20 Ways To Torment A Toxic Family Member

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Ignore Them

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One of the best ways to torment a toxic family member would be to simply ignore everything they're saying to you. They will obviously know how to get under your skin, but if you can rise above their words and ignore them then they'll only become increasingly more annoyed as you persist with it.

Avoid Talking To Them

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If you want an even better way to annoy a toxic family member than just not listening to them, you can take it a step further and not even communicate with them at all. They'll always be expecting a reaction out of you, so if you don't even use your words it'll really get on their nerves.

Avoid Inviting Them To Places

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If you don't have to spend time with a toxic family member then you quite simply shouldn't put yourself in the same room as them. I know it might not always be that easy when it comes to family, but if you're going out or spending time away it might be best to leave them at home.

Tell Everyone About Their Behaviour

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Just because a member of your family might be toxic to you, doesn't mean that everyone else in your family will look at them in the same way! They might have picked you out for a number of reasons, but by simply telling others, they'll have nowhere to hide their toxicity any longer!

Get Them Cheeky Presents

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If you're forced to spend time with a toxic family member around seasonal periods like Christmas, and you're expected to buy them a present, don't take it too seriously. You could definitely get something quite passive aggressive in nature to just tick them off a little.

Don't Help Them With Everything

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As you might have worked out, a toxic family member might expect you to bend over backwards to help them. The issue here though, is that they aren't expecting you to have your own plans! You can help someone toxic, but don't push your plans out the way to do something they wouldn't for you.

Do Your Own Thing

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One of the most important parts of life is getting out, being yourself and just doing your own thing. Realistically, as long as you aren't breaking any laws or troubling other people it has nothing to do with them. A toxic person seeing you happy will be tormenting enough for them.

Don't Alter Yourself For Them

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Toxic people will often expect you to be doing anything you can to appease them. If the whole issue is causing you some troubles then the best course of action might be to remove the toxic family member. Focus on clearing your mind, not trying to benefit their wellbeing.

Spend Time With Other Family Members

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By surrounding yourself with other family members, ones who aren't toxic or acting negatively towards you, you might be able to annoy the bad guys. We don't all have ultimate freedom in our lives, but you should be able to go about your daily life without worrying about any toxicity.

Go Out With Your Friends

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It isn't just your family you should be spending time with either, you'll hopefully have a group (or even just one friend!) who you can spend all your time with and not worry about someone ruining your mood. Choose your close group wisely and don't let anyone else affect that.

Don't Forgive Them (Or Don't Forget)

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We all know the saying about forgiving but not forgetting, but in some situations you really don't need to think about forgiving people either. Of course you can't control the past, but if a toxic person has done something negative towards you then they aren't the sort of vibes you want in your life.

Don't Give Them The Time Of Day

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A toxic family member might expect you to come to them for some approval or appreciation for what you're doing. This could leave you feeling drained so you might want to just avoid this whole thing in general! You don't need anyone to let you do something or not, just do it!

Ruin Surprises

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One of the things you can do when it comes to a toxic family member is ruin any surprises that might be coming their way. If you're forced to be around them a lot then you can ruin any presents, birthday surprises or other events they didn't know was going to happen in the future.

Eat Their Snacks

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If you're forced to live or work in close vicinity of a toxic family member then one of the best and easiest ways to torment them might be to just go at their snacks. it might seem childish, but if they can be toxic towards you then it must be fine for you to act like a child with them?

Steal Their Clothes

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This is another technique that might come across a little childish, but I'm sure there'll be a few of you guys who might remember doing this to a parent or sibling throughout your childhood. Again though, if they want to act the way they do around you then what's stopping you annoying them?

Using Their Make-Up

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In a similar vain to wearing someone else's clothes you might also want to start using some of their cosmetics too! This could be something as simple as you taking some of their lipstick, although in the long run you might have ended up doing up your whole face with their goods.

Block Their Social Media Pages

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If the childish games don't get the message in to their heads, one of the best ways to torment a toxic person might be to simply block them from seeing your social media pages or being able to contact you. After all, without a way to get through to you, how can they be toxic anymore?

Cut All Ties With Them

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Blocking a toxic family member can be just the start of the process of cutting all ties with someone toxic, but you might want to take this one step further and cut off all ties with them. You might want to let other family members know that you want nothing to do with them anymore.

Judge Them Back

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A toxic person will really enjoy judging and looking down on you, it's obviously something they feel as though they need to do. And although we're all taught not to judge others from a young age, giving them a taste of their own medicine might be just what they need to sort themselves out.

Call Them Out On Social Media

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Social media has become an incredibly important aspect of many of our lives in the past few decades and many people have used it in order to bring attention to things. You would definitely be able to torment and embarrass a toxic person by calling them out for everyone to see on the socials.

Trick Them Into Showing Their True Self

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One of the best parts about calling someone out on social media is that it might annoy them enough that they strengthen your point. Instead of being kinder, they might let some of their own toxicity out online for everyone to see, even if they've been trying to hide it for ages.

Throw Their Alcohol Out

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I'm sure we all know someone out there who has become/does become more toxic when they introduce alcohol to their system. It can become a way of life for many people, but by throwing out their alcohol you might actually be able to do them a favor. Hopefully that might cure their toxicness.

Ruin Their Hobbies

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A toxic person might stop at nothing to continue affecting your life, they can become incredibly selfish. So what's stopping you from interfering with their hobbies too? You might be able to stop them from enjoying what they love in the same way they do to you.

Stop Them Seeing Your Kids

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Toxic family members can come in all ages, and often it can be our parents and grandparents that are the worst. The thing is though, even if they're toxic to you, they still want to be involved in your kids life. You might want to stop them spending time with your kids until they can sort it out.

Laugh At Them

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One of the easiest ways to annoy a toxic person is by openly showing them that what they're doing to you isn't affecting you as much as they'd like. You can quite easily do this by laughing in their face, I'm sure nothing will trigger them quite as much as seeing you do that to them.

Stay Calm

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In a similar fashion to laughing directly at them, you might be able to torment them even more by showing that you're able to keep your cool no matter how toxic they might get. Don't get this confused with not standing up for yourself though, that's extremely important.

Become More Successful Than Them

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Someone with toxic tendencies can often believe that they're better than anyone else and that's what allows them to do what they do. You could completely ruin their day (or years depending) by going on to achieve way more than they could ever dream of achieving.

Get The Cops Involved

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Sometime their really is nothing you can do but get some people in to help you out with toxic behaviour. This behaviour could come in many forms from simply annoying you to becoming borderline dangerous. It might not be tormenting necessarily but the police could definitely give them a reality check.

Set Them An Ultimatum

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If the toxic behaviour is getting beyond a joke but you don't want to cut these people out of your life then one of the best options you might have would be to tell them enough is enough. Either they start changing or you'll begin weaning them out of your life bit by bit.

Let Them Tire Themselves Out

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Eventually, someone has to become sick of being so toxic right? Surely you can't live your whole life being toxic day after day. If you can put up with it (even though you shouldn't have to) this toxic family member might be able to change their ways without you even doing anything.