12 Scientific Reasons Why The Earth Is Definitely Flat

By Jack Clark 10 months ago

The Horizon Appears Flat

Image Source: Science.org
Have you ever actually looked out to the horizon and taken in what you see? Not many people have, but it doesn't take a genius to see that the horizon is completely flat. There is absolutely zero curvature to be seen, regardless of which direction you're facing or how far you can see. Also, there is no upper limit on how far our eyesight can reach. We can literally see stars in the night sky that are hundreds of thousands of light-years away. If we can see that far, don't you think that we could perceive some sort of curvature on our horizon?

Drone Footage

Image Source: Reddit
Another piece of evidence that proves the Earth is flat is the overwhelming pieces of footage that we have from human-controlled drones. You know those robot-like pieces of machinery that whir around in the air above us. They're often used for aerial video shots for films and TV shows, and within the footage lies the proof that the Earth is flat. You can't see any kind of curvature from this footage, and these drones go up pretty high. If you can't see the curvature, then how can scientists honestly say that the Earth ISN'T flat?

Gravity Is An Illusion

Image Source: Reddit
We've all heard about the nonsensical theories put forward by scientists of a bygone age, but the idea of 'gravity' really takes the biscuit. There is 0 empirical proof or data that shows the theory of gravity to be real. There's not even one coherent study that scientists can produce to show that they're correct. What the scientists are getting wrong is that they're confusing the false idea of gravity with the very real, objective measurements of density. Objects don't fall to the earth because of some force we can't see, but rather they fall to the earth depending on how dense they are. Duh!

Lack Of Consistent Curvature Measurements

Image Source: Quora
Hundreds of scientists throughout history have constantly been trying to prove that the earth ISN'T flat with their contrived 'curvature measurement tests'. What is interesting is that every single time these 'scientists' have tried to measure the earth's curvature, they get a different result! They're completely inconsistent with each other. Opponents of the flat earth theory (i.e. opponents of truth) argue that the inconsistencies are a result of poor measurements and tests - have they not considered the possibility that the results are inconsistent because there is no curve to measure?

God Created A Flat Earth

Image Source: Prospect Magazine
God said he created the Earth as the centre of the universe, and God is omniscient (that means He knows everything, past, present and future by the way). Also, there is a boatload of verses in the Bible that suggest that the earth is, in fact, flat. What more proof do we need? God created the universe and put the Earth right in the middle of it all, which is why we can see the rest of the stars in space. Also, it shows how important God finds humans to be, given that He put us right in the centre of everything. If this isn't enough proof, then we don't know what to tell you.

The Government Is Lying

Image Source: Independent
C'mon, you really want to trust what the government is saying? They lie through their teeth on a DAILY basis, yet everyone just sits back and laps it all up. They're in cahoots with the space agencies and the media to lie to us about the object truth laid out in front of us that we are too brainwashed to see: the earth is flat. All those videos that the government release from outer space are inconsistent, I mean, you can see how much the videos have been edited to make the earth look spherical!

The Space Agencies Are Lying

Image Source: National Geographic
The same goes for those pesky space agencies. You know, NASA and SpaceX. Every piece of content and (mis) information that they put out is just propaganda to get you to believe their lies. Everything from the moon landings to brand new rockets that they 'send into space'. Pull the other one, Musk. Also, you know those photos of the earth that are apparently taken by astronauts up in space? Don't believe them, they're all created digitally in some sophisticated studio somewhere, obviously. I mean, they show the earth as a sphere and we all know that it is actually flat.

Distortion In Aerial Photographs

Image Source: Reddit
Ever noticed the sheer amount of distortions in any photo to do with the sky or the earth? We have, and it's further proof that the earth is definitely flat. What distortions? We'll tell you: fish-eye lens distortion. Any photo you see that shows the Earth to have a curve, is actually just the result of a camera that has one of those fish-eye lenses on. Curved earth? Nope, fish-eye lens distortion. Have you ever heard of atmospheric refraction? It's where the light passing through Earth's atmosphere bends and when captured with a camera, gives the illusion that the earth is flat.

Water Always Finds Its Level

Image Source: physics.purdue.edu
We've all poured ourselves a drink at some point in our lives - you've probably just grabbed yourself a coffee before reading this article! You probably didn't notice but, no matter how complex and convoluted your glass or cup, the liquid inside ALWAYS stays flat. No matter the situation, the only constant is that the liquid is flat as a pancake to a fault. Wouldn't it make sense that if the Earth was round, that the water wouldn't remain flat? Think of all the lakes and rivers and even the seven seas - they're all flat - this couldn't happen unless the Earth was flat.

The Seas Are Flat

Image Source: Surfer Today
Talking about the seven seas, let's prove that they couldn't exist if the Earth wasn't flat. For example, let's look at tidal and wave patterns. IF the Earth wasn't flat, we would observe very different tidal patterns compared to what we can see right now, and the current patterns we see are a lot more indicative of an Earth that is flat. Also, the oceans are massive, and yet we still can't see any visible evidence that there is some sort of curvature. We can look out across vast ocean landscapes and see nothing APART from a flat horizon.

