12 Things That Should Never Be Stored In The Fridge!

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Welcome to the fridge—the cool haven for freshness and the savior of leftovers. But beware! Not everything thrives in the chilly embrace of this appliance. So, buckle up (or rather, unclasp those refrigerator doors).


Most people's kitchens these days are crammed with that ever-so-Instagrammable avocado, and especially busy is the fridge full of these popular fruits.
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But did you know you shouldn't store them in the fridge? This main pertains to an unripe avocado - it's actually better to store at room temperature. Original content sourced from Femanin.com


If you're a fan of herbs and a sprinkling of something green, you may have thought basil should be stored in the fridge because you keep
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your coriander in there, too. But basil is best stored at room temperature in a cupboard to stop it from going all soggy and brown!


Now this one might surprise you - cucumbers surely belong in the fridge, right? They're almost full percent water, so you'd expect to keep
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that fresh and cool instead of out on the side. Well, while it's true that you can technically keep them in the fridge, it can be a risky game in keeping them fresh.


You might have always stored your onions in the fridge after you've cut them and not used a full one, or to include in your next day's salad.
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But onions should ideally not be placed in the fridge - especially whole ones - because they can go soft or even moldy.


You want to keep your garlic bulbs and cloves fresh, we get it. The fridge is the most obvious place for that. But garlic should ideally
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be stored in a pantry or cupboard at room temperature. They'll last for longer that way, as well as avoiding them becoming too rubbery.


Now this one is as surprising as the cucumber! Surely the best place for a juicy sweet tomato is refreshed and cool in the fridge, right?
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But actually, stored at room temperature can be the best way to make your tomatoes be as juicy and fresh for as long as possible!


The moisture in the fridge should not be combined with a potato - these are earthy vegetables that should be stored in a cool, dry
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(and ideally dark) place. The reason to keep them out of direct light is to avoid them sprouting a new potato family. Go double check!


Bananas can be a tricky bunch - they're a fruit, and you'd think they'd do well in a cool and hydrated fridge environment.
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But bananas best ripen when they're kept out of the fridge, and stored at room temperature. But you'll want to make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.


This one all depends on whether you have a whole melon or sliced melon. It's absolutely fine to store your juicy and tasty watermelon slices
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in the fridge ready for summer! But if you have a whole melon that hasn't been chopped into yet, you'll want to keep that out on the side.

Olive Oil

If you store olive oil in the fridge, it can actually end up more solid because it forms crystals in lower temperatures. Not only that,
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but it can impact the flavor. And while a lot of people may store their olive oil in arm's reach by the oven if not in the fridge, the best place is actually a cupboard.

Hot Sauce

You don't need to worry about putting your hot sauce in the fridge, because the vinegar in it is there to help keep it preserved for a long time.
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Unless you're putting it in the fridge in the hope of cooling it down - if that's the case, maybe you should switch to a milder sauce...


We know this sounds strange, but butter is actually best not stored in the fridge! We definitely all know that frustration of going to butter
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our toast and finding the butter rock hard right when we need it. Keep your butter at room temperature instead and it will be nice and soft.


As long as your honey is stored in an airtight container, you never have to worry about it being stored incorrectly - and definitely not
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in the fridge. While it has a hardy lifespan, you should aim to eat it within about 2 years - though you surely will when it's so tasty!


Maybe you've made a salad or leftover meal that has nuts sprinkled on it, and now they're in the fridge. Or maybe you've just been putting
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bags of nuts in there all along. But nope - the best way to store and keep nuts is to buy them in low amounts and keep them in your pantry.


Freezing your bread and then taking it out to toast it is actually recommended to keep your bread fresh for longer and you don't
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have to risk throwing it out too soon. But the same doesn't apply with the fridge, unfortunately! If you put it in the fridge, it's just going to go stale.


If you're a fan of those delicious fresh pastries - because of course you are - and you often have a lot of leftovers you want to save
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until tomorrow, the best way to do this is actually to keep them wrapped in a paper bag at room temperature instead of in the fridge!


We get it - it's peak summer and you don't want your delicious bars of chocolate to melt. The fridge might seem logical, but actually
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it's compromising the flavor - as well as making it go all weird and grainy looking. Your best bet is to keep chocolate in a cupboard.


If you have apple slices you've prepared, these are fine in the fridge overnight - but if you're storing a bunch of uncut apples, then
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you need to leave them on the side in a fruit bowl - that's what a fruit bowl is there for, after all! The best storage for them is room temperature.

Aged Cheese

We know that cheese and dairy should always be stored in the fridge - so how is this an option? Well, aged cheese specifically
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doesn't need to be stored in a fridge. Any cheese that's aged and hard in consistency will be fine stored at room temperature in a cool, dark place.

Canned Fish

It may seem logical to keep canned fish in the fridge. But a good rule of thumb is to think how it's stored at the grocery store when you first buy it.
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Canned fish is on normal shelves and not in the fridge for a reason. After you've opened the can and if you still have some left, fridge storage is then the way to go!

