20+ Embarrassing Things All Women Do But Won’t Admit To

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Wearing the same bra days on end

Bra on Bed(Image/ Pexels)We get it, putting a wash on is dull and not something you want to spend your time doing. So, maybe if you wear the same bra for a week... that's fine, right? Well, plenty of other women clearly feel the same way. And actually, saving water is NOT something to embarrassed by at all, so maybe you can pass this off as something to celebrate?Sourced from Femanin.

2. Or Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

Image Source / Real SimpleMost women have done this in the hope of making their boobs look a little bigger. Wearing the wrong size bra might mean a bra that's too big, too small or too tight - but hey, if your cleavage looks good, it's fine, right? Well actually, it could cause a lot of problems like back ache, pressure on your shoulders or maybe even bacne if material is too tight against your pores!

3. Stalking your ex

Woman Checking Phone(Image/ Pexels)Breakups are hard, it's true. It's totally natural to want to know what your ex is up to, even months or years after the fact. So, many women resort to social media to find out more about what their ex is doing. Though we can never be totally sure if that girl that appears in their photos is a friend or something more than that, or whether those clubbing pictures mean he's not totally over us... but it feels good to keep tabs.

4. And Then Getting Back With Your Ex

Image Source / CosmopolitanIt's gross if you deserve better and you were right to break up with them in the first place. You might have a moment of self-pity, self-hate or just desperation and then immediately regret that one night you got back with them. But it's okay, as long as you learn from your mistakes!

5. Or Even Creating A Fake Profile To Interact With Them

Image Source / iPleadersIf stalking your ex from a distance isn't enough for you, and if you've just the right amount of self-preservation not to sleep with them again, then maybe creating a fake profile is the way to go. Maybe you want to test the waters by asking them questions as a stranger and seeing how they respond... it's not a great thing to do.

6. Lying about your period

Woman Talking on the Phone(Image/ Pexels)Maybe your friend messages you asking to accompany her to a work event. Maybe your sister rings and wants you to come to your nephew's football match on Sunday morning, early. Whatever it might be, we've all used that 'it's my time of the month!' excuse. Let them think that you're hunkering down in bed when you're actually... hunkering down in bed because you don't want to go to the thing.

7. Leaving Your Tampon In Or Sanitary Towel In For Too long

Image Source / WikipediaIt might just be that you've had such a busy day that you forgot, or maybe you're trying to save money (understandably) by making one tampon or towel last as long as possible - maybe even all day. And all night. I mean, it's probably gonna look, feel and smell pretty bad, but if you can get away with it, that's your prerogative.

8. Or Forgetting Your Tampon Is In Altogether!

Image Source / MashableThis can be very easily done if you're someone who doesn't really feel the tampon in there after a while, and it's a lot easier to do with tampons than it is with pads, of course. Maybe you've even forgotten that one is in and then you've gone to put a new one in... yikes. This is actually a health and safety issue, so you know... gross, but also dangerous - so be careful!

9. Doing The Deed On Your Period

Image Source / AskMenThere's nothing wrong with it, but it can understandably get a little icky... It may feel good, but the mess afterwards might be a little more than what you usually have to contend with. It all depends how heavy your flow is too, but hey... needs must!

10. Using perfume instead of deodorant

Woman Spraying Perfume(Image/ Pexels)We've all felt the absolute terror when we pick up our deodorant in the morning and it feels... too lightweight. Yep, we're all out.  But what's that on our dressing table? Perfume? Basically the same thing, yeah? So you spritz a little under your armpits and head out the door. It might not be totally advisable, but it gets you through the day without fearing that you'll start smelling just a little bit bad.

11. And Then using Toilet Paper To Dry Your Armpits

Image Source / InsiderBut of course perfume - although it smells great - isn't going to act as a barrier to stop the sweat from actually producing. Which means you might make a panic run to the bathroom and dab at your armpits with a wad of toilet paper in the hope that sweat patches don't stain your clothes.

