20+ Perfectly Timed Photos That’ll Mess With Your Head

By molly atherton 7 months ago

1. Tree Hat

(Image Source/ architecturendesign)Sometimes everything aligns for that perfect second. And, in this case it has made it look like the man crossing the road has a tree either growing from his head, or he's wearing a very, very eccentric hat. The man, is continuing to walk and has absolutely no idea that he's just created an iconic photograph.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Flying Bull

(Image Source/ Rayanworld)This photo has been taken during a bull fight, whether the person taking the photograph intended to take a photo of the bull in mid air is unclear. Either way, this is an amazing photo of the bull in mid air whilst two dogs sit beneath it. It completely manages to capture the drama of the moment..

3. Man in Red

(Image Source/ boredpanda)This is so hard to work out that it looks like there is a man infront of her. On first glance, and several glances later, it still looks like that. But she is in fact just airing a sheet over the balcony and the wind has caught it at that precise moment.

4. Fly On The Sun

(Image Source/ boredpanda)The photo here has been captured so perfectly that it is as though it has been created artificially. But, it has indeed been caught by a person and the timing just happened to be so right at that exact moment. It created the illusion that a fly is carrying the sun in its arms and legs.

5. Sun In View

(Image Source/ themindcircle)This is one of those photos that either takes hours and hours to be able to capture the sun in this little space at this exact moment. Or, it has to be a total accident and coincidence. Only that could explain how perfectly this shot has captured. Even the symmetry of the photo is perfect.

6. A Bird With Legs

(Image Source/ Rayanworld)Is this a bird with legs? Or, is this a human with a bird head? Or, is it actually the most perfectly and coincidentally timed photo ever? While it most likely is the latter - the fact that someone has managed to capture this photo is still pretty amazing. It has been timed to perfection by the split second.

7. Fire Angel

(Image Source/ themindcircle)This is not a fireman...it's a fire angel. This photo is so effective. And, it was totally unposed, the firefighter in the photo had no idea and was busy getting on with his job. Meanwhile, someone has taken a picture and by a happy accident caught it at the exact moment so that it looks like he has wings.

8. Eagle Girl

(Image Source/ themindcircle)One second before, or one second later this master piece would never have happened. It looks like some kind of CGI human/ animal creature morphed together. The way the bird is looking directly into her face while her body fits exactly within the bird's silhouette has been captured in the exact second.

9. Treble Clef

(Image Source/ rayanworld)Usually, when we get our head phones tangled up it's not something that we like. And, it usually doesn't turn into a piece of art like this photo here. This photo has been taken on public transport, and the person opposite has noticed that the headphone wires have formed into a treble clef.

10. Nosey Cat

(Image Source/ boredpanda)This photo could have been planned by placing something that the cat wants to drink in the cup. But, either way, it's a hilarious photo that has been caught here. It makes it look as though the cat has a human chin and nose. It looks just like some kind of anamorphism.

11. Help

(Image Source/ themindcircle)Help. This picture is so fitting for the content. This substitute teach was sitting in on a class and, let's face it by the expression on his face the guy is feeling a bit dejected. The way he has his head in front of the projector board has made it look like he has 'help' written on his forehead.

12. My Ice Cream

(Image Source/ rayanworld)Seagulls have a reputation for stealing food and being brazen. And, this photo has captured this perfectly. How the seagull is upside down we are not sure. Perhaps he was actually perched on the head of the person trying to eat this very ice cream.

13. The Chosen Toilet

(Image Source/ architecturendesign)The chosen toilet seat. The sun is shining through the window and illuminating the toilet. The way it seems to fill the bowl with light whilst not the seat literally makes it look like there is a light bulb in the bottom of the toilet. Someone has clearly gone into the bathroom and found this.

14. Glass Or Water

(Image Source/ architecturendesign)This is such an amazing photo. It does not look coincidental or accidental it looks like the most perfectly professional image. But, water cannot be timed and so luck definitely plays a part. The photo makes it appear as though the water is glass, not even liquid at all.

15. Transporting the Sun

(Image Source/ architecturendesign)This photo has happened so perfectly that it appears as thought the sun is literally sat in the transport container. It makes it appear as though if the truck started to move, it would take the sun along too as if it can be transported around from place to place. The way the sun is placed perfectly.

