20 Foods That Can NEVER Be Stored In A Freezer

By Nick Hadji 9 months ago

1. Thawed Meat

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If frozen meat is defrosted in your refrigerator, preferably overnight, then there should not be any issue. froHowever, left out on the kitchen work surface and partially or fully uncovered, the meat becomes a breeding ground at room temperature and when cooked,  could give you food poisoning.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Re-Frozen Fish

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As with meat, it's fine to eat defrosted fish when cooked, if it has thawed out in a cool place but not to be risked if left out where harmful bacteria can get to it. Also, it's a definite no no if you thawed it once, change your mind and re-froze it. You are asking for trouble and a poorly stomach.

3. Rice

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Eating leftover rice, as most people know, can be dangerous in itself because it can contain spores. Freezing cooked rice and then defrosting it can be a risky business, for the same reason. Thoroughly reheating right through should eradicate the spores but they have been known to survive.

4. Coffee

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It's really not a good idea to store coffee beans or ground coffee in the freezer: Taking it in and out every day will freeze and then thaw the coffee, which can cause condensation and pretty much ruin it. Also it will absorb any strong freezer smells and completely ruin the taste.

5. Cheese

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Soft cheeses such as cream cheese and goats cheese will separate if they are frozen and then thawed. It will also change the texture of the dairy product in a weird way! Harder cheeses may freeze better but the advice is to keep cheese in the fridge and not the freezer.

6. Beer

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If you freeze beer or lager, this will accelerate the aging of it, meaning you are much more likely to open up a flat, hazy beverage - not recommended. You also run the risk of allowing the cans to explode if they freeze solid and expand, with no where for the contents to go.

7. Cucumber

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Watery vegetables like cucumbers freeze well, when sliced as they have such a high water content. The problem arises when the "cuke" goes through the thawing process. Gone are the crispy, fresh slices when defrosted. Instead, you are left with a limp and soggy mess!

8. Cooked Pasta

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There's nothing worse than over-cooking pasta and serving the "stuck together gloop" to your family.  Well, there is actually one thing worse and that's freezing leftover pasta.  When you've defrosted it, the tagliatelle will resemble a squishy puddle - not very appetising or edible.

9. Yogurt

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Yogurt, much like other cream based or dairy products, has a habit of separating and becoming lumpy when frozen. Congealed, lumpy yogurt isn't really what you want when you are preparing your morning granola! The answer is to not over-purchase and keep just one or two cartons in your refrigerator.

10. Fried Food

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Fried food, as we know, isn't great for our health but, in moderation, should be ok. What isn't ok is fried food that has been frozen and then defrosted. It turns into a soggy mess and the once crispy, crunchy bits will have collected moisture, leaving a texture not to be desired.

11. Milk

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Many people tend to freeze milk so they never run out of it unexpectedly or so they've got it when returning from vacation. It freezes in the plastic bottle easily but can leave you disappointed when it's defrosted. It can separate and contain lumps, even after shaking well.

12. Whole Eggs

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Take heed - DON'T freeze whole eggs. The gooey insides of raw eggs will expand when frozen and this will cause a cracked and leaky mess in your freezer. On a more serious note, the potential for bacteria growth becomes high. Even freezing cooked eggs isn't advisable.

13. Avocado

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Don't even think about storing this creamy, healthy fruit (or vegetable?) in the freezer unless you choose to be disappointed! This jam-packed vitamin delight will lose it's original silky texture and will only be worth using if it is incorporated into a green smoothie.

14. Fresh Herbs

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Fresh herbs - the answer is staring right back at you. Use them from fresh and if you do have leftovers, turn them into compound butter or pesto. The problem with freezing bunches of herbs is that they will go soggy when defrosted and the healthy green colour will have gone brown.

15. Marshmallows

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If by any remote chance the marshmallows you put out for the family don't disappear within minutes, you may consider freezing them (we are talking the minority here!) It's actually harder to freeze marshmallows than you expect, due to the gelatin present in them. Once you are able to, they get as hard as a cricket ball!

16. Potatoes

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Freezing whole potatoes is a no go area and should be banned in every State! Besides taking up lots of room in your freezer, this simple, much loved staple food will become gritty and grainy. Even storing in your refrigerator will turn out a second rate potato.  Instead, room temperature is best.

