20+ Foods That You Have Been Eating Wrong!

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Easy tacos

(Image/ Sources: All Recipes)Did you know there's an easy way to eat tacos that removes all the mess? Well, the trick is instead of buying taco shells, just get yourself a bag of Doritos or other tortilla chips. Make your meat filling, salsa, and grated cheese separately, then open the Doritos and pile all your taco fillings into the bag. Grab a fork and you're good to go!Sourced from Femanin

2. Cupcakes

(Image/ Source: No Garlic)What's the best part of a cupcake? Well, if you're of the opinion that ALL of it is the best bit, then this hack is for you. The best way to eat a cupcake is actually to slice the cupcake horizontally through the cake section and stack the bottom of the cupcake on top of the frosting. This way, you get a bit of cake and a bit of frosting in every bite - perfect!

3. Oranges

(Image/ Source: Healthy Fitness)We've all experienced the mess of trying to open an orange and split it into segments. First, you slice it through the middle, but this ends up getting orange juice everywhere. Well, you should actually start by slicing the top and bottom off of the orange with a knife. Then, make one slice through the middle and simply peel the rind off, leaving a perfect wedge.

4. Chinese takeout

(Image/ Source: Unsplash)We love Chinese takeout, but did you know there's actually an easier way to eat it than trying to get all of your noodles out of the box and onto a plate? All you need to do is break up the box that the food comes in to make an easy, portable plate. No washing up needed!

5. Cookies

Cookies and Bread(Image/ Source: Twitter @J_Rod03)There's really nothing worse than when lovely, freshly-baked cookies start going hard in the container. Well, do you want moist cookies even a week after baking? If you notice that your cookies are going crunchy quick, add a slice of bread to your cookie container. This easy hack will keep your cookies soft and fudgy longer!

6. Bananas

(Image/ Source: Business insider)Yep, that's right, you've been eating the humble banana wrong all your life. You've probably been taught to crack open the peel at the top of the banana, but what if we told you that this is completely the wrong way? Take a leaf from our primate ancestors' books you'll realise that you should be opening a banana from the bottom. If you pinch the banana at the bottom it'll come open straight away, with no annoying banana strings at all.

7. Candy Apples

(Image/ Source: Simple Most)Yes, you've been eating candy apples wrong your whole life. There's an easier way than just grabbing the stick and trying to bite the apple from the top. Next time, try turning the stick horizontally and taking a bite out of the apple from the side. This way, you'll avoid getting sticky sugar all over you, and it's easier to take a big bite. Genius!

8. Strawberries

(Image/ Source: Popsugar)So, you've bought a delicious, fresh punnet of strawberries from the supermarket, ready for a summer dessert. But how do you get the top off the strawberry? Well, if a knife is involved, then you're doing it wrong. Simply take a plastic straw (you'll probably have some lying around for summer cocktails) and push it through the strawberry to hull it with ease and with minimal waste.

9. Apples

(Image/ Source: 5dangkou)We bet you always take the core out of an apple, right? Well, actually, that's not the right way to eat this popular fruit. In fact, the entire apple can be eaten, core and all. That even includes the apple seeds in the center of the apple! Just make sure you properly wash the top and bottom of the apple if you're going to try this next time so that all pesticides are washed off.

10. Cherries

(Image/ Source: Today)Cherries are another fruit that is probably a once-in-a-while buy, but when it comes to pitting them all you'll probably regret that you ever bought them. Well, an easy way to pit a cherry is to balance the cherry on top of a glass bottle (make sure it's not so wide that the cherry falls in). Then push a chopstick through the cherry and the pit will fall straight into the bottle!

11. Pomegranate

Pomegranate(Image/ Source: Pexels)Yes, we've all been opening a pomegranate completely the wrong way. It can be tedious to try and get all the seeds out of the pomegranate, but this way makes it easy. First, cut off the crown of the fruit with a knife (this is the bit with the branch sticking out). Then make vertical cuts along the side of the fruit, being careful not to touch the seeds. Then pull each segment apart and bash the outer skin to get all the seeds out at once.

12. Kiwi

(Image/ Source: the Kitchn)When cutting a kiwi, there's actually an easier way to get the skin off than the more fiddly method of cutting it off with a knife. Next time, just cut the kiwi in half. Then, grab a spoon and spoon out the inside of the kiwi, leaving the skin untouched!