16. New Hair

(Image Source/ architecturendesign)Do you like my new hair? Do I suit brown or should I stick with white? There's a whole narrative that's portrayed with this one picture. It's just like a kid when they are trying on their mums clothes. Of course I'm sure the foal is totally unaware that the mother's hair is draped right across it's head.

17. Googly Eyes

(Image Source/ rayanworld)This is a rather spooky photo. Because somehow, the frog and the lady's face merge so perfectly that it is hard to tell whether she looks unusually like a frog or whether the frog has grown eyebrows and hair. The proportions of this photo are perfect and only in this second it would have worked.

18. Lightening Rainbow

(Image Source/ boredpanda)This aircraft that we can see in the bottom of the photo was actually struck by lightening (the aircraft was fine) at the exact time a rainbow appeared. It is an amazing photo which captures two of natures wonders simultaneously. The line of lightening follows the exact line of the rainbow.

18. Totally Unaware

(Image Source/ boredpanda)The beauty of this photo is in the fact that the two men are totally unaware. It would not have the same humour effect it they were posed behind the sign. But, because the two of them are looking quite serious as they wait it looks totally out of place that they are suited and booted on the top half.

19. Hold Back the Sea

(Image Source/ rayanworld)This is definitely not an accidental photograph. But that does not mean that it has not required being timed to perfection. If there's one thing that's unpredictable and will certainly not stay still for a photo - it's the sea. Yet somehow, in this picture the woman lay down on the sand perfectly outlines the sea.

20. Hose Pipe

This one certainly isn't the awe inspiring moment where it seems like fate has aligned. Definitely not...but it's created a very funny illusion all the same. The man is stood in front of the hose and it has unfortunately made it appear as though the guy is weeing. To clarify, he's definitely not.

21. Soaked

(Image Source/ rayanworld)The moment before he gets soaked. This picture has managed to get that exact moment of time, before it all goes downhill (literally), and the guy underneath who is perfectly untouched right now is about to get completely soaked by water. This is clearly a moment of luck for the photographer.

22. Mermaid

(Image Source/ rayanworld)No, this is not one very long and very flexible person. It is indeed two people. One of them with their head out of the water and one of them with their legs out of the water to make it look like they are attached. The perfect timing of this photo and the exact positioning really makes it look as though it is one body.

23. Get the Ball

(Image Source/ boredpanda)There's only one thing on this dogs mind - to get the ball. And, he's going to any lengths to get it. He's managed to jump around ten feet off the ground whilst doing some acrobatic twist. It's impressive. Thankfully, this dogs fine moment has been captured on camera and it an be savoured forever.

24. A Very Small Bird

(Image Source/ rayanworld)First off you may not notice anything, then you notice something on his head. On closer inspection - we realise it is in fact a bird. The position of this photo is pretty miraculous. There is a bird stood on top of this mans head. A very small bird indeed. Actually, it's stood on something.

25. The Magic Sledge

(Image Source/ themindcircle)Never mind a magic carpet, this guy clearly has a magic sledge. There is something very freaky about this photo. Perhaps it's because the man in the image looks so static. Of course, the sledge has obviously hit a bump at some speed and lifted straight into the air.

26. A Horse Inside A Horse

(Image Source/ themindcircle)Again, you have to do a double take at this photo. At a first quick glance it looks as though it is eating something. Then you realise it's another horses mouth. It's a horses mouth in a horses mouth. The horse has opened it's mouth just as the other horse is stood behind him, perfectly angled at that moment.

27. Wide Open

(Image Source/ Pinterest)This time it's not a horse inside a horse. But, in a similar vein, this time we have a lady who looks as though she has a hand coming out of her mouth. The girl in the picture is talking as someone is taking a photo and the guy in the background like she's eating his hand.

28. Framed

(Image Source/ Pinterest)Perfectly framed within the centre of a fluffy dogs tail as it curls perfectly around these two people in the background. How the person taking the photo noticed this photograph opportunity is impressive. Or, perhaps they took a photo shoot of their dog and then happened to notice this happy accident.

