12 Reasons Why We Should Never Travel By A Helicopter

By Tom Pearson 9 months ago

Deadly Crashes

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A helicopter crash is a lot more violent and fiery than the vast majority of vehicle accidents. Helicopters travel at high speeds, at great heights and don't really have much safety equipment, not that an airbag would do you much good in a helicopter crash anyway.

Hard To Pilot

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Helicopters are slow to react, meaning that the controls do not move as quickly as you would like. Pilots have to work a second ahead, sort of like a game of chess. This slow responsiveness means that they are hard to pilot and especially difficult to land.

Expensive Repairs

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If you are lucky enough to own a helicopter, but unlucky enough to damage it, the repair bill might be a little more expensive than a car or motorcycle. Helicopter parts are specialist, and designed to function at high heat, altitude and speed, making then pricey.


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What with the noise of the engines, the size of the thing, mysterious pilots and a huge spinning blade on the roof, helicopters can be a little bit daunting for the uninitiated. Unlike most other transportation types, you can't really just hop in and give a helicopter a go.


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Many helicopters are built for use in the military, meaning they come equipped with heavy artillery. This would obviously be an issue if you went for the door handle and accidentally ended up shooting holes into your neighbors truck... maybe just something to consider.

Environment Damage

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A helicopter is a large piece of machinery, meaning it relies on a big engine to get it off the ground. A big engine means using a lot of fuel, which in turn produces a lot of harmful greenhouses gases. This is far worse for the environment than a small engine car.

Visibility Problems

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Landing a helicopter is one of the most difficult and technical things that a pilot has to learn. The process is made very difficult, as due to the design of helicopters, you can not see where you are landing. You basically have to have a look and then just guess.


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The cockpit of a helicopter isn't exactly on par with a Rolls Royce. The cabin is cramped and jammed full of technology, used for piloting the chopper. The seat and other creature comforts aren't really designed for long journeys, and are more for function than form.


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We all forget where we parked the car sometimes, and camouflage really doesn't help when you're trying to find your ride home. Camouflage is the most common design used on helicopters, as many of them are either built for military use or ex military.


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Landing a helicopter is a slow and careful process, as you can not see where you are landing. The runners under the helicopter are very skinny and need to support a lot of weight, so you have to land gently so you don't tip the machine onto its side.


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A helicopter is definitely not the most economically friendly way to get to and from work. With list prices for used vehicles reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus all of the pilot licence costs, it can become a pretty costly mode of transport.

Famous Accidents

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Helicopters have a bit of a bad press due to some fairly famous helicopter crashes in recent times. Kobe Bryan was one of the most recent celebrities to loose his life in a helicopter crash, as well as World Rally Championship legend, Colin McRae...

Flying Issues

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When in flight, it is hard for helicopter pilots to see other traffic in the air. This lack of visibility has resulted in helicopter pilots crashing into one another, as well as stationary objects like power lines, trees, lampposts and other real world furniture.


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If you plan on purchasing your own helicopter, make sure to hire some assistance too! A professional will be able to help set up your helicopter, ensure it is running properly and make sure you can land safely. Now that sounds like money well spent!

Fuel Costs

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The large amount of fuel needed, plus the fact that helicopters run on aircraft fuel, means that a tank full of 98 octane from the pump wouldn't really get you very far. Fuel costs are also extremely high when you factor in that you can only fly for an hour at a time!


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If you are looking to transport your helicopter from one place to another, but don't fancy flying, you better shell out another few hundred thousand dollars to purchase your own articulate truck and trailer, or hire a specialist mover to do the work for you.


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Helicopter manufacturers have tried to combat the lack of visibility by adding more glass panels to the cockpit of their helicopters. While this has made it easier to see what you are doing and take in the views, it basically turns the chopper into a flying greenhouse!

Limited View

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A limited view in the cockpit means that you are better off being a passenger in a helicopter rather than flying your own. Even in the back of a helicopter, due to the way they are engineered the views are pretty limited, meaning it isn't the best way to sight sea.


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The controls in a helicopter are extensive and complicated. Due to how many different controls there are, as well as knowing what all of the controls do, extensive training is needed before you can even attempt to take a helicopter for a flight.

Military Use

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The military and air force as the main market for helicopters, meaning they are hard to purchase privately unless you have a lot of money and have someone on the inside who can hook you up. How often do you see a helicopter on a used car lot anyway?

Specialist Gear

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To fly a helicopter, you will need training, a licence and all of the kit that goes with it. This gear is expensive, and also requires months worth of training to know how to use effectively. It is also very expensive and difficult to repair or replace.


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Just like everything within the helicopter world, repairs are costly. Equipment is specialized for the field, and the helicopters are built to withstand the most harsh conditions. This means parts are built with care and made in limited numbers unlike cars.


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Apple maps and Wayz are not factory options when it comes to a helicopter, so you will need to get used to working with a radar system. This system uses a laser guide to tell you where you are and how far from the ground you are getting. Crazy right!


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The sound of the engines, blades overhead and turbulent air whizzing around the cockpit make the interior very loud. Pilots need to communicate with special headsets and microphones, and ear defenders are a must to avoid going deaf or getting tinnitus.


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Most helicopters are bought up straight from the manufacturers by the military, meaning there aren't too many on the market for your average Joe. Although supply is limited, some companies do sell used models, although these are still ridiculously expensive.


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A helicopter is not the most family friendly vehicle. They are loud, dangerous, cramped and boiling hot in the summertime. Maybe stick to the minivan, station wagon or even just walking. That has to be a better option than choppering about the place.


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All of the buttons, the noise, the wind. It can all just get a bit much. For most people helicopters are genuinely quite scary, maybe it is just the fear of the unknown? Either way, it is totally understandable, chances are they seem even more scary for young children.


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Air force pilots go through hours and hours of training in order to fly a helicopter unassisted. This training is paid for by the military, but of course you then have to serve. If you wanted to pay for private lessons it would cost you thousands and thousands.


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Although you can buy helicopters that are small and lightweight, many of them are huge and take up a lot of space. This is of course a reason not to travel by helicopter, where would you park it? Let's be honest though, a massive helicopter is pretty cool.


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Due to how long it takes to fill up the fuel tank in a helicopter, refueling is actually cheaper if you leave the engine running and hover above the ground. Of course to do this, you will need to buy a specialist filling station which should only set you back a million dollars or so.