20+ Signs That A Cat Hates Its Owner

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Ever felt the chilly disdain of a furry overlord who rules your home with a disdainful flick of its tail? Cats, those enigmatic creatures, often master the art of subtle contempt. In this exposé, we unravel the mysterious signs that reveal your feline friend might just be plotting your downfall—or at least plotting to ignore you for the rest of the day. Behind those captivating eyes and that aloof demeanor, cats seem to hold a secret playbook of subtle signs.

Oh, the never-ending claw marks

To kick start this list we have the most common sign that someone even has a cat; the sore and prevalent scratch marks. Albeit, cats can play a little rough sometimes so if they get their claws out and scratch it doesn't always mean that your cat despises you.
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Yet, if this is a common thing that your cat does when you're playing with him or her, or even if you're trying to pick it up, or feed it, then this could be a big sign. Nobody likes those pesky scratches up and down your arms and hands!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

Your cat lowers its tail around you

A lowered cat's tail can mean all sorts of things, and looking at their tail can be a good way of assessing the cats' mood. According to sources online, if a cat decides to lower its tail to cover their backside, then they're likely feeling quite defensive or submissive.
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The position puts them in a good position to be able to aggressively snap at any point. If you've noticed that your cat is placing its tail in a hooked-down position whenever you're nearby, then they might be getting ready to attack you.

Petting is something your cat hates

If your cat hates you, then it will definitely hate you touching them anywhere on their body, and this includes their head. Petting your cat might seem like a great idea, but have you considered whether or not they actually want to be touched?
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While they might like being pet by other people, if they have a problem with you directly, they won't want you touching them at all. Pay attention the next time you start petting their head; if they look uncomfortable, they definitely don't like you very much.

Your cat peeks through thin lines

If this photo shows how your cat often looks at you, then there might be a few reasons for it. Cats will definitely show their emotion through their eyes, and in this particular case, when they close their eyes enough to become narrow slits to look through.
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The first emotion they could be experiencing is anger; no doubt if your cat hates you they're also angry at you. Another sign is agitation, which is definitely something your cat could be experiencing if they're around you. The last is arousal, which is a whole other thing!

Other people make your cat happy, but not you

It's only natural that some people have stronger chemistry and feline touches with cats than what others do; much like some people are dog-people. Cats have a preference for certain individuals, and some cats are just more aloof than others, never really warming up to anybody.
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But if your cat prefers to be petted by other people but ignores you when you approach, or if it rushes up to people for head pats but disappears as soon as you enter the room, this is a strong indication that the issue is not with the cat but with you.

It's not afraid to give you a little hiss

A hiss from your cat shouldn't be ignored; it's a relatively obvious sign that your cat is in distress and doesn't like you. There's multiple reasons that your cat can be hissing. Firstly, they can be feeling anxious in their surroundings. Are you doing anything to make them feel this way?
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Secondly, they might be frightened. If your cat doesn't like you, it doesn't necessarily mean they're scared of you. And lastly, they could be agitated, which is probably the most common feeling if the cat doesn't like you.

...or even a growl!

Another sign that your cat might really dislike you is the little growl that they give. Compared to dogs, cats' growls are a little quieter and much like a purr rather than a growl. Usually, though, their growl is a warning sound.
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Consider what you're doing that could really be annoying them. Are you picking them up when they don't want it? Are you invading their personal space a little too often? If you find that your cat growls as soon as you approach it, then maybe your cat really does hate you!

Dilated eyes means no thank you

One change in your cat's eyes can be how dilated their pupils have become. If they're looking big, black and round, then it can show a couple of emotions they're feeling. One of these could be excitement; is there anything for your cat to be excited about right now?
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The other one could be fear; do you think you're fearful to your cat? Being able to read their behavior will definitely help you mend any broken relationship you might have with your little feline friend. Nobody wants to have a bad relationship with their cat!

They're sulking after you've scalded them

If you scalded your cat for doing something wrong and now they're sulking; that's definitely your fault. Cats are quite emotional animals, and will feel heavy and strong emotions despite what you might think. If they've had an accident, or done something evil
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(as cats sometimes do) and you scald them for it, then they might just creep into a corner to sulk. But be careful, cats are known to hold grudges too. If you've ever scalded your cat pretty bad, they might just remember it more than you do!

What's that smell? Could it be pee?

Obviously, cats can have little accidents here and there (don't we all?). But, cats are also known to use their pee as communication; what are they trying to say? When cats are feeling upset or stressed, they might just forget to pee in their allocated litter box,
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but instead mark their territory around the house as a means of dominance over you, laying their claim to what is rightfully yours. This can also be the case if the cat poops anywhere too. Whatever you think this might mean, it probably does!