29. Angel Wings

(Image Source/ rayanworld)Is this a real life angel? Everything about this photo is so perfectly timed that it actually messes with your head as you try and work it out. There is something about it that makes it scarily realistic. You have to double check to notice that these aren't some kind of wing attached to her body.

30. Falling Head Over Heels

(Image Source/ eBaum'sWorld)This is either the best wedding photo ever...or the worst. I think when any couple dreams of the first kiss moment being captured on camera - it's all about romance. Not, your bridesmaid face planting the floor. But, on the other hand it's hands down the best wedding photo for comedy value.

31. The Sixth Ring

This seems like serendipity the way the moon is so perfectly positioned that it looks like it is the natural sixth ring of the Olympic symbol. There was definitely nothing wrong with the logo before...but this has got to be even better. The illusion has been timed to perfection.

32. Struck by Lightning

There's nothing lucky about being struck by lightning - but the timing of this photo certainly is. It is amazing that it has managed to capture the lightning strike touching the statue of liberty. It kind of looks as though she has sent it into the sky through the power of her finger.

33. A Whale Of A Time

This is both terrifying and amazing at the same time. The contrast in size between the person and the whale is accentuated by the fact that the whale is stood up like a person. In fact, it looks like the two of them are doing a handshake with one another.

34. A Plane Between Two Fingers

This is one of the most amazingly timed pictures ever. This Thai Buddha statue has its fingers placed so that it literally looks like it is holding the tail of the plane between two fingers. The plane was flying in the background and it's created such an effective shot that it almost looks like it must be CGI.

35. Ice Cream Thief

We all know Seagulls are renowned for pinching food. But this seagull has literally swooped in and taken the entire cone from this man's hand. In fact, his hands are still gripped in the exact same position. It may not be funny for him, but it certainly is for us.

36. Eye Of The Sink

This actually looks like a piece of artwork - not just soap suds swirling down the sink. In fact, when you first look at it, it looks like an eye is looking directly back at you. Someone has decided to capture the moment with a photo. Accidental artistry is sometimes the best.

37. Photobomb...Divebomb

Posing for your poolside photo, showing off the holiday bronzed glow... This is not the way the photo ended up going - it's so much better. The lady in the background was clearly mid-conversation and she's leaned back a little bit too far. We'd love to see her moments later as she splashes straight back into the pool.

38. Stepping On The Moon

Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to step on the moon - but this guy is giving it a good go. In fact, it looks as though this snowboarder is stepping on the entire moon as it hovers perfectly under his shoe. It makes it look as though it would hold his weight if he were to step forward.

39. Starsucks

Starbucks or starsucks...this is probably not the kind of advertisement Starbucks had in mind when they bought vans to promote the brand. But, it certainly caused a stir and they do say any press is good press. If you aren't a fan of the coffee chain then this photo is for you!

40. Fish Boy

This guy has definitely been looking for the perfect underwater shot - instead he's been accidentally turned into some kind of fish man. The fish swimming past his head makes it look as though he has a fish head and a human body. Surely this is better than any photo he could have imagined.

41. Obama With The Sun In His Hands

Here is Obama doing a presidential speech. The sun in the background had been placed so perfectly that it literally looks as though he is holding it in both hands. The illusion as well as the passion on his face makes the whole thing look like some kind of holy moment

41. Somebody's Tired

This poor guy probably thinks he's got away with the massive yawn he has let out. Unfortunately, there is nothing discreet about this. He has made no attempt to stifle this in any way. And now it's on camera for all to see - what makes it worse is everyone else is completely composed.

42. Blowing The Clouds

These statues are blowing clouds out of their trumpets...at least that is exactly what it looks like here. Whoever has caught this photo on camera has created an amazing image. It literally looks as though the cloud has come straight from the mouth of the trumpet.

43. A Very Hard Slap

This poor guy has been slapped so hard that it has sent ripples through his belly. Although, the way this photo looks in the aftermath - it seems as though he is made of playdough or liquid. There is an indent where the hand has sunk into the stomach and the skin has been pushed out around it.

