12 Signs That A Pet Needs Exercise

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Dogs Being Destructive

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Have you ever come home from work or woke up to find that your dog has been chewing or destroying parts of your home? You might see that the couch has been chewed on or table legs, or maybe your shoes and clothes have been torn apart? This is a prime sign of a dog who is feeling bored or anxious and to fix this you might want to take them for a couple more walks in the day or week.

Dogs Playing Rough

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We all love playing with our favourite four-legged friends and usually they're pretty calm and chilled out when they're with their favourite two-legged people. However, sometimes they might try to engage in some more rough and less controlled playing.  This might be them releasing some an overwhelming amount of energy they have as a result of not getting enough exercise.

Dogs Getting Fat

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I know it can be hard to say no to our dogs when they give us those looks, you know the ones I mean, don't you? But we all have to be careful to no overfeed our dogs and help them remain a healthy weight, free from obesity. If they aren't exercising enough this will become more obvious and you're overweight dog might begin moving slower and becoming even more lazy.

Cats Eating More

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All animals that need more exercise will become fat, there's no doubt about that. But did you know that cats actually turn to eating more food (or trying to eat more food) as a way to cure some of the boredom they've accumulated as a result of not having enough exercise? You might want to hide their treats and ensure that they're sticking to their regular feeding times within the day.

Cats Becoming Aggressive

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In most situations, domestic cats are usually quite timid and enjoy being stroked or playing with their owners. However, if you own more than once cat and have noticed that they are beginning to fight one another (or yourself if you're unlucky) then it might be a sign that they need some more exercise. Cats can get riled up quite easily if you don't play with them, especially if they're house cats.

Energetic Dogs

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I mentioned before how dogs can become a bit rougher when playing if they haven't had enough exercise because of their pent-up energy, well this might become even more obvious if you notice them rushing around the house at night when everyone else is in bed. A restless dog might be trying to signal to you that they want to get outside, they might just want to run around in the yard for a while.

They Keep Bringing You Toys

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If a dog constantly brings you toys to play with then they're obviously trying to communicate with you that they want to play. As a result of all the various amounts of species of dog that are out there, they all require different levels of exercise than others. If one might want to play more than another it might just genuinely be a sign that they really need a run around.

Depressed Dogs

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Just like us humans, dogs can go through a whole range of emotions in a day and for that reason you might be able to notice when they are or when they aren't feeling in a good mood. If you're noticing your dog is looking a little depressed or worn down, it might be a sign that they wish they were spending some more time outside getting some exercise than being sat in the house all day.

A Needy Cat

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Although we might appreciate our cats coming and spending time with us, they can become quite annoying if we let them become to needy as a result of not having enough exercise. Commonly, they might choose to paw at you or constantly meow at you to get your attention. If you keep your cat in his home permanently then they need some playtime to keep them occupied.

Dogs Barking At You

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There are limited ways for a dog to be able to communicate with us, but they are still smart animals and they know what will get our attention more than anything else. If a dog is feeling restless and full of energy, they might turn to barking at you in order to show these feelings as well as their boredom. Sometimes, they'll bark directly at you, whilst other times they might choose to just bark at the back door. Give them a run out!

Cats Going Hunting

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As you're probably aware, cats are naturally predatory animals and just because we have now domesticated them, it doesn't mean that they have lost any of these instincts. If you allow your feline friend to head outside during the day and don't keep them inside then you might notice they try and exercise more by hunting other animals, usually birds and mice or rats that might have made it in to your yard.

Horse Gets Laminitis

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A horse that doesn't get enough exercise might end up suffering from a common condition in horses known as Laminitis. This can, if severe, be quite dangerous to your horse so it would be best to get it checked out, or avoid it happening in the first place. Essentially, the tissue between the hooves and the bone can become weakened and potentially lead to the two detaching!

Dogs Pestering You

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Like I just said, dogs are smart animals and they are able to find ways to communicate their needs and feelings to you without being able to talk. If they notice that something annoys you or makes you move, they might then continue doing so in order to make you understand that they want something. A tired dog will be much more likely to leave you alone (unless they want to have a cuddle that is!).

A Horse Kicks Out

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As we'll get on to later, horses have to have a promising relationship with their owners. But if, like with dogs and cats, they don't get enough exercise, then they can turn to some forms of aggression to try and communicate their problems to you. You might think they're harmless, but an angry and irritated horse won't be afraid to kick out at you if they don't get their way.

Cats Grooming Themselves A Lot

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Cats, as well as dogs and other animals, can often be seen licking themselves and most of us tend to believe that they're just trying to keep themselves clean. The truth however, is that they're more likely just feeling stressed or anxious and want some more exercise. The problem with overgrooming is that they can eventually end up causing themselves more harm than good and they might give themselves sores.

