15+ Final Meals Of Death Row Prisoners

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. John Wayne Gacy - 12 Shrimps, KFC, Fries and Strawberries

Image Source/ Femanin
Crime: John Wayne Gacy murdered at least 33 young men and boys between 1972 and 1978, and went on to bury at least 26 of them in his own house.Death by: Lethal Injection on 10th May, 1994 in IllinoisLast Meal: a bucket of KFC, 12 fried shrimp, French fries and a pound of strawberriesOriginally sourced from Femanin.

2. Ronnie Lee Gardner - Steak, Lobster, Apple Pie, Ice Cream and Netflix and Chill

Image Source/ Femanin
Crime: Ronnie Lee Gardner killed a man during a robbery in 1984, then fatally shot attorney Michael Burdell in 1985 during an attempted escape from a courthouseDeath by: Firing squad on June 18th, 2010 in UtahLast Meal: lobster tail and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. He also requested that he ate all this while engrossed in a viewing of The Lord of the Rings.

3. Ricky Ray Rector - Steak, Chicken, Kool-aid and Pie

Image Source/ Femanin
Crime: Ricky Ray Rector was on Death Row after committing two counts of murderDeath by: Lethal injection on 24th January, 1992 in ArkansasLast Meal: is request was steak, fried chicken and cherry Kool-Aid. For dessert, Rector ordered Pecan Pie, and told the guard on his way out that he was 'saving it for later'.

4. John Conner - Catfish, Hushpuppies, Hamburgers, Raw Onion and More...

Image Source/ Femanin
Crime: He beat his friend to deathDeath by: He was killed by lethal injection at 60 years oldLast meal: Conner put in his final meal order: 10 pieces of fried catfish, 10 hushpuppies, two triple deluxe hamburgers with bacon, one raw sliced onion and two pints of vanilla ice cream

5. Aileen Carol Wuornos - A Single Cup of Coffee

Image Source/ Femanin
Crime: Aileen Carol Wuornos was an American serial killer and prostitute who shot and killed several men from 1989 to 1990. Despite her claims that she was assaulted by the men, she was still sentenced to deathDeath by: In 2002, she was executed by lethal injectionLast meal: Her last meal being just a cup of coffee

6. Victor Feguer - A Lone Olive

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Victor Feguer was on death row for murdering a man by shooting him and counts of theftDeath by: He was executed by hanging in Iowa, 1963 at the age of 28Last meal: His only request was a single olive with the pit still in it. The idea of eating one lone olive feels haunting and symbolises the end of Feguer's life.

7. Ferdinando Sacco - Soup, Tea, Meat and Toast

lastmeals17.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Ferdinando Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were both sentenced to death in Massachusetts for two counts of murder.Death by: Electric chair, 1927. In 1977, the case was reopened as the governor stated they had been unfairly tried and convicted.Last meal: Both convicts ordered soup, tea, meat and toast as their last meal, a strange (and very brown) final order.

8. Christopher Brooks - Two Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and a Dr Pepper

lastmeal3.jpg Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Christopher Brooks was put on death row for sexual assault and murderDeath by: He was executed in Alabama by lethal injectionLast meal: Brooks put in a request of two peanut butter cups and a Dr Pepper

9. Timothy McVeigh - Mint Ice Cream

lastmeals6.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Timothy McVeight was an American terrorist, at the age of 33 his official charge was 168 counts of murderDeath by: He was killed by lethal injection, June 2001Last meal: For his last meal, McVeigh opted for a simpler sweeter request... two whole pints of mint chocolate ice cream

10. Kenneth Fults - Steak, Potato, Rice and Apple Juice

lastmeal11.jpg Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Kenneth Fults was convicted of the murder of this next door neighbourDeath by: He spent 18 years on Death Row before his execution by lethal injection in GeorgiaLast meal: In his last meal request, Fults asked for a T-bone steak, baked potato with butter, brown rice and apple juice

11. Stephen Anderson - Grilled Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Peach Pie and Radishes

lastmeals15.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: At age 49, Stephen Anderson was sentenced to death for burglary, assault and murderDeath by: He was killed by lethal injection, 2002Last meal: While on Death Row, Anderson requested his last meal was two grilled cheese sandwiches, a pint of cottage cheese, a corn mixture, peach pie, cookies and radishes

