15+ Uses Of Vicks Vaporub

By josh6122 1 year ago

1. Treating toenail fungus

image source: peoplespharmacyAll of the active ingredients in VapoRub have really great anti-fungal properties, which makes it a great option for if and when you have toenail fungus. This could be a really great and cost effective alternative to any other treatments that are available these days.Original content sourced from femanin.com

2. Soothes your muscles

image source: healthlineIf you’re feeling a little bit achy after a workout session, it could do you good to apply some Vicks to your muscles. For any runners out there, Vicks is an absolute godsend. Vicks is a great way to ease both soreness and inflammation, so it can really help nurture you back to fitness.

3. Fix squeaky door hinges

image source: pinterestHaving a squeaky door hinge can be incredibly irritating. But Vicks can be a quick and easy solution to this nuisance so try applying some to the irritating door hinge in question. Vicks solves the problems because it contains something known as petroleum jelly.

4. To ease earache

image source: aafiyahIf you’re ever experiencing earache before you head to the doctors and spend a fortune on other remedies, you should place a cotton ball with a dab of Vicks on the cup of your ear. Whilst it won’t get rid of the ache completely it will help to ease some of the pain.

5. Gives you fuller lips

image source: tipheroIf you’re keen to get fuller lips you should simply apply a drop of Vicks to them. The menthol in Vicks is a natural lip pumper, so that’ll save you from splashing out on a host of cosmetics which claim to do the same job. Also, it is less of a commitment than having injections in your lips!

6. Conceals bad smells

image source: mustsharenews
Vicks is notorious for its incredibly strong smell, sometimes it can even sting your eyes when you are applying. So, if you are in a room and there is a strong smell you don't like - then Vicks is great to have on hand. Simply, apply a few dabs underneath your nose and the bad smell will go!

7. Can soothe tennis elbow

image source: definition
Tennis elbow is associated with the sport that it is named after. It typically occurs after constant strain and use of the elbow. What can really help to get rid of the pain is applying a generous amount of Vicks VapoRub onto the affected area. You will start feeling a cooling sensation which will help ease the pain.

8. Soothes cracked skin on feet

image source: makeupandbeauty
If you’re vulnerable to dry and cracked skin and are tired of forking out money on expensive moisturisers which don’t do the job, try a simpler solution and use some Vicks. If you’re particularly vulnerable to cracked heels, apply the Vicks to your feet at night and slip on a pair of socks, it will help to seal the moisturising content.

9. DIY shower bomb

image source: amomsimpression
A DIY shower bomb would be amazing for a spa evening at home. These are really simple to make and guaranteed to change your life. All you need to do is to mix Vicks VapoRub with baking soda and water - very simple! These are great in the bath too and help so much when you have a cold.

10. Can ease headaches

image source: viralnova
Vicks can be extremely helpful in easing headaches. But what many people don't realise is that this is actually one of the proven purposes for the product and something the brand actually promotes. Just apply some Vicks to your forehead and massage your temples if you’re looking to soothe the pain and throbbing.

11. Gets rid of stretch marks

image source: emedihealth
Surprisingly, Vicks can be a really useful way of getting rid of the dreaded stretch marks and loose skin after pregnancy. However, the makers of Vicks Vaporub doesn't claim that its product can actually reduce stretch marks or recommend its use as a treatment for skin conditions or scarring.

12. Treats acne

image source: metecon
This helps to reduce inflammation on skin and clear up your general complexion. The camphor and eucalyptus that is in Vicks VapoRub help amazingly due to their anti-inflammatories and antibacterial agents.

13. Deter insects

image source: stayathomemum
Over the summer months it isn't unusual to be bombarded with every type of insect - especially the type that can bite! What you can do is apply vaporub to your skin on areas that are exposed and this will deter away any insects that are a nuisance - especially mosquitos.

14. Fade bruising

image source: firstforwomen
If you are clumsy or play a lot of sports, then it's likely you will have more bruises than usual. But, if this is the case then you can use Vick VapoRub to help fade bruising. It also provides a cooling sensation which can help to relieve any pain that comes with the bruising!