Butternut Squash

If you have a whole butternut squash, or maybe growing your own of this delicious vegetable, you definitely shouldn't be placing
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in the fridge! It should be stored at room temperature or in the cupboard, but once you've chopped up into cubes, these can be kept fresh in the fridge for a few days.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes should be stored in the exact same way as normal potatoes - they're a vegetables whose composition can be changed
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if they're kept in the fridge instead of in a cupboard or on the side, meaning the taste and texture will be changed. Ideally, a dark cupboard instead.


If you're wondering what to do with your extra pumpkins from Halloween and thinking of making some soup, you might think popping
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pumpkin in the fridge is fine. But you should let them cure in sunlight before storing in a cool, dark place - they can be stored for months in this way.


If you have a fresh batch of unripe mangoes then you need to store them in a dry, cool place to let them ripen. Cold temperatures slow
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down ripening, so you won't want to put them in the fridge. Once they're soft, you can store them in the fridge in a plastic bag.


We know freeze-dried coffee exists, so you might have thought about popping coffee beans or granules in the fridge to keep them fresh.
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Unfortunately, the opposite can happen, as coffee will absorb the smells of food around it, as well as moisture - and that's not what you want to drink in the morning!


Eggplants can actually be quite tricky to store properly - they don't need to be kept cool in the fridge, but they'll also risk shrivelling up
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if they're left anywhere that's a little bit too warm. So your best bet is to store them like you would potatoes: in a cool, dark place like the cupboard.


We understand why you'd want cake to stay cool and fresh, especially if you have anything you think might melt, but your cake
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is best if it's a little bit warm and not too hard. This changes if the cake is primarily cream, but for most standard cakes, out on the side or in the cupboard is fine!

Salad Dressing

If you have a cream-based dressing then this should usually be okay to be stored in the fridge. But most dressings will be made
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primarily from vinegar or oil, which shouldn't be stored in the fridge. Out on the side or in the cupboard is your best bet, and not too close to heat.

Dried Fruit

We understand why you might think chopped up fruit, even when dried, should be stored in the fridge to keep it fresh, but adding dried fruit
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to the fridge will only let moisture get in. You're best storing dry fruit in an airtight container that can then be kept in the cupboard or pantry.


The best thing about those delicious syrups is how easily they pour all over your pancakes - which is exactly why you won't want
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to keep them in the fridge! The fridge will make your syrup go harder, which will make them harder to pour. They're best kept in a cool cupboard.

Peanut Butter

If you're a fan of a PB&J every now and again, then you'll likely have a nice big pot of peanut butter at the ready. If you store this in the fridge,
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it can be come hard and even stodgy, so it won't taste its best. It can be fine outside of the fridge as long as you eat within the shelf life date.


To keep your peaches nice and fresh, you don't actually want to keep them in the fridge - you shouldn't put peaches in there
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if they're not ripe yet, even if they're chopped into slices. On the countertop is where they have the best chance of ripening properly and not spoiling.

Pickled Vegetables

If you've bought a jar of pickles, you can save space in your fridge by just storing them in the cupboard, as long as the lid is tight.
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Be sure to also check the use by date to make sure. If you're fermenting your own pickles, you can actually store these in the fridge.

Dried Spices

Dried spices should always be stored in the cupboard, or on your favorite spice rack that matches your kitchen decor. This is because
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moisture will get into the dried spices if you store them in the fridge. Be sure to keep a good rotation of your spices, though, because some can easily get pushed to the back.

Chocolate Spread

Just like chocolate shouldn't be kept in the fridge, neither should chocolate spread. You can think of it in the same way as butter, too -
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you're using it to spread, so if it's kept in the fridge, it's going to solidify and be a lot harder to spread on your morning toast or bread!


You might have automatically been storing all your condiments on the fridge shelf - makes sense, right? But ketchup, because of the vinegar
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and oil content, should ideally be kept out of the fridge and out on the side or in the cupboard. This will help it not to spoil.


If your jam is being stored in an airtight and unopened container, than it should be stored on the side or in the cupboard - and it's even fine
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to be stored this way for years! Once you've opened the jar, though, you should put it in the fridge to stop mould growing on it.

Soy Sauce

When you think about condiments like soy sauce, think about what your favorite restaurants do with the bottles - they're usually on the side
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or the table, right? Soy sauce is best stored out of the fridge because of the high salt content, so you can keep it with your other sauces and spices!


We know that champagne has a reputation for being chilled, but this is only when it's ready to serve. If you're not planning on popping
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your champagne open any time soon, then you shouldn't keep it in the fridge - you should only chill it a few hours before opening.

Citrus Fruits

Because citrus fruits are so refreshing and full of juices, the logical thought would be to keep them chilled and fresh in the fridge -
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but actually, citrus fruits can taste better when they're left on the side in a cool spot rather than in the fridge. They can also be juicier this way, too!