13. Boiled Eggs

(Image/ Source: eggs)Ever stood there picking tiny bits of shell off of your boiled egg? Course you have. Well, luckily, there's an easier way - and you'll wish you knew about it sooner. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water with your boiled eggs next time. Then, when it comes to taking off the skin, crack a quarter-sized hole at each end of the egg and blow - the skin will come right off.

14. Tacos

(Image/ Source: reddit - logssgetbuilttoo)Tacos are messy business, everyone knows that. We've already seen how you can utilise a pack of Doritos for on-the-go tacos, but there's also a way to make traditional tacos less messy. Simply put a lettuce leaf around the taco shell. This way, if the shell breaks, the filling and shell bits will be caught by the leaf - making sure you get every last morsel.

15. Grilled fish

(Image/ Source: Yummy)Grilled fish is an ideal barbecue food - it's nutritious and tasty and makes a great showy meal for dinner parties, too. But how do you prevent it from sticking to your grill? Try placing lemon slices on the grill first, then place your piece of fish on top of the lemons. Not only does this prevent any stickage, but it'll also give you fish a great flavour.

16. Shredded meat

(Image/ Source: Pexels)Ever been craving pulled pork but you just can't be bothered to cook and shred it to get that delicious texture? Well, this is the easiest way to do shredded meats. Simply throw your cooked meats straight into a KitchenAid or other powerful stand mixer and blend for a few seconds. Bingo - you've got pulled pork all ready to go.

17. Mango

Mango(Image/ Source: Unsplash)Mango is another of those fruits that is a bit of a mess to slice. Inevitably, you either get mango all over your kitchen surface or you leave huge parts still on the skin. Well, next time, start by halving the mango with a knife. Then, push a glass into the soft fruity flesh of the mango and scoop it all out in one go. Easy!

18. Oreos

(Image/ Source: Reddit)They're a ubiquitous childhood snack, so we hate to break it to you but yes, you've been eating Oreos wrong your whole life. We all instinctively want to dip the Oreo into a glass of milk with our fingers, but there's an easier way. Instead, stick a fork into the soft middle and use that to dip - this way, you'll get milk on all of the Oreo instead of just a small section.

19. Chicken wings

(Image/ Source: She Knows)The frustration of leaving a half-eaten wing because you can't find a way to get the meat off the bone is VERY real. Next time, try pulling the cartilage off at the wing, then twist it and remove the bones. Do this once more with the large bone and you'll have a boneless wing ready for eating.

20. Peas

(Image/ Source: The Spruce eats)Ever struggled to eat all the peas off your plate at the end of a meal? We need to take a leaf out of a Brits' cookbook for this hack. Instead of trying to pierce each pea individually, or have them all fall off your fork, give them a little mash. This will make them easier to grab all at once with your fork.

21. Hershey's Kisses

(Image/ Source: YouTube)Yes, you've also been eating the classic candy completely wrong this whole time. Most of us would open a Hershey's Kiss from the top, right? Well, you're wrong. Instead, squeeze the base of the Kiss and the foil will simply slide right off. Less effort for more reward.

22. Toast

Toast(Image/ Source: Buzzfeed)No, I'm not joking - you've also been eating toast wrong all your life. Most of us would spread a topping on the toast and then take a bite, right? We know it sounds strange, but next time try tipping the toast upside down before taking a bite. This way, the topping is the first thing that hits your taste buds - it'll make for a tastier bite.

23. Ginger

(Image/ Source: Chica and Joe)Ginger is the perfect accompaniment to a stir fry, curry, or even a smoothie. But sometimes, getting the skin off the ginger is a pain. Graters often can't deal with the hard and uneven edges of a piece of ginger. However, it's much easier if you use a grapefruit spoon to scrape the skin off.

24. Corn

(Image/ Source: Popsugar)So, you've cooked a load of corn and you're looking for a way to shuck it in seconds. This technique will make it easy and mean you utilise all of that delicious corn. Grab a towel and wrap it around the ear of the corn, then slice the bottom part off with a knife. After that, squeeze the top of the ear (where the towel is) and the corn will just slide out

25. Ice cream

(Image/ Source: Ben and Jerrys)It might seem ridiculous but yes, there's actually an easier way to eat ice cream. And it'll prevent you getting painful fingers from freezer burn. As you eat your pint of ice cream, cut down the cardboard. The lid will fit as normal, but less air will get into the container, reducing the chances of freezer burn.

