20 Things That Everyone Should Take On A Flight With Them

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

Firstly, an airline-approved travel backpack

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Well, before you even think about going anywhere, you need to think about the bag you're going to be bringing with you! If you're a frugal traveler and like to try and pack everything into the smallest-biggest bag possible to save as much money as possible then you need to consider the bag you're taking with you. Some airlines differ in what is allowed as a carry-on bag, which is different to hand luggage. Check out the measurement requirements of your airline and buy the correct bag size to avoid any hefty fees at the airport.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

A decent, mid-to-high-end travel pillow

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A lot of people make the mistake of not bring a decent airplane pillow with them when travelling on a flight. While you might not need it for the shorter, domestic flights, you will definitely want it for any flight that's 4 hours or more. There's nothing worse than having neck ache when you get to your destination because you've consistently fell asleep and jolted your neck each time. Instead, opt for a lovely, decent pillow you can use to get all the shut-eye you need while trying to sleep on your flight.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

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No but seriously, this is a MUST. There is nothing worse than craving snacks on your flight and realizing that you've not brought any with you. Do you know how much snacks are on a plane? Yeah - they're pretty expensive and that's not something you're going to want to waste your holiday spending money on, for sure. Instead, make sure you do a decent snacks shop ahead of your flight and pack them away in your bag prior to leaving for the airport so you don't actually end up forgetting them. They will make for the best flight trip.

...especially some hard candies

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If you're planning on bringing some snacks for your flight, then something you might wanna bring is hard candy. Nobody enjoys that feeling of your ears popping when the flight is taking off, and you know the age-old trick that comes along with trying to avoid that experience. If you pack some hard candy away with you, and pop one in your mouth prior to taking off, all you'll need to do to avoid getting that pesky (and sometimes painful) ear-popping sensation is just suck on the hard candy for a little while.

A perfect leg hammock for your feet

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Not many people know about the leg hammock trick but let me tell you... it's a LIFESAVER. If you take flights relatively often, especially long-haul, then you're going to want to invest in one of these inventions. They just hook onto the seat in front of you (or the seat tray) and provide your feet a nice, little place to rest on. This can make it easier for your blood circulation, restless-leg syndrome and will also make for a better sleep during the course of your flight. What are you waiting for?

A handy portable charger

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This one might not seem like something that's at the top of your list, but make sure you invest in a decent portable charger. You never know when you might need one, either on the flight or at your end destination. A lot of the cheaper airlines don't have USB ports to charge your phone, so taking one of these with you will give you the option to use your phone more during the flight and to avoid it from dying. Oh, and an important top tip: make sure the thing is fully charged before you go abroad!

100% your travel planner!

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Are you the sort of person that plans their trips out to the tee? If so, then you'll be wanting to carry a travel planner around with you in order to keep on top of all your plans and making sure you don't miss or are late to anything. You might wanna make sure you take your travel planner onboard the flight with you. Not only will you be able to start working on it and planning out your trip, you might also have important information in there that you're going to need, like your hotel desintation!

Always wear the right gear!

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Some people mess up the whole flight experience by prioritizing fashion over comfort. Realistically, your airport outfit doesn't need to be that spectacular. Most people there won't be looking at you, and these won't be the best photos you'll be getting either, so what's the point? So put away those jeans, lace tops and heels, and instead grab your joggers, a comfy cotton top and a nice jacket. That way you'll be able to stay comfortable the whole flight and might be able to get some sleep in your comfys too.

Never forget your hoodie for the cold temperatures

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If you have taken many flights before, you'll know how cold it can get onboard, especially that high up in the sky. That means that sometimes you might be so cold that you're uncomfortable! It doesn't help when the person next to you has turned their fan on. In order to avoid this, grab yourself a hoodie that you can bring with you, just to keep yourself nice and cozy on those flights. Don't worry about how you'll fit it in your small backpack, just carry it or tie it around your waist if needs be.

Bring a change of clothes for emergencies

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Listen, always be prepared. Preparation is key for any trip you will be going on. If you've already got loads of hold luggage and that's where you've put all your clothes, always make sure you pack a few spares in your hand luggage too. You might never know when you need an impromptu change. There's many reasons for this; you might have an "accident", you might spill something down your outfit, or your hold luggage case might get lost and take a little while to get to your hotel, and nobody wants to be without clothes.

A light-cancelling eye mask

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If you're taking a day flight then a mask is definitely something you'll want to consider investing in, and a decent one at that too. Long-haul flights can be the worse to fall asleep on, so you need to make sure that all the conditions you're trying to sleep in are top-notch. That means eliminating any light that might be keeping you from sleeping. Have a look around online and make sure you read the reviews before jumping in and buying any old light-cancelling eye mask. You want some bang for your buck after all!

