12+ Signs Of A Bookworm

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. It's All They'll Spend Their Money On

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Books can be expensive, cheap, or somewhere in the middle. It doesn't matter for a bookzfworm, they'll save up if they need to. If there is a book on sale that they need, it is coming home with them one way or another. Their priorities lay with buying books and nothing will get in the way of that.

2. Their Loved Ones Are Gifted Books For Every Birthday

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If there's one thing that bookworms know, it's what book you need in your life. Buying books for people means a lot to them, they want to share their passion by offering the joy of reading. They won't buy any old book, they'll find the perfect book for the birthday person, and probably quiz them on it, too.

3. They Reference Obscure Books

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Bookworms very often have quite a niche taste in literature, and will often try to talk about obscure books and authors. If you have heard of the reference or are even into it yourself, then don't expect the bookworm to leave you alone. It seems you are "their person".

4. Their House Has Random Book Piles Everywhere

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Bookshelves can only hold so much, and a book lover's are more than likely jam packed. This doesn't mean they'll stop buying books or even give them away, it just means that they'll make room in various parts of their house. It also means that wherever they are in the home, they'll always have something to read.

5. Their Eyes Light Up If You Mention You Read

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Bookworms love to talk about literature. They love discussing books they've read, books that they've not read, literary history, the state of reading to day, the list goes on! Someone sharing the same passion as them will have them acting like a puppy at Christmas!

6. They'd Prefer To Sit In A Cafe Than A Bar

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Bar's can often feel like hostile environments, with alcohol flowing and music blaring - hardly the calming vibe you want if you have your nose in a book. Sitting in a cafe however, is much more relaxing and doesn't pose the risk of being hit on or spat at.

7. They Enjoy Their Own Company

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Being with people is great as long as the conversation is engaging, but quite often bookworms will be happier sitting alone for hours, reading to their heart's content! Without people as a distraction, they can get through hundreds of pages without noticing time passing by.

8. Long Journeys Are Their Idea Of Fun

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What better for a bookworm than having hours of time to kill? All they need for a long journey is snacks, books and an alarm to remind them where to get off. It's leaving the transport that's the issue, as it means dragging them away from the story they're invested in.

9. They Travel For Book Signings

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Some people follow celebrities around, idolizing them and trying to get autographs. Bookworms have no interest in the celebrities of pop culture, as they're more likely to fangirl over their favorite author. It's likely you'll find them at book signings, quivering with starstruck nerves!

10. They're On Good Reads More Than They're On Facebook

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You can have a social media profile for every interest nowadays, with readers having their own platform. You can rate and recommend books as well as publish what you have and haven't read. Bookworms love following their friends and strangers here as it adds to their ever growing "want to read" bookshelf.

11. They Can Read In Any Environment

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Although there are optimal environments to get the best enjoyment out of a book, bookworms can read anywhere and everywhere. They get so immersed into the story in front of them, that the whole world is blocked out! It's a challenge to even get their attention if you need to...

12. They're Involved With Book Clubs

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One rule of book club...is to never talk about book club. It's a safe space to really let out the bookworm beast, and there is nowhere else that they feel so alive. It's a place they can completely be themselves as they're surrounded by like-minded individuals discussing their favorite topic.

13. You Find Them Sniffing Books

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Do not be alarmed, they haven't gone completely crazy. For a bookworm, the smell of a book (the older the better), is the best sensory experience they can fathom. They may look a bit weird, but it's pretty common and it's what they love best. Why don't you try it out for yourself.

14. They Get Annoyed If You Damage Books

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Many people aren't precious about the state of a book's cover, however to a book lover, damaging a book is the greatest sin you can commit. Don't ever borrow a book from a bookworm for fear of spoiling it. And never, EVER, bend the spine as you're reading...

15. They're Romantic

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Whether they're into romantic literature or not, bookworms tend to be romantic in nature. They find art in every interaction as their internal dialogue will naturally embellish them. People will remind them of characters and events will remind them of scenes. Their imaginations often add interesting twists to everyday life.

