysostosis, abbreviated as CCD, can be inherited or occur due to genetic mutation. However, it only occurs once in every million births.

Hrithik Roshan - Two Thumbs On One Hand

Hrithik Roshan considers his extra thumb as a lucky charm and said he would never opt for a surgery to remove his extra finger.Image Source: Hot PhotosHrithik Roshan, the Bollywood actor, has been voted as the sexiest man in Asia several times despite his deformity. He actually has six fingers on one hand. On his Facebook, Roshan wrote:
"Today I am posting it to millions like you who I know are just like me. Beautifully imperfect. Thank you God for this wonderful life. Make your weaknesses your strength. Be proud. U are beautiful. Trust me."

Kylie Jenner - Scar Above Her Knee

Kylie Jenner reveals story behind scar on her leg during GQ interview | Daily Mail OnlineImage Source: Daily MailWell, this goes to prove that money can't get rid of your scars! In conversation with Elle, Kylie Jenner revealed all about the scar on her leg:
"I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped, and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out, but it just tore through my whole leg."

Padma Lakshmi - A Scar On Her Arm

Padma Lakshmi-12 Celebrities With Scars And DeformitiesImage Source: BakLOLPadma Laksmhi hasn't always been loud and proud about her scar. If you've never noticed, Lakshmi actually has a scar on her upper arm, which she got when she was just 14 years old and was involved in a car accident. Spending the next years of her life trying to hide it, she finally learned to accept and love it.

Sanaa Lathan - Clubbed Thumb

Man Delights Not Me — Celebrities with clubbed thumbs (brachydactyly...Image Source: Men Delights Not MeBelieve it or not, even actresses like Sanaa Lathan have deformities. She was actually born with a condition called brachydactylic, which is widely known as clubbed thumb. A genetic condition, it usually causes short, bulbous thumbs and wide nail beds.

Paris Hilton - Amblyopia

Socialite Paris Hilton has an amblyopic left eye, which appears slightly droopier than her right one. Most people don't notice, as she uses glamorous hairstyles and makeup to disguise the condition ofImage Source: Hot PhotosPop icon Paris Hilton actually has a condition that affects her eyes. She has an amblyopic left eye which causes it to droop and becomes noticeable compared to her unaffected right eye. Most people with lazy eyes are born with it, but apparently Hilton's was from a botched eye lift.

Taye Diggs - Polydactyly

Upbeat News - Celebrities With Surprising Body Features That They Never Talk AboutImage Source: Upbeat NewsAs has appeared with a lot of celebrities, Taye Diggs was also born with polydactyly, an extra finger on each of his hands. He told his audience on CBS show 'The Talk' that he had them surgically removed as a child, which is what tends to happen in in most cases to those born with the condition.

Ed Sheeran - Lazy Eye

I apologise for my cheeky comments, but lighten up' says Ed Sheeran | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.ukImage Source: Daily ExpressIn an interview with The Breakfast Club, renowned UK artist Ed Sheeran spoke openly about his lazy eye. He admits that he wasn't born with it, but had a birthmark on his eye developing into glaucoma, which should've made him blind. However, he managed to get it lasered off.

Mark Hamill - Facial Scars From Car Accident

How Mark Hamill's Near-Fatal Wreck Completely Changed 'Star Wars' - Inside the MagicImage Source: Inside the MagicJust before the release of 'Star Wars: A New Hope' in 1977, Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker was involved in a bad car accident. The car he was in flipped over on a freeway, which left him with severe face injuries that could've really impacted his career going forward.

Patricia Heaton - Lost Bellybutton After Surgery

Patricia-Heaton-no-belly-button - NewInkiImage Source: Newlinki'Everybody Loves Raymond' star Patricia Heaton actually lost her bellybutton. Well, not by accident! It was during her tummy tuck and breast lift procedure. Due to where the surgery took place on her body, it meant that she had to wave her bellybutton goodbye when it was snatched from her.

