12 Simple Steps To Manifest Anything We Desire

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Vision Boards

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One of the most common ways that people choose to manifest their desires is by creating something visual that they can continue to look at whilst they're working towards their goal. The best way to do this is by creating a vision board that shows everything you desire. Hang this somewhere that you can see it everyday and it'll help you manifest all that you envision as yours.

Create A  Feelings Journal

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Journaling can be a great way to record anything within your mind, that could be the positives like how happy you're feeling and the goals you have, to the negatives like how bad you're feeling, your negative thoughts and your worries. Either way, you'll be always be able to go back to where you started and revisit how you felt at each individual part of your journey.


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Scripting is something that you can do as part of your journey through journaling. It can be hard to get the hang of straight off the bat, but essentially the goal here is to trick your mind into believing that you've reached your goals already. Imagine all the feelings you'd have if you reached your goal and write them down as if you're you from the future. You might be surprised!

Give Positive Energy

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One of the most important aspects of manifesting your desires is to constantly dedicate only positive energy outwards. One of the best ways to do this is always spending time with the people you love, these are the people you feel closest too and the ones you want to be able to enjoy your feelings of manifestation with. They'll gain all the benefits from you too.

Focus On Your Feelings

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Manifesting your desires is, ultimately, all about you being able to reach a period in your life where you feel happy and able to accept yourself as a success in life. This could be via earning money, finding the partner of your dreams or a perfect job! But throughout the whole process you need to be focusing on your feelings and when you're happy you'll feel motivated.

Positive Affirmations

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Positive affirmations are something you should probably consider introducing to your life even if you aren't looking to manifest anything! You might feel a little odd talking to yourself, but by simply telling yourself, out loud, that you've got this or that you're going to achieve your goals you'd be surprised how much better you might feel! Maybe try doing it a few times a day!

Think About Your Dreams

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Our dreams during our sleep can signify what we've been thinking about during the day or how we've been feeling during the day too. Maybe if you can try and trick your brain into dreaming about specific things by writing them down or just thinking about them before you sleep then you'll have better dreams and therefore feel even better about yourself the next day.

Exit Your Comfort Zone

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For many of us, remaining in our own little protective bubble might be the most appealing thing for us, that way there's less chance you'll find yourself being harmed. But without stepping away from your comfort zone now and again you might be slowing down your development and you won't be able to grow as a person. Without trying how will you ever know?

Keep Supportive People Close

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One of the best ways to create a positive mindset in yourself and therefore be in a greater place to manifest your desires is to keep those who want to support you as close as possible. If you allow yourself to traverse life alone and you make a mistake then you're only opening up the possibility that you're going to fall into a pit of despair. Keep your friends close, always!

Avoid Toxic Positivity

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Although you want to keep your friends close to you though, it's important that the people you keep close won't be afraid to tell you that you're wrong or that you're going down the negative path. Toxic positivity can be dangerous for us all; how are we meant to develop and adapt if people are only telling us we're doing well when they might know they're not speaking the truth!

Accept Life Is A Bumpy Road

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One of the most important things to remember in life is that it'll never be smooth sailing; life is always going to throw us curve balls that none of us want, nor would we ever expect them. You have to be able to learn to accept that there will be massive ups and devastating downs at times in your life; but with the right community you'll always be able to prevail.

369 Method

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This method is one of the most popular when it comes to manifestation around the world. Surprisingly, it's associated with Nikola Tesla of all people!  He believed that this number was extremely important and that it could be used to unlock the secrets of the universe. I'm not sure if that's exactly true but basically you just write down what you want to manifest 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the day and 9 times at night!

Fake It!

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It might seem like a stupid thing to say but by just pretending that you're reaching your goals even if you haven't made too much progress then you might be on the right path. Just by doing this you might be able to manifest some further belief in yourself even if your path isn't as clear as you want it to be. You're the master of your own fate in most circumstances and situations.

Be Clear About Your Goals

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As I've already mentioned, manifesting can be different for everyone, some people might be trying to manifest money, whilst others might want a family or a new job. Either way, it's important for everyone who is looking to manifest their desires to be completely clear about their goals. You're the only person in control of what you want after all, aren't you?

Work With The Universe

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Many 'experts' in the art of manifesting believe that the whole process requires you to work alongside the universe to achieve what it is that you want. What you do yourself, in order to reach your goals is only half of the journey. Therefore it's important that you do everything you can like grouping with the right people and being prepared for what you want to achieve.

