10 Most Expensive Fruits Around The World

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

White Jewel Strawberries

Image Source: Reddit
There's a reason that these strawberries are so expensive, costing around $10 per individual strawberry and that's because they're only cultivated by one producer in the whole of the world. I know that seems very expensive but they're usually 3 times larger than a traditional strawberry and are supposed to be extremely sweet, more so than a generic strawberry from the stores.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Image Source: ACIT Group
So these little strawberries aren't quite as expensive as the white jewel ones, but that doesn't mean they're far off; they'll set you back around $85 for a dozen! Although they do taste great and incredibly sweet, its actually the way they're grown that causes their price to skyrocket above the normal strawberry. Crazily they never actually grow in soil but are hand grown!

Densuke Watermelon

Image Source: Tasting Table
The Densuke Watermelon is known to be the most expensive variety around the world and actually look fairly similar to a number of cheaper versions of the fruit you might find around the world. For this reason, when you purchase one of these big boys (which have sold for upwards of $5,000 in the past!) they actually come with certificate of authenticity and a specialised box.

Yubari King Melon

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The Yubari Melon is one of the most luxurious fruits you'll be able to get your hands on, with specialist shops in Japan selling them individually for around $200! They're only grown in Yubari and are grown specifically in volcanic soil which allows them to garner an incredible flavour. They even get daily massages and wear hats to ensure they're well protected.

Ruby Roman Grapes

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These fruits, also solely grown in Japan are so expensive thanks to their limited availability, less than 25,000 bunches are grown each year! Like many things, they have classification categories and every year a couple of bunches (literally two or three) are placed in to the top category where they can then be sold for an insane amount of money around $10,000.

Miyazaki Mango

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As with many of the fruits to feature on this list, these mangoes are named after the area they are grown. In recent years however, these special mangoes have even began to be grown in countries like India too! They're so expensive as a result of their insanely high sugar content and crazily smooth texture both inside and outside of the fruit. Would you pay upwards of a couple hundred $$$ for one of these?

Dekopon Citrus

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The Japanese really have a thing for cultivating new types of existing fruit don't they? Back in the 70's they created the Dekopon which is essentially a massive mandarin fruit. They have an intense sweetness and the way they are cured after being picked means that they aren't as acidic as a traditional citrus fruit. This alongside it being seedless allows people to sell them for around $15 a go.

Buddha Shaped Pear

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These pears are absolutely incredible, and are grown in the Hebei province of China; they're grown in a buddha shaped mold so, you guessed it, they come out in the shape of the god. This is obviously appealing to the followers of the religion and for that reason the grower sells them for upwards of $10 a piece. Surely he could make a boatload more cash than that if he tried.

Square Watermelons

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I'm not quite sure why someone felt this was so necessary, but back in the 70's the Japanese developed these square watermelons in order to make it easier for them to be stacked on top of one another. The thing is however, they actually don't taste any different to a traditional watermelon and its excessive price of around $100-$800 is based solely on its unique shape and nothing more.

Sekai-Ichi Apple

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I'm sure you will have noticed that there are a whole range of apples in your stores and you probably haven't tried them all! The problem with these Japanese apples are that they're so big, around 2lb an apple, that they are incredibly difficult to mass produce. Despite their size however, they aren't noticed to taste so amazing and the high price of $20 an apple seems a little over the top.

Sembikiya Cherry

Image Source: BuzzFeed
You can always tell which of the Japanese fruits are going to be expensive thanks to the boxes that they like to store them in. These little cherries are permanently monitored in order to make sure they all look exactly the same in their colour, size and shape. Sembikiya are Japan's infamous luxury fruit store and they sell these cherries in boxes of 40 for just under $200.

Pineapples From The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Image Source: Kitchen Garden Magazine
These sound more like a treasure you might find in an adventure film than something you might choose to eat. These pineapples are actually grown in Cornwall, England and are grown using an extremely old 18th century technique and that's what makes them so expensive. In fact, they're so rare that they actually don't even sell them, they just keep them for themselves and on the odd occasion they auction them, they've sold for more than $15,000.

Top End Mangoes

Although these mangoes aren't typically known to be the best tasting ones out there, a tray of 12 Top End Mangoes ended up selling for $50,000 back in 2010. They are still known to be incredibly sweet but they aren't as good as the Japanese variety we discussed before! Its unlikely they'd sell for this price again in the future as it was all part of an auction however.

Kohitur Mangoes

Image Source: Tfipost.com
Mangoes are incredibly popular around the world, one of the rarest varieties you can find on the market is the Kohitur Mango grown in  West Bengal, India. Historically, this fruit was only grown in order to provide royal households with exclusive fruit and the amount of farmers who grow them to this day is still limited, meaning they can sell them for hundreds at a time.

Gigantella Maxim Strawberries

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We've already discussed some larger strawberries grown out in Japan, but these ones are actually cultivated across the pond in the UK and Europe. They are known to be expensive varieties of the fruit thanks to their enormous size and can weigh up to 100g a strawberry! At their most expensive, they have even sold for more than $3,000 per strawberry at auction!

