14+ Images From Inside The Neverland Ranch

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Witness the unseen facets of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, exploring the captivating imagery that unveils the legendary pop icon's private realm and the controversies that surround it.  You'll be amazed!

Life-Sized Children Dolls

If this doesn't scream scary - then I don't know what does. On entering the Neverland Ranch life sized dolls can be seen throughout the whole estate.
image source: DailyMail
These dolls are fully clothed and also look as though they're engaging in conversation with one another.  If you think this is spooky, you've seen nothing yet!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

Fan Mail

Here you can see a pile of fan mail that Michael Jackson had received when he was still alive. The stack is quite big, but the one thing that stands out the most.
image source: Vice
It's the piece of paper at the top - showing the attorney who tried to convict MJ on top as a devil.  Don't mistake this image as being a Halloween spoiler!

These Creepy Masks

There are a total of three copies of what appear to be Michael Jackson's head on this image. It looks as though they will have been moulds of his head.
image source: Eternally
The moulds are pulling different distressing faces and painted gold. Can this be classed as art? Either way, there is no way that you would want this in your home!

Goodbye... For Now

There is actually something quite eerie about this image here. The sign, which is presumably at the exit gate of the ranch, reads 'Goodbye For Now'.
image source: Pinterest
There are three cartoon cherubs here that are on top of the image goodbye, which reinforces the narrative that he didn't want to grow up.

Kissing Boys Door Knocker

This was on one of the main doors of the ranch. Instead of having a plain knocker on the door, he decided that this was appropriate.
image source: Reddit
It looks like a steel knocker with an image of two people kissing on it. This is stuck right in the middle of a light blue door... I wonder where it leads to?

Mannequins In Boy Scout Outfits

As previously mentioned, Michael Jackson had a lot of life sized dolls in his household. Here, you can see two children - on young boy and a young girl.
image source: Steemit
The boy is dressed in a boy scout outfit, and it looks like the young girl has a British police helmet on her head. They are dancing together - creepy right?

A Full Zoo

As if the ranch couldn't get more extravagant, Michael Jackson decided that he wanted a full zoo in there. And yes - there were lots of animals that had to be maintained.
image source: Sliptalk
They had to be tended on a daily basis so a full time job.  He actually had an elephant on the ranch that people used to ride!  Bizarre or what?

Images of Macaulay Culkin

There are a lot of rumors that circulated around the friendship that Michael Jackson had with Macaulay Culkin. There are multiple times when the pair have been pictured together.
image source: Slliptalk
MJ is Culkin's godfather. In the ranch there are pictures of a young Macaulay in a black frame.  The "Home Alone" actor featured a lot in the life of Michael Jackson.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Here, Michael Jackson is pictured in his Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. There were a lot of rumors that surrounded what kind of health regime the King of Pop used to undergo.
image source: Eternallysunny
This was stored in his Neverland Ranch so that he could use and access it at any time.  Nothing wrong with taking cre of yourself but ......!

A Robotic Head Of Himself

Definitely another creepy addition to the Ranch. Throughout the whole ranch there were a lot of things that seemed to be a tribute to himself.. and nothing was too extra.
image source: Throwbacks
Here is a fully functioning robotic version of Michael Jackson's head that he particularly liked and showed off.  I wonder how much this cost to make?

The Real Edward Scissorhands Hands

If you had the amount of money that Michael Jackson had, then you wouldn't deprive yourself of anything that you wanted. So, when the Edward Scissorhands props came up for sale .....
image source: Throwbacks
MJ was determined to purchase them as they would look great in one of the "crazy" rooms in his huge ranch.  They were bought for an undisclosed price.

A $50,000 Sequin Duvet

This easily has to go down as one of the most expensive, ridiculous purchases of all time. Michael clearly had too much money to spend!
image source: i.pinimg
So why not invest in a duvet that is covered in sequins and ended up costing $50,000. I can't imagine that this would have been comfy though!

Infamous Picture Of MJ With A Group Of Children

This picture quickly became famous and can also be found plastered all over the search engine Google. It is a sketch that shows Michael Jackson leading a huge group of children.
image source: Ranker
MJ led them along along a long, winding road.  You can see he is holding hands with one of them and there are doves flying above.  Is it as innocent as it looks?

