15 Reasons We Should All Move To Australia

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Life Will Just Feel Better

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Although many of us will really love spending time in our hometown, getting the chance to move out there and travel or explore the world might do you a load of good. Large cities in the land down under often come towards the top of surveys regarding the quality of life and we'll discuss a number of the reasons life gets better as you explore the list!

The Unbelievable Weather

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Although you might live on the coast here in the US and enjoy some beautiful weather, Australia might rival if not offer THE best weather anywhere around the world. You'll be looking at sweltering summers (perfect for that tan you want) and winters that aren't going to find you getting caught in freezing temps and 6ft deep snow outside your home.

The Golden Beaches

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I briefly mentioned being able to enjoy the coastal areas in Australia in regards to the weather but it's more than just that! I'm not saying our beaches here aren't great, they're some of the best in the world, but what do you think of when you hear the word Australia? It's beach gold, literally, with more than 10,000 beaches along the whole coastline.

People There Are Chilled Out

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Living in the United States, you'll know that we live quite a hectic and busy lifestyle all the way around the country. This works for some people, but if you prefer the chilled life then you might love Australia. The people there are much more chilled out and enjoy taking life as it comes, not fearing the repercussions of a busy work life so much.

You'll Always Fit In

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Australia, if you didn't know has a population long built by immigration, meaning that they have one of the most diverse groups of citizens anywhere on earth. Not only will you be able to feel yourself in a completely new world, you'll also be able to interact and communicate with people from a whole range of religions, cultures and ethnicities too!

Growing Economy

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For decades now, Australia's economy has been in a constant state of growth, even during difficult financial periods around the world! This is credit to the great government (who we'll get on to later). The best part about the financial status of Australia and its citizens is that the majority of the country are middle-class and don't struggle with any difficulties.

The Working Holiday

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If you're the sort of person that struggles to adapt to new situations quickly then worry not, you don't have to commit to a full-time move instantly! Australia actually offer something called a working holiday visa meaning that you can travel to Australia for a period of suitable to you, whilst still working, to see if it fits what your idea of a place you want to be is!

High Employment Rates

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You might be scared to relocate to a new country without knowing you're going to be able to get sort yourself a job first, no one wants to be left without any cash to enjoy their trip. And like I just mentioned before the working holiday visa is great for casual work! In fact, recent studies found that Australia only has around a 4% unemployment rate across the country.

The Minimum Wage Isn't So Minimal

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Our country here in the US really is great, but one thing that we all find is constantly lacking is the minimum wage made available to workers. Here in the US minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, whereas over in Australia you're looking at JUST under $20 per hour for all employees. The cost of living might be slightly higher but you'll have plenty of cash!

A Great Pension Scheme

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From the moment we enter a professional working environment, most of us start working towards building our pension, ensuring that following our retirement we'll be able to enjoy our later years. Over in the land down under, all employers are legally required to pay in to something called a superannuation fund at around 10% of your annual salary!

Their Healthcare System

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Another thing that Australia definitely has over us here in the US is their great healthcare system. Citizens of Australia are looked after by a company known as Medicare which offer free healthcare within public hospitals as well as free-to-get treatment from GP's, Opticians, Dentists and many other specialised professionals. Who doesn't want free healthcare?

Your Kids Will Be In Safe Hands

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It isn't just your own personal happiness that you have to consider before you decide to move to Australia, but also how safe and enjoyable it'll be for your family too. Schools are mostly given raving reviews and in terms of further education like university, Australia ranks very highly in terms of the desire for international students to attend.

You Don't Need To Learn A New Language

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Many people steer clear of moving to new countries when they find out that they need to learn a whole new language, but that obviously isn't the case when you head to Aus. You'll be able to make friends (as long as you aren't unlikeable) through communication without struggle, except maybe some of the common Australian lingo that might trip you up.

It Looks Crazy

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We have our own fair share of jaw-dropping scenery in the US, the grand canyon is one place that instantly comes to mind; but Australia offers similar wonders. The mix of climates that Australia has to offer mean there's something for everyone, from the outback to the coastal views and national parks, the whole country just looks gorgeous.

You'll Never Want To Spend Another Day Inside

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I just touched upon the national parks, but they deserve their own little point too! Throughout the country there are more than 500 separate national parks, all of which provide something a little different than the next. Why not make the most of the beautiful weather and head out exploring the wonderful wilderness that Australia has to offer.