12. Ted Bundy - Traditional Death Row Meal

lastmeals14.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Ted bundy was a serial killer having murdered at least 20 womenDeath by: Notorious Ted Bundy was put to death by electric chair for a number of inhumane crimesLast meal: Bundy actually declined a final meal, but was given a traditional last meal: steak, eggs, hash browns, toast with butter, jelly, milk and juice

13. Pablo Vasquez - Steak, Rice, Veg, Beans and Brownies

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Pablo Vasquez killed a 12 year old boyDeath by: He was sentenced to death by lethal injection at the age of 38Final meal: As his final meal, Vasquez requested Salisbury steak, steamed rice, gravy, vegetables, ranch beans, break, butterscotch brownies with water, tea and punch to wash the final meal down

14. Daniel Lucas - Pizza, Calzone, Mushroom and Salad

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: He was put on death row for the 1998 killings of a central Georgia trucking company owner and his two childrenDeath by: Daniel Lucas was 37 when he was put to death by lethal injectionLast meal: After 16 years on Death Row, Lucas requested his final meal as meat pizza, steak and cheese calzone, stuffed portobello mushroom, salad with ranch dressing and a glass of orange juice

15. Earl Forrest - Steak, Pasta, Salad, Fruit and Cake

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Forrest opened fire on the officers, killing Deputy Barnes and injuring Sheriff WoffordDeath by: Earl Forrest was executed by lethal injection in Missouri in 2016 after 13 years on death rowLast meal: His final meal request comprised of steak, pasta, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, fruit, chocolate cake and milk

16. Gregory Lawler - Steak, Baked Potato, Dinner Rolls, Soup and Ice Cream

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: The murder of Atlanta Police Officer John SowaDeath by: He was executed by lethal injection in 2016 after 16 years on Death RowLast meal: He ordered a ribeye steak, baked potato with sour cream, dinner rolls with butter, French onion soup, strawberries, pistachio ice cream, milk and apple juice

17. Steven Frederick Spears - Just Pizza

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: He was sent to death row after murdering his girlfriendDeath by: Sentenced to death by lethal injection after 15 years on Death RowLast meal: Steven Frederick Spears decided to keep it plain and simple with his final meal request. Spears put in his final meal request as just one large meat pizza

18. Gustavo Garcia - Chicken Patties and Mac'n'Cheese

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Convicted of the 1990 murder of Craig TurskiDeath by: In Texas in 2016, Gustavo Garcia was sentenced to death by lethal injection after 24 years on Death RowLast meal: Keeping it somewhat plain for his final meal, Garcia ordered chicken patties and mac n cheese with bread and vegetables

19. Angel Nieves Diaz - Air...

lastmeals13.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Angel Nieves Diaz was put on death row in Florida at the age of 55 for several counts of murder, kidnapping and armed robberyDeath by: Lethal injection, 2006 aged 55Last mea: Interestingly, Diaz actually declined his last meal for reasons unknown. Instead, he was served a regular prison meal, which he then also declined

20. Allen Lee Davis - Lobster, Shrimp, Clams, Potatoes and Garlic Bread

lastmeals11.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Allen Lee Davis committed murder and robberyDeath by: He was executed by electric chairLast meal: He requested lobster tail, fried potatoes, half a pound of fried shrimp, six ounces of fried clams, garlic bread and 32 ounces of root beer

21. Teresa Lewis - Chicken, Peas, Apple Pie and a Dr Pepper

lastmeals10.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Teresa Lewis was on Death Row due to her crimes of murder, conspiracy and robberyDeath by: Lethal injection in 2003Last meal: A lot simpler compared to the other Death Row inmates, Lewis actually requested fried chicken, peas with butter, apple pie and a Dr Pepper

22. Ronnie Threadgill - Chicken, Mash, Veg, Bread and Tea

lastmeals18.png Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Sentenced to death for murderDeath by: Ronnie Threadgill was executed in Texas at age 40 by lethal injectionLast meal: His last meal request was baked chicken, mash with gravy, vegetables, sweet peas, bread, tea and punch. However, Texas actually abolished the last meal choice before Threadgill was executed and he received a basic prison dinner