15. Aromatherapy

image source: nypost
Not only is this great to apply to your chest to clear your airways, its also great to have around your home in general. If you have a humidifier, you should add some Vicks to it as this will encourage it to circulate throughout the room, preventing you from feeling congested as opposed to solely treating your congestion.

16. Train Your Pets

image source: pinterest
If you have a puppy or a dog that isn't quite toilet trained yet, then Vicks VapoRub could be the answer to all your problems. What you need to do is put an open container of Vicks at the area that your dog usually tries to urinate on. The scent will help to deter them and teach them to stop doing their business inside.

17. Stops Your Cat Clawing Your Furniture

image source: petkeen
If you have a cat then you know the damage that they can do to your furniture. To stop an extremely expensive repair on your furniture, simply put a bit of Vicks VapoRub onto the furniture that they often target. Your cat will do anything to avoid the smell. Test it on a small area of the furniture to check it won't ruin it first!

18. Soothe Your Sunburn

image source: pinterest
If you haven't protected yourself from the sun properly, then you are likely to be covered in sunburn. This has to easily be one of the most painful things you can experience. So, in order to help that horrible sting that comes along with sunburn and soothe yourself instantly - apply a generous amount of VapoRub to the affected area.

19. Treat A Dry Scalp

image source: youtube
At some point in our lives, we have all experienced the effects of having a dry scalp. To create an almost instant remedy for this, you can apply Vicks VapoRub directly on to the affected area of your scalp. You should do this before you go to bed and before you are next due to wash it - otherwise it can make your hair look greasy.

20. Treat Eczema and Psoriasis

image source: nationalinstitutesofhealth
If you suffer from either eczema or psoriasis, then you will know it is constantly itchy and can get quite painful. There are many remedies out there, but they don't work for everyone. To get yourself some instant relief, you can apply some Vicks VapoRub directly on to the affected area to help reduce itchiness and inflammation.

21. To Treat A Cough

Image Source: Cleveland ClinicWe all know that Vicks is a go-to for when you've got a cold, and a cough is usually part and parcel of that. But you don't have to use Vicks for a cough only when you've got a cold. Camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol are all cough suppressants, which is great for regular coughs (not chronic ones such as with asthma!).

22. Soothe Scrapes And Cuts

Image Source: Children's Primary Care Medical GroupIf you're prone to minor cuts or scrapes - or maybe you have a child who's prone to these while adventuring - then Vicks can can help with that if applied once or twice a day. The thick formula can help to create a barrier between the cuts and help to heal the skin. Of course, this may be irritating and have the opposite effect depending on how serious the scrape is!

23. Use As A Moisturiser For Dry Skin

Image Source: Medical News TodayVicks is great for treating cracked heels and dry skin on the feet, but it's not just exclusive to the feet. It can be used to help other patches of dry skin on the body, because the petroleum jelly helps to lock in moisture. So you can always apply a thin layer over any area that needs a helping hand.

24. Relieve Joint Pain

Image Source: MU Health CareIf you find that you suffer from joint pain, whether all the time, every now and again or as a direct result of an injury, then the camaphor in Vicks can work to help with that - it works as a analgesic for the nerve endings, so you can always try applying some to the joints that hurt.

25. Use It To Scratch That Itch

Image Source: National Eczema AssociationVicks can also be great to relieve skin itching, especially if it's just one of those random ones that come up such as heat spots or an irritated patch and you're finding you're constantly scratching throughout the day. The vapor rub has plenty of soothing properties to help with that.

26. Put It On Your Feet With Socks... To Cure A Cold?

Image Source: Sleep FoundationYep, this one's a little out there but it turns out that apparently some people have rubbed Vicks onto their feet before covering with socks and going to bed - to treat symptoms of their cold. There's little evidence that it actually works, but you can always give it a go... and there must be a reason people are choosing to do this, after all!

27. Overnight Skin Hydration

Image Source: HealthlineOkay, so we've already mentioned it's great for a moisturiser and especially on dry and cracked feet, but adding to that it can also be a great overnight treatment. You can rub it onto your cracked and dry feet overnight so that in the morning you're ready to buff away the dead skin with a pumice stone.