The Great Barrier Reef

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Most things around the world will have something similar to it somewhere else on earth and although this isn't the only coral reef, it is THE only Great Barrier Reef. You'll have the opportunity to visit one of the most desirable tourist locations around the whole earth, all alongside being just round the corner from your home and office. Get your scuba gear on!

Camping Options

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If you're the sort of person that enjoys spending time outside so much then you might want to take advantage of the availability to camp anywhere you wish! As a true Aussie you'll come to love any way you can get outside and that is seen by how busy public holidays become in the country. Would you be heading to the coast to camp or are you going extreme in the outback?

It's Nice And Clean

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I'm sure we've all seen a gorgeous area and found that it's being tarnished by litter, but over in Australia they are very VERY strict when it comes to their littering laws. It's crazy that people throwing their rubbish on the floor can be so diminishing to its beauty, but know, when you're in Australia it's unlikely you'll leave somewhere wishing it had been tidied.


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Okay, so maybe the Aussies aren't firing up the barbie every single day (some of them might be, who knows!). But who wouldn't want to be cooking their meats with the heat and scenery being offered too! In fact, Australia are so high on their barbecues that there are even communal areas where the barbecue equipment is always readily available for you to se!

Hot Christmas

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Although it might take a little getting used to, the months that we like to call summer are flipped with winter and vice versa. So no longer are you waiting for the usual summer months during the middle of the year, instead you'll be celebrating Christmas at the peak of the summer. No more white Christmases seems a little depressing though doesn't it?

Great Food

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As I mentioned before, Australia was built on immigration and so the different cultures all bring a bit of their own. One of the best ways to experience this is by trying out all of the amazing food! You're looking at food coming from the furthest west all the way through to the far east of Asia. It suits us all from meat eaters to the veggies and vegans.

Indie Coffee Shops

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If you're like me and struggle to function without a morning cup of coffee then you might want to try out some of the independent coffee shops that Aus has to offer! You might not have known that the Flat White was actually born in Aus either! You won't be visiting too many chain coffee shops in the land down under and you'll be better off for it!

Getting Your Wine On

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If you like to enjoy a glass (or bottle maybe) of wine after a long day of work then you'd love all of the wines that Australia have available for you to secure. This is because vineyards fit perfectly alongside the climate of Aus. You can even get the good stuff right from the source, with tasting sessions available to book at the various locations across the country.

They're Sports Mad

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Just like us here in the US, the Aussies are absolutely sports mad over there! Not just for you to watch on the TV or in a stadium live, but also to take part in yourselves. You probably won't run in to much football or basketball in Aus but they love their cricket, they love their rugby and they even have their own special version of our football, known as the AFL.

The Melbourne Cup

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Yes, this is another sporting event, but it's one that causes people to flock to the country, in particularly Melbourne, from all over the place. Not only do people spend a lot of time enjoying the annual horse race, but it's also an excuse for people to get dressed up and have a couple of drinks (some people have a whole lot more than a couple!).

The Chance To Swim

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Swimming is popular all over the world and I know it isn't special to Australia, but it is something that people thoroughly enjoy doing in their spare time here. Not only is it great to spend time in the warm waters (avoiding any creatures that might be lurking) as well as all of the individual pools (both communal and private) that you'll come across.

Get Your Surfboard Out

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There has long been the stereotype of the chilled out (sometimes TOO chilled out) laid-back Australian that spends all their time surfing the waves on the coast. And although not everyone is like that, there are still a wide range of people that spend a lot of their spare time riding the waves. And don't worry if you've never tried before, there's loads of people that can teach you.

It's Very Safe

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One of the scariest parts about living in the US is having to be in, pretty much, constant fear of you, your family, your children being at risk of the all too common gun crimes and similar. Australia was actually ranked as the 16th safest country in the world during 2021 with crime rates low as well as terrorism threats remaining low throughout the last few decades.

The Wildlife

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Another thing that your mind is likely to spring to when you think of Australia as a country is the unbelievable wildlife that's available on show at all corners of the country. You'll probably picture images of Kangaroos and Koalas as the typical animal of choice in Aus but if you go into much more detail it gets even crazier than you'd ever imagine.

You're Close To Great Holiday Destinations

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There's nothing like climbing the steps on and off an airplane when you finally get to jet away on holiday after a working for months on end to pay for it. And although we'll always enjoy our holiday once we're there you probably won't enjoy the hours and hours worth of flights you have to sit through. When flying from Aus you're so close to so many great destinations in Asia.