Compression socks are key

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Compression socks are a must-need for those who can get achy pains in their legs on flights. Compression socks are great at managing to tackle deep vein thrombosis on flights. This is the process in which a blood clot forms in your legs for being sat immobile for a long period of time. Basically, the longer the flight is, the more at risk you are of developing a blood clot as mentioned. If you're someone that struggles with your legs, then the compression socks definitely shouldn't be left off your list.

Your favorite book...

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We all know that flights can be a little bit boring after a while. Once the initial excitement of being in their air has subsided, it can be hard to find something to do on the flight, and it can get so boring if there's nothing for us to be doing. That means you should never go anywhere without your favorite book, or at least the book you're reading at the moment. It can be hard for us to find time to read in our daily lives, so utilizing this time to do some reading will definitely be a massive help.

...or your Kindle if you prefer

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If you're a much more digital person, then perhaps you want to opt to bring a kindle on the flight instead. A kindle can often be a better choice than bringing a physical book, and for a few different reasons. First of all, it's much slimmer than bringing a book, so will definitely be easier for you to pack and carry. Secondly, it'll give you endless options to choose from, so if there's a book you don't like, you don't have to stick with it. Lastly, if you end up finishing your book, there's many more where that came from.

Your downloaded entertainment

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You might not be much of a reader, and that's perfectly fine! Reading isn't everyone's favorite past time. So instead, you might opt for something a little less intensive, and a little more passive, like a film or TV program. All we can say is that you should make sure your chosen films and TV programs are downloaded well before your flight so you have them to hand! As we all know, not all flights and airlines are built in with a media screen, so don't always trust that there's gonna be one on your flight.

Noise-cancelling earphones (if you can)

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If you don't like hearing babies scream, couples argue or drunkards sing, then definitely bring a pair of noise-cancelling earphones onboard your flight with you. Not only are they great at blocking out all the noise from your fellow passengers, they're also great a filtering out much of the airplane's engine sounds, which can be headache-inducing. Also, the versatility of noise-cancelling earphones means that you can also listen to music or a podcast, or watch your films and TV shows with them. A win-win!

...or ear buds at the very least!

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Okay, so if you're not somebody that owns noise-cancelling earphones, nor do you want to buy a pair, then you should at least try and nab yourself some ear plugs instead. These will prove just as useful as noise-cancelling earphones, and will be great at filtering out all that background noise you don't want to hear. These are especially helpful for those people that like to try and get some sleep while on their flights. It can be hard to hit the hay when there's so much going on around you - it can often be a sensory overload.

Some swear by the lumbar travel pillow

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I think we all know by now that plane seats aren't always that comfortable, are they? If you're somebody that struggles with back pain, especially lower back pain, then opting for a lumbar travel pillow will be a great addition to your flight checklist. These sorts of pillows have been proven to help the effects of bad posture for long periods of time, and will definitely provide you some much-needed relief when being sat immobile for a long-haul flight. If it doesn't work, then no harm done!

Packs of tissues (you never know!)

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There's a few items on this list that you should probably take anywhere, not just onboard a flight. One of these is packs of tissues. Tissues can come in useful in many situations. Need to blow your nose? Tissue. Spilled your coffee? Tissue. Someone else is in desperate need of a tissue? I've got your back. They're a great little resource to take around with you and can get you out of all sorts of sticky situations (literally). Also, some people like to give their cutlery a wipe onboard their flight.

Bring a blanket on those long-haul flights

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Don't get me wrong, a hoodie can be great for those cold flights, but if you're more of a person that needs full body coverage in order to get warm, then a blanket it is. Only, this option is pretty much available just to those who have the storage space for it, unless you can find a compact blanket online (I'm sure they'll be stocked somewhere!). Also, it might really help if you're planning to get some sleep onboard your flight, so make sure you've bought yourself a decent blanket you can take away with you.

Your laptop (if you're a workaholic)

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Do you have an extremely busy job that you just can't afford to lose any time on? Well, a plane can be a perfect place to get some work done! Working on a flight can be great, especially if you have WiFi on board. But not to worry if you don't, many people can get their work done while offline too. Not only are laptops great for work, you can also download yourself some films and TV shows to watch while travelling too. Some people prefer to watch these things on a bigger phone, and that's absolutely okay!

If you struggle to sleep, maybe some sleep gummies

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Flights can be a great place to catch up on some sleep, but it's not always easy to fall asleep quickly. There's some much going on around you, and you don't have much space, so sleep might not always be easy for you. While we've already mentioned the benefits of having an eye mask and bringing a blanket, you might need something a little extra to bring with you. Well, some people swear by the effects of melatonin sleep gummies. According to everydayhealth.com, these are safe to consume and can help with sleep in the short term.

