20 Foods That Only Exist In Europe

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

1. Choucroute Garnie (France)

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Choucroute garnie is a classic French dish that was created in the region of Alsace.  It combines sauerkraut, which is fermented cabbage if you were unaware, with various pork-based meats, that are usually smoked, sausages, and potatoes.  This hearty and flavorful dish warms you up during the festive season and the cold winter months.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Cullen Skink (Scotland)

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Cullen skink originates from Cullen in Scotland and is a traditional Scottish soup that contains smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, and cream.  This comforting, delicious, and warming dish is often garnished with parsley and served with crusty bread or Scottish oatcakes.

3. Stroopwafel (Netherlands)

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Stroopwafel is a delicious Dutch treat that is a beloved snack in the Netherlands.  They are often enjoyed alongside a warm drink, like coffee or tea, and consist of two thin and crispy waffle-like cookies that are glued together with sweet and sticky caramel sauce.

4. Burek (Balkan Region)

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Burek is a savory pastry and is very popular throughout Eastern Europe.  It originated in the Balkan region and consists of thin layers of flaky and buttery filo pastry that is rolled into a spiral shape and they can be filled with anything such as minced meat, cheese, spinach, and potatoes.  Typically, this mouthwatering snack is usually enjoyed with yogurt or sour cream.

5. Saganaki (Greece)

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Saganaki is a rich and satisfying dish that is popular in Greece.  It is known for its deliciously crispy, tangy, and savory flavors and consists of a variety of cheeses, usually Greek Kefalograviera or halloumi that are drizzled in lemon juice.  It is usually enjoyed as a meze and is a beloved dish among locals and visitors.

6. Scouse (England)

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Scouse is a hearty and slow-cooked meat and vegetable stew that hails from Liverpool in England.  The traditional dish typically contains tender chunks of beef or lamb, and root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, and is often served with pickled red cabbage or beetroot.  Interestingly, its name comes from the Norwegian term 'lapskaus' which reflects the dish's maritime origins.

7. Trdelník (Czech Republic)

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Trdelník is a traditional Czech sweet treat that originates from the Slovak region of Horehronie.  It is made up of golden and crispy dough with a fluffy inside rolled into a cylinder shape that is typically coated in sugar, filled, and then sprinkled with a variety of toppings like cinnamon, nuts, or chocolate.  Delicious!

8. Beinenstich (Germany)

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In German, the name of this dessert is 'Beinenstich' which translates to 'bee sting', and is a delicious sweet, and rich dessert that has roots in Germany.  It is made up of rich buttery dough with a luscious vanilla cream or custard filling and then topped with caramelized sliced almonds and honey.

9. Varenyky (Ukraine)

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You might already know this Ukrainian dish as Pierogi but if you don't, they are dumplings that are made from unleavened dough and are also known as Varenyky.  These comforting dumplings are so versatile and are served with different garnishes including melted butter, sour cream, or fried onions, and can be filled with a range of ingredients including mashed potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, or if you fancy a sweet treat, they can also be filled with fruit preserves.

10. Gravlax (Scandinavia)

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Gravlax is a Scandinavian delicacy that is traditionally served on special occasions and consists of thinly sliced, cured salmon and originates from Norway.  It is often served as an appetizer and with its salty, sweet, and herbal taste, is typically accompanied by a tangy mustard or dill sauce and presented on a bed of crisp bread or crackers.

11. Weiner Würstchen (Austria)

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Weiner Würstchen is also known as Vienna sausages or Vienna frankfurters and is a popular sausage from Austria.  They are often enjoyed as a quick snack and served in a bread roll with mustard, sauerkraut, and potatoes.  They are loved for their distinct smoky and savory flavor and are now enjoyed across Europe and further afield.

