20+ Dogs Vets Would Never Own

By molly atherton 8 months ago
They're our loyal pals, our fuzzy confidants, and sometimes the undisputed rulers of our homes. Yet, in this thrilling exposé, we're diving nose-first into the mysterious realm of dogs that even the most intrepid veterinarians wouldn't dare call their own. Picture this: a realm where tails wag cautiously, barks come with a warning label, and mischief is an everyday occurrence. Join me as we uncover the breeds that have even the most seasoned vets scratching their heads.

1. Chihuahua

Ah, the Chihuahua, that pint-sized pup known for its oversized personality! Now, let's unravel the myth surrounding this pocket dynamo. Sure, they might fit snugly in a designer handbag, but beneath that adorable façade lies a feisty streak.Image Source/ RedditNow I know ladies that everyone’s been brought up thinking the Chihuahua is the ‘iconic bad b dog’ and belongs in your beautiful bag…. However, the Chihuahua is a snappy, bitey breed of dog! The dog can become attached to its owner but then absolutely despise everybody else it comes across!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. American Pit Bull

Ah, the infamous Pit Bull—a breed shrouded in controversy and often cast under the shadow of misconceptions. Renowned for its unfortunate history in dogfighting rings, this powerful and muscular breed has sadly been associated with a reputation that precedes it.Image Source/ RedditSo, this dog is known for the horrific dog fighting it has been involved with, and has gained a reputation to be quite a scary dog. The only reason this dog would be so horrible is if it doesn’t take a liking to you. This dog can be misunderstood, but it is still suitable to add the Pit Bull to the list as vets say to beware of these dogs!

3. Chow Chow

Ah, the majestic Chow Chow—a regal furball that embodies both grace and an unwavering devotion to their chosen humans. However, behind that luxurious mane lies a breed that dances to the beat of its own drum, marching to the tune of loyalty and individuality.Image Source/RedditThis beautiful fluff ball is not recommended to particularly families for a big two reasons. Chow Chows take loyalty to another level and will do anything for their owners, this means they don’t mix well with other people/children, or dogs. The other reason is that Chow Chows can’t stand being played with when they are tired and will just snap at you!

4. Greyhound

Ah, the sleek and elegant Greyhound—a breed known for its grace and speed on the racetrack. However, beneath that athletic prowess lies a temperament that doesn’t quite align with the chaos and unpredictability often synonymous with little ones.Image Source/RedditFrom the research that’s out there, it has been found that vets do not recommend a Greyhound to families with little ones… This is due to the fact they hate sudden movements and chaos, and if a Greyhound is tormented or scared it could possible lead to a nasty bite on your kids!

5. Poodle Mixes

Ah, the endearing world of poodle mixes, those delightful concoctions of fluff and charm! Surprising as it may seem, behind their adorable appearances lie some cautionary tales that veterinarians often share, shedding light on the challenges of owning these fluffy bundles of joy.Image Source/RedditSurprisingly, these living teddy bears are a big no no from the vets! They say that all poodle mixes are not able to sit still for more than five seconds and just never want to chill out! A vet will also say that the mixes always are prone to infections in their ears, and the grooming is WAY too expensive!

6. German Shepherds

Ah, the noble and intelligent German Shepherd—a breed often revered for its exceptional intelligence and role as working dogs, especially in law enforcement. But hold onto your hats, for the truth might just challenge some popular perceptions!Image Source/RedditLadies and gents, do you think the German Shepherds are the easiest breed to train as they are used for police dogs? Well, your wrong, and the vets say that this dog is so hard to train and when these dogs come into the veterinary they want to bite their faces off!

7. French Bulldogs

Ah, the lovable French Bulldog—a breed that has captured hearts worldwide with its adorable bat-like ears and charming personality. However, beneath that irresistible cuteness lie some challenges that veterinarians often caution prospective owners about.Image Source/RedditThe iconic Frenchie is cute, very cute, but there are a lot of issues that come with buying one of these pups! Vets say, they would never own them due to the stupidly high insurance prices that come with the French Bulldog! Also, because they have a flat nose they inhale a lot of air when eating, leading to a huge amount of stinky gas!

8. Pugs

It's a tale of undeniable charm overshadowed by heartbreaking health concerns—the story of the beloved Pug, a breed adored for its endearing wrinkled face and lovable personality. However, behind their adorable appearance lies a dark reality that many veterinarians and advocates tirelessly highlight.Image Source/RedditSadly, majority pugs struggle with breathing in their day to day life. This is because breeders have overbred them to have the flattest face possible, looks over health I guess… Pugs are fifty four times more likely to suffer from brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome, which is just horrendous if you ask me!

