10+ Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life and Didn’t Even Know It

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Bananas should be peeled from the bottom

Image Source: Food HacksCan you believe you’ve been peeling bananas wrong your whole life? You’re actually supposed to peel them from the bottom, not from the top. It is much easier to open them this way and you avoid the stringy bits sticking to the fruit, try it next time!Original content sourced from femanin.com

2. The easy way to get a Tic Tac out of the box

Image Source: brightside.meThe people who designed the Tic Tac box weren’t stupid…there is an easy way to get an individual Tic Tac out by turning the box on its side and gently opening it to avoid the rest spilling out. The lid has a mini holder for one individual tic tac, perfect! 

3. This is how to eat Chinese food

Image Source: RedditChinese food boxes might look authentic and pretty, but there is a more practical reason for their design which will make your life 10x easier…simply unfold the corners of the box to create a mess-free plate of food! You can even fold it back up to store leftovers in the fridge.

4. Bobby pins should be worn wavy side down

Image Source: www.self.comThe other word for a bobby pin is a ‘hair grip’…so why are they never any good for gripping your hair? Probably because you've been wearing them the wrong way round! You are supposed to slide them in with the wavy side facing downwards, not the flat side.

5. You’re supposed to open a bag of microwave popcorn from the side

Image Source: PinterestMost people open the bag of microwave popcorn at the top, but this just means it takes longer for it to cool down and you have to get your hands all greasy when you go to grab some. It turns out you’re actually supposed to flip the bag on its side and rip it open from here, simple!

6. This is how to eat a McDonalds in the car

Image Source: grapee.jpIf you’ve ever struggled to eat your McDonald's meal in the car having nowhere to put anything…this is how you should be doing it! Simple place the box on top of your drink with the straw through the middle, pour your chips in one side and you have the perfect set up.

7. Theres a reason your saucepan handle has a hole in it…

Image Source: brightside.meIt’s always a struggle to know where to put your dirty wooden spoon when you’re cooking, as you don’t want to make a mess on the kitchen counter. But it turns out your pan already has somewhere for you to put it…the hole in the handle has been specially designed to fit a wooden spoon.

8. Your ironing board could be your new desk

Image Source: iNewsWorking from home has become the new norm but that doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a fancy new desk which will take up loads of space. Your ironing board is the perfect solution as you can adjust the height to have a sitting or standing desk which can be folded away at the end of the day.

9. The tiny table in your takeaway pizza box is very useful

Image Source: Indy100We all know the little white plastic table stuck in the middle of our takeaway pizza is there to keep it from sticking to the top of the box. But it also has another purpose…you can use it to pin down the pizza and pick up a slice from the box without touching the rest of it!

10. Iced drinks lids can also be used as a coaster

Image Source: brightside.meI bet you didn’t know that the plastic lid on iced drink cups have more than one purpose…you can actually use them as a coaster. By placing it underneath your drink, this will stop the condensation from the outside creating a wet puddle on your table. 

11. Your toaster has more than one purpose

Image Source: brightside.meMaking cheese on toast can be a right faff as you need to switch on the grill and clean it up afterwards. But what is there was a much easier way to make it which avoids any mess? Simply put your toaster on its side, pop the bread and cheese into the holes and toast!

12. You've been opening packets of cheese the wrong way

Image Source: The SunCan you believe you have been cutting open your packet of cheese wrong this whole time? Instead of opening it from the top, you should be cutting a few inches into the block of cheese itself which will create a little plastic lid that you can pop over the top to keep it fresh.

13. You should be slicing your loaf of bread upside down

Image Source: RedditA crusty loaf of bread can be difficult to cut as you have to saw through the top layer and you often end up squishing it down as you force the knife through. The best way to do it is by turning the loaf upside down so you can slice through the softer side…life changing!

14. This how you're supposed to eat chicken wings

Image Source: RedditHow many times have you eaten a messy chicken wing and not been able to get half the meat off the bone, covering your face in sauce? Thats because you’re doing it all wrong…simply grab each end of the bone, twist and pull the bone out! Now you have a tasty boneless wing.

15. Tinfoil has a lock button

Image Source: slate.comGetting the right amount of tinfoil out of the box can be a nightmare task…but I bet you didn’t know all rolls of foil have a specially designed ‘lock’ function which holds it in place. This will stop it spilling out of the box and save a lot of wasted product.