12. Lángos (Hungary)

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Lángos is a yummy and mouthwatering Hungarian dish and is certainly an indulgent treat.  It consists of a deep-fried flat bread or doughnut that is golden and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.  It is typically served with a variety of toppings like garlic butter, sour cream, grated cheese, and other toppings like bacon, sausages, or vegetables.

13. Pastéis de Nata (Portugal)

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Pastéis de Nata are also known as Portuguese custard tarts and are certainly a must-try for pastry lovers.  They are golden tarts that are made with a crisp and flaky puff pastry shell that is filled with a rich and creamy egg custard.  And the best thing about them is the way they are baked until they develop a caramelized, delectable, and slightly burnt surface.

14. Arancini (Italy)

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The name 'Arancini' literally translated to 'little oranges' in Italian which owes to their round shape and golden color.  They are essentially rice balls that are covered in breadcrumbs and made with creamy risotto and can include a range of ingredients such as cheese, meat, vegetables, or even seafood.

15. Köttbullar (Sweden)

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Köttbullar, also known as Swedish Meatballs, is a popular Swedish dish that has gained popularity internationally (think Ikea!).  They are small, tender, and very flavorful meatballs that are made from a mixture of ground beef and pork, along with breadcrumbs, onions, and seasonings including allspice and nutmeg.  Their deliciousness makes them a staple in Sweden.

16. Placki Ziemniaczane (Poland)

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Placki Ziemniaczane are delicious and versatile potato pancakes that hail from Poland and are made from grated potatoes that are mixed with eggs, flour, salt, and pepper.  They are often served with sour cream and topped with ingredients like sauteéd mushrooms and smoked salmon.  And they're so versatile that they can also be enjoyed as a sweet dish too!

17. Salade Niçoise (France)

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Salade Niçoise originates from the French coastal city of Nice and is a vibrant and refreshing salad that typically features fresh lettuce leaves, boiled or steamed potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs.  It can also contain black olives, anchovies, and tuna.  It is a perfect dish that is enjoyed during the summer and showcases Mediterranean ingredients.

18. Marmitako (Basquee Region)

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Marmitako is a traditional fishermen's stew and originates from the Basque country in northern Spain.  It typically consists of chunks of fresh tuna or bonito fish, potatoes, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, which are cooked alongside garlic, paprika, and bay leaves.  This comforting nourishing stew is a popular choice among locals and tourists and really showcases the region's love for bold aromatic flavors and seafood.

19. Fårikål (Norway)

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Fårikål is considered Norway's national dish and is a comforting and hearty stew that is made with lamb and cabbage.  It is made by layering lamb meat, bones, and cabbage in a pot and despite its simplicity, it is incredibly flavorful and satisfying as it shows its country's culinary heritage.

20. Bakewell Tart (England)

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Bakewell tart is an English classic and is a sweet treat that features a sweet and crumbly pastry crust, that is filled with a layer of almond frangipane and a layer of raspberry jam.  Sometimes it also features a layer of thick white icing too.  It dates back t the mid-19th century and originates from the English town of Bakewell in Derbyshire.

21. Lapin à la Moutarde (France)

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Lapin à la Moutarde translates to Mustard Rabbit and is a rich and flavorful French dish.  It is made with tender pieces of rabbit meat that is cooked in a creamy mustard sauce that features ingredients such as white wine, Dijon mustard, cream, and herbs like thyme and tarragon.

22. Faggots (Wales)

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Herbert Hill Brain was a traditional butcher who hailed from Bristol in England and he began to make heartwarming meals in 1925.  And one dish that became a favorite across the nation was his pork faggots dish which consists of meatballs made with off-cuts and offal mixed with herbs and breadcrumbs, served alongside a West country sauce.  This dish is popular in the east of England and across south and mid-Wales.

23. Sachertorte (Austria)

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Sachertorte is an indulgent and famous Austrian chocolate cake that is dense, rich, moist, and absolutely delicious!  This decadent cake is made with a tangy apricot jam and a smooth and glossy chocolate glaze.  And due to its luxuriousness, this cake is enjoyed during special occasions and, to be honest, whenever anyone wants to indulge!