28. It Could Aid Weight Loss

Image Source: HealthlineThere has been a claim that Vicks VapoRub could help with weight loss by melting away stomach fat and cellulite. The ingredients of Vicks may stimulate fat-burning when applied to the areas you want to treat. It's a very bold claim at this point with no official evidence but you can always try it!

29. Use As A Pet-Chewing Deterrent for Your Dog

Image Source: American Kennel ClubThis is especially helpful if you have a new puppy that just likes to chew everything. If your dog has a thing for biting furniture, then apply Vicks wherever you need: table legs, skirting boards or sofa legs. They'll hate the taste and shouldn't try and get their teeth on any of these areas again!

30. Treatment For Athlete's Foot

Image Source: HealthlineEucalyptus oil and menthol both have antifungal properties which can help to treat athlete's foot. If you do have really bad athlete's foot then you'll naturally need a specific treatment, but if you're suffering and need something in a pinch then you can always apply Vick's to soothe the area.

31. An Emergency First Aid Treatment If You Run Out Of Neosporin

Image Source: HealthlineIf you run out of Neosporin in your first aid kit, then VapoRub can be used as a replacement when you need it. You can clean the wound and use Vick's in the same way you would Neosporin and then wrap with a bandage. The rub will aid the healing process.

32. Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Image Source: Zoetis PetcareJust as bad as puppies chewing furniture can be cats scratching, well, everything. You can deter them by applying VapoRub to anything they're targeting, such as wooden furniture or other areas of the house. Your cat will want to avoid the smell.

33. Use As A Camera Lens Filter To Reduce Wrinkles

Image Source: B&HOkay, so you can't use the rub directly on your face to tackle wrinkles, but you can use it as a soften filter for your camera so that it gives a wrinkle-free soft focus look! Just apply a small amount of Vick's on your camera lens before taking those selfies.

34. Tackle Those Skin Blemishes

Image Source: Healthline

You don't have to have acne to have blemishes on your skin. There may be some red areas or tired looking areas you have on your face that you'd like to target, so it's always worth a go with VaporRub to put a small amount on the odd blemish here and there.

35. Treat A Verruca

Image Source: London Foot and Ankle SurgeryVerrucas are the bane of any childhood, and especially when you're faced with a public pool, but even adults can get them, too. It's been claimed that if you dab a small amount of Vick's on a Verruca and then wrap in a bandage, it can help to eliminate them.

36. Use As An Acting Aid

Image Source: BackstageIf you take part in community theatre as a hobby, are trying to become an actor, or are already an actor, Vicks can be a great aid for crying on cue. If you have trouble making those tears come naturally, just dab a bit under your eyes and bring on the waterworks.

37. Remove Eye Makeup

Image Source: BeautylishObviously you have to be very careful with this one to avoid getting the rub directly in your eye, and make sure to only use a small amount. If you've ran out of eye makeup remover, you can apply the rub to a cotton ball and wipe along your top lid and around the eye.

38. Stop Your Horse From Getting Distracted

Image Source: BBCIf you're lucky enough to own a horse, you may already know this trick, but apparently you can use Vick's VaporRub to keep your male horse focused during mating season. If you dab a little under its nose it can help it to not get distracted by the scent of female horses.

39. Remove Lipstick

Image Source: Juvia's PlaceThose lipsticks which stay on your lips all day long, even when eating and drinking, are amazing when it comes to your daily look - but come evening when you need to take it off, hardcore products like this can be a challenge. But never fear - Vicks is here! You can apply a thin layer on your lip stain and leave for a few minutes before wiping off.

40. Avoid Suffering Through Bad Smells

Image Source: HealthlineWhen it comes down to the basics, simply putting Vicks under your nose is a great way to just not have to smell anything else around you - so it's perfect if there's something which stinks and you can't escape from! Create your own air freshener to carry around with you.