16. The Library Is Their Favorite Hang Out

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They're there at least once a week, usually on their own and deep in thought. They're best friends with the librarians, but will never meet them elsewhere. They have books on order, books and loan, they've donated books and bought some from the shelves. They'd live there if they could.

17. They're Always Carrying A Book

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You never know where you might be able to fit a few chapters in; waiting for a bus, a friend, or a pizza, and bookworms are always prepared. They couldn't imagine having that free time go to waste, and it means they always have multiple books on the go. It's a great conversation starter, too!

18. They'll Talk Passionately About Their Favorite Books

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If you're not interested in the author they're talking about, and know nothing of them, then be prepared to nod and smile... a lot. Book lovers usually know everything there is to know about their favorites, so buckle up - it's going to be a long ride!

19. They've Visited Famous Libraries

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Holiday destinations usually have some great literary history or a famous library that the bookworm will dedicate whole days to. They will often pay for extra luggage on the way home, as they fully expect to come home with a much heavier suitcase than they left with, and even less room for more books!

20. Moving House Is A Nightmare

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Books take up the most space in a bookworm's house, and boxes filled with them can be the heaviest and most awkward things to move! They'll usually need at least one van load to move the cargo, and don't even think about suggesting they get rid of any...

21. They're Obsessive About Their Favorite Authors

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Book lovers usually know more about their favorite authors than they do about most family members, and they're all too keen to talk about them. They'll follow them round book signings and buy everything they've ever written. Let's hope the authors don't feel as though they're being stalked, which they absolutely are.

22. They Buy New Books Before Finishing Old Ones

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Most bookworms have an issue with hoarding. They have piles and piles of unread books yet they won't hesitate to buy new ones. They always have humongous reading lists which is always being added to. We think the obsession with buying books is almost as big as the obsession with reading them.

23. There's No Such Thing As A "Quick Visit" To A Bookstore

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Bookworms will always be fascinated by books, no matter how many they see or how many they read. Visiting a book store is like a kid visiting a candy shop; they want everything and need to see it all. The difference is that the adult book lover can usually buy exactly what they want and make book shopping a day trip!

24. They Have A Sore Back From Forgetting To Change Reading Positions

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May of us have been there, finding a spot so comfortable that we sink down into our book and move about if we start to get uncomfortable. For a bookworm however, they might not notice themselves becoming uncomfortable as they are so enthralled with their story, that hours later they are stiff as a board!

25. They're Distracted

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If you're out in public and chatting with a bookworm, you'll notice they often get a glaze in their eye and seem to mentally switch off. Usually this is because you've mentioned something that happened in a story they've read, and their imagination is running so wild that they're too distracted to follow what your saying. Nothing a snap of the fingers won't sort!

26. They Have A Tote Bag Full Of Books

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Most libraries and book stores sell tote bags with book-related quotes on, so you're likely to find a bookworm carrying one of these and it's likely to weigh a ton. They stuff them full of their favorite paperback, hardback, or otherwise, so that they're never without reading material.

27. They'll Read Over Your Shoulder

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When books are involved, these obsessives will forget the meaning of personal space. If they see words on a page, they are instantly hooked, and will lean a little closer to get a glimpse of what they say. Don't be alarmed by this, sometimes it's best to just let them be...

28. Their Conversation Always Reverts Back To Books

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They have so many referential points that they can liken any scenario and any conversation back to something they've read. It might be frustrating as you're trying to discuss the real world, but bookworms don't always live in the real world so maybe it's about time we joined them.

29. They'll Judge You For Your Book Shelf

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Don't expect a bookworm to visit your house and not give your book shelf an intense study. They will judge what you read, who you read, and sometimes how it is organized. The following conversations will likely be on the books that you keep, so make sure you're displaying the ones that you've read.

30. They Won't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Most of the time, bookworms have already read about or been recommended books before they've even seen they're cover so they wouldn't let whatever artwork is featured put them off from reading it if they wish to. They might have an opinion on whether it's the right cover for the story, but it'd never sway their reading choices.