Jerry Garcia - Missing Part Of His Finger

Baron Wolman, Whose Photos Helped Start Rolling Stone, Dies at 83 - The New York TimesImage Source: The New York Times'Greatful Dead's Jerry Garcia is actually missing a part of one of his fingers if you've ever noticed. In the Santa Cruz mountains when Garcia was just four years old, he was chopping wood with his brother. However, it went wrong when his rother misjudged a chop, which is how Garcia's hand ended up like this.

Michael K. Williams - Large Facial Scar From Razor Blade

How The Wire star Michael K Williams got the distinctive scar that helped launch his career | The IndependentImage Source: The IndependentIn an interview with NPR, Michael Williams opened up about his facial scar. He was 25 when he was brutally attacked, leaving him with the slash. After helping friends who were being attacked, one of the attackers produced a razor blade and slashed Williams' face.

Bo Burnham - Born With Pectus Excavatum (Sunken Chest)

Bo Burnham 'Inside' is Hilariously Heartbreaking - POP STYLE TVImage Source: POP Style TVComedian and musician Bo Burnham actually has a mild case of pectus excavatum. While it's hard to see in clips from his Netflix special "Inside", you can actually catch sight of it in some of the shots. It's a condition that affects a lot of people around the world, so is no surprise that many celebrities have it.

Sam Rockwell - Crushed Fingers

Sam Rockwell Interview - Quotes from Sam Rockwell on ConvictionImage Source: EsquireSam Rockwell actually had his fingers crushed then reconstructed after a serious car accident. In an interview with Esquire, Rockwell spoke about the incident:
"I flipped a car. I think the same thing sort of happened to Shia LaBeouf, except his hand was hurt worse than mine."

D-Roc - Nubs On Left Hand

D-Roc Net Worth | Celebrity Net WorthImage Source: Celebrity Net WorthOne half of the Ying-Yang twins, D-Roc, was actually born with a physical defect, having nubs instead of fingers on his left hand. While he had this, his twin Kaine was born with cerebral palsy. Both of them have spoken out about how it has sculptured them as artists.

Kaine - A Limp Caused By Cerebral Palsy

Ying Yang Twins' Kaine Helped Off Stage by Security During Performance - XXLImage Source: XXL MagAs previously mentioned, the other half of the Ying-Yang twins, Kaine was born with cerebral palsy. The condition actually causes Kaine to limp. Cerebral palsy is actually a group of conditions that can affect movement and co-ordination, often due to a problem with the brain as it develops.

Cheech Marin - Born With A Cleft Lip

Cheech MarinImage Source: RankerComedian Cheech Marin is among the list of many celebrities who were born with a Cleft palate. It's more common than you probably think! He had his repaired at a relatively young age, so it hasn't massively impacted the opportunities in his career.

Parminder Nagra - Huge Scar On Her Upper Thigh

Parminder Nagra | Fact | FactRepublic.comImage Source: Fast Republic'Bend It Like Beckham' star Parminder Nagra has a prominent scar on her upper thigh. The scar is actually the consequence of a burn accident when she was a child. She was worried about it effecting her chances of getting the lead part in the film, as she knew she'd have to wear shorts.

DJ Paul - Baby Arm

What happened to DJ Paul's right arm? Is DJ Paul married? - Famous People TodayImage Source: Famous People TodayPaul Beauregard, more commonly known as DJ Paul, was actually born with the condition that effects his right arm. Despite speculation that it was due to an accident, he was born with a condition called Erb's palsy. He often covers the arm with a cast.

Winnie Harlow - Vitiligo

Model Winnie Harlow Isn't a 'Vitiligo Sufferer'Image Source: The CutModel Winnie Harlow had an emotional journey with vitiligo. Breaking into an industry that is based heavily on stereotypes and beauty standards, Harlow decided not to let it affect her and perused her dreams. She said:
“I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Forest Whitaker - Lazy Eye

Celebrities With PtosisImage Source: All About VisionForest Whitaker was actually born with the ptosis in his left eye, which is what has caused his lazy eye. But, this didn't stop him from becoming a widely-loved and critically acclaimed actor. Critics have even gone as far to say that his condition helped him in the portrayal of complex characters.