The Golden Throne

This was one of the largest things to be found in his Neverland Ranch.  It was the infamous golden throne that the King of Pop himself used to sit on.
image source: Ranker
Here he is pictured on the golden throne which is covered in a red velvet material on it.  You'll recognise it as it's another extremely famous image of MJ.

Golden Bath Tub

He liked to have the best of everything - which is why it isn't surprising to find extravagant items like a golden bathtub spotted around the ranch.
image source: Stuff
The rest of the bathroom does, however, look quite dated and doesn't seem to fit well with the opulent golden bath.  Don't see any toiletries anywhere?

Life-Size Pixie

You didn't have to walk round the ranch for long before you found a life size doll of something somewhere. Here, you can see that he had a full size version of a pixie on the ranch.
image source: Steemit
Michael Jackson always considered himself the man that never grew up and this only reinforces it.  He worried about growing old, hence the oxygen tank to hold on to his youth.

Life Size Power Ranger

We've all seen The Power Rangers when we were growing up but grew out of them when we were about 10!  Michael being Michael, just had to have one of these in his home.
image source: Sliptalk
Of course, it's life size! It was the main feature in a whole games room that he had with all sorts of different arcade games in there!

A Fully Functioning Train

As you can already tell by now, he didn't do things by halves. In fact, he had a fully functioning train that would make its way around the Ranch.
image source: Content
It travelled around the whole Neverland Ranch estate, picking up passengers to take them wherever they wanted to go. Not a bad way to get around your own home, is it?

A Statue of Three Girls Sat Over A River

Again, there was something about having life sized dolls in his home that Michael became quickly obsessed with. All of the images taken in his home show these statues.
image source: Stuff
Here, a group of three girls are sat on a little bridge over the river - is this weird, or a totally normal water feature to have?  You decide!

This HUGE Clock

This huge clock has connotations from many different Disney movies - especially the likes of Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast. It is supposed to be a pocket watch.
image source: Sliptalk
However, looking at the size of it, it would probably stand at the same size as the man himself.  I wonder if it actually worked?

A Batsuit

As you already know, he was obsessed with different movie memorabilia. In from of a painted image of Michael with a crown on - looking almost regal ......
image source: Throwbacks
Here stands a full Batman Suit. It looks as thought this has been protected in a glass box, which indicates there must be a high value to it.

A Peter Pan Statue

Always known for likening himself to Peter Pan - the boy who never grew up - it will come as no surprise that there was yet again another life size doll, this time of Peter Pan.
image source: Scotthaefner
He appears to be almost guarding the actual house and looking out into the distance.  It's quite spooky how realistic it looks, as if it could move by itself.

This Marking On The Front Drive

It looks as though he had a lot of bespoke art made for the Neverland Ranch. He even had images like this spray painted on to the ground.
image source: Throwbacks
It was supposedly for people to see wherever they were walking. It looks as though it could be an image of Michael Jackson with the words 'Neverland' printed above.

An Old Cash Register

Again, another solid gold feature in his home. Here, this cash register looks extremely old and antique - it wouldn't be a long shot to suggest its value.
image source: EternallySunny
The cash register could actually be made out of solid gold, especially with all the money Michael had. I wonder if this was fully functioning or not!

A Full Theater

Obviously, Jackson had enough space on the ranch for a full theater. With over 30 chairs in the theater, this room in the ranch is almost the same size as an authentic theater.
image source: Pinterest
The size is pretty much equivalent to a real movie theater you'd visit.  No doubt the screen will have covered the whole side of the wall!

$57,000 A Year On Gardening

With there being a whole ranch to maintain, it isn't so shocking to learn that Jackson spent an eye watering $57,000 a year just on the gardening for the properly.
image source: DailyMail
He had 'Neverland' written in flowers around the grounds and it appeared to always look so lush and green. Wow!  That is quite a sight.

A Signed Basketball From Michael Jordan

Any normal person would be willing to do anything to get themselves a signed basketball from the one and only Michael Jordan but it will have been easy for MJ.
image source: Telegraph
MJ will have got in touch with the sportsman himself, we imagine, in order to get his hands on this. I'm sure this would be worth an absolute fortune if it was ever sold now!