12. Using the men's bathroom

Mens Bathroom(Image/ Pexels)You're out at a restaurant, you need the loo quite desperately, and - no! The women's bathroom is out of service, unavailable, locked...So what do you do? Just nip in the men's, of course. If there's nobody there to see you, then it never really happened.

13. Pee in the shower

Woman in Bathroom(Image/ Pexels)The people who consider this unhygienic have clearly never tried it! There's no better relief than peeing in the shower if you really need to go. Plus, the water washes it all straight down the drain, no need to flush. It saves time, it saves water - what else is there to say?

14. Or... Number 2 In The Shower?

Image Source / VICEI mean... hopefully this has never been the case, but we're talking about those times that maybe you've had a very bad tummy, been really ill and maybe you're in the shower, miles away from the toilet, and nature just takes it course without you being able to control it or run to the nearest loo. Oops.

15. Picking Your Ears

Image Source / Prevention.comIt's only natural to get a build up of wax in your ears, on top of maybe dry skin or those painful little spots you can get inside. But picking at them and bringing out whatever wants to come is a little ew - and then it all depends where you decide to wipe it, too! If you don't have a tissue, what do you pick? The front of your shirt?

16. Picking Your Backne

Image Source / FaceToryBackne is painful, annoying but completely natural. For some people who love picking and popping spots, though, it can be heaven if you have that new canvas to start messing with. You shouldn't pop your backne spots - or any spots, of course - but that doesn't stop some people if it's just too tempting!

17. Picking Your Belly Button

Image Source / BBCYour belly button - if you have an innie, of course - is the perfect trap for fluff, dust and other gross stuff. So of course it's the perfect place to start picking if you're one of those people who just likes to mess. Picking your belly button to keep it clean is great, of course, but it all depends when and where you're choosing to pick it...

18. Scratching Down Your Pants

Image Source / Prevention.comYou can't help it if you have an itch, of course. But maybe it's one of those really irritating ones right in the crack and you just need a big wad of underwear to get it. Satisfying, right? Well yeah but a little bit gross... especially if you choose to do in the public. You can't control when you get an itch, though, I guess...

19. ... And Then Taking A Sniff

Image Source / eXroidAnd then, of course, maybe you're just really curious what's going on down there. That was a big itch after all, and maybe you wanna kill two birds with one stone and scratch the itch whilst also quickly double checking everything is smelling okay down there...

20. Creep on someone on social media

Social Media(Image/ Pexels)We've already covered that urge to stalk your ex online, but every woman has also had a little creep on other people's socials, too. Whether that's that one friend from high school that you'd forgotten existed, an old family friend, or the parents of someone at your child's school, it can be hugely gratifying to have a little look at their social media pages and see what's happening in their lives.

21. Eavesdrop on conversations

Woman Outside on the Phone(Image/ Pexels)We've all experienced that moment when you're out somewhere - maybe a restaurant, or on public transport - and there's a really juicy conversation happening next to you. It could be a mother berating her child for something they've done or a couple arguing about what's for dinner that night... we've all paused our music to have a quick listen in.

22. And Then Tell Everyone You Know About What You Heard

Image Source / LaddersIt's one thing to eavesdrop, but another entirely when you decide to spread that random person's business all about town. Maybe you get home and say to your friend 'you'll never guess what this woman said on the train today!!' Or maybe you're already on the group chat to tell everyone the gossip.

23. Pretending to text while taking selfies

Woman Taking Selfie(Image/ Pexels)Those days when your hair is on point, or you're really proud of the outfit you've picked out - we all want to document them. But that means taking a selfie in public, and that's embarrassing, right? So, we've all just pretended to be texting and instead have that camera app open at just the right angle for a quick selfie. It's the perfect hack on public transport or in a cafe, even if you do feel like you're doing something weird.