9. Hairless Dogs

Ah, the intriguing and unconventional world of hairless dogs—a breed that stands out not for its medical woes but for its rather unconventional appearance. Veterinarians, while often not reporting many medical issues specific to these hairless wonders.Image Source/RedditVets don’t have many medical issue to report about these types of dogs, it is more about the weird look of them… Vets say that a dog shouldn’t be hairless and gives them a sort of greasy cat type of look which doesn’t sound very appealing does it! Hair on dogs is used to protect them for infections and if they have no fur, the risk of infection will increase.

10. Akita

Ah, the majestic and reserved Akita—a breed that exudes an air of dignity and loyalty like no other. However, their scarcity in everyday scenes owes itself to their distinctive temperament, one that doesn’t necessarily align with every household dynamic.Image Source/RedditYou don’t really see this dog much do you? Well this is why… the Akita are very guarding dogs and only really like adults but the owners of the dog. Akitas can’t stand any sort of stupidness and do just go absolutely crazy when they are dealing with crazy situations.  This means these doggies are not very good with giddy children!

11. The Mastiff

The Mastiff, a colossal and awe-inspiring breed that often leaves onlookers stunned by its sheer size and gentle demeanor. These gentle giants, while remarkable in their size and temperament, do present some considerations that veterinarians caution families with young children about.Image Source/RedditHave you ever seen the size of a Mastiff? They are HUUUGE, like it’s a bit alien how big they actually are! Vets do not recommend this dog if you have a child under the age of 9, as the tail of the dog will whip your child’s face hard and possibly really hurt your toddler. The weight of the dogs can easily injure your little ones without them meaning anything (they are very gentle dogs really)!

12. Pekingese

Ah, the deceptive allure of the irresistibly fluffy and charming dogs, luring you in with their adorable appearance while hiding a surprising twist in their temperament. These dogs, akin to the Chihuahua in their selective affections, use their fluffy fur as a charming façade.Image Source/RedditThis dogs reasons link back to the Chihuahua, but they are a tool to trick you that they are the cutest thing ever! Their fluffy fur can trick you into constantly wanting to stroke them and cuddle them. However these dogs like their own space and when someone is invasive in their personal space they can easily start biting you!

13. Rottweilers

Absolutely, the Rottweiler—a breed with a heart as big as its size! These dogs, when trained and nurtured well, epitomize loyalty, love, and a steadfast dedication to their families. However, achieving that ideal behavior requires a significant investment in training and socialization.Image Source/RedditA well trained Rottie is the most beautiful souled dog and can really be the cherry on top for your family cake! However, Rottweilers are really hard to train and when they are not trained, their behaviour can really be tricky to handle sometime. They can also be naughty around the house and when out for walks!

14. Husky

Ah, the captivating allure of the Husky—an enchanting breed known for its striking appearance and those mesmerizing, piercing eyes that seem to hold a world of secrets. However, behind that stunning exterior lies a bundle of boundless energy that defines the very essence of the Husky nature.Image Source/RedditLadies, don’t get me wrong, Husky’s are absolutely beautiful dogs; their eyes are just dreamy! However, the Husky behaviour can be sometimes very hyper as they have a lot of energy. So if you’re looking for a dog but aren’t ready for your dog to have constant zoomies around your house, then a Husky is a definite no!

15. Malinois

Ah, the noble and fiercely protective guard dog, a breed revered for its intelligence and unwavering loyalty—the very epitome of a vigilant protector. However, beneath the surface of their admirable traits lies a complexity that often raises concerns among veterinarians, especially in households with children.Image Source/PinterestWhen looking for a dog that can act as a guard dog to protect you at all costs, and is also extremely clever,  then this dog is for you. But vets don’t recommend this dog due to the fact if it children are present, they will become too stressed out and lash out on your children very easily!

16. Great Danes

The magnificent Great Dane, a breed that commands attention with its sheer size and gentle disposition, carries a burden that often shortens their time with us. Their colossal stature comes with some health concerns that veterinarians caution potential owners about, notably the dreaded condition known as bloat.Image Source/PinterestGreat Danes are not recommended by vets due the fact that their life span is very very short because of how big they are. Great Danes often suffer from ‘bloat’ which is when the stomach twists from a buildup of gas in the dog, this then cuts off all blood supply! When this happens, a dog must seek medical attention straight away otherwise their life will be at a high risk.