17. Ketchup

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Tomato ketchup goes with practically everything including some unusual combinations! There has always been a light hearted argument about whether ketchup belongs in the cupboard or the refrigerator. We don't mind which you choose but don't freeze it. It will separate into half tomato, half water and will lose its flavor.

18. Gravy

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Gravy can make or break a British roast dinner and lashings of the tasty liquid is enough to make your mouth water. Yes, it is a shame to discard any that hasn't been used. Maybe store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator to use within 3 days. If  you have thickened your gravy with flour or cornstarch, it is going to separate.

19. Mayo

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There is no reason to ever freeze mayo. It should be refrigerated full stop! Ignore our advice and you will pay the consequences. The eggs, oil and vinegar will all separate, leaving you with what can only be described as a chunky disaster. Be the bigger person and store sympathetically.

20. Crumb Topping

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Freezing pre-made casseroles and pies is a very organised way to make sure you are always ready to serve up an evening meal. One big, essential tip is to leave the crumb topping off before putting your dish in the freezer. It's far better to add the addictive crumbles once it's been defrosted to avoid the water texture.

21. Meringue

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Listen out - there is absolutely no fool proof way you can ensure that the meringue you so lovingly whipped up and created doesn't absorb any moisture during the freezing process. Ignore us and the hard, crumbly, sugary meringue with the soft chewy center will be a damp dessert.

22. Almond Milk

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Nothing bad will happen, in terms of nutrition, but freezing almond milk will undoubtedly affect its texture. When you are pouring the whitener into your morning coffee, after you've defrosted your almond milk, you could be faced with chunks instead of free flowing liquid.

23. Wine

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It's quite the norm to freeze wine when the intention is to defrost it when required for cooking purposes but for sipping and enjoying in a glass, while you are relaxing, then the wine, no matter how good the quality, will honestly taste just weird. We don't suggest you try and prove us wrong.

24. Sprinkles

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It probably sound strange when you talk about freezing sprinkles. I mean, why would you? They are usually in their own airtight packaging and once used, should be placed back on your baking shelf. If you do freeze them, they will become brittle and the colors will bleed.

25. Spices

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It could be that time when you decide to clean out your spice drawer but don't relocate the seasonings to your freezer. The flavor often changes in items such as pepper, garlic and cloves when frozen so it's best to store them in a cool, dry cabinet. This is definitely best for their longevity.

26. Salad Greens

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Don't over-buy salad greens.  They are one of the most popular salad foods to end up in the trash can when they go past their sell by date.  Play it safe and store them in the crisper drawer in your refrigerator.  If you freeze them, you will yield watery, wilted and limp leaves.

27. Celery

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Celery is so damn good for us.  It's full of nutrients and vitamins, with a whole host of good health benefits and best of all, uses up more calories to chew and digest than there is in the actual celery stick itself! This is because of the very high water content and, as this is the case, does not freeze at all well unless you want an alternative ice cube!

28. Cans Of Soda

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Have you ever popped a room temperature soda in the freezer because you wanted to chill it down in a hurry? Then you discover it has exploded! Soda does not take kindly to freezing because the cans expand so much that the frozen liquid cracks whatever container it’s in.

29. Raw Veggies And Fruits

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Any vegetable or fruit containing a high water concentration, such as cucumber and salad greens, will not survive the freezer because the water inside forms ice crystals. This means that when it comes to thawing them, you will be left with a mushy mess.

30. Garlic

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Some cooks totally stand by the opinion that it's fine to freeze extra garlic before the cloves start sprouting. However, others warn  that garlic tends to taste strong and bitter once it’s been frozen. If you decide to experiment, be prepared for the risk you are taking.

31. Watermelon Slices

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The issue with freezing watermelon isn't so much that it's not safe, it's that it will completely lose its shape, texture and, well, all the good reasons you eat watermelon in the first place! The water in the fruit will expand when it's put in the freezer, and that's not what you want.

32. Raw Celery

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Raw celery is also something with a high water content that doesn't do very well in the freezer. It not only looses its shape by becoming limp, it changes in every way - for the worst! It will develop an oxidized smell, flavor and color. To give it a better chance, instead of freezing raw celery, blanch it first.

33. Raw Endive

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This leafy vegetable is very much like celery in terms of what will happen when you put in the freezer! It will very quickly go limp and lose its shape, and it will also change in color and flavor to something you definitely won't want to consume! Best not to freeze it!