16. You can use the tab on a fizzy drink can as a straw holder

Image Source: shareably.netIt is impossible to drink a can of fizzy drink with a straw as it always pops out of the top when you put down. But I bet you didn’t know that the tab on the can has a special purpose…simply flip the tab round over the opening and you’ve got your very own straw holder. 

17. The real way to slice a cake

Image Source: InstructablesIf you want to avoid ruining a beautiful cake by hacking it with a huge knife, this is the perfect method for you. Get a long string of dental floss and carefully pull it down through the sponge. This will create perfect slices of cake with ease and it will still look beautiful on top.

18. This is how to get your drink cold in 15 minutes

Image Source: Business InsiderHow many times have you forgotten to put your drinks in the fridge and before you know it 7pm has arrived and they’re still sat in the warm cupboard? If you wrap them in a wet paper towel and store them in the fridge for 15 minutes, they will be cool in not time.

19. The real way to eat a cupcake

Image Source: NoGarlicNoOnionsCupcakes can be messy to eat, as well as never getting a good ratio of frosting to cake. The perfect way to eat a cupcake is by removing the bottom half of the sponge and placing it on top to create a cupcake sandwich, meaning you get the perfect bite every time.

20. How to efficiently heat up your leftovers

Image Source: brightside.meYou’ve probably noticed not all of your food is evenly heated up when you put it in the microwave, as the centre takes much longer to warm up compared to the edges where things can get burnt. If you create a hole in the centre of your food, this will make sure everything is heated up evenly.

21. The best method to peel an orange 

Image Source: Beirut Night LifeWe all know what a nightmare it can be to peel an orange, but there is a much easier way to eat them which will avoid getting rind under your fingernails. Simply slice off the top of the orange, create an incision through to the middle of the fruit and then pull it apart. 

22. There is a simple way to spread butter on toast

Image Source: Food HacksInstead of hacking your piece of toast to death by rigorously trying to spread a rock hard lump of butter all over it, why don’t you try grating your butter? In Japan they have a special machine which shreds the butter into tiny strands which melt instantly. 

23. You should be eating crisps with chopsticks

Image Source: diply.comEating crisps from the bag can be a messy affair, particularly if they are cheese-flavoured snacks like Cheetos which leave your fingers covered in orange dust. If you’re a skilled chopstick user, you should try using them to eat your crisps next time!

24. The real reason your pasta spoon has a big hole in it…

Image Source: SimplemostHave you ever wondered why there is a huge hole in the middle of your pasta spoon? Well, it actually has a useful purpose that you need to know about. The hole is a specially designed to measure the exact amount of spaghetti needed for one serving…genius!

25. You should be rolling your clothes instead of folding them

Image Source: Going Awesome PlacesPeople have spent years folding their freshly ironed clothes and storing them in drawers or packing their suitcases for holiday. But it turns out you should be rolling your clothes instead as this reduces the amount of creases and also saves room so you can pack more.

26. Iced drinks should be made with flavoured ice cubes

Image Source: shareably.netThe main problem with iced drinks is when the ice starts to melt it waters it down so if you don’t get in there quick enough you will end up with an unpleasant beverage! It turns out you should actually freeze concentrated coffee or juice and use them as the ice cubes in your drink.

27. This is how you should be cutting a watermelon

Image Source: shareably.netHow long have you spent trying to find the perfect way to cut a watermelon? Well, this is how it should be served…if you slice your watermelon like you’re dicing an onion, you will have an easy way to serve sticks of fruit for your friends and family.

28. There is an easy way to store your frozen chips

Image Source: TylaIt can be really annoying when you open your freezer to find half of the contents has spilled out of the bags into the drawer. Well, there is an easy way to avoid this by cutting a triangle-shaped slit into the top and using each side as handles to securely tie the bag.

29. This is how to get a new key on your keyring

Image Source: brightside.meIf you want to save damaging your fingernails by trying to prise open your keyring and add a new key, this is the hack you need to know about. Simply use a staple remover to slide in between the rings which will spread it apart and make it easy to roll a new key on.