26. Cherry tomatoes

(Image/ Source: The yummy life)Cutting individual tomatoes is a real pain, especially if they're tiny ones like cherry or plum tomatoes. Next time, flip a plate and place your tomatoes onto the middle of that plate. Then, place another plate right-side-up on the plate, and slide a knife through the middle. Perfectly cut tomatoes all at the same time!

27. Broccoli

(Image/ Source: Ecooe)Apparently, we've been eating broccoli the wrong way as well. While most of us would think to fry it, boil it, or microwave it in a pinch, there's actually a better way to cook broccoli. We should actually be steaming all our broccoli. This way, less of the vitamins are drawn out of the broccoli and it's better for us.

28. Burgers

Burger(Image/ Source: Twitter @honeysn0w)We've all experienced the pain of having dressing and salad fall out of our burgers, and the bun sliding all over the place as we try to eat it. To prevent that, flip your burger over so that the bigger section of bread is on the bread. This will help absorb more of the juice and prevent it from getting soggy and slipping.

29. Soft drinks

Drinks Can(Image/ Source: Twitter @valeriejoeelng)Ever wondered what the little hole in the cap of a soft drink can be for? Well, there's a reason it's there, and it makes your life much easier. Next time you open a can, instead of breaking the opener right off, twist it so that the hole is right over the open can section. Then, slide your straw through the whole on the tab - your straw won't move out of place while you drink.

30. Ice cream sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwich(Image/ Source: Unsplash)Ice cream sandwiches are a godsend in hot weather, and there's a way to make them that eliminates the mess of trying to spoon ice cream into cookies. Instead, take a sharp knife and cut through a pint of ice cream, forming the ice cream into perfect circles. Then, just place the ice cream onto your cookie and peel the cardboard off. Perfect first time!

31. Add Olive Oil To Your Drained Pasta To Stop It From Sticking Together

Image Source / Daily MailCooking is a balancing act, and sometimes pasta is ready before the finishing touches - but it's already stuck together by the time you've got to it. Try adding some olive oil to your pasta after you've drained it and this should keep it nice and separated!

32. Store Vegetables In Water To Keep Them Crisp

Image Source / The Organised HousewifeIf you're a fan of big, stalky vegetables like celery and asparagus then you can trim the ends off and then store them upright in a glass jar or vase with a couple of inches of water in the container. This will keep them fresh, crisp and anything-but-droopy.

33. Use Your Pod Coffee Machine (Like A Keurig) For Boiled Water

Image Source / POPSUGARYou can get boiled water on tap if you're rushing in the morning by using your pod coffee machine. If you need some boiled water for your porridge, for example, or maybe your lunchtime noodles, then you can use your machine for some speedy boiling.

34. Cut Your Fruit And Veggies With An Egg Slicer

Image Source / WikipediaSlicing fruit and veg can be so tedious, and just one of the drawbacks of actually trying to eat healthily, but luckily with an egg slicer you can make it a whole lot simpler. You can use it to slice those mushrooms or chop up those strawberries!

35. Keep Your Ice Cream Container In A Plastic Bag

Image Source / SimplemostThis is a great hack to make sure your ice cream stays soft instead of hard (because there's nothing worse than trying to get a spoon into a frozen rock). If you store your container in a plastic bag instead, like a Ziploc bag, then it'll be much softer and easier to portion out.

36. Use A Cooling Rack To Cut Hard-Boiled Eggs

Image Source / HorecaTradersIf you're a hard-boiled egg lover and have loads of them to cut up, don't do it one by one; instead, put a bowl under a cooling rack and push the eggs through the rack. This way you'll chop delicious little egg cubes, ready to go!

37. Use A Waffle Iron For Hash Browns

Image Source / Plant Based GalAnything can be a waffle if you try hard enough! If you want to use a waffle iron for your hash browns, you won't be disappointed. The waffle iron also helps with the shape of the hash browns so you can more easily top with other things, like condiments or cheese.