Candy Outside The Theatre

A trip to the movies would not be complete without giving yourself a headache from all the candy you can get there. Michael really thought of everything.
image source: Pinterest
He was quick to install a full candy store for any visitors that would be making use of the theater room he had set up.  Being so childlike, this would have exited him.

3D Art Of Cinderella

Within his theater room, there were different scenes from movies displayed on the walls.  You can see there's a hole in the wall  with good reason.
image source: Pinterest
There's a full scene from the hit Disney film Cinderella on display.  It is extremely detailed, including the infamous pumpkin!  I wonder if the frame is real gold!


Obviously, with a estate so big it comes as no shock that there was a whole room that was just dedicated to the CCTV in there. This room shows a whopping 16 televisions.
image source: Pinterest
They are all on the wall and presumably linked up to a different CCTV camera on the ranch. That's one way to keep your eye on everything at once!

A Fortune Teller

This is a life size fortune teller robot found at the ranch. One of the reasons people think that Jackson's house represented a fun fair is plain to see.
image source: Quora
It's thought he wanted to recreate the childhood he missed out on due to the huge success of The Jackson 5 and then his solo career.

More Statues Of Children Playing

The children statues we saw previously were definitely not the only ones around the ranch. In fact it is clearly one of his favourite ways to decorate the outdoors of his villa.
Image source: Pinterest
There were many statues of young children and we know he liked to always be surrounded by them in real life.  Draw your own conclusions!

And Even More Again...

The statues of children in Jackson's ranch are always happy and playing.  You can see here that there are six figures, a mixture of girls and boys.
Image source: Pinterest
They are all holding hands and dancing around in a circle.  MJ was clearly trying to create the idyllic child's world, continuing the theme of the entire Neverland home.

A Comfy Interior

Image source: Pinterest
Aside from all of the extravagant and whacky things that Jackson filled his ranch with, this is a rare view of a more "normal" interior, apart from the statue of two male children kissing!

This HUGE Castle

Who doesn't want a huge castle that's bigger than a person inside their house. This is pretty cool.  It has windows and tiny intricate details.
Image source: Pinterest
It's so big that this must have its very own housekeeper! And we can understand why Jackson had so many people visiting his house, especially children.

A Grand Entrance

It is only fitting that a home as grand as Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, has to have a grand entrance. The gates which guard it from the outside world.
Image source: Pinterest
They say 'Neverland' and 'Once upon a time'. This just begins the narrative that you are entering the world of Peter Pan and children's dreams.

The Golden Carousel

Michael Jackson did not just have a huge carousel built in his garden.  That would not have been fitting of his style.  He had it lined in gold, too! but he had it lined in gold too.
Image source: Pinterest
As we can see, people are on the carousel and Jackson is looking very happy. He was in his element living his childhood dreams out in his very own home.

This Very Creepy Artwork...

Now this is one of the strangest things inside the ranch.  It is a piece of artwork but why Jackson would want this in his home is another question.
Images source: Pinterest
It is a pair of hands trying to escape through a block of concrete.  There are specks of blood painted on - the whole thing looks pretty horrifying.

And A Full Theme Park

We have seen the golden carousel but that wasn't the half of it!  There is an entire theme park and fairground in the vast gardens.
Image source: Pinterest
There's a mini rollercoaster, there's dodgems... you name it Michael Jackson had it built. Many famous faces came to visit and spend the day here.

More Pictures Of Jackson With Children

One piece of artwork which was commissioned with Jackson surrounded by children was strange enough...but here is another that was displayed on his wall.
Image source: Pinterest
People have said that it is akin to the Pied Piper, who has a line following him leading the children. This is exactly what is happening in the painting.

Another Very Realistic Life Size Doll

We know that Jackson collected life size children dolls.  However, this doll is so realistic that it takes a while to realise that it is not a child.
Image source: Pinterest
That makes it a lot scarier. The doll is a little girl with red hair dressed in a green dress and she's smiling...and looking sideways at something.

And Again...

It's not just the fact that his house is full of dolls (which yes is very strange in itself), or that he has a lot of them but it's the fact that they are all put into positions.
Image source: Pinterest
The doll is dressed so realistically which makes the whole thing seem a little bit more creepy, as if you weren't already spooked out enough already!