30. The smart way to dip biscuits in your drink

Image Source: diply.comIf you love dipping cream filled biscuits into your drink, this is how you should be doing it to get even coverage and make sure you don’t drop it! Stick a fork through the cream filling of the biscuit and you can dunk it straight in without getting your fingers messy.

31. Make The Most Out Of The Space In Your Microwave

Image Source / BRIGHT SIDEYou may have always been putting one thing at a time in a microwave to heat up - at a push, maybe you're trying to cram two things in - but there's an easier way! If you've more than one thing to cook, you can put an upside-down coffee mug in there and put a second plate on top of the mug!

32. Cut Your Soft Cheese More Easily With Dental Floss

Image Source / BRIGHT SIDEJust like with cake, dental floss is a dream when it comes to slicing up soft cheeses into manageable pieces. Using dental floss you can get very neat and as-thin-as-you-want cheese slices to go on your crackers or sandwiches!

33. Take A Warm Shower, Not A Hot One

Image Source / RedditLike everything in life that makes you feel good, apparently it's not the best option. Just like we all love a hot shower, apparently a warm shower is better for you - and your skin - to ensure that you keep your natural oils and avoid drying out your skin too much.

34. You've Been Playing Monopoly All Wrong

Image Source / PinterestWe've all had the family fallouts over trying to win at Monopoly, and most of us will play the same way: trying to buy as many properties, houses and hotels as possible. But apparently that's the wrong way to play - at least if you hate everyone, that is. You should purchase as many properties as possible and put 4 houses on them, but never build hotels. Unclaimed properties will go to auction, other players will get mad trying to pay rent and everyone will hate you - but you'll likely win!

35. Don't Clip Your Nails Head On

Image Source / MDedgeNail clippers have made everything confusing by having a head-on curve which makes you think you insert your fingernail straight on and snip. Right? Wrong! Apparently you're supposed to clip your nails at a slight angle, and not cut your nails too short in order to protect the skin.

36. 10 And 2? Here's How You Should Really Be Holding The Steering Wheel

Image Source / SB CarbonMost drivers will admit that 90% of what they learned in their driving lessons has been creatively changed since they passed their test, including where hands go on the wheel. Some people like to lounge one hand at 12 while the other is out the window, for example. Well, apparently the widely accepted '10 and 2' isn't the right position anyway - it should be '9 and 3' to make better room for an airbag being released, if needed (and hopefully not!).

37. How To Scramble Your Eggs

Image Source / Book Eats - WordPress.comAh, the art of egg making. Easy for some, a disaster for others. When it comes to scrambled eggs, you probably prepare a hot frying pan with some oil, crack them in and whisk away. Apparently this is wrong! You should first off use a medium-low heat, not a high one. Whisk your eggs in a separate bowl instead of the pan. You should then take the pan off the burner and let the eggs continue to cook on the side.

38. Don't Use Cotton Swabs In Your Ears!

Image Source / eBayCotton swabs have popularly been used to get wax out of ears - well, apparently this is a no no. Cotton swabs can not only damage your hearing and push wax further in, but they're apparently also pointless. According to those people who know what they're talking about, your ears need to have wax in them anyway, so if you're using a Q-tip, you're stripping your ear of the natural wax it needs.

39. Exercising After Sitting Down All Day

Image Source / PinterestMost of us know the pain of being sat at a desk 9-5 and then trying to get some semblance of a healthy routine by working out in the evening to cancel out the sitting. Well, sadly, it doesn't work like that. It's very difficult to cancel out all that sitting just by doing one workout later in the evening. The best way to exercise is to do so throughout the day in short bursts so that you're constantly moving and not sitting for too long.

40. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Image Source / YouTubeStomach sleepers, we're so sorry - this is bad news for you. Good posture when you're sleeping is so important, and stomach sleepers are going to have it worse for this. Sleeping on your stomach apparently should be avoided at all costs. It twists the spine, turns the head a weird way and can affect your nerves. It's much better to sleep on your side or back. Who knew you could even sleep wrong?

41. Trying To Get Abs Through Sit Ups

Image Source / YouTubeSpeaking of your stomach - what's the first exercise you think of when trying to tone it? Sit ups, of course! Well, apparently this is wrong, too. There are more worthwhile exercises these days to target the abs in a better way, including the plank and crunches.