You've been bitten by your cat a few times

While cat bites are no where near as bad as dog bites, they can still be quite dangerous! Drawing blood means that you are at risk of infection, like in this photo here. Sometimes, cats will use their mouth in playful situations, and give a little nibble here and there.
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But if your cat actually does bite you (on purpose) and sinks their teeth in enough to break the skin, they may well be really peed off. Be careful how you're treating your cat in these situations as it may just ruin your relationship.

No matter how many time you call their name, the cat never comes

If you're cat hates you, the last place it wants to be is around you! That means if you start calling their name, or even shake their favorite cat treats to get them to come, they'll ignore you no matter what. Cats are relatively salty pets, and will definitely hold a grudge.
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So it's no surprise that they will act so petty as to give you the silent treatment. If you'v noticed that your cat has stopped responding to your calls for them in the night, then they can probably hear you, they just don't care.

Your cat's tail is lashing!

Another way you can assess your dog's tail to see if they're agitated is to look at how it's moving. If they're swinging their tail from side to side strongly, it indicates a strong emotion. This can be the case if they're thumping their tail on the floor too.
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Essentially, if this the the behavior they're showing, they're probably very highly agitated, and you should take it as a sign to leave them alone. If your cat is regularly like this, then you should probably take it as a hint that they hate you.

They wait for you on their back

All cat owners know that it's difficult to say no to a kitten that is resting on its back since it seems to be extending an open invitation for a belly massage. This could be true, but you should be aware that staying in this position gives them the opportunity
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to observe you while they get all of their weapons ready. Take note of whether or not their ears are tucked behind their heads and whether or not their pupils are dilated. These are indications that your cat is feeling defensive, so beware of the signs.

Your cat gives your furniture a beating

The moment your cat stares at you while wreaking havoc on your furniture, you might begin to wonder whether they despise you or if they are simply inherently malicious. They're staking their claim to the area in the most effective manner.
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Why do they stare you straight in the eye when they are doing it? Well, they know that what they're scratching is yours, but this doesn't change a thing now does it. They want you to see that they're in charge by ripping your furniture, curtains and carpets to shreds!

Your cat REFUSES to touch you

If your cat trusts you, it will show many different physical indications of intimacy, such as purring and rubbing up against you, you can also expect to be licked, rubbed and groomed too. Yet, if you're a potentially harmful person, a cat will not allow you
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to approach it at a distance that allows you to inflict damage on it. If a cat insists on keeping its distance from you, it's a solid indication that the cat does not trust your motives and does not believe you will treat it well so beware of the signs.

Flat ears mean it definitely doesn't like you

Your cat's emotional state may also be determined by looking at their ears ears, which, like the tail, are a prominent feature in order to tell what kind of mood they're in. When a cat's ears flop to the side or fold back against its head, it's a solid indication that...
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the animal is tense and ready to defend itself. So, if you've noticed that whenever you come around, your cat rests its ears like this, then the likelihood is that your cat doesn't like you very much and feels the need to be defensive.

Your cat's hair raises when you come about

Cats are just like humans in that they also feel extreme emotions, but they'll show them in different ways. If your cat's fur is sticking up on end on their back, it can be a sign that shouldn't really be ignored. It's in involuntary reactions whenever the cat is feeling scared or intimidated.
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While you might not think your cat needs to experience any of these feelings around you, the story can be very different for the cat. If you've even scalded them once they might remember it and be scared of you for it.

If you enter the room, the cat IMMEDIATELY leaves

It's true that cats have a reputation for being solitary and secretive animals. Even the most reclusive cats like the occasional belly rub and head scratch but if your cat never wants for love from you and even vanishes whenever you walk into the room,
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there's a strong possibility it's trying to avoid you on purpose. When cats don't believe they are in a secure and safe environment, they will just leave on their own accord. Cats don't want to be around the negativity that you're causing them!

Your cat is restless when you're nearby

When a cat sleeps, it leaves itself open to potential danger. When a cat is content, it will stretch out, relax, and even roll over to show its tummy as it sleeps. If your cat does not trust you, it will definitely not do any of these things. The more uneasy a cat is,
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the less probable it is that it would relax their guard and allow themselves to be vulnerable. This will often mean that when you've come around your cat, they will restlessly pace considering their is no relaxation around you, because they hate you so much.

