12+ Ways To Connect With Our Inner Child

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. Write Yourself A Letter

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Writing a letter is a great way to communicate with your younger self. Tell them what you know they wanted and needed to hear. Let them know it's all going to be okay and not to stress over their current worries. You'll probably feel pretty emotional afterwards!

2. Play

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As adults, we kid ourselves that we don't need play. We see it as unproductive, a waste of time, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We need play to stimulate our senses, we need to feel like to children once in a while to remind us that we're alive. We need to pause more and enjoy it!

3. Buy That Thing You've Always Wanted

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Relying on our parents to buy you things can often be disappointing. They have the final say to every purchase, and you probably wanted more than they could buy. Having money of your own means you no longer have to ask for things. So make your inner child happy and buy that thing you've always wanted!

4. Meditate & Visualize

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Meditation can transport you back to days gone by. It can help you to connect with what's deep inside you, the same core that was inside your child-self. Using visualization methods can strengthen the bond you have with yourself; it's a very healing practice.

5. Revisit Hobbies

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As life gets busy, priorities change. Your time suddenly goes on work, family, cooking, cleaning, exercise, and all the other commitments that make up your life. Hobbies often take a back seat, so making time for them is important. Just see how much joy it'll bring back!

6. Do That Thing You Were Discouraged To Do

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Adults sometimes discourage children from doing things they love, as they think they either may not be useful, or the child isn't very good at it. It can be really hurtful. As adults we have autonomy, and try to care less about what people think. So do the thing for the fun of it, who cares if you're not very good!

7. Stick A Picture Of Your Younger Self To A Mirror

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Speak kindly to a photo of your younger self. Have it on a mirror so you can see your reflection and tell yourself and the child what they need to hear. You would never say cruel things to a child, so why would you speak to yourself like that? This practice will help with self-compassion, try it daily!

8. Cuddle Your Favorite Childhood Toy

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Cuddling your favorite toy from childhood can be so therapeutic. It can help to heal your inner child and offer you comfort. You may have to re-purchase the toy if you haven't kept the original, but it'll still bring back some lovely memories as you snuggle down together.

9. Make Your Favorite Childhood Meal

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There's nothing quite like a nostalgic meal to launch you right back to your childhood. The smells and flavors all sending you to a sacred time. Food has the power to soothe your soul, especially if it reminds you of a special time or person, so to cook it as an adult is an act of service to your inner child.

10. Ring An Old Friend

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Speaking to a friend from your childhood will connect you with your younger self, as you reminisce on memories and catch up about the present. It's so easy to keep in touch nowadays, and it's super important if you want to remain in tune with your inner child.

11. Read Your Favorite Book From Childhood

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Bedtime stories are precious memories. Being read to as you fall asleep is such a comforting act of love, and revisiting the stories that were read will put you right back in the position of your younger self, falling asleep to the sound of a soft voice. Read it aloud and offer yourself the care and compassion that came with this nighttime routine.

12. Visit An Old Haunt

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Certain places hold special memories, and it's vital not to forget them. Try and visualize your favorite memory, and plan a trip to visit where it took place. The nostalgic feeling you get as you unlock memories that have been hidden away, will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

13. Color

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Coloring was such a regular activity in childhood, and it's a shame we don't continue it on to adulthood; we got so good at it! Not only is it reminiscent of childhood, it's also a meditative activity, and there are so many adult coloring books on the market at the minute; you'll be spoilt for choice!

14. Scrapbook

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Scrapbooking is such a great way to connect with your inner child, and there's no wrong way to do it. It can be as neat or as chaotic as you like; there are no rules! Depending on what you put in it, it can be reminiscent of the past or hopeful for the future; or it could just be full of loads of stuff that you like!

15. Watch Your Favorite Childhood Film

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Getting cozy in front of your favorite film is such a big comfort, and it probably has been since childhood. Our favorite films from the past can fill us with an extra cozy feeling, as we remember how we watched it as a child. It's so fun watching them through adult eyes, as you probably notice things you never did before.