42. Using Resistance Bands To Build Muscle? You'll Need To Do More Than That

Image Source / eBaum's WorldMost people these days - and probably thanks to social media - will think using resistance bands are the way to build muscle for glutes especially. But resistance bands only help activate muscles, apparently, so they're considered more a 'warm up' tool. To build muscle, you'll need to do the hard work of training regularly.

43. Using A Wooden Chopping Board

Image Source / HealthlineThey look and feel great, and a lot of the time they can make a great gift with a little personalised engraving! But apparently they're the worst if you enjoy being, you know... hygienic. Wooden chopping boards are the worst to disinfect and clean, and especially if you're using them with raw meat. So you might want to get a plastic one instead...

44. Keeping Your Avocados In The Fridge

Image Source / PinterestTrying to be healthy? Check. Keeping the wrong healthy things in the fridge? Also check. Avocados, even though you might think they belong in the fridge, shouldn't be refrigerated. They should be kept in the same way you'd keep bananas because of the ripening process.

45. Thinking You're Sensible For Never Using A Credit Card

Image Source / The MirrorYou'd think this should be the case, of course, if you manage your money well enough to never have to use a credit card. But you could actually be working against yourself if you don't use a credit card, because it means you're not building good credit. The only way to build good credit is to take it out and then prove you can repay it.

46. Reaching For Pain Killers To Cure A Hangover

Image Source / Medical News TodayYou're hungover and you're in pain. So what you need is pain killers, right? Nope! The best thing to cure  a hangover, as you might already know, is water because you're more than likely dehydrated. And the thing that's causing the headache you're reaching for the pain killers for in the first place is probably lack of water.

47. You Shouldn't Be Rinsing Your Mouth Straight After Brushing

Image Source / The GuardianYou brush your teeth, spit, rinse and you're ready for the day. Apparently this has been the wrong way to do it all along. You should wait around half an hour after brushing your teeth before rinsing, to give the cleaning time to work. You should also wait thirty minutes after eating, or after drinking coffee, to brush your teeth.

48. You're Painting Your Rooms First

Image Source / My BuilderYou move into a new place and the first thing you want to do is get decorating. It makes sense to paint the walls the colour you want them before you move any furniture in, right? Well, apparently that's not the best way to do it. Interior designers suggest to get furniture and soft furnishings in a room first to see how everything feels and better gauge the colour of wall you'd like.

49. You Put Chocolate In The Fridge

Image Source / TwitterEspecially during summer, most people put their chocolate in the fridge to keep it cool and stop it from melting. But this is a no-no if you want your chocolate to stay tasting delicious. Apparently fridge storage not only means that the chocolate's flavour fades, but there's also a risk of the chocolate absorbing other fridge food smells. Ew.

50. You've Only Been Working The Obvious Muscles

Image Source / Men's HealthYou've done a great workout and feel proud how you toned up those glutes or maybe even biceps. The problem is, ignoring the smaller, less obvious muscles is apparently a bad thing. Muscles like the shoulders and hips are key to supporting those other big muscles you're trying to work on - so it's important to work them out, too!

51. You throw away the Ketchup bottle with lots still in it

Image Source/ Birmingham LivePlastic bottles may be convenient but they are so wasteful, with around a fifth of the product remaining inside unable to come out. When it comes to Heinz Ketchup, there's a trick to get out those last bits. Juts pat the number 57 and it should come right out.

52. You spill juice cartons by squeezing

Image Source/ Beach Packaging DesignJuice cartons for one, only have five good gulps in them at best. Then, it's inevitable that some of that fires out the top when you go to grab it - especially for little kids. The trick is to fold down the pieces at the top and then use them as handles.

53. Your sandwich is plain at the edges

Image Source / DiplySandwiches are great when you get into the middle and all of the topping is there and the relish/sauce. But the first couple of mouthfuls are pretty much just dry bread. Unless, you cut your cheese like this instead to make every bite count and be delicious.

54. Your ice cream is rock solid

Image Source/ SimpleMostWhen you take out a tub of ice cream from the freezer it is inedible at first because it is literally rock solid. Instead of having to wait for it to defrost a little every time, put it in a zip lock bag before you freeze it. It will keep it a little bit softer.