Reframe Your Mind

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I mentioned earlier about how you can use scripting as a way to manifest your desires, and reframing your mind kind of goes hand in hand with just that. During the whole process you need to be considering what your future self might be thinking. Maybe for an hour a day (or even less) just put yourself in the mindset you think you'd have at your end goal point.

Create A Gratitude Journal

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I also mentioned earlier on that you should consider creating a journal to detail your feelings and worries in life; you could also create a gratitude journal too! This one is a little easier to build as it's all based around the small things in life that you are achieving, every little bit, even if it's not so much a success that you might end up sharing with everyone else.

Remove Your Obstacles

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One of the major ways that your spirits can be dampened is the many obstacles that you can create within your own mind. This might be some fear of negativity that's stopping you from taking the next step in your journey. Some people might be unconscious to this fact and that can cause us to be acting out of character and against the goals that we might have set ourselves.

Believe In Yourself

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One of the best ways to ensure that you can overcome those obstacles I just mentioned is by determining what it is that's holding us back. Maybe as part of your journaling you can write down what it is you feel that could hold you back and what you believe is limiting you. Just try and fight these limiters with those positive affirmations to make you believe you're deserving of your dreams.

Raise Your Vibrations

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Within the community of manifesting there is a common practice that people refer to as 'raising your vibrations'. This is the process of avoiding giving off negative energy but positive instead; this will end up with you attracting more positive energy for yourself in the future too. You can do this in a number of ways, but just boosting someone else's mood might be enough!

Try Yoga

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One of the most popular ways to raise your vibrations is my beginning each and every day with a yoga class or by meditating; you'll be able to focus on your own happiness during the activity. Yoga is great because it allows your mind and body to relax whilst also giving you the opportunity to have some clarity within yourself, therefore being able to focus on your manifestations.

Focus On What You Have

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One part of manifesting that people don't always seem to consider is that you have to focus on what you already have as you don't want to lose that. You might want to earn MORE money, but at the same time you also need to be thankful and grateful for the money already in your possession. Always keep your focus on what you do have and not what isn't yours.

Create Visual Tools

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I already mentioned that you could create a vision board as a way to start your manifesting process; but perhaps another way to have something to look at that would motivate you would be to create visual things that represent your goals. One of the most popular routes , although it seems a little superficial, is to create a fake tree with monopoly money hanging off it, until you can replace with your own real stuff!

Use Music

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Another popular way that people like to help with manifesting their desires is by using music as a way to help you focus your thoughts (it can also help you raise your vibrations!). The goal with the music is to make your brain constantly come back to the feeling of a high that you had whilst visualising your goals during the process of listening to particular songs or albums.

Moon Rituals

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Moon rituals have long been ingrained within the community and have been used for centuries as people believed it had powers to help influence growth. You have to be understanding however as to when you should use the moon to manifest as different periods of time can have different effects on your desires. There are a whole range of different rituals you can find online!

Use Crystals

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Using crystals as a way to manifest your desires has been used for centuries if not longer and people believe there are specific crystals for specific desires. They are all meant to carry energies that can be help harness the energy you give off as well as the energy that you're surrounding yourself with. You have to keep an open mind though if you've never done it before!

Pyrite And Citrine

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In terms of attracting money and success to yourself, the most common crystals that people tend to use are Pyrite and Citrine. If you aren't fully aware as to how crystals work there are numerous tutorials online as well as a number of people you can contact to assist you. It's believed that they can inspire ideas and creativity within you to help you achieve the success you want.

Rose Quartz And Rhodonite

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In comparison, if you're trying to manifest love then you might want to consider introducing both Rose Quartz and Rhodonite (there are plenty others too) to your home. The rose quartz is perhaps the most popular crystal out there for attracting love whilst it's believed that Rhodonite can attract love to you and others by healing any prior heartbreaks that you've been put through.

Align Your Chakras

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Many people believe that you have seven chakras throughout your body that are used to look after our spiritual health and wellbeing; they also believe that when they're aligned your desires and manifestations can meet the universe much better. If one of your chakras is blocked then you won't be able to achieve your full potential and you'll get caught in a rut. Yoga is a great way to do this too!

Burn Bay Leaves

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Bay leaf manifestation has become quite a common ritual around the world having been used for centuries. You don't need to do anything particularly difficult with your burning, just light them with a match or candle flame! Whilst it burns give thanks and wish for what it is that you desire; once you're done you'll need to scatter the remains or let them blow off.