23. Brandon Jones - Standard Meal including chicken, rice, turnips and cornbread

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: The murder of 29-year-old gas station manager Roger TackettDeath by: Brandon Jones was 72 when he was put to death by lethal injection after 36 years on Death RowLast meal: He refused his choice of last meal and was given a standard meal of chicken, rice, rutabagas, turnip greens, dry beans, cornbread, bread pudding and fruit punch

24. Coy Westbrook - Chicken, Mash, Gravy, Bread and Cake

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: He shot his ex-wife, Gloria Jean Coons, her female roommate, and three men during a party at Coons' home during a jealous rageDeath by: Coy Westbrook was sentenced to death by lethal injection after 17 years on Death RowLast meal: He requested baked chicken, mashed potatoes, country gravy, green beans, black-eyed peas, bread, orange cake and to wash it down water, tea and punch. A feast for the afterlife!

25. William Sallie - Pizza, Chicken Wings and a Soda

lastmeal18.jpg Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: William Sallie was sentenced to death in 1991 for going on a rampage against his ex-wife's family and killing her father.Death by: Sallie was 50 years old when he was executed by lethal injection Last meal: He requested pizza with sausage and pepperoni, chicken wings with buffalo sauce and a soda. Seems like a Friday night take-out order

26. Oscar Ray Bolin Jr - Steak, Salad, Potato, Meringue Pie and Garlic Bread

lastmeal1.jpg Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: Oscar Ray Bolin Jr was a serial killer that was executed in 2016 in FloridaDeath by: In 2016 he was killed by lethal injectionLast meal: Bolin requested the following for his final meal while on Death Row: Rib Eye steak, baked potato with butter and sour cream, salad with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, garlic bread, meringue pie and a bottle of Coke

27. Adam Ward - Soft Tacos, Salsa, Rice and Mixed Greens

Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: He was put on death row for murderDeath by: After five years on Death Row, Adam Ward was sentenced to death in Texas at the age of 33 by lethal injectionLast meal: His final meal included beef soft tacos, salsa, rice, mixed greens, corn and beans with tea, water and punch to drink

28. Richard Masterson - Chicken, Mash, Veg, Gravy and Bread

lastmeal2.jpg Image Source/ Henry HargreavesCrime: He had murdered drag performer Darin HoneycuttDeath by: Richard Masterson was 43 when he was executed in Texas in 2016 after 13 years on Death Row.Last meal: He put in his final meal request consisting of baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, carrots, peas and sliced bread.

29. Robert Harris - KFC, Pizza, Pepsi, Jelly Beans, Ice Cream and Cigs

Image Source/ MediumCrime: First degree murder, kidnap and robberyDeath by: Robert Harris was put to death by gas chamber for two counts of murderLast meal: As his last meal request, Harris asked for: A 21-piece bucket of KFC, two large pizzas, ice cream, jelly beans, six-pack of Pepsi and a pack of Camel Cigs

30. Thomas J Grasso - Literally Everything Apart From SpaghettiOs

SpaghettiOs on Twitter: "What goes with SpaghettiOs & Meatballs better than grilled cheese? http://t.co/4C0R9M6Hlj" / TwitterImage Source/ TwitterCrime: He killed two pensioners in the early 90s for moneyDeath by: Thomas J Grasso was executed by lethal injection in 1995Last meal: His last meal request was mussels, clams, spare ribs, a cheeseburger, two strawberry milkshakes, a pumpkin pie, strawberries and a can of SpaghettiOs with meatballs. However, the prison cook only gave him normal spaghetti. Grasso said: "I did not get my SpaghettiOs, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this."