55. Your sink can overflow

Image Source/ ShareAblyWe have all experienced a blocked drain or a leaking tap. There are situations where you sink unfortunately starts to overflow. To avoid this, place a dust pan under the tap so that it creates a funnel and then place a bin below the sink so that it will lead the water in.

56. You let your burger toppings spill out the end

Image Source/ DiplyThe first bite of the burger is one of the best, until the toppings start to slide right out the back and you've soddenly got ketchup and inion relish everywhere. That's what your pinky fingers are for. Stick out your little fingers to support the back juts like this.

57. You put ginger on top of the sushi

Image Source/ Great British ChefsNow who knew that the ginger was really supposed to be had in-between bites to cleanse the palette, rather than placed on top to flavour the sushi. Because of its strong flavour it gets rid of any initial flavours so that you are fresh for the next bite.

58. You use the little cups at fast food chains

Image Source/ YouTubeHave you ever noticed that the little paper cups you use to fill your sauces have overlaps int hem. Once you spread these out you end up with a larger mini kind of bowl. So, save yourself a few trips back and forth and get a decent amount of sauce.

59.  You cross out something you don't want to be deciphered with lines

Image Source/ Dutch GeaneologyThis is a great tip for school days. Crossing out a message with lines, no matter how many lines you draw over it the letters, it will still stand out underneath. If you really want to make the writing illegible then you should write new shapes and letters over it so that way nobody will ever be able to tell.

60. You sometimes tear the garbage bag

Image Source/ YouTubeIt is really easy for the garbage bag to tear when you pull it and it gets stuck. This is because it has compacted int he bottom so that it causes suction when you go to lift it out. If you drill some holes in the bottom of the garbage can it will realise so much easier.

61. You don't know where to put your key during exercise

Image Source/ Life HackerWhere to put your key...there are no lockers. These gym pants have no pockets. It's a common problem especially when you're out for a run. Try tying the shoe onto your shoe lace, it won't annoy you but it will stay safe.

62. Your pictures on the wall start to tilt

Image Source/ The New York TimesSomehow, pictures seem to fall to one side no matter how much you correct them. Secure the corners of your picture with poster tack once you have hung the pictures up securely so that you never catch them tilting and annoying you ever again.

63. You waste the last Nutella

Image Source/ WonderHowToDon't waste the last Nutella in the jar. Yes, you may have scraped out all you can but there's still chocolate inside. Instead, pour warm water in it, or warm mill for a delicious hot chocolate. That way there's no waste, and it cleans it out ready for recycling.

64. Your curtains part slightly

Image Source/ MetroWhen you are at a hotel and you really want that black out curtain effect for a good night sleep then just grab a hanger from the closet which has two ends that can pinch the curtains together to keep them closed. Now - you have no light shining through.

65. Your fitted sheets keep pinging off

Image Source/ RedditFitted sheets do make things a lot easier. But, you know when you go from one corner to the next and the opposite corner pings off - we've all done it. So, grab a safety pin and pin them down to the mattress, then it won't bunch in the night wither.

66. You use the oven draw for storage

Image Source/ DIYKicthensThe majority of people for many years have been using the drawer below their oven for extra storage for pots and pans. It is actually meant to keep food warm while you cook another part of the dish, or if you cannot eat right away so that it doesn't go cold.

67. You put your coffee lid on the table

Image Source/ anchengYou want to keep your coffee lid off the coffee and put it on the table to let it cool, but don't want to put it on the table and get it dirty for you to have to drink out of it later. There's a perfect solution - grab a stirrer and hook the lid on instead.

68. Use your hoody strings to tie your glasses

Image Source/ InstructablesHoody strings aren't just there to chew on... admit it we all do it. Instead, use the strings to tie your glasses to. This way, they are available when you need them but you will not misplace them by keep putting them down and leaving them somewhere.

69. You throw away the washer lint

Image Source/ CleanSpoofUse the lint from your washer, let it dry out and it provides an effective fire starter for the fireplace. It does look a little gross and you probably had never thought of a proper use for it until now. But it can actually be really useful if you have a fireplace.

70. You have no phone holder

Image Source/ ocxdailyWhen you're on FaceTime for example or watching a video and you can't prop your phone up, then just take off your glasses and lean it in the middle to use the middle of your glasses as a phone stand. You never know, it might come in handy...