16. Journal

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Journaling is an activity that unlocks certain parts of your brain you didn't realize were there. As you put pen to paper, you may remember things you thought you'd forgotten, which can help you to get some clarity of thought. The self that comes out on paper may be hidden away for the most part, so try to release them frequently and you'll find you remain connected.

17. Play Your Favorite Sport From School

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Whether you enjoyed gym class or not, most people have some happy memories of physical activity from childhood; whether that is playing on a team or just a fun game in the garden, there'll be something you can recreate. Your inner child is bound to come out as you play! 

18. Listen To Nostalgic Music

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Music has been known to connect people with their younger selves, even in those suffering with dementia. Listening to your favorite songs from youth will transport you back to a time gone by; you're likely to unlock a few memories too while you're at it! 

19. Play A Board Game

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Playing board games was a popular past time in youth, with families and friends all coming together in friendly competition. With our busy lives we may not find time to play anymore, so make that time. Connect with your inner child together and show your younger self that you can win!

20. Get Muddy

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Adults absolutely avoid getting muddy as it means more laundry, however it was the best thing ever as a kid! Now you don't have anyone to shout at you, why not partake in muddy activity? What's extra laundry if it means you can jump in muddy puddles?!

21. Run Down A Hill...Fast

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As children, we were fearless, bold, and excitable. As we get older our fear develops, and it stops us from doing fun things. The complete freedom you inner child will feel if you run top speed down a hill, will be invigorating! Our bodies aren't what they used to be though, so find a not so steep hill and set yourself free!

22. Give Yourself A Hug

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Children aren't always great at expressing what they need, so you may have missed out on more than a few hugs because your behavior was unruly. Give your inner child a hug that they so deserve, you can take care of yourself now and it is so healing.

23. Finger Paint

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Remember finger painting? The sensory feels of the cold goo between your fingers, as you let loose on a piece of paper, making who knows what it bright colors? Well do that again. It's an activity just for the fun of it, and will have you feeling 8 years old again!

24. Notice Your Surroundings

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Our busy lives mean that we rarely focus on what's around us. We make our way from A to B without looking around at the journey. Your inner child will hate that, and probably lets you know byway of anxiety and depression. So next time you take a walk, stop to smell the flowers.

25. Hang Out With Kids

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Nothing will connect you to your inner child more than having fun with actual children. Ask if you can babysit your niece and nephew, or go round to a friend's house who has children. You'll have a blast, the kids will be happy and I bet their parents will be too!

26. Host A Sleepover

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Sleepovers were so exciting growing up. A place where you could really bond with your friends over secrets, movies and pampering. We rarely if ever stay over with our friends as adults, as our responsibilities mean we always have to be home. Arrange someone to take care of those responsibilities, and relive your youth!

27. Look At Old Photos

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Reminiscing over old photos can be quite emotional. It brings back memories you'd forgotten about, and perhaps there'll be photos there of people you've lost. Try to remember how you felt in photos of yourself, and offer them some words of encouragement. See if you don't feel connected then!

28. Dance Around And Be Silly

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Being silly is not something we do enough. Kids don't care about what people think of them so will burst into dance whenever they feel like it; why not do the same? It'll definitely release the child that is within you, and you'll let off some steam in the process!

29. Go To A Theme Park

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Theme Parks are such fun days out, and we rarely visit as adults; it's such a shame! Riding rollercoasters will give your inner child such a buzz, as you're finally big enough to ride the big ones! And make sure to fill up on all the sugar you can - there's no-one stopping you!

30. Buy Something You Want And Not What You Need

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Budgeting finances is a wise move, but why not treat yourself to something silly, just because? Even if it's something small, your inner child would've loved their own money to buy what they want, and they'd be so excited at the prospect of being able to do it now. Connect with your younger self and buy something fun!