12+ Creepy Traits All Men Have

By Sophie 9 months ago

1. Awkward Eye Contact

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You know when someone just stares at you for so long that you forget what to do with your face? Uncomfortable, right? Whether they've heard that long eye contact is a good flirting strategy, or you're just too dang gorgeous for him to look away, his starring will never, ever, not be creepy.

2. Standing Too Close

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Some guys just don't know the meaning of personal space. No matter how many times you move away, they just keep getting closer and closer. You try and avoid conversation with them so they'll stay at least five feet away but it's no use, they'll seek you out and smother you.

3. Weird Hobbies

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You can tell a lot about a person by what they're interested in. They may spend a lot of time or money on their hobbies so it's got to be something they're passionate about. If a guy gets excited over serial killer memorabilia or experimenting with roadkill, then he's probably to be avoided.

4. Unsolicited Waist Touching

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Uninvited touching is never comfortable, so why do guys think it's appropriate to place a hand on you as they walk past? Ask any human woman on planet earth and you can bet your bottom dollar they've felt an unsolicited hand somewhere! Interesting how they don't do it to other men...

5. Odd Sense Of Humor

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A sense of humor is an attractive attribute to have, but when a guy laughs at something massively inappropriate, the red flags start flying! It's even worse if their jokes fall flat. There's only so much you can cringe before you've got to walk away. Creepy jokes don't deserve even a fake laugh.

6. Having No Friends

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We can often judge a person by who they surround themselves with, but what can it tell us if they surround themselves with no-one? It may well be that they're introverted, in which case their weirdness is unintentional. However it could be that people have chosen not to hang out with them. Why that is exactly, may not be obvious, and it might be best to not find out.

7. Not Respecting Boundaries

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Boundaries are something we all must hold in order to keep us safe, but there are guys out there who don't even know the meaning of the word. You tell them you're not interested, they try harder. You ask them to stop calling, so they text instead. It screams desperation and no amount of polite variations of "GO AWAY" will do. Sometimes you've just got to be blunt.

8. Constant Innuendoes

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The occasional inappropriate joke can be hilarious for someone who isn't a prude, but for a guy to keep making suggestive comments when they're obviously unwelcome, is creepy as hell. He might think he's being flirtatious while he's being crude, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

9. Not Leaving You Alone

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It can be difficult to avoid a creep in the digital age - there are just too many way to be contacted! If you manage to dodge them in public, you might receive a phone call. If you block their number, you can be sure to get a DM. Sometimes only a restraining order will do...

10. Not Getting The Hint

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Creeps will often go for the gal who is kind. They avoid those who will tell them to beat it, so they target the girl who is shy, sympathetic, and scared to offend. Unfortunately this girl will only drop hints about wanting to be left alone, which are purposely ignored by the freaky desperado.

11. Being Too Emotional

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We all want a guy who is in touch with his feelings, but just how in touch he is is important on the creep-scale. It could make him understand you more, or it could turn him into a simp where you cringe at his every word. The idea of an emotional man may be more forthcoming than the reality; there is a fine line between emotional maturity and crying at the dinner table.

12. Not Being Emotional Enough

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Speaking of the fine line, men might go the opposite way and display little to no emotion, making them incredibly difficult to read. You may wonder whether he feels anything at all, and judging by all the psychopath documentaries, this is not a good sign. Whether you're freaked out by the possibility of dating a sociopath or just uncomfortable by the lack of passion, the red flag flies high.

13. Smelling Bad

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It's just general politeness to not omit a foul odor when you're out in public, and it makes you wonder what goes on in the lives of people that stink. We can often be sympathetic to those who can't help it, yet seriously offended by those who can. It is one of those traits that doesn't automatically suggest they're a creep, but it doesn't help.

14. Have No Profile Picture On Social Media

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It's the 21st century and every man and his dog uses social media. We can get an idea of who a person is by having a quick stalk of their profile, and it isn't considered weird. We carefully pick out our own pictures to show off our personalities, but what does it say about a person whose profile picture is either non-existent or isn't of themselves? What are they hiding?

15. Having Greasy Hair

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Now this one might seem a bit unfair, but like having an unpleasant odor, it might indicate that this person is a bit weird. Stereotypes are that for a reason, and the idea of the greasy creep is in the forefront of many minds. It would do well for those blessed with locks to kindly wash it.