41. Moisturise

Image Source: Prevention.comSo who would have thought that VapoRub also doubles as an intense moisturiser. You may find it is a little more intense, and with a very strong smell. But, in terms of moisturising you'll definitely see the results. and your skin will be silky soft in no time

42. Remove Warts

Image Source: Everyday HealthNobody particularly wants warts on their body...but they aren't hard to remove - one easy method to remove them is to keep dabbing on some Vicks. Keep it up for a while, it's not an overnight trick. But soon you should see the size of the wart getting less and less prominent.

43. Splinters

Image Source: RedditSplinters are pesky things. They may look small but they can be painful. And while removing them can be kind of satisfying...sometimes you need some extra help and intervention. Put Vicks on and it should help bring the splinter to the surface so that you can remove it.

44. A cellulite burner

Image Source: PharmaApparently, if you massage some Vicks into your cellulite it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Now this is a very grand claim to fame but some people have insisted that it works for them. So maybe it is worth a shot? Try it a few times to see if there are any results.

45. Sore Throat

Image Source: HealthlineWe of course know that Vicks is used for colds, but not only will it decongest you you will actually find that it will cure your sore throat. So if you are struggling with a sore throat or a cold, or both then you can help alleviate all the symptoms in one go.

46. Thicken Your Brows

Image Source: YouTubeIf you are after that thick brown look then this one is for you. The ingredients in it make your pores open and lend itself well to making space and encouraging new hairs to grow. So try putting a small amount on your brown over night to let it work.

47. Put It On Your Hair

Image Source: YouTubeVicks will help your hair in many ways, it will help it grow, help it strengthen and thicken so that you'll be left with a head full of luscious locks. Just slather a little bit on your hair - it will be a little bit messy but the results (hopefully) should be easy.

48. Soothe Bug Bites

Image Source: FandomBug bites are one of the most irritating things. Especially when you are trying to get to sleep and you can't because you have to continuously itch it - an itch which will never satisfy. Put some Vicks on it, it will instantly take the irritation away.

49. Keep Insects Away Outside

Image Source: WikipediaNot only can you put it on your body to keep the insects away, you can also dab it around outside to keep them away so that they cannot bite you. For example dab it on a candle where you are sat outside to eat and the smell will deter the little pests.

50. Use On Elbows And Knees

Image Source: BlogspotThose patches of skin that are always dry and cracked for example, elbows and knees, they take a little more extra TLC to get soft like the rest of your skin. Rubbing and massaging some Vicks into these areas a few times will have then as smooth as silk.

Want to know what might be even better than Vicks? Sudocrem! Here's what it can help with...

Image source Medical AcademicAn apparent use of Sudcrem is for the treatment of minor cuts and grazes.  Because the cream has been suggested to act as a protective barrier by blocking bacteria, it stops infection to the wound.  Another advantage of using Sudocrem for this purpose is that there is reportedly no need to apply a plaster to the area which can delay the healing process.

2. As A Face Cream

Image source AllureThe so called 'best' face creams can cost a pretty penny.  The more expensive the product, the more you expect from it but that is not always the case.  Sudocrem contains zinc, a natural astringent that may tighten the skin's elastin fibre and giving the skin a smooth appearance.

3.  Protects The Eyebrows

Amalie BeautyWhen you pluck or wax your eyebrows, it can leave you with a bumpy red rash. The rash will gradually go after a day but, by using Sudocrem on the brows, it has been suggested that the unsightly appearance will disappear within minutes, leaving you with perfect brows in no time.

5.  Might Help Fade Wrinkles

Image source eMedThere are an abundance of anti wrinkle creams and potions on the market, bragging that the special ingredient in their own particular product will knock 10 years off your age overnight!  More than likely you will be bitterly disappointed after shelling out £75 or so.  Do the sensible thing and buy a tub of Sudocrem for £2 and use it as an overnight moisturiser.  The zinc ingredient in it has been suggested to make your skin so soft and smooth and your wrinkles will look more like laughter lines!

6.  It Could Help Spots

Image source Getty ImgesSudocrem is thought by many to be a treatment for spots due to the zinc oxide and benzyl alcohol it contains. Some people find it helpful to control the outbreaks - a few dabs of cream on the spots might dry them up quicker than many other products.

