20 Times Russell Brand Crossed The Line

By Tom Pearson 9 months ago

Undoing Her Bra

Image Source: Metro
During an interview with a well known journalist in the late 2000's, Russell was captured attempting to undo the bra of a female reporter. This really does cross the line and is shocking even by today's standards. How he did not get arrested it a mystery.

Jail Time

Image Source: Al Jazeera 
In 2010, Russell was charged with suspected battery following a scuffle with a member of the press, after he attempted to take a photo up the skirt of singer, Katy Perry. The charges were dropped, but he did spend a night behind bars in an LA county jail.

Banned From BBC

Image Source: BBC
Russell Brand and his co host Jonathan Ross were suspended from the BBC after they made a number of relentless prank calls to Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs. Russell Brand claimed he had sex with the actor's granddaughter, the musician Georgina Baillie.

Savage Dumping

Image Source: BBC
Russell Brand was married to pop music star Katy Perry, albeit for a very brief 14 month period. Russell and Katy decided to separate, unfortunately Russell decided to separate before Katy had even thought about it, and he dumped her via text! Brutal!

Drug Abuse

Image Source: BBC 
Russell Brand had a difficult childhood, which forced him to leave home aged just 16. Brand has been open about his problems with drugs, but has had issues with substances like cannabis, amphetamines, LSD, and ecstasy. This was a problem for him for many years.

Award Show Fight

Image Source: BBC
In 2006, Russell Brand was invited to host the NME awards, a fairly prestigious awards show in the United Kingdom. He and Bob Geldof came to verbal blows, as Geldof insulted Brand. Brand fired back, essentially calling Geldof a lazy old man! Savage, and super awkward!

R*pe Charges

Image Source: BBC
Popular television channel in the United Kingdom, Channel 4, launched their own investigation into Brand. They found that four women are alleged to have come forward with claims of r*pe and sexual assault, with the incidents taking place between 2006 and 2013.

YouTube Revolution

Image Source: CNBC
Russell Brand started his own YouTube channel to air some of his views which may not have been fit for mainstream television broadcasting. More recently, he urged people of the United Kingdom not to vote in the general election, claiming they needed a 'Revolution'.

Teenage Girlfriend

Image Source: Daily Record 
One of Russell's victims claims he assaulted her when she was just 16, and still a high school pupil! The alleged victim claims he often referred to her as 'the child' and was emotionally abusive towards her during the entire duration of their relationship.

Kicked Off TV

Image Source: Glamour UK
Daytime television is part of the British culture, and during his pomp Russell Brand was a frequent guest on shows like This Morning and Loose Women, kind of the UK version of Ellen. On these shows he was known for his wacky opinions which often got him into hot water.

Physical Attack On Ex

Image Source: Glamour UK
Ex partners of Russell Brand claim that during their relationships he was quite physically abusive as well as emotionally. One of Brand's ex girlfriends has come forward in a recent documentary claiming that Russell choked her until she could not breathe.

£150,000 Fine

Image Source: The Guardian 
In the mid 2000's Russell was suspended by the BBC as a result of numerous OFCOM complaints. Due to the complaints and backlash from the public Brand ended up resigning from his own radio show. The BBC were find by OFCOM, with the complaints costing them over £150,000!


Image Source: Hello Magazine
9/11 conspiracy theories litter the internet, and no one seems to be more fond of a good whodunit than Russell Brand. One of the main focuses of his YouTube channel is on conspiracy theories, and whether 9/11 was an inside job, and if so, what the repercussions ought to be!

Far Right Views

Image Source: Hello Magazine
True News with Russell Brand launched on YouTube in February 2014. It has gone on to be criticized by many for promoting conspiracy theories, and has been associated with far-right figures on the platform. This has forced YouTube to remove many of his videos.

Firework Wedding

Image Source:IMDB
Russell Brand and well known pop star Katy Perry shared a whirlwind romance together. However, the romance was not all it cracked up to be, as the marriage lasted just 14 months. Guess they just ran out of fireworks, isn't that right Katy? Maybe she showed him what she was worth.