16. Having A Weird Job

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Many of us decide what we want to do at a young age. This might change throughout the years, and we might work jobs just to pay the bills, but that doesn't mean what we do isn't a reflection of ourselves. You don't just accidentally get into something like grave digging.

17. Defending Misogyny

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There are many public figures who are outrageous in their misogyny, inciting danger for women's rights. Their views are shocking and hateful, but for some reason their followers are in the thousands, millions, even. It has become a subculture. If a guy is a part of this subculture...run.

18. Laughing At Strange Things

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Laughing at something suggests we find it funny, and hilarity makes us happy and excited. To be happy and excited over something grotesque implies that we are a bit macabre, which may do well in some social circles. In dating however, it might be a sign that someone is a bit of an oddball.

19. Thinking They're God's Gift

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There is nothing worse than a guy who thinks he's better than everyone else. Confidence is sexy, arrogance is shameless. These guys don't like to be told no and they lack humility; they wouldn't understand why someone wouldn't want them. Their delusional attitude is enough to send a shiver down your spine, and not in a good way.

20. Feelings Of Entitlement

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In the past, it was preferred that women were seen and not heard. It was believed that they existed purely for male pleasure, and any action against this was rebellious. Some modern men wish to go back to "the good old days", where women struggled to say no to men and fulfilled their every wish. The sense of entitlement is sickening.

21. Sending Inappropriate Photos

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There is a culture of men who send offensive photo messages for shock value, and those who genuinely think that they'll be appreciated. Unsolicited vulgar photos are mostly unwelcome, unpleasant, and often laughable. They're abusive and prove that the sender is the biggest creep of all.

22. Sharing Weird Memes

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Meme sharing is such a common way to communicate nowadays. They are funny, relatable and can make you think of a friend or a personal experience. It is easy to see then why you might be freaked out if you receive one in bad taste from a guy you barely know.

23. You Feel It In Your Gut

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Our instincts are very intelligent and can tell us a lot about or person or situation we may be in. Bad vibes need to be taken seriously as it's our intuition trying to communicate. It can be tempting to ignore these messages if you prefer to think positively, but it's important we are not dismissive of our inner selves. Trust your gut.

24. Doesn't Take No For An Answer

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No is a full sentence. It requires no further explanation, justification or excuse; saying no is your right. When a guy is pushy and refuses to take this for an answer, he is the definition of a creep. His face will literally appear under any dictionary entry. There is not much more to say about that one.

25. Talking About Bodily Functions

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There is a time and a place for bodily functions, and public spaces are not it. We don't need to hear about your stinky deposits or gassy emissions. It's strange that some guys think this is an interesting topic of conversation. Maybe they'll get the message when they see the grimaces on listener's faces, or maybe not if the listener is as gross as they are.

26. Having No Friends On Social Media

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Having no friends in real life is weird, but it's even stranger having no friends on social media - what's the point in even having a profile? There are guys who use it to speak to strangers in different countries who probably aren't even real people, it's quite sad when you think about it.

27. Sexism

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Sexism is never okay, and it's pretty disturbing when guys hold sexist views. Even more so when they air them. It makes you wonder what's going on for men like this internally, and why they feel the need to hate or belittle half of the world's population. It makes for uncomfortable company to be around men like this. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

28. Everyone Else Is Creeped Out By Them

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We often root for the underdog and give sympathy to those who are isolated, sometimes without considering that the general consensus about them might be right. Following the crowd isn't always the best thing to do... but sometimes the crowd have a point.

29. Can't Read A Room

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Social awkwardness can be an endearing trait for a person, however there must be some social awareness to avoid being creepy. Sudden outbursts, mutterings under the breath or inappropriate speech, can all be signs that the individual has very little social skills. A guy of this caliber may make the group feel uncomfortable and probably won't be invited to parties.

30. Looking You Up And Down

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You might notice a creepy guy's gaze go south when you look away, giving you cause for anxiety. They might even be obnoxious enough to make it obvious, and expect you to take it as a compliment. Men like this think that this behavior is acceptable and dismiss the fact that it makes women uncomfortable. Red flag.