His Peter Pan Themed Bed

Peter Pan is the main theme of the entire ranch so it is no surprise that it carries on right through to the interior, even into the bedroom.
Image source: Quora
There is a pair of Peter Pan pillows that say 'Neverland'. Allegedly this is one of the rooms that Jackson would use for guests when they stayed over.

A Secret Closet

There have been many strange things found inside Michael Jackson's home, one of them being a secret closet that was discovered  in one of the rooms.
Image source: Quora
Inside it was packed full of stuff including these books.  Speaking of the array of books,  let's just say that some of them were very questionable...

Disney Memorabilia

Let's have a look into this Disney collection found in the Neverland ranch. There is of course...a Peter Pan book.  There's also loads more children's books and pictures of characters.
Image source: Quora
We aren't sure why Jackson built up such a vast collection. There are also, which is no surprise, pictures of children amongst the Disney memorabilia.

A Sega Games Control

This Sega Games Control is a huge throw back to the first editions of gaming.  Being a child at heart, this was amongst MJ's massive and eclectic game selection.
Image source: Quora
This was found inside the Jackson's living quarters at Neverland Ranch. The huge size of it and the miniature screen is evident of how far electronics have come from back then.

Huge Collection Of Cars

Many successful stars collect cars as a hobby but the ones Michael Jackson had was not your typical collection.  They were all very old fashioned.
Image source: Quora
They were traditional vehicles, mainly vintage cars and they were worth a small fortune.  They were never driven, just highly polished and kept in great condition.

A Life Size Darth Vader

We know that Michael Jackson is a fan of everything life size, especially when it comes to children's toys and figurines. Here we see he has a life size Darth Vader carrying the red light up sabre.
Image source: Pinterest
Jackson purchased it for an undisclosed sum, money being no object as his net worth ran into hundreds of millions. This was amongst many others found in his ranch.

Early Morning On The Ranch

It almost looks like a shot from a fantasy movie, doesn't it? A ray of morning light here reveals the dawn breaking over the Neverland ranch.Image Source / Daily MailThere is still a starry sky, which, when you think about it, supports Michael Jackson's vision of this being a place of fantasy and wonder.

A Wreath Of Roses For Jackson

Neverland Ranch has remained in popularity even after Michael Jackson's passing. At the ranch, people would still flock and mourn to pay respects after his death.Image Source / Daily MailHere is a wreath of white roses hanging at the front gate.  Michael Jackson went far too young.  He was strange, talented and troubled.  His music will always live on.

Flowers At The Front House

The Neverland Ranch is known for its extensive and wonderful gardens, with its blanket of flowers in an array of colors, red, purple and green.Image Source / Daily MailThis goes to show that outside appearances can hide what goes on behind closed doors.  We will never know the full extent of MJ's life and the way he REALLY lived it.

Inside The Main Entrance

Looking a little different than it did when Jackson was still living there, here is what you see when you step right inside the main front door.Image Source / Daily MailThe entrance way is lined with the beautiful floor and the stunning chandelier with the staircase leading up, is a wonderful image to be admired.

The Main Room At The Ranch

This stunning room, decorated in the same way as the entrance hall with the chandeliers and dark floor, was used as the main room of the house.Image Source / Daily MailYou can see the wide windows and the brickwork, while the door to the right leads off to the kitchen.  You can almost see your face in the polished floors.

The Massive Kitchen

Michael Jackson definitely had an amazing taste in decor, with each room matching seamlessly and the huge, well planned kitchen was no exception.Image Source / Daily MailIt's dark brick work set off against the tiled worktops make it a stunning eating area.  Michael  was extremely fussy about the foods he ate and his diet was very regimented.

The Master Bedroom

Now empty and unused, here is the shell of Michael Jackson's former master bedroom. Stationed in the main house and once used by the King of Pop, the bedroom continues the dark wood theme.Image Source / Daily MailIt had stunning windows and a big fireplace. If walls could only talk, I wonder what secrets this room could tell as MJ's life was shrouded in secrecy - but why?

The Master Bathroom

Every good master bedroom needs a master bathroom, too. I don't think I'd feel comfortable taking a bath in there with all those windows around, but obviously Jackson trusted his Neverland privacy.Image Source / Daily MailJackson reportedly spent far too much of his time in his private quarters, including the bathroom, where he would pull his appearance to pieces.  He didn't like what he saw.