17. Dobermans

Ah, the sleek and powerful Doberman—a breed that exudes an aura of strength and elegance, capturing the hearts of many with their striking appearance and loyal nature. However, behind their regal demeanor lies a vulnerability to certain health conditions that concern veterinarians.Image Source/RedditDobermans are well known to be beautiful and strong looking pups, and people dream of owning one! However, vets do not recommend Dobermans due to fact they can suffer from many different medical problems. They can suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) which can also lead to the poor dog passing away!

18. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Ah, the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog, a breed beloved for its gentle nature and striking appearance, yet burdened with health challenges that tug at the heartstrings of veterinarians and prospective owners alike. Imagine these beautiful giants, gracing homes with their affectionate presence.Image Source/RedditThese beauties are another breed that unfortunately only live a shorter life compared to other dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs can find themselves with a lot of bone and joint problems throughout the years. There is also an ongoing problem with cancer within the breed... vets do not recommend these dogs due to how expensive the vet bill can rack up to!

19. Golden Retrievers

Absolutely, Golden Retrievers shine as beacons of love and loyalty in the canine world, their sunny disposition and unwavering devotion capturing the hearts of many. Yet, beneath their radiant personalities lies a heartbreaking vulnerability to cancer.Image Source/RedditGolden Retrievers are the golden souls in the dog world, they really are amazing dogs! However, Golden Retriever’s are known to suffer with cancer. A study shows that up to 61 percent of Golden Retrievers pass away from some sort of cancer issue. This is such a sad problem for these dogs as they are such happy and loyal companions, don’t you agree?

20. Bulldogs

Ah, the endearing Bulldog—a breed that effortlessly captures hearts with its charming wrinkles and undeniable charisma, yet carries a weighty burden that concerns veterinarians and potential owners alike. Picture this beloved breed, the epitome of charm and popularity.Image Source/RedditThe cute, chubby, wrinkled Bulldog is actually one of the most popular breeds in the United States today! On the other hand, it’s also one of the most expensive breed to look after… Vets do not recommend the Bulldog due to the fact they are known to have breathing problems throughout their life, this means constant trips to the vets!

21. Shar Pei

Ah, the paradox of the adorable yet temperamentally distinct breed! Picture this delightful canine with its irresistibly squeezable face and floppy ears, a picture-perfect embodiment of cuteness. However, beneath that charming facade lies a personality that might not align with its adorable appearance.Image Source/RedditThis dog is absolutely ADORABLE! With their squeezable faces and their small floppy ears… However, their personalities are opposite to their looks, they are a quite grumpy and horrible breed. As they have such a low temperament, they are known to snap if any sort of giddiness is around them! This is why vets do not recommend them to families or new owners.

22. Alaskan Malamute

Ah, the doppelgangers of the Huskies—the look-alikes that hold a different world within their hearts! These incredible dogs, resembling Huskies but boasting their own distinct personalities, belong to a breed characterized by their incredible stamina and tireless work ethic.Image Source/RedditI know that these dogs look a lot like Huskies but they are actually a whole other breed with different personalities! These dogs are usually used to pull sledges for hours and hours and hours meaning they are full of energy for a lot of the time if not taken out for long walks! Vets don’t recommend these dogs especially to busy owners, or first owners, as they are a lot of work!

23. Dachshund

Ah, the endearing and popular sausage dog, the Dachshund—a breed that has captured hearts worldwide with its adorable appearance and charming demeanor. Yet, beneath their cute exterior lies a personality that might not align with every family dynamic.Image Source/RedditI know, I know, the cute little sausage dog that is on everyone's wish list, why on earth would you not want one of these ?! Well, they absolutely love being the boss of the house and being the boss over you! Vets especially say if you have a family, the Dachshund would hate it due to the fact they hate any sort of competition!

24. Dalmatian

It's quite the paradox, isn't it? The iconic Dalmatian breed immortalized in a beloved Disney film, yet harboring a concerning issue that veterinarians often caution potential owners about—their susceptibility to hearing problems, which can lead to communication barriers and behavioral challenges.Image Source/RedditWHAT? Why would they make a Disney film all about a breed when you are recommended to not own one of them?! I know, but the Dalmatian actually has been overbred to have big problems with hearing, so sometimes they can't hear you when you tell them what to do! This communication barrier leads to the breed gradually becoming a naughty dog!