Plane Flight Paths

Image Source: Reddit
Most of us have been on a plane before, even if we haven't left America but have flown to states that are way outside of a comfortable driving distance. However, have you ever actually looked at a planes flight path before? It's truly mind-blowing when you do, and here is why: plane flight parts are almost entirely straight. Now, on the surface, this doesn't seem out of the ordinary. However, if the earth was truly spherical, pilots and air traffic controllers would have to adjust the flight path to match the curvature of the earth and it would vary all the time.

Lack Of Satellite Images

Image Source: Reddit
It's true that we have a limited access to images from satellites, and there is a big reason behind this. In fact, there is a complete absence of certain images, such as a continuous live-feed of the Earth from space. Don't you think this is a little suspicious? They have the technology to do so, but refuse to do it. Why? Because this would show our FLAT Earth in all its glory, and would debunk all of the lies about a curved Earth. They say that us flat-earthers just misunderstand satellite technology and say that we have 'confirmation bias and selective interpretation', but we all know who the liars are.

Atmospheric Pressure

Image Source: AcuRite.com
Most scientists get the phenomenon of atmospheric pressure totally wrong. They argue that it is the 'result of the weight of the air above a particular location' and that it acts equally in all directions as a result of 'gravity'. Wrong, if atmospheric pressure was actually acting in this way, it would cause severe and significant bulging to a spherical Earth. In fact, the consistent atmospheric pressure that has been observed and measured at different heights and locations is actually consisted with a flat Earth.

Lack Of A Visible Edge

Image Source: Literary Hub
Have you ever noticed that there is a complete absence of a visible edge when it comes to the supposed Earth curvature? The scientists say that the only way to view the curvature of the earth is to be at a high enough altitude to bear witness to it - apparently we can't physically see the curvature with our own eyes. Considering that the scientists say the only way to see this supposed curvature is from high up in the Earths atmosphere, and given that the general population have no access to space, this all seems a little too convenient, wouldn't you say?

The Bedford Level Experiment

Image Source: Wikipedia
This is where things get really juicy, and within the Bedford Level Experiment lies even more proof that the Earth is indeed totally flat (well, not totally flat because of mountains and such, but you get the point). In the 19th century, an incredibly smart scientist called Samuel Rowbotham, tested the theory of a spherical earth by 'observing the disappearance of distant objects over a long and straight stretch of river'. They found that when they viewed the objects they didn't disappear over a curved age, further debunking the idea of a non-flat Earth.

Inconsistent Space Photographs

Image Source: CNN
There isn't a singe photograph taken from space to date that is in any way, shape or form consistent with one another. Yet, the scientists use this as 'evidence' to shame flat earth proponents and 'debunk' the truth. Every single photo shows a difference in size and shape of the Earth, it shows a completely different appearance of the various continents found on Earth and the cloud formations don't add up. In fact, a lot of these photographs have been totally manipulated and, in some cases, have been entirely fabricated.

No Motion

Image Source: Reddit
According to scientists, the Earth is rotating at speed. 1,670 kilometers per hour to be precise. Now, we don't know about you, but we think you'd feel that motion every single day, but we don't. In fact, we don't perceive any such motion at all. We don't feel any kind of spinning motion or the general movement through space. IF we were spinning round and round at these kind of speeds, don't you think we'd feel at least something? Well, we don't, which, once again, irrevocably proves that the earth isn't spherical at all, but completely flat.

Lack Of Parallax

Image Source: Reddit
Let us first define the word 'parallax' before we move on. Parallax: 'the apparent shift or change in the position of an object when viewed from different perspectives'. Now, if our supposed spherical Earth was moving through space and time, just like our naive scientists argue, then surely we would have noticed a difference in the positions of celestial objects when standing in different positions on Earth? Well, that sounds correct, but guess what? We don't see any difference at all, which again proves that the Earth is flat and not spherical.

Earth Is Too Small

Image Source: Reddit
IF the Earth was a large, spherical object, like the scientists claim it to be, then why does the Earth not appear to be large? It should absolutely look and appear much bigger than it actually does, if it is indeed an oblate spheroid. But it's not, when you observe the Earth at different times from different perspectives, the Earth doesn't give the impression that it is a spherical. The scientists argue that the atmospheric refractions are giving us optical illusions that the Earth is small and that it actually is a large sphere, but they can't seem to prove this.

Gleason's Map

Image Source: Reddit
In the 19th century, the wonderful Alexander Gleason blessed us with even more scientific evidence that the Earth is flat. 'Gleason's Map' is the only map that should be studied and should be heralded as scientific gospel. The map itself presents the Earth in its true form: a flat circular disk and, right in the center of it all lies the North Pole, with each continent spread out radially. Scientists have spread many lies about this map, stating that it suffers from distortions and inaccuracies including the misrepresented scale, but they haven't got any proof to back these lies up.