38. Make Your Bananas Ripe More Quickly By Baking Them

Image Source / Clean Green SimpleIs there anything worse than a super green banana that hasn't quite ripened yet, and you're just waiting to be able to eat it, day after day? Well no more! You can ripen your bananas quickly by putting them in a pan and then baking them for around 5 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

39. Use A Large Jar For Salad And Grains

Image Source / Urban SporeWe all have those favourite things we like to sprinkle on the top of a lot of different recipes, like seeds, grains, nuts and salad ingredients. Well, if you mix up all the good stuff in a large container, like a glass Mason jar, you can not only easily store, but take it around with you - like to work to use with lunch!

40. Use Tongs To Squeeze Citrus Juice

Image Source / TwitterIf you don't have a juicer, then tongs are going to do the job just as well. Get your slices of lemon, lime or orange and put between the tongs then squeeze away until your heart's content! The tongs should be able to get out a good amount of juice.

41. Remove Egg Shells By Swirling Them In A Tupperware Container

Image Source / The KitchnPeeling eggshells is boring - it's worse than peeling potatoes, and it takes forever. If you want to make it quicker and easier, you can put your hard-boiled eggs in a Tupperware container together and swirl them around. The shells should crack and then break off easily.

42. Test The Freshness Of Eggs By Putting Them In A Bowl Of Water

Image Source / Simply RecipesIn some sort of bizarre version of the witch trials, you can put whole eggs in a bowl of water and see if they float. If they float, they're a witch - only kidding. If they float, they're quite literally a bad egg. If they sink, then they're good to go.

43. Don't Throw Out Those Burnt Cookies!

Image Source / RedditDid you want to make some deliciously soft cookies only to go and burn them? Don't despair! You can use a grater to get the burnt bits off the cookie and nobody will be any the wiser! Just gently move the cookies against the grater to get off the less-than-appetising bits.

44. Freeze Your Mashed Avocado

Image Source / The Plant based dadAvocados can quickly go out of ripeness if you're not using them too often but you bought a big batch. If you're worried about them going off before you get chance to use them, you can mash them up and then put them in an ice cube tray to freeze them. You can later put them in a smoothie!

45. Make French Toast In Your Slow Cooker

Image Source / WikipediaIf you have a slow cooker, use it for French toast. If you don't, get one and use it for French toast! You can put the bread at the bottom of the cooker and then put your egg mixture over the top of it - just enough to cover the top of the bread. Keep layering as much as you'd like, then put your slow cooker on and away you go!

46. Take Off Your Avocado Stem To Check Ripeness

Image Source / gregalder.comIt can be difficult to tell the ripeness of an avocado, but there is an easy way to check with this stem hack. Simply pull off the stem at the top and then check if it's green. If it is, then it's not ripe yet. If it's brown, then it's probably a bit over-ripe. The perfect colour you're looking for for ripeness is yellow and spotted.

47. Use A Skillet To Reheat That Leftover Pizza

Image Source / King Arthur BakingNobody wants to waste leftover pizza - it's blasphemy, after all - but there's a better way to reheat it than making it all soggy in the microwave. You can heat up in a skillet instead, which will better heat it and should keep the crust's crispiness.

48. Freeze Leftover Sauces With An Ice Cube Tray

Image Source / Liquor.comIf you've made some delicious sauce, like pesto or bearnaise, then don't fret about a huge dollop of it being leftover. You can use an ice cube tray to portion it out and freeze for later. Then you can reheat it whenever you need it again.

49. Cut Soft Foods Easily With Dental Floss

Image Source / Cuisine at HomeIf you've got a big block of soft cheese, butter, need to cut up your cookie dough or dish out the desserts, then use a section of dental floss to easily slide through. This is also perfect for saving on the washing up if you don't want loads to get stuck to a knife!

50. Freeze Your Grapes For Homemade Wine Coolers

Image Source / RedditThis is a great hack for summer because you can freeze grapes (which is just great anyway) but you can then also use them as wine coolers. The frozen grapes won't water down your beverage when they unfreeze, and they'll also add to the delicious taste!

51. Soup Dumplings

Image source/  FlickrAlso known as Xiao Long Bao, these soup dumplings are a highly satisfying bite, day or night.  Because you're dealing with very hot liquid soup encased in the dumpling dough, it's easy to get spilled broth all over the table.  You should suck the liquid out of the dumplings before you put them in your mouth.