44. An Eagle Jet

This is an amazingly timed photo which makes it look as though this Eagle is flying so fast it has jet trails behind it. The Eagle jet...the way the lines are trailing straight from its feet make the photo even more effective. Whoever took this has a good eye for timing.

45. Lurking Whale

I don't know if this is something you would want to see at the time of being in the sea as a warning... or whether it would simply be best to see this photo afterward and remain blissfully unaware. Whales are not predators like sharks - but they are the largest animal in the world...

46. A Flock Of Dolphins

This seems like it cannot even be real, this flock of birds has gathered into such an amazing formation that it looks like a dolphin in the sky. This is one of nature's amazing moments. Nature cannot be forced - it all depends on the moment in time just as with this photo here.

47. The Headless Gymnast

This photo is pretty freaky... the headless gymnast jumping through the air. It takes an impressive amount of flexibility to bend your neck and head so far back that it looks as though you do not have one at all. In fact, it looks as though she has a foot coming out of her neck instead of a head...

48. Olympics In His Vision

This team looks very focused - the Olympics is definitely on their minds. And especially for the guy on the end who literally has the Olympics on his head. For him, the Olympics is really within his sight. The projection of the logo has accidentally but perfectly projected onto his head.

49. Kick-Ups With The Sun

This photo must have been posed, there is no way this is an accident. Someone has spotted the opportunity and the person in the photo is pretending to play football with the sun. That does not make it any less amazing - the effect is completely mesmerising.

50. Bottom On Fire

This is a very humorous photo - thankfully it is not what it looks like. We can all see this photo and feel pretty uncomfortable because it looks like it would REALLY hurt. Thankfully this guy's bum is not on fire, it's just placed perfectly to create the illusion.

51. Tree of Life

When The Timing Is Right(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Whoever took this photo deserves some sort of reward. On what looks to be the cusp of summer and autumn, a photo was caught of the sun screaming through these tree branches and leaves. It almost looks as though this tree has been "chosen". Kudos to the photographer!

52. Bullet Shell Shock

My Friend With Horrible Technique(Image Source/ Bored Panda)I've never fired a gun before but I'm pretty sure there is some sort of technique that would avoid this from happening. As this man has fired a gun in what I assume to be some sort of controlled environment (the ear plugs) the shell fires backwards and bounces from his head.

53. Pro Player

My Son Batting A Ball Back Into My Daughters Face(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This one is kind of funny for anyone who's not in this picture. It's clear that this little baseball player is going to grow up to be a pro player, and whoever caught this picture has done an amazing job. The photo is snapped right as the ball collides with the baby's face.

54. Bitten by Squirrel

Girl Gets Bit By Squirrel(Image Source/ Bored Panda)I really hope that this poor girl had her vaccines before this photo was taken. What looks to be an innocent cute moment between a passerby and an adorable squirrel has turned sour. Right as the photo was being taken, the squirrel bites the girl's finger.

55. Slippy Surfaces

Me Falling Into A Lake In Croatia(Image Source/ Bored Panda)What a scary moment! While taking a trip to Croatia, this dude thought it would be great to get a photo in front of this waterfall. Well, right as the snap was taken, he's caught slipping backwards into the lake. We really hope it didn't end up too serious.

56. Children Being Children

Perfect Timing Picture. He Was Fine Though!(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Ouch! We know what children are like, and this poor kid looks as though he's grazed all of his face after this tumble. Assuming that's his parent behind, I'm not sure they're too fussed about their child on the floor. I wonder if this kind of thing happens all the time.

57. Dog and Cat

Perfect Timing! Meet Benny (The Jet) And Bowzer (My Favorite Ginger)(Image Source/ Bored Panda)If you own both a dog and cat you will know what they are like. Although this photo is innocent enough (the dog is doing a big boy yawn and the cat is just vibing), it's hysterical because of the relationship between these pets. Although, the cat would definitely win.

58. Blackpool Blues

Accidentally Captured A Seagull Stealing My Food(Image Source/ Bored Panda)When in Blackpool you need to get a picture of that tower. Well, this photographer got more than they bargained for. Right as they're about to take this golden photo, a seagull takes its opportunity and dives right in for a fry. How rude of it! Could have at least asked.