25. King Charles Spaniel

It's truly disheartening when an iconic and beloved breed like the King Charles Spaniel faces health challenges that stem from selective breeding practices. These adorable companions, known for their charming personalities and affectionate nature, unfortunately bear a heavy burden.Image Source/RedditThis cute little iconic dog is not recommended by vets by the fact it has some health issues. King Charles Spaniels suffer with a lot of heart problems, especially a condition called mitral valve disease. The condition is ignored by breeders and they are bred further to have this genetic health problems... some would say that this is just animal torture!

26. Australian Cattle Dog

Absolutely, the Australian Cattle Dog is renowned for its boundless energy and remarkable work ethic, stemming from its heritage as a herding breed designed for the demanding task of managing cattle. Their high energy levels and need for extensive exercise make them incredibly challenging.Image Source/RedditWell, it’s in the name, this dog is used to herd cattle in farms. This means that the Australian Cattle Dog is full of energy, and it is really hard to get them tired at any point if they haven't exercised for hours and hours on end! If this dog has got a lot of energy and is stuck in a house, this means that the dog can possibly become bored and snap at either the owner or strangers/other dogs!

27. Jack Russell

Ah, the adorable petite dog, renowned for its charming appearance and popularity among dog enthusiasts—the very picture of cuteness. Yet, despite their endearing looks, these dogs can sometimes exhibit snappy behavior towards other dogs, often stemming from inadequate socialization during their puppyhood.        Image Source/RedditThis dog is well known for its popular look, it is a very cute petite doggy. However they are known for being snappy towards other dogs when on walks or at other times. This is because of the dog isn’t trained to socialise properly when a puppy, it isn’t sure how to behave at all.

28. Beagle

Absolutely, the Beagle's history as a hunting breed has instilled in them a natural inclination to use their voice—often quite loudly. Their distinctive bay, which served as a valuable tool in alerting hunters to prey or signaling their location, is an inherent trait deeply embedded in the breed.Image Source/RedditThe origin of the Beagle is for hunting down prey and/or alerting their owners when it’s found some sort of prey. So they’ve been eventually bred to have this VERY loud bark which can actually be very annoying (especially if you’re trying to go to sleep). Vets would never recommend the torture of having to listen to howling at three in the morning!

29. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound, a majestic and towering breed with a rich history, was indeed originally bred for hunting and taking down large game, including wolves. Their colossal size and strength were prized attributes in aiding hunters in tracking and subduing such formidable prey.Image Source/RedditThis breed was originally bred for hunting down big animals like wolves (I know right, it is  crazy that animals are bred for this reason only!) This is why the Irish Wolfhound is absolutely massive so it can easily hunt the animals! This means that the breed has quite a horrid instinct so it can easily try to attack any other animal it comes across!

30. Border Collie

Absolutely, the Border Collie, renowned for its incredible intelligence and boundless energy, requires a substantial amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation to thrive. Their high energy levels and remarkable intellect make them wonderfully adept at various tasks.Image Source/RedditThe “sheepdog” is an extremely high energy and intelligent breed that needs to constantly burn lots of energy throughout the day, so it is very hard work to actually own one! If the Border Collie is not tired and full of beans, it can become quite neurotic and destructive to the house you live in!

31. Labrador

It's important to provide a balanced perspective on Labrador Retrievers. While Labs are renowned for their gentle nature, loyalty, and adaptability, like any breed, they can exhibit behavioral issues if not trained or socialized properly.
image source: reddit.com
The labrador is a solid choice for either a single person's bed bud or a loyal family dog, and it's no surprise why. But the labrador can also be a very dangerous breed when not trained properly. They can be particularly aggressive towards children and easily attack them.

32. Tosa Inu

It sounds like you're referring to a breed that's likely to be a part of the category often associated with fighting dogs, such as certain types of Bull Terriers or related breeds. These breeds have, unfortunately, gained notoriety due to their history in illegal dogfighting activities.
image source: reddit.com
Never heard of this breed before? That's because it's not only rare, but dangerous. It's known as a fighting dog, and it's actually banned in a number of countries due to its violence against people - and, in particular, children. There are almost no breeders left.

