12+ Signs That A Partner Is Outgrowing A Relationship

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. They Become Distant

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One of the telltale signs that a partner is outgrowing a relationship is that they become distant. They stop treating you like you're their world and instead have more focus on their own endeavors, of which you are not a part of. It can be hard to communicate with someone who is distant so always trust your gut.

2. They No Longer Enjoy The Things You Used To Do Together

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Every couple in a healthy relationship has things that they enjoy doing together; whether that be seeing a movie, going ice skating or going to concerts, and they like to do these regularly. When you outgrow a relationship you tend to outgrow mutual hobbies too, so if they no longer wish to participate in 'your thing', then the chances are they've outgrown you.

3. You Have Less In Common

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The beginning of a relationship is an exciting time, where you find out things about each other and find you have things in common. As people grow their interests often develop, so they might move on from your common interests and into areas new, as you remain in the same place you were before. This is a sign the relationship is headed to fail.

4. They Want To Do Stuff Without You

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When you're in a partnership with someone, you'll find that you do most things together, and if not, you'll wish they were there. If the spark has fizzled out then there's less desire to spend so much time together, which is never a good sign in a relationship.

5. They Prefer Their Own Company

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For whatever reason, someone who has outgrown a relationship would rather spend time on their own than with their partner, and they'll tend to do things alone instead of inviting them out. It may be that they feel guilty that they no longer enjoy time spent together, or perhaps they don't; they'd just rather not be with them.

6. They No Longer Consider You

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A relationship is a commitment to always care about the other person, to take them into consideration and to make them happy. If someone is no longer into it, then they'll probably stop considering their partner's feelings and do as they please without thought. It's not that we need to be involved in everything in our partner's lives, but it's nice to be thought of.

7. They No Longer Listen To 'Your Songs'

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Many couples have songs which remind them of each other or of a time spent together. They listen to it when feeling particularly romantic and it's often played at their wedding. When one half of the partnership can no longer listen to this song then there's something weird going on, as it means they don't want to think about you.

8. They Stop Asking Questions

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Asking your partner about their day, their feelings and things they may be involved in, is a form of connection like no other. You're continuing to learn about each other while showing a vested interest. When these questions stop it can indicate that the interest has gone and the need for connection is no longer important.

9. Conversation Is Awkward

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When a relationship has run its course it's often difficult to re-connect with your partner. There are probably awkward undertones as you both know you're fighting a losing battle. Desperately trying to make it work will just feel uncomfortable as there is a great big elephant in the room you may be trying to ignore.

10. They're Not As Kind

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Outgrowing a relationship may cause a person to act in a way they wouldn't usually, as they have complex feelings towards their spouse which err on the side of negativity. The gestures will be no more and they may even become unkind. This is a red flag and will need addressing if you find your partner acting this way.

11. They Get Frustrated By You

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Being in a relationship you no longer want to be in can feel claustrophobic, like you're trapped in a place you don't want to be in. If it is another person making you feel trapped then every little thing they do is frustrating. It isn't necessarily about that person being frustrating, it's just the unhappy party taking their frustrations out on their partner who they have outgrown.

12. They Don't Talk About Your Future

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A person who is no longer interested in continuing their relationship, can no longer see a future in it. The plans which you once had are now in vain, and so the person will no longer talk about them. They might become sheepish if you bring it up or even say outright that they don't wish to talk about it. If there's a sign to leave it's that one!

13. They Make Plans Without You

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Seeing as you're no longer in their field of vision, a partner who has lost interest in a relationship is likely to forget about you when making plans. They may actively choose to do things without you or just disregard your existence; either way, it won't feel very good!

14. They Barely Text You When You're Not Together

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If they don't have time for you when they're in your presence, then they certainly won't have time for you when you're not. If you're apart from each other then it's normal to want to keep in touch, however those who no longer wish to keep the romance alive may either ignore your texts or respond minimally.