24. Flirting to get what you want

Woman and Man with wine(Image/ Pexels)If there's one thing that a man loves, it's a woman flirting with him. So, who hasn't intentionally flirted to get something that they want? Whether this is a cut-price drink in a bar, freebies in a restaurant, or just that last seat on the train, it's easy enough to break out your cutest smile and politest voice to sweeten him up just a little bit.

25. Using toilet paper as pads

Toilet Roll(Image/ Pexels)Ugh, is there anything worse than getting your period unexpectedly when you're out? You can feel those cramps starting and you're paranoid that you're bleeding through your underwear. The easiest thing to do at this point is to speed-walk to the nearest bathroom and make a quick pad from the toilet roll. Honestly, we've all done it, and it's nothing to be ashamed of (though we wouldn't make a habit of it if we can help it).

26. Blowing Your Nose On An Item Of Clothing

Image Source / Dr Steve LaversonThere's nothing worse than your nose running, or having a violent sneeze and a whole load of snot, when you don't have a single piece of tissue anywhere in the vicinity. What are you supposed to do? Wiping on the back of your hand just doesn't cut it. So maybe you look down and think you have an extra layer you can blow your nose on and then stuff in your bag...

27.  Plucking random hairs at random times of the day

Woman Looking in Mirror(Image/ Pexels)Honestly, the urge to pluck can come at any time of the day. No matter where you are. Maybe you're at home working and you happen to glance in the bathroom mirror and - what is that? Is that a stray hair? There's only one thing for it - to get the tweezers out immediately and sort it out. You can't rest until your eyebrows are back to their usual glory, or that one huge chin hair has disappeared.

28. Or Plucking That One Chin Hair With Your Fingers

Image Source / HealthshotsYou can feel the hair has grown back and you can't stop picking at it. Your tweezers are nowhere in sight and you need to pluck it out because it's annoying the heck out of you. You might then use your hands and nails to try and pull the thing out... and maybe before you've had a chance to wash your hands first.

29. Hide snacks to eat later

Woman Eating Crisps(Image/ Pexels)Yep, we've all bought snacks secretly and then hid them so our siblings/partner/children don't get at them. So what if we don't like to share? This is especially true if the snack in question is something special. Maybe it's your favourite chocolate bar or that crisp flavour that is hard to find - we want to keep it for ourselves.

30. Eating Something You've Dropped On The Floor

Image Source / The Hans IndiaYou've spent all day craving that one snack, or being so hungry when you cook and extra big helping for your dinner. And then you drop the thing you've been craving onto the floor. Well, you're not about to let that go - so you pick it up and eat it. Ten second rule though, right?

31. Sniff your partner's clothes

Woman and Man with Clothes(Image/ Pexels)There's just something about the clothes that your partner wears. They definitely have their own scent, and sometimes that scent is so comforting, you just want to sniff it all the time. Especially when our partners are away for a few days, I'm sure most of us have found an old hoodie of theirs lying around and given it a good sniff. There's really nothing better than their smell.

32. Leaving hair in the shower

Woman in Shower(Image/ Pexels)Yes, we're fully aware that hair can get everywhere in the shower. But, we're also lazy and will refuse to sort it out, eventually leaving the cleaning for far too long. Then, we have to face grabbing fistfuls of disgusting hair from the shower drain. That really shows us for thinking that we could just forget about this problem and face it later...

33. Or Leaving Your Cut Toenails In The Shower

Image Source / Errol GindiMaybe you like to tidy up your toenails by leaning your foot over the bath or shower basin, and what then? You decide not to wash them away and just leave them all strewn in the bath for the next person to enjoy. Nice.

34. Turning your underwear inside out

Woman Holding Underwear(Image/ Pexels)Okay, this is another habit that screams 'Yes, I'm too lazy to do a clothes wash.' But sometimes you're desperate, and the only thing for it is to turn your underwear inside out. Yes, it's a little gross. But, when needs must. It gives you an extra day to sort your washing out and nobody will ever know.