Max Scherzer - Different Coloured Eyes

Max Scherzer Eyes: Why They're Different Colors + His Dogs' Eyes | FanbuzzImage Source: FanBuzzYou don't need to look closely at Max Scherzer to notice that his left eye is brown and right blue. This is a condition called Heterochromia Iridis, which actually causes colour differences in the iris. He's had it since a young age and has spoken proudly about his look.

Paul Stanley - Underdeveloped Ears

Two things I bet you didn't know about Paul Stanley | Page 2 | Telecaster Guitar ForumImage Source: Telecaster Guitar ForumThe late Paul Stanley was actually born with a condition that affected both of his ears, but wasn't widely known. He was diagnosed in 1982 with a condition called Grade 3 Microtia, which essentially left the external ear underdeveloped and thus it was actually deaf!

Kaley Cuoco - Large Scar On Her Ankle

11 Celebrities With Famous Scars Share The Stories Behind ThemImage Source: SharedWell known for 'The Big Bang Theory', actress Kaley Cuoco isn't afraid about getting her ankle out in public despite her big scar. The scar actually came from an accident back in 2010, when Cuoco was horse riding. It turns out the bottom of her leg was crushed!

Rahm Emanuel - Lost Finger On A Meat Slicer

What Happened to Rahm Emanuel's Finger? He Lost It in Horrid AccidentImage Source: DistractifyPolitican Rahm Emanuel is actually missing one of his fingers. The incident occurred while Emanuel was working part-time at an Arby's chain. While working, he seriously cut his right middle finger when slicing meat, which then became infected after swimming in a lake. Ouch!

Tommy Flanagan - Many Facial Scars

TIL The scars on the face of The Joker (The Dark Knight) is a wound called a Glasgow smile. It originated in Glasgow, Scotland but became popular with English street gangs. ActorImage Source: RedditScottish Actor Tommy Flanagan's story behind his facial scars is quite upsetting. When he was leaving a pub, he was attacked by a group of people who tried to rob him and there were too many to fight off. Instead, he was left with these big scars. It became known as the Glaswegian Smile.

Andy Warhol - Body Scars After Being Shot

Why did Andy Warhol die? – Public DeliveryImage Source: Public DeliveryArtist Andy Warhol was actually the victim of a shooting. In 1968, Valerie Solanas tried to murder Warhol and shot him several times, leaving him with all those scars. After that, Warhol decided to start wearing corsets to cover his chest and stomach.

Milo Ventimiglia - Crooked Mouth

The Story Behind Milo Ventimiglia's "Crooked Mouth"Image Source: Good Housekeeping'Heroes' and 'This is Us' star Milo Ventimiglia has a crooked mouth if you've ever noticed. He was born with dead nerves in his lower lip, which means that his smile is asymmetrical. When casting directors would mention it, he'd say:
"Hey, I was born that way. … I can’t get away from it now. It’s who I am, you know? I’ve got a crooked mouth."

Bellamy Young - Webbed Feet

Bellamy Young - Celebrity Feet PicsImage Source: Celebrity Feet PicsWell known for her role in 'Scandal', Bellamy Young was also born with webbed feet. She has spoken outwardly about having webbed toes on Twitter, as can be seen in the photo. The condition is more common than you think, with 1 in every 2,000-3,000 babies born having webbed fingers or toes.

Queen Latifah - Scar On Forehead

The Truth About How Queen Latifah Got Her ScarImage Source: LooperQueen Latifah, who coined her stage name after he mother, actually has a 2-inch scar in the middle of her forehead. She's addressed the scar and told the story of how she and her brother were playing tag when they were younger, resulting in her tripping into the bathroom wall.

Sharon Stone - Scar Across Her Neck From A Clothesline

Sharon Stone Once Almost Decapitated by Clothes Line While Riding Wild HorseImage Source: InsiderSharon Stone used to live in a large farmhouse with her family, where she had to help them with chores. However, the scar from her neck came from a horrific accident. At age 14, Stone was involved in a horseback riding accident. She had flew into a clothesline and it slashed her neck.