Your favorite toiletries (especially on long haul flights)

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There's a couple of important reasons that you would need to bring your toiletries on board your flight with you. First of all, if you're on a long-haul flight, then you might just want that mid-flight freshening up just to make yourself feel more like an actual person! The second reason is one that's already been mentioned earlier in this article. While it doesn't happen often, sometimes suitcases can go missing... that could be a disastrous outcome. If it ever happened to you, at least you would have your toiletries!

Pain-relief medication is a must

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You might be thinking... why on Earth would I need pain relief for my flight? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You never know when a headache or migraine might come on, it can never be predicted! If you have some painkillers to hand, whether that be ibuprofen or aspirin, at least you won't have to deal with your headache for the whole of the flight! Plus, they're a good resource to have for the trip in general. You never want to be in a position where you just wish you'd have brought them along.

Why not try the collapsible water bottle?

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Are you struggling for space in your carry-on backpack? Well, you might want to start thinking of ways you can reduce the space. One of the perfect options is investing in a collapsible water bottle, which can slot easily into your bag when not filled, and will take up next to no room! Don't get me wrong, they're not the fashion statement of the year, but will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Also, most airports tend to have some free water fountains dotted about, which will be much cheaper than buying water on the flight.

Hand sanitizer for you clean freaks

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Although COVID-19 was a few years ago now, some people just like the feeling of being clean and that's okay. If you're a bit of a germophobe who can't stand the idea that they've touched something a million other people have touched, then you don't want to be left without your hand sanitizer, that's for sure! Maybe buy a small tube which you can clip onto your keys or something. That way, you won't forget to bring it with you! It really can be a great anti-bacterial preventative when travelling abroad.

...and maybe some disinfecting wipes too!

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If you wanted to take the clean freak thing a little bit further, then you could bring a pack of your own disinfectant wipes. Ultimately, when you're sat on a plane, you don't know how many people have touched that seat or the seat in front of you, and you also don't know how thoroughly that seat has been cleaned. If you know that this will be something that will play on your mind, bring along some anti-bacterial wipes to keep yourself safe from the stray bacteria that might be lurking around you.

Toothbrush and toothpaste for the longer flights

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While it's not too important to have these things on you for shorter flights, they are a must for those longer flights. The risk of losing your hold luggage isn't too bad when toothpaste and toothbrushes are involved. After all, they will both come relatively cheap wherever you are flying to. Yet, if you're on a plane for a considerable amount of time, then you'll probably want to make sure you have it to hand, just in case you want to give your teeth a good clean during the flight (especially if your dinner was garlicky).

Some First Aid goodies!

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First aid should always be a priority for any traveler going anywhere in the world. You never know when you'll be in a position that you'll need plaster, sanitizer, bandages etc. There are loads of places that you can even by mini first aid kits that you'll easily be able to sneak into your backpack to take away with you. These can be good to have on flights too, especially if you've been walking a lot recently and have massive blisters on the back of your feet! Preparation is key, as I have mentioned before.

Erm... probably your passport?

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Last but not least... the most obvious one. This one goes without saying and, if you didn't bring your passport, you probably wouldn't have made it as far as to get on the flight. Yet, you wouldn't believe the amount of plane passengers that actually end up forgetting to bring their passport with them, and only realizing once they're at the airport! Around 6% of the population have forgotten their passport before, which is a considerable amount of people. Don't be a part of the 6%, bring the thing with you!

Moisturizer to combat the effects of air con!

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As soon as you step onto a plane, the air conditioning starts to take its toll. And by the end of the flight most of us can see the dry skin all over our body. The best thing to do is to carry a mini moisturiser so that you can apply it during the flight and stop all of your dry skin from flaking off. It's not exactly the look we want to start our holiday with, is it?

A face mask just incase...

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Facemasks are not a requirement on most airlines anymore. Yet that doesn't mean that they aren't useful. Some people won't ever want to use a face mask again unless it's absolutely necessary. But for others who are germ-phobes and really don't want to begin their vacation with a stubborn common cold then a face mask is a good idea. As soon as you hear someone coughing and sneezing you can put it right on!

A travel adaptor is a must!

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Okay, so not having a travel adaptor in your flight luggage is a rookie error. One your suitcase has been put into the hod, you may have chargers but if you don't have an adaptor you may struggle to actually charge your devices. Plus in the event that your luggage goes missing, you need to be able to charge you phone! And they take up no space so it's a great addition.

A book of phrases for wherever you're going

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Sometimes being on a flight can feel like a waste of time. Yes, you're on the way to the place where you want or need to get to, but sitting around for that time can feel like a waste...and it's boring. So one of the best things to take on your flight is a book of phrases in the language of the place you are going to. Get a head start and get to know some of the basic essential phrases you'll need!

