12+ Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. You dread going to work in the morning

Image Source/ HealthlineIf every night before bed the dread starts to creep in when you think about waking up the next morning for work, I can guarantee you are in the wrong job. I can also guarantee you will fantasise about quitting at some point in the future if you haven't already. Take this as your sign to do it.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. You have no interest in the work you're doing

Image Source/ SciTech DailyDo you find your work really boring? Is it so routine at this point that you're no longer interested? It may have sounded interesting at the start, or maybe you took it because you needed it financially. Whatever the situation, if you can't stand the work you're doing, you should explore other employment options.

3. Your job is not exciting

Image Source/ Medical News TodayIf you can't believe the work they're making you do, because it's so unbelievably BORING, then you need to take action. Maybe apply for a promotion or look for another job. If you've hit a standstill or outgrown your current role, then you should take matters into your own hands and allow yourself to grow.

4. You feel stuck

Image Source/ Better UpFeeling stuck in a job or in a certain company is really common. You're probably too scared to leave because you don't want to let anyone down, or maybe you're worried about money. I can tell you that you need to put yourself first. If you feel stuck, you need to work on growth for yourself. This could be as simple as upskilling and showing off your abilities and gaining a new role within the company, or more drastically, not worrying about other people's feelings and making the leap to leave.

5. You're not 'you' anymore

Image Source/ Help GuideStress can have a huge impact on us, both physically and mentally. Emotions can be all over the place and you may become more irritable, less patient and start to act in ways that aren't necessarily 'you'. Ever snapped at a colleague in the middle of a busy day? Your job can really alter your character if you let it.

6. You're noticing physical changes because of stress

Image Source/ NBC NewsThe physical side effects of stress can be massively underestimated. But the cost is too high when your job is having significant impact on your physical wellbeing. It could be as simple as lack of sleep or weight gain, or those unexplained headaches you get every day. Don't wait for any more signs to take better care of yourself!

7. You have no time for yourself

Image Source/ BurstWork life balance is SO important, but does anyone actually have it!? How many of your kids' school recitals have you missed due to working late? If it's one too many then take this as your sign and get out immediately. No workplace should ever expect you to prioritise it above your family.

8. You're being undervalued

Image Source/ ForbesWanting more money is generally why people leave their current jobs for a new one. If you've done your research and know you're being underpaid, then you should start to search out an opportunity that might be a better fit. Everyone deserves to be valued for what they do.

9. Your workplace promotes burnout culture

Image Source/ Better UpBurnout is a term we are seeing more and more these days. You might have seen some of your friends reach that point. When a workplace expects you to be available 24/7 or you are made to feel guilty about taking holidays or sick days, then you're probably on the road to burnout yourself.

10. You feel like the odd one out

Image Source/ BBCDo you feel like you're always the last one to be told about what's going on at work? Do you feel like you're the manager's least favourite? If you feel like you're just a body filling a desk then maybe you need to start looking for your next big move.

11. Time isn't on your side

Image Source/ Charlotte County Florida WeeklyEveryone is always nagging you about when you'll be having children, making you feel like your biological clock might be ticking. But what about your professional career clock? It is NEVER too late to change career, it takes some people several tries to find their niche. But it's also not worth staying in an unfulfilling job, so start searching now!

12. You've got a wandering eye

Image Source/ Tech QuintalIf you find yourself trawling LinkedIn in your free time, or daydreaming about starting a new career in your dream job, then your wandering eye might be trying to tell you something. When one half of the relationship starts to wonder what else is out there, it tends to mean that the relationship is over.

13. You spend half your day scrolling on your phone

Image Source/ StoryblocksIf you spend the morning meeting scrolling on your Facebook newsfeed rather than paying attention, maybe its a sign you should find a job you're actually passionate about. Even checking your email is probably more interesting than hearing what your co-workers have to say on the brief.

14. You and your coworkers constantly disagree

Image Source/ Business InsiderIs it really fair that you have to work with the most arrogant and unreasonable people!? But what's to say they aren't thinking the same thing about you... Have you ever thought that maybe you would enjoy your job a lot more if you were working with like-minded people?

15. You daydream a lot

Image Source/ Sleep Foundation"What if?" is a big question. If it's a big question you ask yourself a lot then maybe you should take a leap of faith and investigate the path you wish to take in your life. No one wants to look back in fifty years and wonder why they didn't take a chance.

16. Mondays are your last favourite day of the week

Image Source/ Inc MagazineNo one particularly likes a Sunday night when it signifies the end of the weekend and your return to work. However, if you have genuine dread and anxiety about a Monday and the start of a new week then that's really something you need to investigate.

17. You wouldn't recommend your job to a friend

Image Source/ Times of IndiaIf you have a friend who's looking for a job, but you don't want to tell them the company you work for is hiring, because you 'don't recommend it' then you need to ask yourself why you're still there. The list of reasons for why you don't want your friend to work there also applies to you.