52. Bowl Of Ramen

Image source / FlickrWe tend to plunge right into steaming hot ramen with our spoons and start shovelling away at the liquid but the best way to enjoy ramen is to use chopsticks to pull out a few noodles from the bowl, then dip them back into the bowl to soak up some of the broth.

53. Sushi

Image source / ShutterstockWhat's not to love about sushi?  It's tasty, healthy and easy to eat - but are you consuming it correctly?  The issue is the way we use the accompanying soy sauce.  According to experts, sushi should be dipped fish side down so the rice can absorb the salty sauce.

54. Pizza

 Image source / The SporkfulThere's nothing quite like a freshly made pizza, piping hot and oozing with cheese.  When we grab a slice, we usually end up with a foot long string of mozzarella hanging from our mouths and toppings spilling over.  The solution is easy and that is to fold your pizza slice inwards.  So easy when you know how!

55. Oysters

Image source / Cleveland ClinicIt can be quite intimidating eating oysters when there are people around, possibly watching how you are doing it!  You'll oftens ee someone slurping an oyster right down, without chewing it but the proper way is to use your fork to check the oyster is detached and then quaff  it down from the wide end.

56. Pistachios

Image source/  FlickrThere's a simple shortcut that can cut your pistachio-shucking time in half, at the very least.  We can be put off eating these delicious nuts because it's so fiddly but not any more.  Use a discarded shell, to open the pistachios and save your finger nails!

57. Thai Food

If you're using chopsticks to eat most versions of Thai cuisine, you may want to think twice.Image source / QuoraAlthough it's widely assumed that Thai food should be eaten with chopsticks, this technique isn't part of the traditional Thai culinary culture. You will often see the natives using the same method as us, knives, forks and spoons.

58. Lobster

Image source / Open Table BlogWhen tackling hot lobster, you should eat the tail first because it gets cold the fastest.  Chefs also advise to eat the claws last as they stay warm the longest and can be tough to break into, requiring food pliers.  Eating lobster in this order is cleaner when it comes to disposing of the shell.

59. Water

Image source / LiquilineBottled water is ok for staying hydrated  but it doesn't have enough of the one important ingredient that keeps your teeth strong and helps prevent tooth decay and that is fluoride.  The stuff from your tap will contain it so think again regarding your water habits.

60. Red Meat

Image source / Cleveland ClinicRed meat is a great source of protein with its vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, and iron, not forgetting omega-3 fatty acids.  The problem is that it can also be loaded with saturated fat which we know should only make up a small part of our diets.  Choose lean cuts, trimming off all the fat you can and then cook it.

61. Coffee

Image source / BBC Good FoodAlong with the caffeine boost, the antioxidants found in coffee can help protect your cells and it can be a low calorie choice instead of sugar-sweetened soft drinks.  Bear this in mind when you go to your local coffee chain and avoid the syrup, cream and sugar concoctions.

62. Cantaloupe

Image source PinterestEven though you aren't going to eat the rind of a cantaloupe melon,  you should give it a good scrub with a brush before you slice into it.  This is so you get rid of dirt and bacteria that could be trapped in the rough skin. Unlike other fruits, there isn't enough natural acid to kill them off.

63. Canned Veggies

Image source Tasting TableYou definitely shouldn't cook them twice.  Canning is a great way to keep the nutrition and freshness in your veggies but they do actually get cooked in the process.  After you take them out, only heat them long enough to warm them up again. Longer than that and you damage the flavor.

64. Cabbage

Image source / Les MillsDon't treat cabbage as just being a steamed vegetable and a bit bland at that. Turn it into sauerkraut or kimchi as fermented foods like this have natural probiotics that nourish the bacteria in your gut. This could help protect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

65. Chili-Cheese Fries

Image source / InstructablesAren't these just the best, taste wise?  Fries aren't brilliant at holding on to chilli and cheese so try this hack.  Grab the dry end of the fry and with a subtle flick of the wrist, remove the excess chili.  Of course, using a knife and fork is the best way to control the mess.

66. Sloppy Joes

Image source / GE AppliancesThe word 'sloppy' is truly appropriate when eating a sloppy joe so try this trick for a much easier way tackle them.  When assembling them, scoop the meat into the center of the bun and leave a small empty rim around the outside of the bread.  When the contents move around, they've then got somewhere to go before falling on the plate.