Kiss And Run

Image Source: Irish Mirror
During an interview in 2010, Russell Brand kissed 60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes on the lips somewhat forcefully. It was clear that the journalist in question was not in on this weird kind of joke (if you can even call it a joke) and seemed super uncomfortable.

Loosing Friends

Image Source: Jerusalem Post 
Due to his recent outbursts and outrageous allegations of sexual assault on four different women, many of Brand's friends and family have started to distance themselves from the celeb. Take a look at his social media, his follower numbers are dropping rapidly.

Tasteless Comedy

Image Source: Leicester Mercury 
In the 2000's Brand took a stab at comedy, however some of his jokes were a bit blue to say the least. Russell said he would lure women into a false sense of security by making them think he was gay, then 'pounce' and get them pregnant! Appalling behavior!

Mocking A Presenter

Image Source: Mirror
On a live television news broadcast, Russell Brand was overtly sexual with a female newscaster, and mocked the way he held a water bottle claiming she was being suggestive. He said 'I've got urges' implying he could not control himself around women. Shocking!

Left In The Dark

Image Source: NBC News
After their relationship in 2013, Katy Perry was obviously somewhat heart broken. The same can't be said for Russell, as Katy said, 'Let’s just say I haven’t heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011.' How mean is that!

Making People Fear Him

Image Source: New York Times
During an interview with a male television presenter, Russell got the host to remove his shirt. He then touched the host in a suggestive way, and made him feel clearly uncomfortable. How he got away with this behavior is astounding and pretty shocking!

Exposing Himself To Women

Image Source: People Magazine
During the early 2000's you could barely switch on the television or radio without hearing about Russell Brand. In the naughties he had his own radio show on BBC radio 2, where one of the topics of discussion was about how he like to expose himself to women!

Nazi Walk

Image Source: Sky News
When hosting the GQ awards in 2013, Brand made a joke about how Hugo Boss had actually manufactured the uniforms for the Nazi party. he then took to the stage to do a Nazi walk, which rightfully shocked the audience and stunned them to almost silence.

Your Time Is Worthless

Image Source: Sky News
During a serious meeting, Russell was told to zip it after he was caught messing around like a child. When the panel asked him to stop talking because they were short for time, he replied 'time is infinite', implying his time is worth more than anyone else's.

Bullying Religious Beliefs

Image Source: Spectator
Religion is a very very touchy subject, that is obviously close to the hearts of millions of people around the world. Brand has made jokes about celebrity religious beliefs numerous times, as he clearly thinks that he is an almighty god that millions should worship.

The Show Must Go On

Image Source: Telegraph 
After filing for divorce behind his then wife, Katy Perry's, back, Russell Brand dumped her with a single text message. As if this wasn't harsh enough, he decided to message her to break the news right before she was due to perform a sell out concert!

Explaining The Monarchy

Image Source: The Sun
Upsetting a lot of Brits in the process, Brand claimed that the royal family are 'so highly bred they can barely function. I think their gene pool consists of about nine chromosomes.' This caused serious backlash in the UK, which is why he is less prominent now.


Image Source: The Times
In America Russell Brand arranged a number of comedy shows, which mostly consisted of him having a go at the people of the United Kingdom. He suggested that all Brits are either super posh or hooligans. If that is the case, where does that leave Russell?

Attacking George W Bush

Image Source: Variery
One of America's most respected presidents, George W Bush, was referred to as 'that retarded cowboy fella' by Brand in one of his television interviews. This understandably upset a lot of Americans and saw his ratings take quite the dive for a while.

Sexual Assault Jokes

Image Source: Vulture 
After telling his audience how much he enjoys flashing at women, Brand made a number of cruel jokes at the expense of sexual assault victims. These jokes are, and always were, tasteless. Not so much comedy as just a statement made to shock people and get a rise.