Foods That Can Last Up To 20 Years! Dried Beans

So now you know what shouldn't be kept in the fridge, let's take a look at the food that you can also preserve for a very, very long time
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- 20 years, in fact, if you're planning for an apocalypse pantry... Dried beans can be stored for years and years if sealed in airtight containers.


Hardtack already has a hardy reputation for being a 'survival' food that you can keep and store, and it's been carried by sailors
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and soldiers for generations. If you keep it somewhere cool and dark, it can be stored for 20 years if you mix with water, flour and salt.


Pemmican was invented before fridges even existed, so it's the ultimate 'don't keep this in a fridge' food! It was invented by Native Americans,
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with a recipe making it durable for not even 20 years.. but up to 50 years! It needs to be kept in an airtight container in a dark place.


We know pasta is a good pantry staple to have, because it lasts quite a while - but did you know it could last for so long? Dried pasta,
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like spaghetti, lasagne sheets and fettuccine, can last for decades - as long as you store it properly, of course, in a sealed container in a cool, dry place!

Whole Wheat Grains

You've heard of whole wheat and whole wheat grain bread, but to have a food product you can store for around 20 years, you need the wheat
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grain itself - which can actually be hard to get ahold of! You actually need to contact companies that sell emergency food stores.

White Rice

Rice is easy to make, easy to pair with anything at all - or fine to eat on its own! The bonus is it can also be stored easily for a very, very long time.
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If you're looking to store rice, it's important to choose white over brown - because although brown is the healthier option, white has the longer shelf life!

Dehydrated Carrots

Looking to eat your five a day over the course of 20 years? Well a storage of dehydrated carrots should do the trick! Dehydrated carrots are great
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for adding to different recipes, like baking a cake or into stews. You can blend them or grind them down. Remember, they have to be dehydrated and not normal carrots!


Raw honey is a cupboard or pantry staple if you want to make sure you can enjoy its creamy, delicious goodness in 20 years time!
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You should usually try to heat honey up first if it's been on the shelf for quite a while, if you're worried about what it will take like!

Dried Spices

We know that dried spices can sit on the shelf rack for a long, long time - they need to be able to seeing as we only use a sprinkle at a time!
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- but you can actually be stored for around 20 years if you store them in a cool, dry place and make sure to seal the lid up!

Powdered Milk

So the thing with powdered milk is that although it has a very long shelf life, it's only good for a few years if you're putting it on the shelf
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in its original can. The good news is you can store it for around 20 years if you switch the contents to store in nitrogen cans instead.


If you're looking to never go without a warm, cozy drink and want to book that cup of tea in for 20 years' time, you'll want to keep storage of tea bags.
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Tea bags, if kept dry and in a cool place, will still keep their flavor and be fine to use! And you won't have to compromise, either - it'll still be a strong taste.

Ramen Noodles

The breakfast of champions (at least for college students), ramen noodles can be safely stored, and safely eaten. You can even push your ramen noodles
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to the back of your darkest cupboard and forget about them for 20 years, and they'll still be fine to eat! Just add boiled water.


This one is more of a handy tool to keep if you go into a survival situation, rather than throwing a bag of unhealthy salt over everything you're eating!
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Salt is good to be stored for years and can then be used for everyday things like treating wounds or household hacks.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is used everyday to mix with other foods and make for a thicker texture. You can also safely store it for years and years,
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as long as you store it in the right conditions and don't expose it to any heat or moisture. You'll need to store it in a cool, dry place - always the way!

Dry Fruits

We know how quickly fruit can go bad which makes it hard when you're still trying to get your five a day. But the good news is that dried fruit will keep
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for a long time - up to 20 years, in fact! There's a trick to storing it, though - it needs to be in a well-ventilated space, because dry fruit can absorb smells.


Ghee is a form of clarified butter - so if you know you'll want butter on your toast in 20 years time, you don't need to worry about preserving the stuff
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because ghee is the solution! To make it more interesting, butter itself can last for 20 years - but ghee can actually last twice that time.


Oatmeal is not only a healthy and delicious breakfast option (or for any meal of the day, for that matter) but it's easy to buy and stock up on
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from your supermarket shelf. All you need to do is store the oatmeal in an airtight container in a cool, dry place and you can enjoy a bowl in 20 years!


As long as sugar is kept out of direct sunlight, heat and away from moisture, it'll not only keep for 20 years, but it should keep for a lifetime!
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You can store it right next to the ghee. Further good news is that all varieties of sugar - loose, sugar cubes, white sugar, brown sugar etc. - will all keep the same.

Bouillon Cubes

Boullion cubes have been designed from the very beginning to last for a very, very long time! These tiny cubes have been made from meat
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that has been dried and salted and then packed into small square form. They'll not only last for years, but they won't take up a lot of space!

Potato Flakes

You might have been worrying how to store your favorite potatoes for such a long time, because let's face it they're a great food to make wedges
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or mash with! Luckily, with dried potato flakes, you can store them for years and then add water to them in order to mash them up!