Lack Of 24 Hour Sunlight In The Antarctic

Image Source: India Today
In the Antarctic, there are two periods of time known as the 'midnight sun' and the 'polar night'. Both of these descriptions refer to the fact that, in the Antarctic, there are long periods of continuous sunlight and long periods of continuous darkness during winter time. This fact, in and of itself, entirely proves that the idea of spherical Earth is totally wrong. If the Earth was a sphere, it would mean that the entire Antarctic continent would be showered in sunlight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the entirety of Earth's lifespan.

Lack Of Consistent Time Zones

Image Source: magyarpolany.hu
When you think about it, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the different time zones across the Earth, and the differences and variations just don't seem to add up. IF the Earth truly was a globe, there wouldn't be any difference or inconsistencies in our time zones, as each time zone covering an equal longitudinal distance. However, we have a huge amount of difference in our time zones, which means the Earth physically cannot be spherical. Scientists argue that we just misunderstand the time zones or that we are ignoring the imaginary international date line.

The Sun's Consistent Size

Image Source: The New York Times
The sun literally doesn't change in size or appearance no matter what the time of day it is, or your position on Earth. This is weird because, if we accept that the Earth is spherical, then there is no explanation for the sun's consistent size. If we did truly live on a globe, then the Sun should absolutely and noticeably change in appearance depending on what time of day it is. Scientists love to bring back the idea of atmospheric refraction or our misinterpretation of the Earth's scale as an argument against this, but you can see it with your own eyes (just don't look directly at the sun).

Inaccessible Antarctica

Image Source: Live Science
Did you know that the general public aren't allowed anywhere near Antarctica? There are a boatload of rules, regulations and restrictions that prohibit the average person from making a trip there and, with the rules coming from the government, it starts to smell a little bit too fishy. They say we can't visit because of the 'Antarctic Treaty System', but the real reason is that, within Antarctica, lies the absolutely proof that the Earth is flat, and they've stopped us from visiting to keep their lie going.

No Curve From Tall Buildings

Image Source: Business Insider
Most of us will have been to the top floor of a tall building and looked out over the vast distance that was previously visually unavailable to us. You can see for miles and miles, and appreciate the immeasurable beauty of our Earthly landscape. However, you can't see any kind of curvature. You'd think that being up as high as some of these buildings are, you'd start to see some kind of curvature. If you go to the top of the Empire State building in New York, you can see for up to 80 miles in any direction on a clear day, yet still no curves!

What Moon Landings?

Image Source: NPR.org
Yeah, that's right, the moon landings didn't happen! Whilst the fake moon landings themselves aren't direct evidence that the Earth is flat, it does prove that the government and NASA are fine with lying about things and using propaganda to deceive the public. There are plenty of anomalies that anyone can see for themselves when it comes to the faked moon landings, including mission footage, photographs and even testimonies. Isn't weird that you cannot see any stars in the photos of the moon landings?

Lack Of Satellite Dish Adjustments

Image Source: The Guardian
This is another point that overwhelmingly proves that the Earth is flat. Let us explain. When a satellite dish is installed, the process involves adjusting the position of the satellite dish to aim at the approximate position of the satellites in space. This process, in and of itself, entirely proves that the Earth is indeed flat. How so? Well, if we inhabited a spherical Earth, our satellite dishes would have to be constantly adjusted to remain in the right position for the satellites above, accounting for the idea that a spherical Earth would be constantly moving.

Stars Don't Move

Image Source: Space.com
Here's another argument for you; the stars in our night sky don't ever change position. It seems weird that, as we apparently live on an ever-spinning, ever-moving spherical Earth, the stars above never seem to change position. You can see it with your own eyes, and even measure it with telescopes. Mainstream science has constantly put forward the idea that we're somehow spinning on an axis, but the lack of visible stellar motion once again proves that we inhabit a non-spherical, flat Earth.

Gravity Is An Illusion 2.0

Image Source: Live Science
Some flat-earth proponents believe that gravity is essentially just confused with density and, whilst this is a great argument, other spherical-Earth deniers believe in another argument. This one, we think, explains this the best. Mainstream science says that everything is pulled towards Earth with the invisible force of gravity, when actually it is far better explained with the idea of universal acceleration. Our flat Earth is constantly moving upwards at such force that everything on the Earth is pulled down towards its surface.

The Earth Doesn't Look Spherical

Image Source: The Atlantic
This is a big one and seems obvious once explained. Again, if you just look out across the horizon, you physically cannot see any kind of curve. In fact, it looks way more like a flat pane, and this is consistent wherever you happen to be located in the world. Scientists try to argue against this, by saying that the human eye cannot perceive the Earth's curvature because of how big the Earth actually is compared to our limited view, but surely if it was that big we'd see the curve, right?