Eye contact is non-existent with your cat

It's well known that if a cat isn't happy with a situation or with a person, then they will do their best to ignore it or them. So that means that if they're not very happy with you, they'll avoid eye contact at all costs. Cats are begrudging animals, so
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they really will give your the cold shoulder if they think it's necessary. It wouldn't be surprising if a cat really did ignore somebody for years at a time. Is your cat avoiding eye contact with you? Well, I have some unfortunate news to share...

An arched back? Yeah, it hates you

Why does your cat arch its back like that? In reality, the cat's arched back is a component of the extensive body-language system it has. Not only does it arch their back after waking up from a nap in order to stretch out the muscles (don't we all!),
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but an arched back may also be a sign that a cat is feeling threatened. Having a think about what you could be doing that's making your cat feel this way. The first step to mending this broken relationship is considering all the ways in which you can do better.

Where is the darn cat?

Cats are obviously natural predators, so hiding is an essential part of their nature. If your little feline suddenly starts hanging out in gloomy corners, you should be concerned. Are they trying to keep anything from you? It's probable that your cat feels unhappy
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in its surroundings and is looking for a place where it may feel safe and secure. An excessive amount of concealing may be an indication that the cat is stressed, afraid, or trying to conceal a medical condition from you. If your cat is naturally nocturnal and reserved, you might not need be concerned.

Why would your cat hate you?

So we've gone through all the kinds of signs that might show that your cat despises you, but you might be thinking after all of that; why would my cat hate me? Well, the answer might be as simple (or not as simple) as you think.
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There's a few reasons that your cat might dislike you, but sometimes it simply comes down to the fact that they just don't like you and your vibe. There doesn't have to always be a definitive reason for their distaste towards you. After all, sometimes we just have that gut feeling about someone and don't like them.

You hug your cat wayyyy too much

If you consistently pick your cat up out of the blue, then they might just become a little agitated with you. The animal behaviorist Janetta Smith spoke about how cats won't like being picked up and cuddled; the only time they'll allow this to happen is if
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it is them that initiated the cuddles. Remember this the next time you go to grab your cat! A sign to see if they're uncomfortable is looking at their ears. If they're even slightly back, then the likelihood is they're not enjoying these cuddles.

Scalding your cat for not being toilet-trained

Has your cat ever pooped or peed in unexpected places by accident? First things first, before you point the finger at them, consider whether or not their litter box is the proper size for them. Is it the appropriate measurement? Is it free of dirt?
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Cat Therapist Carole Wilbourn said that if cats don't get a clean litter box then they will just go toilet in other places! Cats won't just exhibit this behavior for no reason, so if they're actively not using their litter box, there must be a reason for it and you should definitely investigate what it is.

You spray your cat with water as punishment

Using a water spray to teach your feline proper manners is probably not the smartest choice. A cat behaviorist advises that this not be used as a deterrent for addressing behavioral difficulties. Apparently, it not only adds to the stress of the situation,
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it can also just make things loads worse. In certain instances, it might cause the cat to be fearful of its owner, so severing any attachment that may have been between the two before. And that's why your cat might not like you much recently.

Your cat's tummy is NOT for tickling

Your cat might have a beautiful, adorable and fluffy tummy that is begging to be tickled. But believe us when we say that this is one area of your cat's anatomy that he or she does not want you to tamper with. According to the author and recognized authority on cats,
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Pam Johnson-Bennett, the stomach of a cat should never be touched. It is a common misconception that when cats turn over and expose their stomachs, they are pleading for someone to touch their tummies. They'll typically become defensive if you do!

Personal space doesn't exist for your cat

Cats need their personal space as much as people do. While dogs might enjoy that personal up-close attention, cats don't tend to, so bear that in mind with your little feline friend. Their space is their space and if you continue to intrude it, then that's no good
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and will only affect the relationship between you both. Instead of going up to your cat all the time when they're just trying to rest, wait for your cat to approach you. This is always the better option whenever dealing with felines.

Give your cat independence!

Do you want to become friends with your cat? Well, try and take things slowly and follow their lead. According to a cat behaviorist, cats can do much better when they feel that they have a choice in their actions. For example, it would be better to give them the choice of hiding
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or coming out to engage, rather than you imposing that on them. If you start impeding their independence then the likelihood is that they're not going to like you very much! Hopefully now you'll have the right tools to mend your relationship.

Things your cat is trying to tell you: rolling over

If your cat makes a point of throwing themselves on the ground right in front of you so that they're actually grabbing your attention and forcing you to watch them roll around on their back, you might be wondering what on earth they're doing.
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Especially if you've just got in from work or trying to get on with making dinner. This can be your cat telling you that they want attention from you, but it's also a huge sign that they feel safe with you. When a cat is willingly showing their stomach to you, it's a sign of trust and that they don't feel threatened.