24. Pirozhki (Russia)

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Pirozhki are popular in Russian cuisine and are savory stuffed pastries that can be filled with a variety of ingredients including round meat, potatoes, cabbage, cheese, mushrooms, or a delicious combination of these.  They are a staple of Eastern European cuisine and are enjoyed as a yummy snack or appetizer.

25. Pastéis de Bacalhau (Portugal)

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Pastéis de Bacalhau is a cherished part of Portuguese cuisine and are golden brown fritters that are made with salted codfish, mashed potatoes, eggs, onions, and parsley.  The mixture is then formed into small, oval-shaped fritters that are then deep-fried until golden brown.

26. Bouillabaisse (France)

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Bouillabasse is a Provençal fish stew that is traditional and originates from the Mediterranean coast of France.  It contains a collection of fish and shellfish that can vary, but often includes red snapper, sea bass, monkfish, mussels, clams, and shrimp.  It is cooked in a hearty broth combined with aromatic herbs, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.

27. Lardy Cake (England)

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This sweet and indulgent treat is a traditional British pastry known as Lardy Cake.  It consists of buttery dough that contains lard, sugar, dried fruits, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.  Interestingly, its origins date all the way back to Medieval England with it being originally created as a nourishing and filling pastry for laborers and workers in the English countryside.

28. Smalahove (Norway)

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Smalahove is a traditional Norwegian dish that is made from sheep's head and the name literally translates to "sheep's (smale) head (hovud)".  The head is usually salted, dried, and then roasted or boiled before being served as a dish and is actually considered a delicacy in certain regions of Norway and was originally eaten before Christmas.

29. Lörtsy (Finland)

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Lörtsy is a delicious Finnish pastry that is usually filled with various savory fillings including minced meat, vegetables, or cheese.  They can also be sweet too.  It is a thin, half-moon-shaped pastry that was first invented in eastern Finland in Savonlinna. It can either be baked or fried and is often enjoyed by many as a snack.

30. Leberkäse (Germany/Austria)

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Leberkäse translates to "liver cheese" and is a meatloaf-like dish that originated in Germany.  And no, it doesn't actually contain liver or cheese!  It is actually usually made up of ground pork, beef, or a combination of both, along with various seasonings.  It can either be served in slices for a sandwich or with mustard and pretzels.

31. How about the best American snacks that you can't get anywhere else? Teddy Grahams

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When you're in the US, seeing this adorable teddy faces is a comfort thing when it comes to snacks you can rely on - so if you're traveling anywhere else in the world, you might want to pack A LOT of bags of these particularly snacks, because you're not going to find them anywhere else past the border! Apparently these teddies don't like to travel. The best thing about these snacks are the childhood memories of definitely having them in your lunchbox - or playing pretend with them and marching them across the table!

32. 100 Grand Bars

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You won't even find 1 Grand Bar, never mind 100 Grand Bars, if you cross the border out of the US! Because these tasty treats definitely aren't for snacking if you're in another country, so avoid the disappointment when you scour the European grocery shelves, by making your peach with it ahead of time - you're definitely not going to find them there! This delicious chewy caramel chocolate bar is something you'll have to leave behind if you're planning on travel to another country or two for a while... so pack some in your bag! And eat them before they melt.

33. Pop-Tarts

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If there's one delicious and tasty snack that the US is known for, it's the Pop-Tart! As it rightly says on the packing: proudly baked in the US! And that means you're likely not to find these in any other country, which is really disappointing when you just need a quick fix of a sugar rush while you're traveling or on vacation. If you're so used to having these little guys as your healthy (not) breakfast choice every day that you wake up in the US, then you're going to have some seriously disappointing breakfasts in other countries...