34. Lettuce

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We all know that lettuce can quickly go soggy and limp even when you don't put it in the freezer and try your best to keep it fresh! So it has even less of a chance if you freeze it. This is because of its high water content, which means when you thaw it out to eat it, it's just going to be a mushy mess!

35. Spinach

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The best way to freeze spinach if you really want to/need to is to blanch it first, then freeze it for eating later. This works for spinach when it wouldn't work for leafy lettuce! There's still a risk with freezing spinach though, which isn't down to health but more to poor flavor!

36. Kale

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Kale is very much like spinach in terms of what will happen if you freeze it, but you can also give blanching a go with kale, too. If you don't blanch it properly before freezing it, though, you can risk it having a less-than-delicious flavor when you thaw it out to eat!

37. Raw Cabbage

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Cabbage is yet another high-water-content vegetable. All this vegetables full of water are fantastic when you're eating them fresh from the fridge - not so great when you want to freeze them! Cabbage will just get a very weird texture after it's frozen and then thawed out.

38. Raw Zucchini

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It's not recommended to ever freeze zucchini at all, if you can help it. But if you absolutely need to, for whatever reason, the best you can hope for is to blanch it first. If it means wasting it otherwise, then it's worth a go! You need to slice it before blanching it, and then make sure to blot the moisture from it before freezing it.

39. Radishes

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Radishes are great and healthy to eat, which is why a lot of people - especially if they grow their own - can be tempted to get a huge bulk of them in one go. Unfortunately this means they don't keep fresh for very long, which is where the freezer might be tempting - but radishes will get very soggy when you thaw them out!

40. Gelatin

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We can understand why you'd want to stock up and store delicious Jell-O so you always have some, but it really shouldn't be put in the freezer! The water expansion that happens in the cells when frozen breaks the structure, which means when you take it out it'll just be back to liquid and it won't be able to form solid again!

41. Ricotta

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Ricotta can actually be frozen safely, but it's such a delicious soft cheese that it would be a waste - because freezing it and then thawing it out would give it an awful change in texture that would ruin it. So you're best off always keeping your cheese in the fridge!

42. Sour Cream

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Freezing sour cream and then thawing it out will be the worst thing you can do for those delicious tacos or Mexican food night. After it's thawed, the sour cream will seperate and it won't blend back together after that, no matter what you do. So it won't be the sour cream you dreamed of!

43. Raw Tomatoes

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You don't want to be putting your juicy fresh tomatoes in the freezer because of their high water content. If you really do need to freeze your tomatoes, though, there's a way around it. You can chop them and cook them first, then place them in freezer bags to be eaten later.

44. Mayonnaise

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Mayonnaise lasts a while in the fridge, and it's easy to grab when it's nice and chilled, so you never even need to think about putting it in the freezer anyway! But if for some reason you were curious, you'll end up with a very curdled concoction because of it being oil in water.

45. Icing

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If you want to freeze your cake, go for an ice cream cake! If you're hoping to freeze fresh frosting/icing, then definitely don't. If you have frosting made with egg whites, this is a no-go because it will separate. Any other frosting will become grainy or lose its sheen completely.

46. Paprika

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Paprika belongs in your cupboard or spice rack, but if you're thinking about freezing some food item with paprika sprinkled on the top, it still won't work! Paprika - like any other spice you try to freeze - will have its taste changed for the worst if you try to freeze it.

47. Cream Filling

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If you're treating yourself to a cream-filled pastry - because why wouldn't you - you definitely need to grab one at a time when you're ready to eat them fresh, because this is something that won't take well to the freezer! The cream will separate and you won't be able to save it after that!

48. Custard Filling

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If you've now been put off by cream-filled pastries and are thinking custard-filled or custard tarts are the logical next choice, think again! Unfortunately this won't work either, for the same reasons - the custard will separate when frozen and thawed, and it won't be salvageable!

49. Raw Apples

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You can use apples in cooking if you're baking a pie or something else, which can then readily be frozen without too many issues of texture or taste. But if you're hoping to pop raw apples in the freezer to extend their life, it won't won't very well! They'll likely go brown and lose their flavor.

50. Milk-Based Sauces

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We already spoke about why you should definitely never freeze milk, and the same applies to any sauces or other drinks that contain milk (like milkshake even). If you have some cooking sauces you've made with milk content, you won't want to freeze them - it'll likely separate and curdle!