Bijin Hime Strawberries

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Bijin Hime in Japanese translates to beautiful princess and for that reason you can probably imagine that these little red fruits look almost as good as they taste! They are only grown in Gifu and took the farmer more than 15 years to perfect and only produces around 500 a year! A bunch usually sells for around $5000 dollars a go, would you pay that much?

Sembikiya Muskmelon

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You might have noticed by now that the Sembikiya company are well associated with their expensive fruits and the Muskmelon is no different. The muskmelon plant actually only grows only one of the fruits at a time and for that reason it costs a boatload of cash to be able to secure yourself one. You're looking at around $250 per muskmelon if that's what really floats your boat.

Gokusen Banana

Image Source: SoraNews24
Compared to many of the other fruits on this list, $6 per banana seems a little more reasonable, but its still more expensive than one might think is possible. Supposedly, the price is worthwhile as the bananas are grown much higher than sea level and are being sold in their own separate boxes and titled as limited edition Gokusen bananas. I wonder if the taste is worth it?

Bardsey Apple

Image Source: Planet Permaculture
It's weird to imagine that fruits grown in the UK could feature on a list of the most expensive fruits, but these bardsey apples are some of the rarest in the world! There has never been an orchard of these apples located and for that reason the mystery allows the prices to increase. If you manage to get your hands on one for around $15 you might want to grow some of your own!

Lemon Caviar

Image Source: Wikipedia
The most expensive lemons available out there are grown in the small European country of Albania, although they actually originate much further away in Australia. They are extremely popular with restaurant owners in and around Europe with countries like France and Italy coveting them in their salads and even using them on their fish dishes. It'll set you back around $160/lb though.

Dovcha Apricots

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Apricots are commonly known to be eaten by kids around the world but usually in their normal form, the difference between them and these Dovcha apricots are their green colour. The prices of these green fruits has been going up year by year and just last year it reached upwards of $10 dollars for every 100 grams of the Dovcha fruit. Maybe don't spend that much on baby food!

Black Diamond Apple

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Part of the amount of money charged for the Black Diamond apple is the appeal of the unique colour of the apple and they only grow in Tibet! They are also hard to grow thanks to the height of the trees (up to 25ft) and they can be sold for upwards of $20 dollars as a result of this. Although they're so unique, could you be tempted to spend that much money on an apple?

Musang King Durian

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The durian fruit has become more infamous with being quite horrifically smelling than being delicious, but that doesn't mean that they're cheap to acquire. In particular the Musang King durian now sells for around $100 per fruit and if you're someone who likes to try out a range of new foods and flavours then you'd probably want to try them out once or twice!


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Now, many people always suggest that when you visit other countries you should immerse yourself in their culture and their food choices. But if you visit Japan you might want to avoid these pickled plums known as Umeboshi. It has become well known as being quite difficult to consume, but the process leading to their creation means that they can sometimes sell for around $15/20 per fruit.

Black Madeira Fig

Image Source: Ourfigs.com
Figs are another fruit that most of us probably don't enjoy on a regular basis, but these Portuguese figs are actually some of the most expensive and best tasting ones you'll be able to find. It's popular thanks to the insane sweetness it offers and the fact that the riper it gets the more syrupy and supposedly better tasting the fruit will become. $200 is a little steep though!

Ajwa Dates

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You might also know these fruits by their other name, Medina Dates and they are known to be the most expensive variety of the dates family that you can buy on the market. This is because they can pretty much only be grown in Saudi Arabia and they can only grow under specific conditions! You'd be best heading to the country itself to get them a little cheaper.

Jersey Blueberries

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Blueberries aren't probably a fruit you might imagine would be worth a load of cash, but the Jersey blueberries grown here in the US are actually the most expensive in the world. You usually buy your trays of blueberries for around $4 dollars right? Well the Jersey Blueberries will actually end up setting you back around $4 for EACH INDIVIDUAL BERRY!!

Golden Raspberry

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Raspberries are extremely popular fruits around the world and here in the US we actually grow some of the most luxurious ones on the market with the name to match. The Golden Raspberry, as the name suggests is a golden variety of the traditional raspberry fruit and taste just as good as they look. For that reason you'll be looking at around $30 for a pint of this stuff.

Dragon Fruit

Image Source: Reddit
The name of these fruits is almost as interesting as the way they look visually, often coming in many different colours covered in little spikes. They are expensive for us in as they have to be grown in tropical temperatures and there aren't a huge range of plants out there. $6 isn't much when you take in to account the rest of the list but it all adds up.

Ekeberg Pineapple

Image Source: notverycheap.com
So these types of pineapples are very rare, but not quite as rare as the Cornwall grown ones we were talking about earlier on. These ones however, are grown specifically within a greenhouse in Norway, so you can imagine there isn't a wide selection of them available to buy. In fact, their unique way of being grown and great taste has led to them selling for around $2000 a piece.