Dogs Pulling On The Leash

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As a puppy, it's natural for a dog to pull on the lead whilst they're out on a walk; that's because they haven't yet been trained on how to and how not to act. It's fine for a dog to get excited when they're finally going out but they still need to be careful. If you notice that they're pulling on the lead a lot or more than they used to, it might be a sign that they have some excess energy. Play some fetch or go for a run with them!

Get Your Hamster A Running Wheel

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As with other domesticated animals, if a hamster isn't given enough exercise then they can become quite destructive within their environment, this can lead to them chewing their cage and damaging the items within the cage too. They need to be given the opportunity to feel how they would in the wild, running freely, so ensuring they have a wheel or ball will definitely stop them from going crazy.

Your Cat Starts Hiding

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Most of you will know your cats usual behaviour and the things they do and don't like to do during the day, especially if you're at home together for long periods of the days during the week. Although some cats will become restless, others might end up hiding or trying to avoid you. This might show that they are trying to show you they're unhappy with how that they're being treated.

A Horse Has Filled Legs

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As horses have evolved, they have learned to absorb all the pressure of their steps through their hooves; and walking is important to horses as movement is essential in ensuring their blood circulates properly. If a horse remains stationary for excessive periods then they can develop a condition known as filled legs where the bottom half of their legs, as you might have worked out, fills with fluid.

Your Dog Is Moving Stiffly

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Have you ever noticed that your dog is beginning to struggle with moving around the house, maybe they can't get up on the couch as easy or they can't climb the stairs properly anymore? If your dog is still young, then it might be a sign that their muscles are weak and that can occur when they aren't being provided with enough exercise to keep them healthy. More walks will mean more mobility!

A Curious Dog

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Although we might think a curious dog is just being cute and trying to work out what's going on in the home, they're just naturally built to try and understand everything to survive. This might come in the form of following you around the home, to smelling everything that they come across as they're moving. This can often just be a sign that they're actually bored and want to get outside.

Cats Feeling Tired

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Although this might seem a little backwards, if a cat isn't getting enough exercise then they might become a lot more tired than they usually are. You might actually realise that this happens to you as well, if you spend the whole day lying in bed or on the couch then you'll feel just as tired too! We're more alike than you might first think we are you know, just get some cat toys for them at least!

They Keep Pooping Inside

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By the time that your pets reach a certain age, they will be expected to have been toilet trained and no longer need to relieve themselves within the home. After this, the only reason that they will do so inside would be: they're ill, they're choosing to be misbehaved or they haven't been let outside. You don't want to have to clean it up inside and I'm sure they wouldn't want to do it their either.

You Haven't Taken Them Out

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Although this might seem a little obvious, some people don't realise how important walking their favourite four-legged friends can be to keep them behaving as we want them to. On the odd occasion it can be okay to not take them for a walk, AS LONG AS, they get some exercise in the yard. But running around in the yard isn't always enough and they'll want to go on a proper walk around your town.

Horse Isn't Given Enough Room To Roam

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Although horses have long been an animal that us Americans and many others around the world have kept as pets, many of them are kept in a whole range of habitats. Horses need to have the ability to roam around in their habitats so if you keep them in a stable or barn and don't regularly let them out, then they might be suffering from a lack of exercise; they really need it!

You Need To Exercise The Horse

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Although this might seem obvious, horses actually tend to avoid doing much exercise on their own, they might go for a little run straight after getting out of the paddock, but then they turn to grazing. If you allow them to just graze without actually forcing them to exercise then they are only going to put on some weight. Make sure you get them moving for a little bit when you release them at least.

Horse Won't Let You Ride

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The relationship between a horse and the person who's going to ride the horse is very important, they need to be comfortable enough to let someone ride them for extended periods. If they haven't had enough exercise however, then they might be less lenient and more irritable towards people trying to hop on their back. Make sure they're happy and relaxed before you try going for a ride.

They're On Their Own

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In most situations, animals don't like to be kept alone, they probably want to spend time with one another and this can be a great way for them to get exercise on their own without having to rely on you to do it for them. Dogs that come in pairs or cats that come in pairs will often play with one another and that'll mean you don't have to worry about taking them out or playing with them yourselves all the time.

Let Them Roam

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If you don't always have the time to take your pets out or play with them, then you should always allow them to try and get plenty of exercise on their own. Obviously, spending time in the yard isn't going to be suitable for them every day in the long run, but a dog would much rather be outside playing on the lawn they'll be if they're locked inside the house all day instead.

Goats Try To Escape

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I know not many of us will keep goats as pets, they're quite a lot of work and you have to have a lot of room for them to play with one another. Goats like to think that trying to escape by mounting things or trying to scale a fence is a way of playing; this could be a sign that they actually need some more exercise. Goats thoroughly enjoy toys like balls if they're available though.