33. St Bernard

Absolutely, St. Bernards have captured hearts worldwide, largely thanks to their gentle demeanor and their iconic roles in movies like "Beethoven." These lovable giants indeed possess incredible size and strength, attributes that stem from their historical role as rescue dogs in the Alps.
image source: reddit.com
How many of us wanted one of these dogs after watching Beethoven? And while you can't deny it's a huge, loyal pile of fluff, they can be very dangerous - particularly because of their massive size and power. This dog gets its strength from originally working to rescue hikers in the alps - so think what that strength can do against you!

34. American Bulldog

Absolutely, the American Bulldog is renowned for its robust build, muscular physique, and historical role in assisting farmers, particularly in catching and holding wild cattle. Their strength, stamina, and determined nature, which were once invaluable traits for their working tasks.
image source: reddit.com
The American Bulldog is well-known for a particularly stocky physique, with huge muscle tone, stamina and a hefty weight. This breed was originally to help farmers catch and hold wild cattle. Today, it can be a loyal family dog - but also an emotional and aggressive one if not trained properly.

35. Boxer

Absolutely, Boxers are known for their strong and muscular build, making them physically imposing yet also affectionate companions. However, like any breed, Boxers require consistent training, socialization, and responsible ownership to ensure their temperament aligns with their friendly and loving nature.
image source: reddit.com
This dog comes in as very muscular, which is great for lots of friendly hugs, but not so great when it's an aggressive dog. There have been a number of attacks by boxers on people in history, and it can be a very difficult breed to handle if you don't have the patience to train it.

36. Wolf Hybrid

You're right, the historical connection between dogs and wolves is fascinating! While all dogs share a common ancestor with wolves, certain breeds or individual dogs have been intentionally bred to have wolf ancestry, resulting in what are known as wolf-dog hybrids or wolfdogs.
image source: reddit.com
Okay, so we know all dogs are descended from wolves anyway, so you might be thinking 'Well obviously every dog is kind of a wolf hybrid!'. But some breeds these days are actually part dog part wolf - so when you throw a very wild animal into the mix, it's not a safe choice.

37. Caucasian Ovcharka

Absolutely, livestock guardian breeds, like the Great Pyrenees or Maremma Sheepdogs, were historically bred for their protective instincts, serving as guardians for livestock against predators. This inherent protective nature can indeed manifest in various ways.
image source: reddit.com
This dog was originally bred to protect livestock - so any dog bred with an instinct to protect is going to be dangerous to those it thinks is a threat. If trained properly, they can be a loyal family member - but if not trained, they can be overly protective of their home and dangerous to handle!

38. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers, often recognized by their unique egg-shaped heads, have indeed faced misconceptions due to their appearance and historical association with bull-baiting sports. While their appearance might be unconventional, these dogs possess a mix of qualities.
image source: instagram.com
The Bull Terrier is definitely an example of a dog that's had a bad rap - and not least because it's not what you'd call a 'conventionally good looking' dog. But these dogs can be lovely if treated well - the problem is, most of them haven't, and they can be aggressive.

39. Gull Dong

Indeed, the hybrid of the Bully Kutta and the Gull Terrier, often known for their strength and formidable build, stems from a mix of breeds historically associated with fighting. Dogs bred from these lineages might inherit traits related to physical strength and a potentially more assertive disposition.
image source: reddit.com
While you might not have heard of this dog breed, you probably also haven't heard of the two breeds it's a mix of: the Bully Kutta and the Gull Tarrier. These dogs are known for their strength, and the fact they were bred as fighting dogs. They're very difficult to control.

40. And Now: The Cat Breeds You Probably Don't Want! First Up: Persian

Absolutely, Persian cats are undeniably stunning with their luxurious coats and captivating eyes. However, this breed is unfortunately predisposed to various health issues. Their brachycephalic (flat-faced) features can lead to respiratory problems.
image source: reddit.com
Persians are beautiful kitties, but they are also prone to a lot of health conditions, which means going through the heartache of that would be expected if you owned this breed. A lot of these health complications can be because of their flatter faces, meaning it's more difficult to breathe!

41. Exotic Cats

Absolutely, Exotic Shorthair cats share many traits with Persian cats, including their adorable flat faces and dense, plush coats. However, these endearing features also bring along similar health challenges inherent to brachycephalic breeds.
image source: reddit.com
Exotic cats, with their very flat faces, have a lot of similar health problems to the Persian - meaning they can be a costly pet to have when it comes to vet's bills! Their flat little faces can also cause problems with drinking and eating, meaning the everyday might end up being a tad stressful!