35. Smelling Your Underwear

Image Source / Sofia GrayAny stains or *stuff* in underwear is all natural bodily fluids, and it's all healthy. But that doesn't mean curiosity doesn't get the better of you and tempts you to take a sniff just to check everything smells A-okay. In fact, as gross as it seems, it's a good thing to check everything smells okay and nothing to speak to your doctor about!

36. Popping a pimple

Woman Squeezing Pimples(Image/ Pexels)It's not pretty and it's not clever, but we've all done it. You know, sometimes you just have an overwhelming need to pop that pimple that's been annoying you for days. And honestly? You get a lot of satisfaction out of it too. Once it's done, you can go back to your day as if nothing's happened - though you'll always think that someone can tell you've had your fingers all over your face.

37. Sniffing your armpits

Woman in Tank Top(Image/ Pexels)Sometimes, you're too busy to shower every day - especially if it's not necessary. But to know if it's necessary or not, you need to do a quick test. Sniffing your armpits does the job, and tells you if you can go an extra day without a shower or if your body is really telling you to shower.

38. Picking your nose when no one's looking

Face(Image/ Pexels)Yes, men get a bad rap for doing gross things like picking their nose, but guess what? Women do that too. We've all experienced that need to just get a huge bogey out of our nose. It's hugely satisfying and leaves you able to breathe better. Maybe we're just making excuses...

39. Picking out hair from your butt crack

Woman in Bath(Image/ Pexels)Nope, we have no idea how it gets there either. But the fact is you'll be in the shower and you can just feel something down there that has to go. And always, that's a huge long piece of hair. It's really a mystery as to how it gets down there, but it can be satisfying to yank a huge piece from your butt.

40. Smelling your own farts

Couple on Sofa(Image/ Pexels)Yes, women fart! It's no big deal, we all do it. And if sometimes we have an urge to check how bad that last one was, then that's totally normal too. Of course, we'd never do this in public. But at home, what's the matter? Sometimes you just need to know if it's a bad one or not so you can act accordingly (i.e. blame it on your partner).

41. Being particular about pooping in public

Women at Bar(Image/ Pexels)Do you get a bad feeling when you have to go for THAT kind of loo in public? Well, don't fear, because many other women feel the same way. Sometimes, you just gotta wait for everyone to leave the restaurant bathroom before doing your thing. Or, do you wait for someone to use the hand dryer before starting? Well, plenty of women are particular about pooping in public.

42. Sticking hair to the wall of the shower

Showerhead(Image/ Pexels)For some ungodly reason, washing your hair results in huge amounts of hair getting all over your fingers and body. What is there to do when you're in the shower but stick it to the wall 'to clean up later'? Well, don't worry, because women everywhere stick hair to the shower and then leave it for days. Or, do you try to wash it down the wall using the shower and then forget about it when it sticks in the drain? Yep, we've done that too.

43. Farting strategically

Woman Lying on Sofa(Image/ Unsplash)You know when you really need to let one out, but you're in public? Or, maybe you're sitting on the sofa next to your other half and don't want to make it seem suspicious? Well, women have really perfected the art of farting strategically. We know exactly how to move our butt cheeks to make sure that no sound escapes - though the smell is something else to worry about. Don't worry, just blame it on your partner!

44. Checking to see if we're 'pretty criers'

Woman Crying(Image/ Pexels)Sometimes you just need to have a good cry. If you're having a really bad day, it can be kind of therapeutic to just sit down and cry it all out. But sometimes you just need to check if you still look good when crying, right? We've all sat down in front of the mirror while we're in the midst of a crying session just to see what we look like.

45. Secretly take pictures of attractive people in public

Woman Using Phone(Image/ Pexels)Attractive people can strike at any moment. On public transport, at a restaurant, or just while wandering down the street. And it's important that when you see someone attractive, you alert everyone in your group chat as well. The key to secretly taking pictures of people in public is just to pretend that you're texting. Just make sure you've mastered the art of switching between camera and messaging apps, just in case anyone looks over your shoulder while you're taking pictures.