15. They Won't Initiate Anything

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A person who has outgrown a relationship will want to avoid doing anything that contributes to said relationship, so they are highly unlikely to initiate anything, and that includes basic contact. If someone wants to see you then they'll make the effort to do so; that they don't just shows that they're no longer interested.

16. There's No Intimacy

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Intimacy is usually the first thing to go when a person has outgrown a relationship and it can feel quite demoralizing if you're on the receiving end... or not. Nobody should feel unwanted in a relationship so if it gets to this point then it might be best to leave.

17. They Cancel Plans

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If you actually manage to make plans in a relationship that has run its course, then those who have outgrown it will probably end up cancelling anyway. Perhaps they said yes in the first place because they felt bad, or felt like they had to - they had no intention of going along with it.

18. They Avoid Answering Your Questions

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If a person has outgrown a relationship then you haven't, then you probably have many unanswered questions. If they can't be honest about their feelings then it's likely that they'll avoid answering these questions altogether, which usually ends up in disagreements.

19. They're Always Making Excuses

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It often takes a while for a person who has outgrown a relationship to be honest with themselves and their spouse, for fear of giving up on something familiar. They will use a plethora of excuses as to why they can't do or talk about anything, which sounds more exhausting than just telling the truth!

20. They Ignore Your Calls

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If someone has decided that a relationship is no longer for them, but they find themselves unable to discuss this, then the last thing they want is to hear from their partner. It's a really shady thing to do, but unfortunately there are people out there who just ghost others.

21. They're Unsupportive

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It's difficult for some people to be supportive, and especially if they feel that they no longer want to be close with the person who they once cared deeply for. If the zest has disappeared from a relationship, then their willingness to support has probably gone as well.

22. They Treat You Like A Friend

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You know that someone no longer wants a relationship if they suddenly start treating you lie a friend instead of a partner. Everyone wants to feel special when they're with someone, but when a person loses interest, then they seem to lose the ability to make you feel important.

23. They're Always On Their Phone

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If someone is interested in you, then they will give you their full attention. However if they feel that they've outgrown you, then the rest of their lives will become more important. They may feel as though they don't even want to be around you, so they'll be elsewhere; namely, on their phone.

24. Their Friends Become More Of A Priority

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Seeing friends when you're in a relationship isn't something you should ever stop - you may even share the same pals! However, you do expect to be a priority, and you'd hope your partner would want to spend time with you. If they feel that the relationship is at a dead end, then they'd probably much rather spend the night with their buddies than with you.

25. It's Obvious

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Usually when someone has moved on from a relationship, it's pretty obvious. They'll stop making any effort whatsoever, as they have probably accepted that it's over. It's not nice to lead you on, but always trust yourself if you feel they have outgrown your relationship; you're probably right.

26. They're Busier Than Usual

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Whether they actually are not, a person who is over a relationship will probably start to act really busy. Everything will become more important than spending time with you, and they'll actively seek out other things to do if they have spare time. Either that or they'll lie that they're unavailable.

27. They Pick Fights With You

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If someone has outgrown a relationship but is unable to tell their partner, then they may find way of getting their partner to break up with them. One way of doing so is by picking fights. If the reason for their disinterest is simply that they're over it, then they may wish to create some drama to find a reason for it to end.

28. They Won't Tell You About Their Life

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Normal conversations for couples include talking about their days, their interests and their friends and family. Someone who no longer wants the relationship to continue, will not find any importance in these conversations, and they probably won't want you to know what they've been up to.

29. They Don't Pay Attention To You

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You'll find that people who outgrow relationships suddenly become blind. It's unlikely that they'll even give you a second glance, so don't expect them to notice a new haircut. Even if they do they just don't think that it's worth commenting on. We all want our partners to notice us, so if they don't, take it as a warning sign.

30. You Catch Them Flirting

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It's really disrespectful for your partner to flirt with someone else in front of you, however if they decide that they no longer wish to continue a relationship, then they'll probably want to keep their options open. They may be on the lookout for their next unfortunate partner, so that when they do leave, they're not on their own.