Covering up their litter tray mess

A lot can actually be understood about your cat based on how they interact with their poop and their litter tray. It's never fun for a cat owner to see a mess in the tray - and, worse, for their cat to be messing around in it - but it's worth paying attention to what they're doing to communicate with you.
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A lot of cats learn from their mothers that they should cover up their poop after doing it, so it can be this trick they've learned to continue as they've got older. Not only that, but if they chose to leave it unburied to make a point, it can be a sign they're being territorial.

Covering up their food

If your cat has been making a point of covering up their food bowl, whether in general or after eating some of it and leaving some behind in the bowl, you might be wondering a ton of things, including do they not like the food? Do you need to try something new?
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Are they unwell? If your cat is doing this, it's usually nothing to worry about because it can be a natural instinct in some cats. This is because instinctive behavior in wild cats can be to cover up their food in order to store it later, so they try to hide it as a food cache for safekeeping.

Eating plastic

No cat owner wants to see their cat munching on any sort of plastic, whether bottles or grocery bags, but unfortunately it can be a habit that a lot of cats seem to adopt! And they might have gotten hold of the bag before you even noticed they had it.
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The main reason cats do this is because kittens often chew on plastic when they're teething because of the sensation of that particular material, almost like a chew toy, and this fondness for plastic can continue into adulthood. They may also be trying to taste whatever was on the bag or carton before.

Eating leaves, plants or grass

Most domesticated animals like cats and dogs will start munching on some grass at some point, which can seem strange when they're usually so fond of their meat! Sometimes trying to eat grass can be a sign of intestinal discomfort, but this is more a case in dogs than cats.
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If your cat is trying to eat plants, grass or any other greenery while they're outside, it can be a sign they're just trying to get nutrients. Wild cats would get that type of nutrient from whatever their prey had eaten, so it's just their natural instinct to look for it.

Winking at you

If there's anything that's heart-warming as a cat owner, it's to see your cat seemingly give you a cheeky wink. You might have thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, or worried that it didn't really mean anything when your cat did it - but it does mean something.
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A cat is definitely communicating with you using their eyes, and a slow blink or a slow wink can be a sign of affection - it's even known as a 'cat kiss'. It shows that they're comfortable with you, and you can even give them a wink or slow blink back.

Looking like they're sneering at you!

On the other hand, turning around to see your cat sneering at you inside of giving you a nice wink can have you feeling like they might hate you with that level of disgust on their face. So what does it actually mean if they're looking at you in this way?
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Most of the time, this expression is reserved for other cats, so it's unlikely they're doing it directly at you. If you do catch them, they might have already been doing it at something else - so don't take it personally! It's known as the 'flehmen response', and it's when they pick up pheromones from other cats that make them put their tongue against the roof of their mouth - and look like this!

Kneading with their paws

If you're a cat owner, having your cat knead their paws on you, on your face or your favorite blanket isn't a new phenomenon - but you might be wondering what they're trying to achieve by doing this! It depends firstly which paws they're using -
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back paw kneading means they're getting ready to take off at speed, while front paw kneading is more an emotional movement. It stems from when they were kittens, as it's believed this is the motion they used to get more milk from their mother. In adulthood, it can just be a sign they're content and happy with you. Great news!

Interrupting you when you're on the phone or at your computer

Anyone with a pet - but particular cats - will know they always choose the wrong moment to come and disturb or meow at you, usually during a Zoom business meeting or when you're trying to get some serious work done. Cats seem to really hate it when you're sat at your desk and they might come and climb all over it.
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Why do they do that? Well it's usually because they're jealous - if you're talking on the phone or typing at your keyboard, you're not giving them the attention they think they deserve. It could be a sign you haven't been giving them as much attention in general as they'd like outside of working hours.

Making chirping noises

Cats make a whole load of strange noises, and most of the time you'll know what certain noises mean (pet me, feed me, play with me etc.). There's one noise in particular that a lot of cats make, and that's the chirping or chattering cat noise.
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It usually does this when it's stimulated by looking out the window at the outside world, or it spots potential prey. These noises are an excited reaction to what's going on, so if you have more than one cat chattering together, it can be the 'thrill of the chase' when it senses something it wants to hunt.

Butting its head against you

You might think your cat full on head butting you is a sign they don't like you or to leave them alone, but it's actually not the case. Even though it might seem an aggressive manoeuvre, your cat butting its head against you is a way of them 'marking their territory' - in a good way.
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They like you enough to want to claim you as their own, which they'll do by bunting, which is what it's called when they bump their head against you, or even presses it firmly against you. Another way they show this can be through rubbing their body against you.