34. Cheez-Its

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If there's one thing Americans like with their snacks, it's some variety of processed cheese! And cheese combined with a cracker snack? Divine. The good news about this snack, at least, is that even though you probably won't find Cheez-Its specifically outside of the US, this kind of cheese/cracker combination is still very popular in other countries, luckily. So it might just take some scouring around to find your chosen country's version of the Cheez-It, but there'll definitely have cheesy crackers of some kind. It just depends how loyal you are to this one!

35. Combos

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Another thing that America is known for in the delicious snack world is pretzels, with this being a popular choice for most people in the US if they fancied something crunchy and delicious. But the pretzel hasn't seemed to have taken off very well in other countries, even though you should be able to find something similar - or a pretzel of some variety - you definitely won't be able to find pretzel Combos specifically in other countries! So if you're worried about your cravings, you're best off packing a suitcase full of these guys.

36. Airheads

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Airheads are not only an icpnic American candy staple, but they're also one of those retro, nostalgic ones that you enjoy now as an adult as much as you did as a kid. The best thing about this candy offering was the sheer amount of flavors and colors they came in. If you had a hankering for some variety of saltwater taffy but if you wanted an incredibly unhealthy amount of sugar added on top, then these were for you! Maybe it's the high sugar content that made them less appealing in other countries, but you won't find them outside the US!

37. Butterfinger

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You might find that Butterfingers slip right out of your hand if you're hoping to enjoy them anywhere outside of the US. This American candy staple will be very difficult - even impossible - to find in different countries, unless they have one of those blessed 'American candy' aisles in the supermarket. But still, even then, you're not guaranteed to find one. You can only cross those buttery, chocolate-covered fingers and hope that you will... otherwise you're going to have to pack plenty for the road and hope they last!

38. All Those Tasty Oreo Flavors!

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If there's anything that's the pinnacle of American treats, it's the Oreo! The good news about this one is that you can actually find Oreos outside of the US, especially in places like the UK, but the problem starts if there's a very specific flavor that you want. While it might be relatively easy to find the basic Oreo flavor in its original way, you won't have the same luck with some of the tastier flavors, like Birthday Cake flavor Oreos or Apple Pie flavor Oreos! So if there's a specific flavor you've a hankering for, best get it out of your system before you travel!

39. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Popcorn

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Sure, popcorn can be found as a tasty snack most places in the world - and even if you can't find it on the shelves, you're guaranteed to have it served up if you go to a movie theater, so there's that. But how can you be happy with regular popcorn outside of the US when you know that THIS flavor exists? Unfortunately, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Popcorn is a flavor very specific to USA enjoyment. But the good news is, if you want to get creative, you can mix up your own attempt at the recipe by adding some chili sauce to a bag of popcorn!

40. Lay's Biscuits And Gravy Potato Chips

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Luckily, the brand of chips Lays can be found in other countries - or at the very least, there will be a very similar tasting knock off that you'll happily enjoy, we're sure. But if you're very particular about your Lay's, you might struggle in other countries. And especially if you're looking for this very specific flavor: Southern Biscuits & Gravy! We don't even know how you'd create that yourself with a plain brand of potato chips, unless you want to start pouring gravy in there... but that's on you. Luckily, chips will keep if you want to pack them in your luggage!

41. Reese's Cups

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We've sung the praises of A LOT of American candy on here, but let's be honest - nothing really comes close to peanut butter Reese's cups! And that's why you'll be really sad to travel without this sugary treat to depend on. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, because some European countries do have these on the supermarket shelves if you bother to look for them - but still, there's always the worry that you won't be able to find them outside the US! The best thing you can do is ask a friend back home to mail some to you!

42. Hostess Cupcakes

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Hostess Cupcakes were a cafeteria staple, and they made basic cupcakes look boring in comparison! The key selling point of Hostess Cupcakes is of course that creamy filling that you just don't get anywhere else! And outside of the US? Forget about it! The silver lining is that most places - especially bakeries in Europe - will have a delicious variation of cupcake, cake, pastry or anything filled with cream, but if for some reason you're very specific about eating Hostess Cupcakes, and only Hostess Cupcakes, then you're going to want to stay in the US.