7. May Control Eczema

Image Source Everyday HealthAs the zinc in Sudocrem is thought to be both an anti-inflammatory and soother, scientific studies suggest a positive impact on eczema, particularly on the hands.  The research indicated that once an outbreak starts to appear, the cream can control the itching, which in turn stops it spreading to other parts of the skin.

8. Feeds Dry Skin

Image source PinkvillaYou may be surprised to know that Sudacrem is an excellent moisturiser for extra dry skin.  As it has a thick consistency it is best used after a shower in the evening when the skin is warm and more receptive to cream being absorbed.  The lanolin ingredient might help your skin to be silky soft.  You can repeat this beauty routine every night.

9. Might Against Bed Sores (Pressure Ulcers)

Image source Medical TodayFollowing a 2006 research study which examined skin irritation in older adults with incontinence, the group which used Sudocrem experienced up to 70% less redness and irritation than the group who used zinc oxide alone.  This has led to many care homes using it for this purpose.

10. Possible Pain Relief

Image source Daily MailWhen you are wearing a new pair of shoes on a night out, there's a chance you could end up with blisters on your toes or back of the ankles.  We've all been there and the blisters are extremely painful.  Rubbing some Sudocrem on them has been thought to numb the pain because of the benzyl alcohol ingredient.

11. It Might Limit Burns From Blistering

Image source TwitterHere's a very handy tip that will help loads of you out there.  If (and usually when) you burn yourself on the oven door or the iron, the first thing you'd probably do is to put cold water on the burn.  Instead, apply some Sudocrem which may help to soothe the red area and stop blistering on the skin.

12. Stop Baby Crying

Image source The GuardianWhen the little cherubs are constantly in nappies, no matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that they will get nappy rash at some stage.  It can be painful for baby and painful for the parent to witness it. Sudocrem can be safely applied to babies' bottoms and are thought to be a mild and safe pain relief and to start healing the rash.  It can actually be used after every nappy change to act as a barrier against the delicate skin getting wet.

13. Sore Nails

Image source Wiley Online LibraryWhen I was trying on a new pair of strappy sandals in the shoe store the other week, I caught one of the buckles on the side of my toe.  Later that evening, I noticed the toe was red and tender to the touch.  I applied some sudocrem before bed and the next day the redness had gone and there was just the slightest discomfort.  I re-applied the cream the following night and in the morning it was completely back to normal. It's not proven but many people do say it helps!

14. Cycling Solution

Image source tumblrYou're probably wondering what the heck Sudocrem has to do with a two wheeled mode of transport!  If you are a regular cyclist and especially if you like to get a good few miles in each time, then 'chafing' between the thighs is something you are well aware of but would prefer to forget.  Use Sudocrem on the 'bits that get affected' and you're off - it apparently works!

15. Fades Scars And Stretch Marks - potentially!

Image source eMediHealthPop into a well known pharmacy and be bamboozled by at least 10 different products that are  'guaranteed' to fade scars and stretch marks quicker than the time it takes to read the instructions on the box!  Don't get taken in by these promises and do your homework.  The common ingredient they all share is lanolin.  Sudocrem also contains the same percentage of lanolin but 80% cheaper than most of the other creams on the market.  Use it morning and evening on scars and stretchmarks and after 4-6 weeks, some people say that notice a big difference!

16. Helps Fake Tan

Image source DailyMailThey say once you've made that mistake, you'll never do it again.  I'm talking about fake tanning and to be precise, the unnecessary mistake of tanning palms and feet.  Apply Sudocrem to those two areas and it will act as a barrier from fake tan escaping from your limbs and settling where you don't want it to.  Feet not so bad as you cant see them but tanned palms give the game away!

17. Calming Chilblains

Image source News MedicalWe may be in the middle of a British summer (rain, sun, rain rain) but, come the winter, chilblains are a common issue for many people.  They usually occur when you've been out in the cold and you warm your hands and feet feet up too quickly when you get back home.  Chilblains will clear up on their own but can cause pain, redness and swelling in the interim until they disappear. Sudocrem has been suggested to ease the pain and soothes the skin whilst they heal.