The Stunning Hallway Leading From The Master Bedroom

There's no doubt that the Neverland Ranch is huge but even this hallway alone seems gargantuan. Leading from the master bedroom, the hallway is lined with windows.Image Source / Daily MailIt is filled with lots of natural light and there are doors leading off to the many other rooms. How many bedrooms does this place have?  Even Jackson probably did not know!

Inside The Poolhouse

Amongst the many buildings on the ranch was the pool house and here you can see the extensive staircase inside leading to more than one level.Image Source / Daily MailWhen Jackson was actually living at the ranch, this room was totally full of arcade games.  He spent many hours playing them, passing the time and recapturing his lost youth.

The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar was located under the pool house and it boasted bottles worth hundreds of dollars each. Even though it's completely innocent, it does look a bit creepy, doesn't it?Image Source / Daily MailGoing down the steps of the cellar isn't a pleasant thought late at night!  The room is floor to wall stone and wooden roofing, making it feel very closed in!

The Loft In The Train Station

This spiral staircase led up to a special loft and overlook room inside the train station. This certainly would have revealed spectacular views from a high vantage point over the ranch.Image Source / Daily MailBecause MJ was a bit of a loner, when not in the company of his "friends", including Macaulay Culkin, so he would seek the best views to look out of the ranch.

The Iconic Train Station

You can be excused for assuming that you are looking at one the sites at Disneyland but this is the Neverland home of Michael Jackson.Image Source / Daily MailThe iconic train station here with the legendary Neverland clock stands behind the amazing perfect red and white flower display on the front steps - what a sight!

The Train Track

Here you can see the Neverland train track behind the train station itself and viewed here from an upper window which also shows fantastic views.Image Source / Daily MailWe see the views of the Californian countryside and hills beyond.  It looks like the track goes on for ever and is never ending at Neverland.

Jackson Seen Enjoying A Dodgem Car On The Ranch

Nobody loved the amusement rides and attractions of Neverland Ranch more than Michael Jackson. Here he's seen driving one of the dodgem cars during a weekend party.Image Source / Daily MailIt was a party he was hosting in 1994 for underprivileged children.  He appeared to do lots of charity work, although it was always for kids.

Michael And Ex-Wife Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Jackson was married to Elvis Presley's daughter, namely Lisa Marie Presley and here the pair can be seen on the grounds of the ranch.Image Source / Daily MailWe see them welcoming young people in for the World Children's Conference back in 1995.  We will never know whether it was a marriage of convenience or for love.

The Secret Room

Neverland Ranch no doubt had a host of secret twists and turns, halls, rooms and doors - and here is one of them  - the interior of a private room.Image Source / Daily MailWe can see it has three deadbolt locks and is apparently where Jackson used to store many of his most valuable items, although surely almost everything at the ranch would have been expensive.

A View To The Back Grounds

The ranch is full of spectacular views, no matter where you turn. Even just looking out of this door from the main entrance reveals the lavish and widespread back grounds of the ranch.Image Source / Daily MailEvery part of the outside land looks immaculate and must be a full time job for a team of gardeners and workmen.  MJ was always one for detail.

One Of The Rooms In The Main House

What's clear is there's always something interesting to see in these rooms, even when they are empty! All of them seem to have their own vibe.Image Source / Daily MailThis one has a relaxing water, tree and rock mural pictured on the far wall, with walls lined with shelves - could it have been a library retreat?

The Lofted Chandelier

There's so much to see even in the now empty ranch - as you look up there is an amazing shot off one of the chandeliers hanging down from the lofted ceiling.Image Source / Daily MailIt's in the entrance hall and although we cannot see what surrounds it at ground level, we can guess it's more statues of young children enjoying themselves.

Fancy Some Outside Dining?

At first glance it might look like a catwalk, but here, nestled under a tree on the grounds by the main house, is a massive banquet table.Image Source / Daily MailIt's absolutely perfect for those extravagant meals at sunset or by candle light. To make it even more relaxing, it's close by to the water feature.

The Driveway On The Grounds

To say 'driveway' might sound normal and mundane for such a fantastical range, but you need a place to park too, after all. Here you can see the driveway for the main house.Image Source / Daily MailThe view is from an upstairs window.  Obviously, MJ wanted privacy of the highest level, without prying eyes trying to pap what was going on with him and his guests.