59. One Giant Leap For Dogkind

The Timing Makes My Dog Look Like A Space Man(Image Source/ Bored Panda)What was an innocent playful moment between owner and three dogs has created a hilarious photograph. While making bubbles, the photo has happened to be taken just while one of the dogs looks like an astronaut. What a sight to be seen, the first dog Neil Armstrong.

60. Fish Face

Perfectly Timed(Image Source/ Bored Panda)While enjoying an amazing holiday, this girl asked for a photo to be taken underwater and got more than she bargained for. While posing for her photo, a fish thought it be best to swim right over her face. Obviously, the fish is sporting a well-worn pout.

61. Greedy Gobble

This One Got A Little Greedy(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Safari Parks can be a great place to see all sorts of animals. Well, this little kid was taken by surprise when a kangaroo snatched the tub of food from the child's hand, and someone managed to take an A-grade snap of the incident. What a result!

62. Seagull Strikes Again

Taking Too Long To Take A Photo Of Her Food On The Beach(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Seagulls are renowned for getting up to mischievous acts like these. Well, this seagull took things a little too far while one holiday-maker was trying to take a memorable photo of her donut with the backdrop of the beach. It turned out very memorable alright!

63. Headless Man

Man Has No Head Due To Timing Of My Photo(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Talk about perfectly timed photos, what about this one? It seems that the gentleman at the forefront managed to get his head chopped off. This was either due to the timing of the photo, or the guys needed a ball to play basketball with! Who knows?

64. Summer is Here

My Hammock Broke(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Summer's here... so you know what that means. Get the hammock out! Well, that's exactly what this poor guy did, and even wanted to document the summer moment. Well, it was all going okay until... you can see. Great that it was captured on photo though.

65. Mysterious Lady

Caught A Lady Through The Train Gap While Taking A Selfie(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This one almost seems impossible. While taking a somewhat candid selfie, this train passenger actually managed to capture the figure of a woman in between the train gaps. What are the chances of this! Talk about a perfectly timed photo, I wonder if he knew her.

66. A Great Fall

She Slipped Trying To Pop The Soap Bubbles(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Another one of children being absolute children. With bubbles, other kids, good weather, this scene has everything, which is probably why this little girl got a bit too excited. It looks like her parents were trying to catch her playing along, and instead caught her in a fall!

67. Governor Kicked

Governor Of Michigan, Rick Snyder, Getting Kicked In The Face(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This is not what you expect to happen at a basketball game, especially to a Governor! Rick Snyder, the Governor of Michigan, was enjoying his time watching this basketball game when this incident occurred. Thankfully, someone managed to catch the ordeal on camera.

68. Shockwaves

My Friend Captured The Shockwave From The Starter Pistol At His Sister's Track Meet(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This one is supercool. While her friend was at a race, the photographer friend decided to try her luck at capturing the firing gun while it went off. Well, she managed it. As you can see, the photographer actually managed to catch the photo with the shockwave in it.

69. Bee Happy

A Bee Flew In Front Of My Camera At The Perfect Time(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This bee seems to be loving life in this pic. As the camera holder gears up to take a photo of this landscape, the bee decides to make a last minute appearance. Well, it actually makes the bee look much larger than it actually is. Magic camera tricks!

70. Birthday Girl

A Couple Of Years Ago, My Friend/ Coworker Set Her Hair On Fire While Blowing Out The Candles On Her Birthday Cake. This Was Taken The Split Second Before Anybody Realized(Image Source/ Bored Panda)What a birthday surprise. This birthday girl was given her cake by some colleagues at work and it seems that it didn't all go to plan. The candles actually lit her hair on fire, and the camera managed to catch the reactions just before people realised what was going on.

71. It Was The Dog

My Friend Caught The Exact Moment The Dog Ran Into Her Daughter And Pushed Her In The Pool(Image Source/ Bored Panda)We've all heard this excuse before: "It was the Dog." How often did our parents actually believe us? Well, now there's photographic proof! Here we can see this dog push the little girl straight into the pool. Now try and deny this one doggo! I bet you can't.

72. Water Sports

Oops(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Looks like father and son were having a great time on holiday here, look at them go. While posing for a picture with his dad in the bag riding the waves, it seems that the boy is unaware that his dad has actually let go. If he just turned around to look!