31. Steven Woods - Pizza, Chicken and Bacon Image Source/ blogspot

Crime: Steven Woods was convicted of murdering a young couple and put on death rowDeath by: He was killed by lethal inject in Texas, 2011Last meal: Steven Woods requested a meaty pizza with chicken breast and a pound of bacon, to be washed down with a mountain dew

32. Philip Workman - A Vegetarian Pizza

Image Source/ HistoryofyesterdayCrime: He was convicted in 1982 for the murder of a police officer which followed a robbery of a Wendy's restaurant in MemphisDeath by: In 2007 he was killed by lethal injectionLast meal: Philip Workman requested a vegetarian pizza and for it not to be given to him but to be taken to a homeless shelter. They did not oblige but the people of Texas did

33. Joseph Mitchell Parsons - Three Burger King Whoppers, Two large orders of fries, Chocolate shake, Chocolate chip ice cream

Image Source/ CBSnewsCrime: He was put on death row for the murder of Richard Lynn ErnestDeath by: Joseph Mitchell Parsons was executed by lethal injection by the state of Utah in 1999Last meal: He requested three Burger King Whoppers, two large orders of fries, a chocolate shake, chocolate chip ice cream

34. James Edward Smith - A Pile Of Dirt

Image Source/ CBSnewsCrime: He was put on death row for an armed robbery and murderDeath by: He was killed by lethal injection in 1993 in TexasLast meal: His last request for his death row meal was actually a pile of dirt. It was refused and instead he settled on a cup of yoghurt instead

35. Barton Kay Kirkham - Pizza and Ice cream

Image Source/ Pinterest Crime: The murder of a man during an armed robberyDeath by: Executed by hanging at 21 years old in 1958, the last person to be hanged in UtahLast meal: His request for his last meal was pizza and ice cream because you already get everything on a  pizza anyway

36. Gerald Lee Mitchell - Jolly Ranchers

Image Source/ PinterestCrime: Gerald Lee Mitchell was just 17 years old when he shot his brother-in-law dead with a sawn off shotgunDeath by: Executed by lethal injection in Texas, 2001Last meal: His last meal of choice was a bag of Jolly Rancher sweets

37. Odell Barnes - World Peace

Image Source/ TwitterCrime: He was convicted of the murder of his friend and also his lover, Helen BassDeath by: He died in 2002 after execution by lethal injection in TexasLast meal: Odell Barnes's last meal request was not a meal but in fact a request for world peace

38. David Leon Woods - Pizza and Birthday Cake

Image Source/ blogspotCrime: He murdered his 71-year old neighbour by stabbing him 21 times over and overDeath by: Executed by lethal injection in Indiana, 2007 (after waiting 22 years on death row)Last Meal: For his last meal he asked for pizza followed by a birthday cake to be shared with his family

39. Peter Kurten - Schnitzel and Fried Potatoes

Image Source/ BrobibleCrime: Peter Kurten was known as the vampire of Dusseldorf, he was put on death row for being a serial killer and racistDeath by: Death by hanging in 1931Last meal: For his last death row meal he requested a simple meal of chicken schnitzel and fried potatoes

40. Velma Barfield

Image Source/ IndiaTimesCrime: She committed a series of murders and so was put on death rowDeath by: In 1982 she was executed by lethal injected for her heinous crimesLast meal: She opted for some cheese doodles and a coke for her last meal request

41. Johnny Frank Garrett

A bowl of chocolate and strawberry ice cream Image Source/ IndianExpressCrime: He was convicted for the rape and murder by strangulation of 76-year-old Sister Tadea Benz and put on death rowDeath by: He was executed for his crimes by the state of Texas by lethal injectionLast meal: He made a small request of a bowl full of ice cream - a mixture or strawberry and chocolate

42. Charles Peace

Last mealsImage Source/ IndianExpressCrime: Charles Peace was British burglar and murdered who had turned to crime after being permanently injured in an industrial accidentDeath by: He was put on death row and executed by injectionLast meal: His last meal consisted of a plate full of bacon and eggs

43. Mark Dean Schwab

Last mealsImage Source/ IndianExpressCrime: He murdered and raped an 11 year old boy called unny Rios-MartinezDeath by: In 2008 he was killed by lethal injection, refusing to make a last statementLast meal: His last meal was bacon, eggs, grits, toast and butter and a soda

44. Martha Beck

Last mealsImage Source/ IndianExpressCrime: Alongside her husband the pair of them were convicted of killing up to around 20 people during a killing spreeDeath by: They were both executed at the same prison after they were given a lethal injectionLast meal: Her last meal of choice was fried chicken, potato wedges and a side of salad.