43. Chex Mix

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Not only is Chex Mix the ultimate stay at home snack, it's also one you can depend on to be served in your local bar or around town - so it's something you definitely look forward to when you're heading out! In a variety of flavors, there's nothing quite like this addictive savory snack - but the sad news is, not every country in the world will agree with you! Even though there are so many different flavors - sweet and salty - that still doesn't seem to matter to these other countries, they aren't having any of it! So better fill your pockets.

44. Peanut Butter M&Ms

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No matter what kind of candy it is, peanut butter just makes every one of them better if you're an American. And although you can get jars of peanut butter in other countries across the world (luckily), you're going to struggle to find peanut butter M&M's specifically. If you can hack it, then you will be able to get the normal chocolate M&M's in other countries of the world, but you'd have to buy a separate jar of peanut butter and combine the two if you're really looking for that perfectly sweet combination!

45. Jell-O

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You can definitely get gelatin in other countries, like what the UK would call a jelly dessert (no, that's not what the UK calls jam!) but let's be honest, nothing will compare to the good ol' fashioned Jell-O you know and love back home. The thing about Jell-O as well is it's not just about the basic fruity gelatin, it's also about the other options they have, like the Jell-O Creations Dessert Kit that everyone loves to get out! We'd say that's fun to do with your kids, but as adults, we know we really do it for ourselves! If you can get by on other gelatin products though, you'll be okay in other countries!

46. Nutter Butter

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As an American, you'd already know how much of a winner any peanut butter-flavored candy is in the US, but you don't realize how much you seriously need it in your life until you start traveling to other countries and get that craving. Unfortunately, Nutter Butters won't be something you can find outside of the US - again, only if you take the time to hopefully find a US candy part of the grocery store, but it's a risk! Peanut butter is such a must-have treat, so you're going to have to think ahead about how you'd re-create this snack if you're traveling!

47. Twinkies

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If crunchy peanut butter isn't your thing - or chocolate candy items - maybe your go-to snack is more of a cake dessert, like the legendary Twinkies! Twinkie could easily be the definition of what it means to be in the USA - and be American - and the experience is made all the more better when you have one deep-fried while you're out and about. You might be able to bag a Twinkie in foreign supermarkets if they have a space for popular US desserts, but you might need to scan the shelves very closely... be prepared for disappointment, though.

48. Lucky Charms

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You might get less than lucky if you're looking for this in another country! The good news is that a lot of European places do actually take on board American cereals in their grocery stores, so there might be a shelf with some Lucky Charms on it - if you're lucky... If not, there's not really a 'next best thing', so you'll have to settle for another tasty cereal option out there! Unfortunately, a lot of its unavailability in other countries comes from the fact that there's pretty much no nutritional value... but we're definitely not eating this cereal for health reasons!

49. Root Beer

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Root beer is pretty much an exclusive when it comes to American soft drinks. It's the bottle you reach for when you're enjoying any of the snacks on this list, to wash them down nicely. You might be able to find alternative brands on the shelves from Canada or Australia, but other than that, root beer is a no-go. If you don't mind a little variation in flavor - and it not be root beer - the closest thing in places like the UK in terms of flavor might be a drink called Dandelion & Burdock - but even then, you'll just know it's not the real deal!

50. Cheetos

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So Cheetos actually can be found in certain countries, like the UK, but not all of them! If you're hankering for a very cheesy savory snack, then there usually will be a lot of variations of cheesy corn snacks, so you might be able to find a new brand or flavor that you can put up with whilst traveling - as long as it's cheesy enough, of course! Other than that, you'll only be able to taste and experience an authentic bag of Cheetos while in your home country of the US! So start making space in your suitcase or get a pal to mail some to your accommodation address!