73. Computer Cat

Perfectly Timed Cat(Image Source/ Bored Panda)While taking a well deserved nap, it looks like this little cat has been taken advantage of! He is completely unaware of the little drawing on the screen which makes the cat look like some sort of derpy character. I'm sure if he could see it he would love it.

74. Grand Hotel

Perfect Timing Of Light On The Hotel Name(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Now this is a kind of hotel that I want to be staying in. This big beam of sunshine is caught upon the hotel and directly illuminates the hotel name. It must be a sign that this is THE place to stay. I wonder if the ray of light left a TripAdvisor review?75. Light BenderSun Caught The Blade At Just The Right Time (Image Source/ Bored Panda)This sword-wielder knew he looked great while slicing it about so asked his pal to get a photo of him. Little did he know that the photo would turn out even better than he imagined. The light was working hard here and managed to bounce off the sword at the right time.

76. Zombie Zoo Kid

I Shot A Kid At The Zoo, Perfect Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This one's kinda scary. While on a day out at the zoo, this kid decides to use the plastic dome that lets you see right into one of the enclosures. Well, when her parent was trying to take a photo, they managed to get the reflection of two lights right in place. Creepy!

77. Biiiiiig Yaaaaaawn

Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Dog Yawning(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This dog was letting out a real big yawn in this pic, and it looks like the little dog is getting a good whiff of it. I'm not sure that this is what the photographer planned to get a photo of, but here it is anyway. Perfectly timed photos of pets are the best.78. Lighter SparkThought This Was Perfectly Timed(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Now, this one must have took some practice. If you've used lighters before, you will know that there's a little spark that causes the to ignite. Well, it looks like this lighter holder was keen to get a photo, and that they managed to do! It looks awesome.

79. Batmobile

Perfect Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This really does look like something out of a Batman film. While this car was revving up ready to go, someone managed to catch the best photo of it. It looks like there is a pool of fire coming straight out of the exhaust. I bet they were happy with this shot.

80. What is it?

Timing!(Image Source/ Bored Panda)At first glance, this seagull looks to be a part of this VENICE sign. But actually, it's not the statue it pretends to be, and is actually a live bird headed straight for the camera holder. I really would love to see what happened in the aftermath of this.

81. Bad Puck!

Keep A Close Eye On The Puck(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This definitely wasn't a very pucky shot to have. While playing a game of ice hockey, this goalie didn't quite get the snaps that he thought he would. Instead, he's captured with the puck diving straight at his headpiece. Thankfully he did have one on.

82. Santa's Little Helper

I Took My Daughter Sleeding For The First Time. This Is Her Trying To Avoid The Ramp(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This child appears to be having an absolute blast while sledding down this steep hill. After flying down the ramp, the child's photo is taken and makes it look as though she is soaring way above the clouds. A job with Santa Clause seems reasonable I think.

83. Falling Backwards

Perfect Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)I've stared at this photo for a long time and I'm not sure who's face is funnier! It looks as though the driver got a bit too happy with the accelerator, and the passenger has gone flying backwards. Lucky Grandma is in the back to save the day, I wonder if Grandpa is taking the pic!

84. Dog Driver

Perfect Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Whoever said dogs can't drive is wrong. Look at this little spaniel hurtling it down the freeway. Well, that's what it looks like. This perfectly timed pic was taken on a road trip, and the photographer probably never meant for it to happen, but is glad it did.

85. Explosion

I Think They Call This "Perfect Timing"(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Well, we're unsure if this is perfect timing or unfortunate timing. We've all been in this position with our friends when they are making us hysterically laugh. Well, this looks to be what happened here, but it actually came flying from his poor nose!

86. Stealth Fighter

Took A Picture Of A Stealth Bomber Flyover, Was Not Disappointed With The Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Now this is some real good timing. To try and to get a pic of this stealth bomber flying overhead, this guy quickly took out his phone. Luckily he caught it just as it caught the sun and it created a beautiful photo. I bet he is very proud of himself!

