20 Normal Things We All Find Embarrassing

By Tom Pearson 9 months ago

Using The Bathroom

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Using the bathroom is something that we all need to do, so why is it so uncomfortable when we need to excuse ourselves from a social situation? To avoid embarrassment, just quietly get up and leave the situation, don't make a bigger deal of it than you need to.

Making A Phone Call

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I don't know why, but we all get that sense of social awkwardness when we need to call someone new. Making calls at work can sometimes feel a little scripted, but it is a heck of a lot easier than some personal calls, for example calling a garage or doctors surgery.


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Sometimes things just get a bit much, whether that be physically or mentally. This often leads to us sweating, and a brief reminder is left on show to the rest of the world in the form of sweat patches. Even though you might not smell bad, the sight of a sweaty patch can be cringe inducing.

Spilling Food

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This is one I am for sure guilty of... When a meal is just too good and you can't get it down fast enough, but you end up throwing half the meal all over your (usually white) shirt! Although this is annoying, it makes us feel like children who haven't learned how to eat yet!

Bumps And Bangs

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We've all done it, accidents do happen! A small bump or a big accident in the car are awful in more than one way. You firstly realize that this mistake is going to be costly, but these thoughts are overtaken by the sheet embarrassment of what has just happened.

Tripping Up

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You stumble, but nearly save it, then BANG. You hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Hurting yourself is embarrassing, but absolutely not your fault. What almost hurts more than the fall is all of the people running to help when you just want to be left alone!


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Having a good cry session is actually beneficial for your mental health, but it can leave us feeling flustered and self conscious. There is a stigma around crying, especially among men, but thankfully this is becoming less prevalent and it is becoming more normalized.

Googling Yourself

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I know what you have done... because I have done it as well... Everyone has googled themselves at least once, and if you have ever been caught then you know the shame. It's totally normal, just like looking at your own house first on google maps. Why does everyone do that?

Taking Medicine

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Believe it or not, this is something that many of us actually feel self conscious of, even though in reality most people don't even notice if you regularly take medicine, let alone care! Don't worry about other people, focus on yourself first always.

Leaving A Shop Without Buying

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Even though you haven't been stealing, everyone thinks that you have. Except they don't, but why do we always feel like all eyes are on us when we leave a shop without buying anything. I know I'm guilty of buying some gum that I didn't want out of nerves!

Sitting Next To Strangers

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Picture the scene, you have been working hard all day and can't wait to take the weight off your feet. The bus pulls up at your stop and it looks pretty full. Why is it always so embarrassing to get onto the bus or train, and sit down next to a stranger?

Eating Alone

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In my opinion, eating your favorite meal alone is actually a pleasure.... when you are in your own home. Eating at a restaurant alone can just feel a bit weird, as if everyone is staring at you. Once you get over that feeling, it's actually kind of nice.

Crossing The Road

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You know when a car lets you cross, or the crossing light goes green and you end up doing that weird run, walk, skip hybrid over the road. Why do we all do that. I feel like as soon as it's my turn to walk, my legs don't know what to do anymore! So frustrating!

Calling A Teacher Mom

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Calling a teacher Mom or Dad was like social suicide when you were in school, but why was it so embarrassing. As a kid you spend most of your life with your parents, so it was inevitable that something like this would happen to all of us. Still, it sends a shiver down my spine to think of it.

Texting The Wrong Person

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So this one isn't too embarrassing if you send a normal text to the wrong person. But why is it always when you send something personal or super weird? Followed up with an explanation it isn't too bad, but when you don't see it for hours it can eat you up inside!

Food In Your Teeth

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Getting food stuck in your teeth is the worst, but when you don't even know it is just horrendous. That feeling of someone mentioning that there is food in your teeth is soul crushing, even though in reality it happens to us all and there is nothing we can do about it!

Spilling Your Drink

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Spilling your drink sucks for numerous reasons. You have to walk about with a wet patch, it looks like you don't know how to function, and if you're in a bar it can even result in you getting kicked out. Maybe we all need to go back to baby proof cups.

Internet History

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Sometimes you just end up searching for something really strange, something that you can't really explain in the cold light of day. Your internet history is like your dirty laundry, we all have it, but its best kept to yourself and looked at in private.

Birthday Cards

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We've all become award winning actors on our birthdays. Its that moment when you open a card, just for some dollars to fall conveniently onto your lap. You ignore the cash and focus on the heartfelt message (perfect acting skills). Everyone knows what a card is for, grab that cash!

Previous Partners

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Discussing your previous partner with your current spouse can be awkward, but it shouldn't be. Everyone has a past, whether it is with 1 or 100 people. Providing you look after your health, this should not and is not an embarrassing topic to discuss.

Bad Hair Day

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It happens to us all, but sometimes you just can not get your hair to do what you want! A bad hair day is made even worse when someone points it out, so if you see someone looking a bit more disheveled than usually, maybe don't bother pointing it out.

Waving At A Stranger

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Waving back at someone is fine. Waving back at someone who was not waving at you is not fine. We have all waved at someone who was saying hello to the person behind you. You need to play it off like you were messing with your hair, or waving at an invisible friend behind them!

Voice Crack

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Your voice breaking is a very natural part of growing up, but it can be embarrassing when it cracks whilst you are speaking. It almost always seems to wait right until the worst moment possible too, leaving you open to ridicule and endless teasing from your friends.

Getting Angry

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It is good to get your anger and frustrations out every once in a while, but it can leave you feeling embarrassed once you have calmed down. This feeling is only heightened when you realize that you might have gone over the top, or that you are in the wrong.

Pulling A Door The Wrong Way

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Pulling a push door is super common... the doors aren't labelled clearly enough and I am sick of it! It is so embarrassing walking up to a glass door, only to have people stare at you when you try and open it the wrong way. Why aren't they more obvious!

Mishearing Someone

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Asking someone to repeat themselves is fine. Asking again is okay, because it might be noisy, but that third time is a no go. If you can't hear someone after the third time of asking, you just need to do a little laugh, nod your head and see how the situation plays out.

Stomach Noises

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As someone with the worlds loudest stomach (I'm guessing) I know all too well the looks you get when your stomach decides it has something to say. Everyday at lunchtime, your stomach decides its time to eat, leaving you with the awkward walk to grab some lunch.

Doing The Sidewalk Shuffle

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Do you go left, no they're going left. Go right, oh god this is going to end in a head on collision. That moment on the street where you walk towards someone and you both pick the same side, and end up dancing round one another saying sorry profusely. So embarrassing!

Public Speaking

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Public speaking is one of the most difficult tasks many of us have to face. It is scary and overwhelming, and if you get it wrong it can be embarrassing for everyone in the room. It is important to take a deep breath, take your time and try to relax!

Grabbing A Stranger's Hand

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Grabbing the hand or arm of a stranger is so embarrassing, especially when you start a conversation with them because you thought they were someone else! You have to have the awkward apology and try and laugh it off, but it is pure hell for the both of you.