45. Anthony Ray Westley

Image Source/ BBCCrime: He was wrongly convicted of the murders of two fast food restaurant managersDeath by: After 28 years on death row, he was eventually released thankfully before his executionLast meal: Breaded chicken, scrambled eggs, fried and two muffins was what he requested for his last meal

46. David Wayne Stoker

Image Source/ BBCCrime: David Wayne Stoker committed robbery and a murder when he shot a man dead in 1986Death by: He was executed by the lethal injection by the state of Texas in 1997Last meal: His last meal request was two cheese beef burgers, a side of fries and some chocolate ice cream for afters

47.  Anthony Ray Westley

Image Source/ BBCCrime: Anthony Ray Westley was convicted and tried of murder and put on death rowDeath by: In 1997 in Texas he was executed by lethal injection at the age of 35, despite denying everythingLast meal: His request for his last meal was a simple meal of fried chicken, chips and a side of bread

48. Thomas Andy Barefoot

Image Source/ BBCCrime: Thomas Barefoot shot a police officer dead, he was named Carl Levin from TexasDeath by: In 1984 he was executed by lethal injection in TexasLast meal: His last request was a Mexican dish: rice, corn salad, beans in spicy sauce, vegetables

49. James Russell - An Apple

Image Source/ BBCCrime: He was sent to death row for murder by shooting, kidnapping and rapeDeath by: James Russell was executed by lethal injection in Texas in 1991Last meal: For his last meal the only thing he requested on death row was a singular apple

50. William Prince Davis -Fried Chicken,  BBQ chips, Beans & Coke

Image Source/ BBCCrime: He was put on death row as a result of robbery and murder by shootingDeath by: He was executed in 1999 by lethal injection in TexasLast meal: He requested fried chicken,  BBQ chips and beans for his last meal all to be washed down cans of coke

51. Marion Albert Pruett

image source/ hurriyet Daily NewsCrime: He received the death penalty for murdering a total of four people in 1981. One he had kidnapped and the other three worked as convenience store clerks.Death by: He was executed on 12th April, 1999 by lethal injectionLast meal: Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza, four Whoppers from Burger King, large french fries, three two-litre bottles of Pepsi, fried eggplant, fried squash, fried okra, 1 whole pecan pie

52. Dobie Gillis Williams

image source/ list25Crime: There's a lot of controversy around his crime, however he was accused of murdering Sonja Knippers in her own home. Police say he confessed, but there was no recording of this.Death by: On the 8th January, 1999 he was executed by lethal injectionLast meal: He ate 12 candy bars and also requested some ice cream.

53. Bruno Richard Hauptmann

image source/ thekitchnCrime: He abducted Charles Lindbergh Jr and demanded $50,000 in a ransom note to get the boy back. However, during the kidnapping he accidentally killed the boy - his autopsy showed a blow to the head.Death by: Electric chair on the 3rd of April, 1936 in New JerseyLast meal: Celery, olives, corn fitters, a salmon salad, sliced cheese, a fruit salad and for dessert a slice of cake. All washed down with a coffee and some milk.

54. Myuran Sukumaran

image source / foursquareCrime: He was part of the 'Bali Nine' and was a co-ringleader of a huge heroin smuggling operation from Indonesia to Australia.Death by: Executed by firing squad on the 29th April, 2015Last meal: For his last meal he decided he wanted KFC - which is a popular meal across Indonesia

55. Gary Carl Simmons, Jr

image source / nationalreviewCrime: Murdered a man, cut up his body into tiny little pieces and threw it into the bayou near his home.Death by: Lethal injection on the 20th June, 2012 in MississippiLast meal: Supreme Deep Dish pizza from Pizza Hut with: double mushrooms, onions, jalapeño peppers &pepperoni. Another pizza with 3 cheese, bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, garlic & Italian sausage, 10 eight ounce packets of parmesan cheese, 10 cups of ranch dressing, 8 ounces of jalapeño nacho cheese, 2 pints of strawberry flavored ice cream and finally one family sized bag of Doritos - totally 29,000 calories.