67. Powdered Doughnuts

Image source / InsiderInstead of ordering a boring plain doughnut because you're worried about getting powder everywhere when you eat it, change the process.  Place the doughnut on a plate or napkin and tear it into two, without lifting it up.  This means the powdered sugar can't escape on to your clothes.  Next, tear one of the two pieces in half, pick up and eat!

68. Deli Meat Sandwich

Image source / Cleveland ClinicOne of the easiest ways to make your sandwich better in every way, is to slice the deli meats in half and lay them facing away from each other. They will then fit the traditional square bread with no bits hanging out and you won't lose out on the taste.

69. Hot Coffee

Image source / Science ABCOne of the most common complaints with coffee drinkers is that they can't get through a whole cup before it goes cold.  If you pre-heat your coffee cup by pouring boiling water into it and leaving for 2-3 minutes, your hot drink should stay that way.

70. Beetroot

Image source / Homespun SeasonBeetroot is one of those things people avoid buying as they don't know how to cook it.  The great news is that you don't have to cook them!  Cut off both ends, peel the beets and slice thinly before seasoning.  If you do want to cook them, place on foil and make a pouch, drizzling them with olive oil.  Roast them for an hour and job done!

71. Black tea

Image source NDTV.comAmericans are drinking more tea than ever, almost 20% more than they did 20 years ago.  according to market research. Before you pour yourself another cup, DON'T reach for the milk as it negates the cardiovascular benefits.  Milk proteins make the tea compounds more difficult for the body to absorb.

72. Flaxseeds

Image source / QuoraFlaxseeds are high in fiber, omega-3s and lignans which may contain cancer-protecting properties.  You body may not be able to digest whole flaxseeds so sprinkling them on your morning yogurt might not be as effective as you hoped.  Instead, grind the nuts to make them easier to digest.

73. Lettuce

Image source / Business InsiderWhat is said about lettuce is generally true for most greens.  Few people know that by adding a fat source when eating green leafy vegetables, this makes the dish tastier and contributes towards many more benefits. Lutein, lycopene and beta-carotene become more available to the body if you add avocados, nuts or other fat sources.

74. Bacon

Image source / Southern LivingYou may be shocked to hear that you shouldn't cook bacon in a pan. To get the flat, perfectly cooked slabs, bake your bacon instead.  Simply place it on foil and stick in a preheated oven.  You will also be ale to cook more of it in one go than if you did it in a pan.

75. Leftover Mint Candies

Image source Fun Money MomCrush up leftover mints with a mortar and pestle and mix them into your hot cocoa before adding the boiling water.  Although this adds quite a bit of sugar to the drink, mint and chocolate go really well together and makes that hot chocolate more interesting!

76. Different Types Of Teas

Image source / EaterDifferent types of teas need to be brewed differently and you probably didn't realise this. White, yellow and green teas should be brewed for around two minutes. Oolong and black teas should brew for three minutes, Herbal teas take the longest, between four and six minutes.

77. Dried And Fresh Herbs

Image source / StoreMindLots of you won't know the difference between fresh and dried herbs and think they are both equally as good as each other.  Fresh herbs are more aromatic and pair perfectly with fresh items like fish or chicken and are great to garnish a home cooked meal.  Dried herbs are best suited for sauces and soups.

78. Preparing Beans

Image source / The GuardianIt can be confusing about whether you should soak beans or not.  If you’re using raw beans you should be soaking them as it will tenderise them before you cook them.  A shorter cooking time equates to less vitamins and nutrients being boiled away.

79. Hot Pepper Seeds

Image source / InsiderDo you usually throw away hot pepper seeds in the trash?  The flesh and seeds of hot peppers like jalapenos aren’t very spicy.  You can get the peppery flavor without the heat this way.  You can add just a few seeds until you reach the heat you require.

80. Yogurt

Image source / ShutterstockA lot of people like to have yogurt for breakfast or as a dessert.  When they see the liquid that settles at the top, they tend to drain it off.  You shouldn't be doing this as is full of calcium, protein and vitamin B12 and is really good for you. Mix it into the yogurt or shake the carton before opening.