Sitting in boxes

If there's one thing most cats do, it's sitting in boxes. If you've been worrying about buying your cat the perfect play toy, don't worry - if you've already got an empty box lying around (or even a full one) they're already sorted. Cats also have a serious talent for getting into very tight boxes
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that shouldn't be naturally possible! If you've been wondering what they've been trying to communicate with this, it stems from their natural instincts as hunters. Cats naturally like to hideout in very small spaces to be unnoticed by prey so they can surprise them - and a box is perfect for that!

Knocking things over

One thing you're guaranteed to have to deal with on a daily basis if you choose to get a cat is the fact most of your possession and valuables will probably be pushed onto the floor. Cats like to push things over, watch them fall, and then stare at the mess they created.
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You may have also noticed that telling your cat this is a bad thing and not to do it doesn't help at all. This behavior is actually them telling you that they're bored, rather than them trying to be overly destructive. It can help if you try to play with them more or give them more stimulating toys when they do this.

Drinking straight from the tap

Most cats don't like water much, and this coupled with the fact their water bowl is full to brim, might have you scratching your head over why your cat is happy to go in a sink and get wet drinking straight from the tap. Why do they do this?
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It could actually be hygiene thing, as cats see a bowl of water sat there on the floor as water that could possible be 'unhealthy' (even though it's not) so they seek water from the source instead! They think that water will be fresher - even though that's exactly the water you've put in their bowl for them.

Curling up next to electricals

If you're wondering why your cat is not only disturbing you at your work desk, but then proceeds to try and made a bed out of your PC, there's actually a reason for that. Cats will often curl up near computers, or actually on them, when they're seeking a bit more warmth.
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It's behavior you should definitely try to rectify if they're not feeling warm enough, so you should try to coax them with extra blankets or a warmer bed if they're acting like they're cold all the time! Otherwise you're going to get a lot of cat hair in your electrics.

Getting the zoomies

We know that cats usually get the zoomies at 2am when everyone is trying to sleep, but usually zoomies don't need any special attention or to have you thinking that something is wrong. Generally, though, when a cat decides to zoom around the house, it's mainly because they're just having fun and entertaining themselves, so it's not a cry for help or anything!
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This can a lot of the time be through pent up energy because of it not using its natural instincts to hunt prey when it's a domesticated cat. Sometimes, though, this behavior can be connected to other things going on - if your cat is very old it could be going senile, or it might even be trying to find relief from fleas.

Licking you a lot

Cats have that very rough and rather painful tongue, which means there's only so much licking you can endure as cat owner - even worse when they're licking your face instead of your hand! Why are they licking you? Well, putting up with that rough tongue is for a good cause,
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because a cat will lick you when its showing affection to you, and generally because it loves you. So the more it licks you, the more it thinks of you. Another reason a cat is licking you is territorial, as in the same way it butts heads with you, it could be saying 'I own you' - in an affectionate way, of course!

Fleeing from bags

Cats seem to only have two settings when it comes to plastic bags: they either want to feast on them, or they're terrified of them. So if you're cat is the latter and chooses to flee for its life whenever a plastic bag is near, why is that? There is often a reason that animals fear certain objects,
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and if you have a rescue cat, it might be that it had a bad experience in the past with a plastic bag or garbage bag, and it's often the rustling sound of it that can be a panic for them. You can try to lessen their fear by putting food or toys close to bags over time and using treats to try to teach them that being near a bag is okay.

Sucking on wool

Have you ever seen your cat do this? You might have purposefully got them a ball of yarn to play with, or maybe they've found something of yours they like to suck on because of the material. The reason for this can often be because materials like wool can remind your cat - or kitten - of their mother,
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because it feels all warm and fuzzy. This can happen with cats or kittens which are taken away from their mothers too early. Depending on how often they do this, you may need to consult a vet, because if they're ingesting material fibers it could risk an internal obstruction.

Staring at you

Nobody likes being stared at, and cats are the worst offenders for this, shamelessly locking eyes with you. You never know whether to hold eye contact or not. You may even wake up to find them staring at you from across the room. Although it might seem unnerving with that wide-eyed, unblinking stare,
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it's usually just a sign of affection from them - they're looking at you because they like you. Depending on what else they're doing, it could mean something direct - if they're actually sitting on you, like on your chest when you wake up, and staring at you, they could be telling you it's playtime or food time.