56. Troy Davis

image source / latin timesCrime: Charged for the murder of Mark MacPhail. The off-duty police officer was shot once through the heart and once in the face. Despite pleading not guilty, endless protests and a constant fight to declare his innocence, he was found guilty of murder by the jury and sentenced to death.Death by: Lethal injection on the 21st of September, 2011.Last meal: he refused to have a last meal, ominously explaining that "This meal will not be my last".

57. Peter J. Miniel

image source/ eastcoastdailyCrime: A professional criminal, Peter was sentenced to death after beating and stabbing a man to death.Death by: Lethal injection in 2004Last meal: 20 beef enchiladas, 20 beef tacos, a jalapeño pizza, 2 double cheeseburgers, fried chicken, spaghetti, fruit cake, half a vanilla cake, half a chocolate cake, cookies-n-cream and caramel pecan fudge ice cream all washed down with 2 pepsis, 2 cokes, 2 root beers and 2 glasses of orange juice

58. Lawrence Russell Brewer

image source / lolwotCrime: Lawrence Russell, a white supremacist, murdered James Byrd Jr. in a horrific hate crime on the 7th June 1998.Death by: Lethal Injection on 21st September 2011Last meal: 2 fried chicken steaks and sliced onions with gravy; triple-meat bacon cheeseburger with all the extras; a cheese omelet with ground beef, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and jalapeños; fried okra with ketchup; one pound of barbecued meat paired with a loaf of white bread; three fajitas; a Meat Lovers pizza from Pizza Hut; 1 pint of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream; peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts on top and 3 root beers to wash it down. He refused to eat any of it when the food arrived.

59. William Bonin

image source / lolwotCrime: Known as the 'freeway killer' he captured, tortured and murdered 21 boys.Death by: Lethal injection inside a gas chamber on the 23rd February, 1996Least meal: 2 pepperoni and sausage pizzas, three large servings of chocolate ice cream and three 6 packs of coca-cola and three 6 packs of Pepsi.

60. Dennis Bagwell

image source / lolwatCrime: He invaded a Texas home and killed four girls in the most gruesome way possibleDeath by: Lethal Injection on the 17th of February, 2005Last meal: steak, fried chicken, fries, bbq ribs, onion rings, 12 scrambled eggs with onion, taters with onion, slices tomatoes, bacon, a ranch dressing salad, two hamburgers with all the toppings, peach pie, milk and coffee with an ice tea to finish it off.

61. Robert Dale Conklin

image source / lolwatCrime: Murdered his gay lover, George Grant, on the 28th March 1984 in a brutal way. The pair were play-fighting on the bed, when Robert took a screwdriver and jammed it in his ear and later went on the dissect the body and try to dispose of it in the dumpster.Death by: Lethal injection on the 12th July, 2005Last meal: Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, one baked potato with butter, de-veined shrimp with garlic butter and lemon, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, corn on the cob, french bread and butter, goat cheese, asparagus with sauce, cantaloupe, apple pie with vanilla ice cream and an iced tea.62. John Spenkelinkimage source / mashedCrime: one count of murder and armed robberyDeath by: Electric chair on the 25th May, 1979Last meal: Instead of requesting food for his final meal, he decided that he wanted a single flask of Jack Daniels. He shared this with the prison superintendent.

63. Ronald Clark O'Bryan

image source / lolwatCrime: he used a cyanide-laced candy on the evening of Halloween to murder his 8-year-old sonDeath by: Lethal injection on the 31st March, 1984Last meal: T-bone steak, fries and ketchup, sweet peas, lettuce, egg and tomato salad with French dressing, whole kernel corn, Boston cream pie, dinner rolls, sweetener, saltines and an iced tea

64. John Martin Scripps

image source / redditCrime: He had three confirmed victims who he murdered whilst posing as a tourist in Singapore, but there were another 3 murders he committed that were unconfirmed. He would cut up the bodies of his victimsDeath by: hanging on the 19th of April, 1996Last meal: Pizza and hot chocolate