18. You're not learning anything, but you wish you were

Image Source/ ForbesYou don't always have to be learning new knowledge or skills, it is perfectly normal to have periods in your life where you're content just as you are. However, if you're at a standstill and you are itching to move up and progress, but no one else is interested in your development, then maybe it's worth considering finding a teacher elsewhere.

19. Always trust your gut

Image Source/ Your TangoYour instincts can tell you a lot, so if you feel uneasy or anxious about work or even the thought of going to work, then maybe take the hint. Generally, it's your nerves trying to tell you that something's wrong, which is why you're told to always trust your gut.

20. You no longer smile at work

Image Source/ ZDNETWork isn't always enjoyable for anyone, but if you can't even remember the last time you shared a joke with a coworker, or cracked a smile at a staff meeting, then maybe your time has come to an end. It sounds like the job might be making you miserable.

21. You procrastinate a lot

Image Source/ Business InsiderNot every day is as engaging as the previous and some days you might spend wishing for home time, but if this is you every day then it's a problem. If you are constantly thinking up new, menial tasks and then prioritising them over your actual work, then you are procrastinating. Generally, that means you're avoiding something.

22. It brings out the worst in you

Image Source/ Lifehacker AustraliaImposter syndrome is a real thing and happens to real people. It can make you strained and anxious and then it's going to have an impact on your behaviour. Maybe you are less tolerant and all your insecurities are amplified. That will definitely have an effect on your productivity at work.

23. Maybe it's time to move on...

Image Source/ NewsweekIf your family and friends have started to hint that you might benefit from a change of pace, you might want to listen to their advice. They're often the most objective opinions and they can see things you don't want to see. They're the ones who have to suffer your moods after all...

24. You feel compelled to stay

Image Source/ Business InsiderPerhaps you have recently been passed over for a promotion but they've dangled the carrot for next time, or you have a boss who's put a lot of time into teaching you, so you feel obliged to stay. I can tell you, if they really want what's best for you, no one will judge you for leaving.

25. You've got something better in the pipeline

Image Source/ Business Big NewsAre you having interviews with other companies on the down low, or networking for yourself at business events? Then this is your sign to just do it. Quit your boring job and take a risk on your new opportunity. You never know where it might take you.

26. You need to numb your feelings

Image Source/ Eat This Not ThatChronic stress leading to burnout encourages us to blow off steam in drastic ways. This may be overindulging in food or drink just to numb the anxiety of going to work the next day. Everyone's distraction techniques will be different, but if you're only doing it to avoid thinking about work then that might be a sign to get out.

27. You cry about going to work

Image Source/ New York TimesIf the thought of going into the office is getting so bad that you're in floods of tears, then it's gone too far. Everyone can be emotional in high stress situations, but your every day work life shouldn't be a high stress situation leading to this extreme reaction.

28. Your job is affecting your confidence

Image Source/ SHRMSome things are easy enough to ignore, but some things start to eat away at your confidence. This might be comments from coworkers or your boss, those who should be encouraging you. If you don't feel valued then you start to doubt yourself and it's a downwards spiral from there.

29. You're concerned about the financial stability of your company

Image Source/ Rife MagazineIf you don't know where your firm will be in a year, get out now. Being fearful of the financial state of a company that pays your bills is not healthy and is down right fearful. You may even see them losing money or growing smaller. Abandon ship! You need to find a more stable organisation.

30. Your boss needs an attitude check

Image Source/ The MirrorMinor disagreements within the work place are normal. But if it goes too far and you don't feel like you're supported by your employer then your productivity and career progression might suffer. Repairing those broken relationships is always the ideal situation, but don't let your livelihood suffer if it can't be repaired.

31. You Get The Sunday Night Blues

Image Source / American Psychological AssociationEvery single week, Sunday is an absolute write off because you're just miserable and dreading going back to work. Sunday nights just feel like the worst because you can't focus on anything else except the impending doom of returning to Monday morning work.

32. You Google 'Should I Quit My Job'

Image Source / Sophie WinterIf you're Googling for the answer to a question like this, then you already know the answer deep down - and that's 'yes'. If you were enjoying being at your job, there's no way you'd be thinking about Googling a question like this.

33. You're Actually Reading This Article!

Image Source / The New YorkerThe same applies to this! Why else would you be reading an article about signs you should quit your job if you weren't already thinking about it? And reading an article hoping it will give you the exact answer you're looking for (the answer you already know).

34. You Dread People Asking About Your Job

Image Source / Scientific AmericanYou meet new people and you know the 'so what do you do?' question is coming, and you're already planning how to answer to make it sound like you don't hate your job (you've just met this person after all so you don't want to rant) but you're just secretly wishing they won't ask at all.