Henry Cavill - Brown Fleck On Eyes

Calling All Cavillians — Henry's eyes are so gorgeous. He has sectoral...Image Source: Calling All CiviliansLike Demi Moore, actor Henry Cavill also has a deformity with his eyes. Look closely and you'll notice that one of his eyes has a patch or brown in the iris. There is a more common kind of heterochromia, which affects the colouring just around the pupils.

Cassandra Naud - Large birthmark under left eye

After Being Told To Remove Her Birthmark She Embraces It Instead | Bored PandaImage Source: Bored PandaProfessional dancer Cassandra Naud was actually born with her birthmark. She's notorious for the mark that appears under her eye. She begged for an operation to remove it when she was younger, but now she is comfortable enough in her own skin to be proud of it.

Jesse Jackson - Born With A Cleft Lip

Famous People With A Cleft Lip & Palate (Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week) | Frankie's Legacy: Love, Loss Grief & RecoveryImage Source: Frankie's LegacyAlthough not easy to see under his fab moustache, politician Jesse Jackson was actually born with a cleft lip. He never really addresses the condition with the public, which is understandable as it doesn't directly affect his life on a day to day basis.

Adrian Pasdar - Facial Scars From Car Accident

Adrian Pasdar-12 Celebrities With Scars And DeformitiesImage Source: BakLOLWhile in his freshmen year at college, 'Near Dark' star Adrian Pasdar had an unfortunate accident that left him scarred. He was involved in a really bad car crash, which left the 57 year old actor with countless scars on his cheeks and chin.

Peyton Manning - Born With A Cleft Palate

Peyton Manning - IMDbImage Source: IMDBFootballer Peyton Manning was also born with a cleft palate. He had two surgeries over the span of 18 years in order to close the cap and to ensure that it remained closed as he grew older. One of the operations included using bone graft to fill his upper gum line.

Jeff Goldblum - Born With Pectus Excavatum (Sunken Chest)

Why Jeff Goldblum Just Recreated His Iconic Shirtless Scene From Jurassic ParkImage Source: YahooActor Jeff Goldblum hasn't shied away from having his chest out in his movies. He's not affected by the fact that he has pectus excavatum at all. Pectus excavatum is a condition that causes a person's breastbone to sink into their chest. It can actually affect the functionality of the heart and lungs.

Oscar Isaac - Born With Pectus Excavatum (Sunken Chest)

63 Celebrities with pectus excavatum found in 2022 While it's not very common to see famous people with pectus excavatum, there is still a fair amount of them. Let's take a look. Updated on February 22, 2022 • Culture Celebrity showing off their pectus ...Image Source: Life With Pectus'Dune' actor Oscar Isaac doesn't actually have his t-shirt off in many of his roles. However, where he does, you can see that he has a bit of a dent in his chest, which indicates that he probably has pectus excavatum. Thankfully it's not effected his ability to secure roles.

Sandra Bullock - Eye Scar

Sandra Bullock Scar | Dermaflage AustraliaImage Source: DermaFlageActress Sandra Bullock has a small, vertical scar just next to her left eye. Bullock got the scar when she was younger, after she accidentally fell into a lake. Being shallow, she hit her had on a rock and consequently gave her this line scar on her face.

Joaquin Phoenix - Born With Pectus Excavatum (Sunken Chest)

63 Celebrities with pectus excavatum found in 2022 While it's not very common to see famous people with pectus excavatum, there is still a fair amount of them. Let's take a look. Updated on February 22, 2022 • Culture Celebrity showing off their pectus ...Image Source: Life With PectusFamous actor Joaquin Phoenix has had many roles where he's portrayed complex characters, and one of these productions was 'Her'. Although he has a mild case of pectus excavatum, like his other celebrity counterparts, you can see that his chest does dip slightly.

Malin Ackerman - Clubbed Thumbs

Malin Akerman: Pregnant Date Night with Roberto Zincone!: Photo 2844179 | Malin Akerman, Pregnant Celebrities, Roberto Zincone Pictures | Just JaredImage Source: Just JaredActress Malin Ackerman has appeared in a lot of films, most famously 'Watchmen'. She was born with clubbed thumbs and has received a lot of hate online from trolls regarding the physical deformity. Not only this, she also scalded herself by accident which left her hand scarred.