Your emergency contact details...you never know when you'll need them

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We store everything we need online now. But it's not always such a a wise idea. Yes you can keep everything in one place. But things happen. Phones sometimes die, you may lose it, or it might break...you just never know! Take the contacts of the people you need to get in contact with in a little notebook or on a piece of paper so that you are able to get in touch if you need to and you can't remmeber the numbers!

Some currency for when you arrive

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You've packed everything, you've got your passport and your luggage but you've got no currency! Dang, you can't even buy yourself a much needed bottle of water. You don't need a lot of currency anymore because a lot of people prefer to use contactless card so that they don't have to carry cash. But a tiny bit of cash can help in those frequent situations where they don't accept card!

Sunglasses are a staple

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Sunglasses are an essential so that you can step off the plane into the blazing sun shine and you're already prepared, you don't have to squint. And, even on the plane sometimes we want to feel a little more hidden, and if you've had 3 hours sleep sunglasses are the best way to cover up your eye bags whilst making ourselves actually look stylish and effortless!

A puzzle book for alternative entertainment

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Yes it's great having movies downloaded and tv boxsets to stream on your iPods and phones. But there's also a lot to be said for a good old fashioned puzzle book. Plus, you get to a point where it's more sensible to save battery than it is to resume watching Friends. So switch it up and do a crossword instead, as soon as you start you'll be hooked.

A face mask for the long hauls

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This is something that people are starting to do more and more, and why not, it makes total sense. Whilst you might feel a little self conscious placing a sheet mask over your face, it'll mean that you arrive at your destination already prepped and moisturised and ready to go. And whilst you might look a little odd, it's a great way to make use of your time AND to avoid having dried out skin for days.

A little bit of makeup (if you want to spruce up)

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There's no requirement for this at all. But sometimes it's nice to leave the plane feeling a little bit spruced up and ready to go. A quick lick of mascara and some lip gloss and you'll look like you have your very own glam squad flying with you making you fresh to exit the plane. Or, just roll with the au natural because this one is completely down to preference!

A pack of cards is essential

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Who can even go on holiday without a pack of cards? It's a holiday essential. I bet there's been countless occasions where you've forgotten them and said 'did anyone remember to bring a pack of cards'. And in this case, that person won't be you. Plus you can get a game going whilst you fly so that you can have fun together whilst passing the time till you arrive at your anticipated destination.

A couple of spare plastic bags to avoid leakages!

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Usually all airports will hand out a free plastic wallet so that you can put your liquids in. But taking a spare is such a good idea because if you're unlucky you've probably had a leakages before which has somewhat ruined everything else you packed. And, your makeup starts to look very dirty after a while being in the same pack so after you've done security you can separate them better.

A compact mirror

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There's something about being a plane that seems to make you look like you've not slept for a week and you've never pulled a comb through your hair before. So you may want a compact mirror to look into and be able to rectify and pat down your hair. Or, you may NOT want a compact mirror so that you can totally avoid looking at yourself after a long flight. This one's for you to decide!

And a small hair comb

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A small hair comb can do wonders for you. It can really take you from looking completely unkempt and dishevelled to looking very well presented. And a small flat comb takes up no room at all in your hand luggage so it's super easy to take onto the flight. And, you'll feel much fresher and more presentable so it's a great addition to your hand luggage essentials!

A travel sized deodorant to freshen up

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We can all get more than a little funky smelling after a few hours on a flight, it's only natural but it's still just as unpleasant. And when we're seeing people on the other side we don't really want them to have to keep their distance because we're so stinky. So a little stock of roll on deodorant can help solve all of these problems and freshen you up as soon as you land.

Some hair ties to get super comfy

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When you're on a plane all you want is to be as comfy as possible...and let's face it on budget airlines that can be super hard when your knees are touching the edges of the seat in front of you and you have no where to rest your head. At least just scrape your hair up and get it off your face and feel slightly more like you're chilling at home. And, it helps for when it's hot and you can help keep yourself cool!

A stress ball if you're a nervous flyer

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Being a nervous flyer is super common. Not many people actually enjoy flying. And many people get a little bit anxious especially during take off and landing. So one way to help feel a little bit better or distracted is by taking a stress ball to squeeze when you're feeling super anxious. It's especially good when travelling alone and you can't squeeze the hand of the stranger next to you.

A sun hat for when you step off the plane

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Who knows what the temperature will be when you step off that plane but you may need your sun hat to protect your head if you haven't got time to sun cream or you don't have your sun cream to hand. Plus, putting your hat on during a flight is a great way to zone out and it can help you feel more private and comfortable so that you can take a little nap whilst you fly!