46. Pick your toenails

Bare Feet(Image/ Pexels)Yep, everybody does this, even women. Sometimes, we even do it subconsciously, for example, while watching TV in the evening or lounging outside. But toenails really grow fast, and they're just begging to be picked and trimmed down. The important thing is never to do it in public where people can catch you.

47. Pretend to text when waiting for someone

Woman Outside on Phone(Image/ Pexels)We've all experienced that self-consciousness when you're waiting for someone and they're running late. After a few minutes, it gets way too weird and you just need to do something to pass the time. So, what do you do? Open your messaging app and act like you're sending a text to someone. Other popular options include scrolling through old WhatsApp messages and looking through last month's camera roll. Anything to pass the time!

48. Checking a room for intruders

Woman Sat in Bed(Image/ Pexels)Okay, we may be grown women, but sometimes our childhood fears follow us. It's totally normal to enter a room cautiously and surreptitiously check for intruders before getting comfortable. This habit might emerge more strongly in a room that you're new to - a hotel room or at your friend's place. If someone catches us opening the wardrobe doors, we'll just pretend we're having a little snoop.

49. Google yourself

Woman on Laptop(Image/ Pexels)Everybody has done it, and women are just as curious as to other people. When you've lived your entire life on the internet, it can be really satisfying to have a little peek at what everyone else sees when they Google you. Usually, this just ends up being links to social media pages, but it's worth checking to see if that old Tumblr or Blogspot account is still open. And if it is, shut it down as quickly as possible.

50. Drooling On Someone Else's Pillow

Image Source / Medical News TodayYour partner's, a one-night stand or your mate's futon - whatever it is, drooling on your own pillow is one thing, but soaking the pillow of someone else is another thing. You can't help it obviously, but if you do sleep with your mouth wide open, might be time to check in with the doctor or dentist to check why you might be doing it!

51. Popping Someone Else's Spots

Image Source / The MirrorWhat is it with us girls wanting to pop everything and anything we lay our eyes on? My spots...your spots...just let me at it. I mean popping your own pimples is one thing. But popping somebody else's spot now that is really gross we have to admit it.

 52. Picking At Ingrown Hairs

Image Source / YouTubeAgain with the popping, the picking, the messing. It must be in our nature. Because nobody likes an ingrown hair. But there is something immensely satisfying about digging and picking one out. Half the time we should leave them alone and we make them worse. But sometimes...result.

53. Sniffing Your Partner's B.O...And Enjoying The Smell

Image Source / The Sentinel AssamIt sounds really gross to actually enjoy the B.O and general sweaty smell of your partner. For example, they get back from the gym and they're shining with moisture and you take a big whiff...sweat. Mmm. It's definitely a strange concept. Let's just call it ultra romantic.

54. Waking Yourself Up Farting

Image Source / RedditIf this is with your long term boyfriend then fine, what else do they expect? But when this is with the new guy you've been keen to impress or even a one night stand the last thing you want to do is wake yourself up AND him by your loud farts. Well...better out than in.

55. Holding A Jacket Around Your Middle Incase You've *Leaked*

Image Source / Refinery25You know that feeling. The dreaded feeling. The first thing to do when you're out and about and either not near a toilet or haven't got the provisions is to tie a jacket around your waist until you can reach the nearest loo. Just incase people can see and the jacket is there to protect you.

56. Wearing A Hoody So You Don't Have To Shave

Image Source /ShopperboardThe routine of a girl is hard, lets not lie. It's so time consuming. And once you've shaved you enjoy that clean smooth feeling for all of what? One day? So sticking a hoody on is saving yourself time. Nobody knows if your armpits are totally overgrown.

57. Drying Your Boob Sweat

Image Source / CosmopolitanWhether its a hot day or we've been to the gym one place that is for sure going to sweat is between your boobs. So when your out sometimes all you can do is just have a wipe with your hand. And let's face it, we all do it sometimes just to feel just exactly how we are.