42. Himalayan

Indeed, these felines, with their striking appearance and captivating blue eyes, are prone to certain health issues that potential owners should consider. Siamese cats, known for their elegance and sleek physique, can unfortunately be predisposed to several health problems.
image source: reddit.com
This breed is beautiful, there's no doubt about it, but beauty comes at a price, after all. They're prone to jaw problems, breathing problems and eye disease. They're also known to have hip problems a lot of the time, meaning they might struggle to walk around and do what cats do best!

43. Siamese

Siamese cats are indeed known for their spirited and demanding personalities, making them a breed that requires dedicated attention and care from their owners. These feline companions thrive on interaction, mental stimulation, and engagement, demanding an active and involved household.
image source: reddit.com
Siamese cats can be very demanding, which means you'll need a lot of energy and time to cater to their needs. They need stimulating a lot, so a big toy bill is expected, and they also need to be fed quite a lot. And that's before they grow up and a variety of health problems kick in.

44. Sphynx

Sphynx cats are undeniably distinctive due to their lack of fur, revealing their unique and often wrinkled skin. This striking appearance is one of the reasons why they captivate many cat enthusiasts, but their care needs can also be quite distinctive.
image source: reddit.com
Sphynx cats are very unique in appearance, to say the least, and sometimes it's this odd aesthetic that can make people want this particular breed! These kitties actually have a very healthy appetite, and on top of food bill, they'll require a lot of pampering expense, like bathing and ear cleaning.

45. Singapura

It sounds like you're referring to the Bengal cat, a breed prized for its striking appearance and lively nature. Bengals are known for their captivating spotted or marbled coats reminiscent of their wild ancestors, but they're also prone to certain health concerns that potential owners should consider.
image source: reddit.com
This breed is well known for having degenerative eye problems that could result in it going blind later in life. They're also known for having bags of energy and demanding a lot of stimulation, which means this kitty isn't a great choice if you just want a lazy cat to enjoy a day on the couch with.

46. Balinese

Often expressing themselves through a wide range of vocalizations, from loud meows to melodic chatter. This talkative nature can be endearing for some, but it might not suit every living situation, especially in close quarters like apartments with noise-sensitive neighbors.
image source: reddit.com
This particular cat breed is VERY vocal - so if you live in an apartment surrounded by neighbors who don't like cats - or cat noises specifically - this could be a problem. They also have a reputation for getting up to mischief, so you'll need the time and energy to keep an eye on them, too!

47. Manx

Manx cats, known for their distinctive trait of being tailless or having very short tails, indeed have unique characteristics that can sometimes lead to certain health concerns. One of the primary concerns associated with the Manx breed is a condition known as Manx Syndrome.
image source: reddit.com
This breed is sadly prone to a lot of birth defects, which means you might have problems straight out the gate. Any health issues often develop when the cat is still only a young kitten. The fact that Manx cats also have very short tails leads to other issues like spine problems.

48. American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat's distinctive genetic trait of having no tail or a very short tail can indeed lead to potential health issues related to the spine and nervous system. The gene mutation responsible for the unique taillessness in these cats can affect the development of the spine.
image source: reddit.com
Having a shorter tail always comes with health complications for cats - so this breed is known for spinal deformity risks. As well as spine problems, it could lead to neurological problems, too, so if you're getting this breed, you best be prepared (mentally and financially) for worries.

49. Japanese Bobtail

Indeed, the Japanese Bobtail's distinctive feature, its short and often "bunny-like" tail, is a characteristic that sets it apart. However, this unique physical trait can potentially lead to certain health concerns. The Japanese Bobtail might be predisposed to spinal and neurological issues.
image source: reddit.com
The same can be said for the Japanese Bobtail, which seems to have the shortest tail of them all! While it's adorable that this cat has a tail like a fluffy bunny rabbit, it does unfortunately mean health complications due to a short tail. This breed is also very 'in your face', so not great for people who want to be left alone sometimes.

50. LaPerm

The Turkish Angora's name certainly nods to its origins and the stunning beauty of its long, silky coat. However, their luxurious fur requires dedicated grooming and specialized care, which potential owners should consider before bringing one into their home.
image source: reddit.com
You can see where this breed gets its name from, and isn't it beautiful? But as with all pets, you have to think about more than how cute they are. This breed - as you can expect - needs very specialised fur care and its skin/fur oil is likely to mark furniture, so not great if you expensive taste in decor!