18. Dying Hair

Image source InsiderWhen I used the services of a mobile hairdresser for the first time, I was surprised to note that when she was applying the dye to my hair, she put Sudocrem all around the hairline through to the nape of the neck.  She said she finds it the best thing to prevent the dye touching the skin, with it being a barrier cream and it wipes off easily afterwards.

19. Caring For Horses

Image source AnimalLifeWhen the sun is out, usually for 17 days a year on a typical British summer, we slap the sun cream on to our pale skin and enjoy the rays until it clouds over!  Have you thought that our animals may suffer with sunburn?  Sudacrem was recommended by a vet on a regular morning tv show... for horses.  Apparently, a liberal amount on the nose of the equine beauty will act as a safe, effective sun barrier.

21. Dark Circles Under Eyes

Image source MamamiaThere are a few reasons for dark circles under the eyes.  It can be hereditary in which case, if it bothers you, a make up concealer will hide them.  If you are burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep, then you know the answer without me telling you.  If none of these apply and you get them every now and then, we might have the answer.  Using Sudocrem over the circles may protect them from wind, extreme cold or the sun.  These elements are known to exacerbate the issue so definitely worth using in those circumstances.

22. For Our Canine Friends

Image source ParadeSome dogs (besides humans) get into scraps and end up nursing their wounds.  If you notice your pet has a small cut and it isn't bothering them enough for you to be concerned, then some vets suggest that mix a teaspoon of Sudocrem with a little natural honey and apply to the affected area.  Sounds mad but the zinc helps the healing process and the honey allows it to absorb into the fur.

23. Aftersun For Sensitive Skin

Image source HuffpostIf you've been sunbathing and have overcooked or you've cat-napped outside right under the full glare of the sun, you are going to feel a bit tender as the hours pass.  Help might just be is at hand with a tub of Sudocrem.  Dab lightly over any frazzled areas to reportedly help sooth the skin.  The cream will also moisturise and stop you from flaking.

24. A possible daily moisturiser for all skin types!

Image source ThatSisterSome skins tend dry out very quickly and once to twice daily full body moisturising is essential.  Body lotions can be too thin to be effective so creams are much more preferable.  Sudacrem contains lanolin which makes it perfect for deep hydration of the skin.

25. Relief To Allergic Reactions?

Image source QuoraWhen I used a normal plaster on a cut finger the other week I didn't think anything of it.  When I removed it a couple of days later it had given me an allergic reaction from the sticky part of the plaster.  It wasn't sore but the itch drove me crazy.  I was told that if I apply a thin layer of Sudacrem every 2 hours that day, it would stop the itching!

26. Strengthens Nails - possibly!

Image source QuoraWeak nails can be very annoying.  You apply some nail polish, your fingers look great and then a nail splits or flakes and you have to touch up the damage.  All is good for a day or two and then a nail breaks off and so on.  Massaging Sudocrem all around the nail bed is supposedly good for strengthening them as the zinc in the cream might work well with the keratin in the nail.

27. Removing Rings From Swollen Fingers

Image source Jewellers ManualIf your rings are a bit of a tight fit at the best of times and your fingers swell up in warm weather,  grab the Sudocrem and rub all over the finger.  The lanolin will work to release the jewellery easily and painlessly, working much better than using liquid soap.  This never fails.

28.  Insect Repellent

Image source Oak Brook AllergistsApparently, wasps hate Sudacrem!  The scent the cream gives off has been suggest to keep them away and that is great news for us.  Rather than using harsh repellents, which can irritate the skin, this cream will allow you to sit outside or enjoy some al fresco dining without being bothered by the insects.

30. Waxing Delicate Areas

Image source VeetA delicate subject for a delicate area - if you've been waxing either your upper lip or bikini line, you are going to be left with redness until the skin settles down.  Apply some Sudocrem to the area and it might calm the skin and return it to its natural state.