87. Taking a Dip

The Moment My Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken By My Sister-In-Law(Image Source/ Bored Panda)I just know that those two kids are laughing hysterically at this. While his sister-in-law was trying to take a photo, the man took a step too far backwards and ended up in the lake! But not before the sister-in-law took the picture. I bet they all laughed it off.

88. Hungry Dog

Oh So Majestic(Image Source/ Bored Panda)By the looks of things this bird had just been let off this man's hand. But before you know it, the dog was desperately trying to take a bite! I bet the bird was terrified. Lucky that someone managed to catch this shot, although I'm sure it's not what they expected.

89. Book Face

Perfect Timing(Image Source/ Bored Panda)It's hard to tell if this one was impeccable timing or if this photo was actually staged because it's so good. While this bookworm was reading the classic Lord of the Rings, their friend obviously noticed the great resemblance and decided to take a snap!

90. Aerial Acrobatics

Perfect Timing In Aerial Acrobatics(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Aerial acrobatics or actually a reflection? It seems that these two pilots are so good at their jobs that they've managed to make their aerial acrobatics session look like a reflection on water. I bet they were very proud of their performance and this photo.

91. Sporting a New Do

Fauxhawk(Image Source/ Bored Panda)"Quick quick take a photo of me by the sea with my slick new hairdo!" I wonder if that was what he asked when this photo was being taken? As it turns out, the hairdo is actually the wing of a passing bird that just so happened to be photobombing his picture.

92. Speechless.

I Caught A Plane Passing In Front Of Tonight's Super Moon(Image Source/ Bored Panda)This one just may be one of the best. While taking a picture of this night's super moon, the photographer managed to catch a plane passing right over it. It looks like something out of a movie it's so good. I bet this is one of the best they've taken.

93. Swinging Gone Wrong

“We’re Good Parents I Swear”(Image Source/ Bored Panda)While this couple were on a photoshoot with their daughter, they managed to cause a right incident. It seems that they were planning on taking the little one for a good swing while having their picture taken. Well, it would have worked out if they didn't let go.

94. Look Twice

My Friend Posted A New Profile Pic With Her Boyfriend, And Everyone Took A Double Take(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Okay so this one made me look again, then again, then again. With his girlfriend's leg placed over over his lap, the photo that was taken ended up being quite unfortunate. I can't help but think that they might've tried to set it up... surely not!

95. Aftermath

We Had A Crazy Storm Yesterday That Produced A Tornado, Softball Sized Hail, And Flash Flooding. My Friend Snapped A Picture Of The Aftermath(Image Source/ Bored Panda)After a crazy tornado had hit this town, one of the residents decided to take a photo of what appeared after: the rainbow. However it appears that they actually got a double whammy when they took this photo and lightning strikes out from the colours. Amazing.

96. RUN!

Time To Run(Image Source/ Bored Panda)My first thoughts are, why is the photographer just standing there! I just now that all the people pictured in this photo got absolutely drenched as soon as this shutter had closed. What a great time to take the photo though! I wonder if they'd been waiting.

97. Is That a Shark?

Surprise Head(Image Source/ Bored Panda)While surfing on a some cool waves, you might expect to see jellyfish, turtles, even possibly a shark. But a human head? That's unexpected! I think if I were the surfer it might've startled me so much I'd fell off my board. What a great photo, kudos to the camera person.

98. Lightning strikes

My Friend Took This Picture Of Me Exactly When The Lightning Struck!(Image Source/ Bored Panda)The person in this photo had asked their friend to take a mysterious looking photo of them. Just as they were being taken, a lightning strike appears straight across the sky. It created a spectacular photo and I'm sure this person still uses it now.

99. Cyclops Cat

Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Cyclops Kitty(Image Source/ Bored Panda)Erm, I think there's something wrong with your cat. You might want a refund! What the owner thought was going to be a cute photo of their cat turned out to be a photo of a cyclops cat. Well, just the cat shaking it's head very very hard. I kinda want this cat.

100. Firework Safety

My Wife Managed To Capture The Least Manly Shot Of Me Launching Fireworks(Image Source/ Bored Panda)First of all, why are you sat so close to these fireworks! Do you not know firework safety? Second of all, what a great photo. This man's wife decided to snap him while he let off one of his fireworks and his face says it all. That'll teach him to sit so close.