58. Plucking Out A Nipple Hair

Image Source / HealthlineNipple hairs - we all get them. But sometimes they are extra long or extra thick or extra dark. And so, as women who love to pluck and pick, we can't wait to get to the tweezers and satisfactorily get to pull it out. Or even worse, grabbing at it with your fingers when you aren't near the tweezers.

59. Borrowing Underwear

Image Source / FreepikOkay this one is not ideal. But most of us have done it at some point. Maybe it was an unexpected sleepover. Or a holiday where you have not packed enough underwear. So what's the problem in your friend helping you out and lending you a pair of knickers or a bra?

60. Having A Number 2 Whilst Your Best Friend Is There

Image Source / News24When you get to that point with your best friend...you know you couldn't be any closer. When you either leave the bathroom door wide open or whether they are right there next to you in the bathroom taking a number two - its a sign of good friendship, surely?

61. Putting Your Hair Into Yet Another Bobble To Save Washing It

Image Source / GlamourWashing hair, what a chore. Nobody enjoys hair wash day. So, we of course put it off until we really can't anymore. This can be an impressively long time if you have a bobble. Especially now that the wet-look is so on trend. Is it grease? Is it gel? Who really cares?

62. Eating Food From Your Bra When It Falls

Image Source / RedcuctressHonestly it basically acts as a little basket or a bib because as soon as something drops from your hands it falls straight down and it is is saved by your boobs and bra. And what's the point of wasting it, right? Just scoop it out and pop it back in.

63. Used Something To Scrape The Dirt From Under Your Nails

Image Source / blogspotAny girls with long nails or anyone who has ever had acrylics on will know this problem. No matter how clean you are sometimes you do get something stuck down your nails. Then if there's the edge of a card ora toothpick or whatever we can lay our hands on we will scrape it out.

64. Painted Over The Old Nail Paint

Image Source / RedditAgain, just another thing we are expected to do as a woman. Have perfectly pristine nails. Well in-between chipping nail varnish and smudging it's not to easy. Plus removing the old tuff is a pain in itself. Sometimes we just have to paint over and assure ourselves that this looks good from a distance.

65. Squeezing Every Pore Possible

Image Source / HealthlineSometimes there's not anything to squeeze out...but you'll squeeze a pore anyway so hard that you leave a huge red mark, just hoping that by chance some satisfying thing is going to pop right out of it. Then, you end up with a huge red lump and more of a problem than you had in the first place.

66. Picking Your Chapped Lips

Image Source / BustleScabby, dry, chapped lips don't look the best. But if you are a picker it will give you a lot of entertainment. We've all sat there peeling off the dry skin until we get little pricks of blood on our skin. It's just asking to be picked. And in the end, they look even worse than they initially did - not to mention they are now sore too.

67. Leaving Old Makeup On

Image Source / MyRepublicaEven when you think you have cracked your skin care routine...they'll be that night where you totally forget or can't be bothered and you sleep in it. And, even worse then that is when you wake up in the morning and think...this doesn't look too bad at all. Kind of grungy. So you keep it on again for the next day.

68. Digging Out Your Knickers When You're In Public

Image Source / TwitterThat feeling when your knickers are digging in and buried deep into your butt crack...there's no other way to go about it - you have to dig them out. And yes, in public this isn't always easy. You look to check that nobody's looking and then quickly try and fix the situation.

69. Wiping Your Armpits With A Damp Towel Instead Of Showering

Sometimes there just isn't enough time to shower, right? Or yes, we don't feel like getting our whole body wet for the sake of a little bit of armpit sweat. So, taking a towel and making it a little bit damp and giving them a good scrub is surely the next best thing...

70. Dried Your Sweat Patches With A Hair Dryer

Image Source / flickrWe've all been there. Sometimes you are on a night out and the gorgeous dress you decided to wear may not be so forgiving on the armpits. What else is there to do but find the closest toilet, duck under the hair dryer and blast the sweaty rings away.