35. Your Management/Boss Is Absolutely Useless

Image Source / ForbesIt's a sad fact that even if a company is amazing and even if you love your job, it can actually be impossible if your management is useless. The order of things is just too difficult to cope with, meaning that - even if you love what you do - you might start dreaming about working for somebody who actually knows what they're doing.

36. You Spend Your Free Time Revisiting Your Resume

Image Source / Office Templates - Microsoft OfficeIf you find yourself relaxing on the sofa and suddenly thinking 'hmm I wonder what my resume is looking like' and start updating it to include your latest job and information, this might be you subconsciously prepping for that next job hunt. Why else would you be thinking about your resume?

37. You Have Serious Anxiety And Depression

Image Source / Everyday HealthOf course, there are many reasons this can happen - and sometimes no real reason at all for it - but it's highly likely that, if you hate your job, it's going to make you seriously depressed. Because you spend so many hours at a job you hate, of course your mental health is going to take a serious hit.

38. You Consider Just Walking Out At Least One A Day

Image Source / WorkNestYou start daydreaming about what it would be like just to pack up your stuff and go. Not even handing in your notice, just walking out when you seriously can't take it anymore. It's so bad that even working your notice seems like an impossible task.

39. You're Only Doing It For The Money (But It's Making You Miserable)

Image Source / Marxist.comThere's nothing wrong with doing a job just for the money, because everyone needs to pay the bills after all, but the problem starts when it's actually making you miserable. If it's an okay job that pays the bills, fair enough, but no amount of money is worth making yourself depressed.

40. You've Begun To Think What It Would Be Like To Work For Yourself

Image Source / FoundrMaybe your wants and needs have changed and you're not wondering about this whole self-employed business. This could be because you're starting to think with a more business mind, or maybe it's because you're so sick of your boss you're dreaming of a time when you can be your own.

41. You Don't Like The 9-5 Work Culture

Image Source / New IntrigueThe fact is, the 9-5 work culture just isn't for everyone. Even if you enjoy the work itself, you might wonder about a different schedule (like working nights) or just what it would be like to set your own hours. If the 9-5 isn't working for you, then over time, this is seriously going to wear you down.

42. Your Commute Is Way Too Long

Image Source / The WorkstationThere's always a chance that you love your job but the commute is just way too long. There's a difference between an annoying commute and one that is just costing far too much in time and money that half your wage is going on just getting to work in the first place. You might need to look for a job closer to home.

43. You Don't Enjoy Any Of Your Days Off

Image Source / Mindful.orgThere's no possible way you can ever relax or stop thinking about work because even on your days off you're just counting down the minutes for when you have to return to work, aware that your days off are only postponing the inevitable misery.

44. All You Do Is Talk About How Much You Hate Your Job

Image Source / LaddersYou'll find that it slips into every conversation because a job that is wearing you down is going to affect everything. Someone asks how your day has been? Complain about the job. Someone asks what you want to do at the weekend? Say you don't know because you're too tired to think after your crappy job. Rinse and repeat.

45. And You're Just Negative About Everything In General

Image Source / MaxMyProfitWhen you hate your job, you're going to have a less than optimistic viewpoint about everything else, too, simply because it's getting right into your skin. So you may find that you're negative about every daily thing or speak as though there's no hope about the future, or that you don't particularly look forward to anything - everything just annoys you.

46. There's No One At Your Work That You Look Up To Or Aspire To

Image Source / MicroEnglishWhen you're trying to build a career, it's always nice to have some sort of mentor, or at least someone you look at and think, 'Wow, I hope I get to their position one day, I could learn from them.' But in a dead end job maybe there's absolutely nobody around you who motivates or inspires you.

47. You Get Passed Over For A Promotion Constantly

Image Source / Alva LabsYou've worked there long enough now, have constantly put yourself forward for a promotion, but every single time you just don't make the cut. Once would be understandable if you had skills to work on, but after the 10th time of being skipped over, it's time to cut loose.

48. Your Job Role Is Different To What They Promised You At The Interview

Image Source / BetterteamEverything seemed rosy at the interview. You were told about all your responsibilities, got excited about the develop potential and what you'd be doing every day. Come to a week or so after starting the position and you're asked to do boring tasks that have nothing to do with what you should be doing. And turns out nothing they said at the interview was truthful.

49. Your Job Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Anything You're Interested In

Image Source / BitGabThis doesn't just mean your overall job aspirations, either - it could mean your personal passions and hobbies, too. Your job just isn't anything you care about, and never will be, and you barely even understand what it is you do. It's just a bit 'meh', to say the least.

50. Your Responsibilities Have Grown - But Your Wage Hasn't

Image Source / The Migration BureauYou've been working there a long time so you've slowly been offered more and more responsibilities over time. Great stuff - they obviously believe in you, right? They know you've always worked hard so know they can trust you with further things to do. Problem is, they don't pay you any different for doing a whole lot more.