Tyler Joseph - Clubbed Thumbs

Man Delights Not Me — Celebrities with clubbed thumbs (brachydactyly...Image Source: Man Delights Not MeOne half of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, is among the list of celebrities that were born with clubbed thumbs. He doesn't really like talking about it and has covered his hands and arms with tattoos, admitting that the tats have something to do with his past.

Demi Moore - Different Coloured Eyes

Celebrities with Heterochromia | Demi moore hair, Demi moore, CelebritiesImage Source: PinterestPopular actress Demi Moore actually has an eye condition and I bet you've never noticed. She has complete heterochromia. If you look really close at Moore's eyes, you will see there is a slight colour difference. One is actually green and one is hazel.

Danielle Panabaker - Webbed Feet

Danielle Panabaker's Feet << wikiFeetImage Source: WikiFeetHerbie Fully Loaded actress Danielle Panabaker makes it among our list of celebrities born with disabilities. As you can see from the photo, Panabaker was born with webbed feet, or more scientifically, Syndactyly. you can see that it has not affected her success at landing roles.

Mickey Rourke - Finger Disfigurement

Mickey Rourke Honest & Brutal About Upcoming Films & How Terrible They Are.He Keeps It Real - sandwichjohnfilmsImage Source: SandwichjohnfilmsHollywood bad boy Mickey Rourke did this one to himself. In an interview with Zoo magazine, he spoke about how he was angry with something so decided to cut off the end of his little finger. His finger was actually reattached as he didn't cut it off totally, it was still hanging by a tendon.

Ryan Gosling - Lazy Eye

Does Ryan Gosling Have a Lazy Eye? - Ned HardyImage Source: Ned HardyJust like Paris Hilton, heartthrob Ryan Gosling also struggles with his eyes. As you can see from this photo, he has a lazy eye, but it's not that noticeable in day to day life. However, it hasn't impacted his success and he still remains an attractive guy in the eyes of viewers.

Sanaa Lathan - Clubbed Thumbs

tracy aka bhad bhonnet on Twitter: "sanaa lathan's thumb http://t.co/tOrfralhzZ" / TwitterImage Source: TwitterAlthough it's hard to imagine that American actress Sanaa Lathan was born with a physical imperfection, she actually was. If you look closely at her hands in shots and press photos you will see her clubbed thumbs. She doesn't let it affect her confidence while acting.

Penelope Cruz - Lazy Eye

Celebrities you never noticed have lazy eyesImage Source: MSNWhat is it with all the attractive people having a lazy eye? Penelope Cruz is up there on the list. The Spanish actress confesses how her brother teased her about it:
"According to him, I have a lazy eye, a huge ear, and my feet are completely deformed because of dancing. I laugh because I know how much he loves me.”

Tricia Helfer - Webbed Feet

Tricia Helfer's Feet << wikiFeetImage Source: WikiFeetCanadian actress and former model Tricia Helfer could have been impacted by her condition. Born with webbed feet, or Syndactyly, it could have been detrimental to a model to have such a condition. However, Helfer never let her condition affect her, and has led a successful career.

Catherine O'Hara - Situs Inversus

Catherine O Hara Biography, Life Story, Career, Awards & Achievements - FilmibeatImage Source: FilmiBeatActress Catherine O'Hara was among the few people to be born with medical condition dextrocardia with situs inversus. To put it simply, her organs are mirrored in her body, so the heart is on the right of the thorax rather than the left. Fortunately, it doesn't have any health complications.

Gary Burghoff - Poland Syndrome

Poland SyndromeImage Source: Darwins Astro WorldGary Burghoff, born in Connecticut, became a drummer despite a condition that he was born with. Poland syndrome caused Burghoff to have Brachydactyly, which affected the fingers on his hand. It made three fingers on his left hand a lot smaller than those on his right.