10+ Men Share Their ‘Creepy Girl’ Stories

By molly atherton 2 months ago

Embarking on the quest for true love proves to be a challenging journey, filled with the uncertainty of dating apps and the awkwardness of blind dates. The unpredictability of encounters adds an extra layer of complexity to the search for a life partner. Some experiences, however, surpass the realm of discomfort and delve into the unsettling territory. Reddit became a platform for individuals to disclose their eerie tales of romantic encounters, ranging from unreciprocated affections to encounters with potential stalkers. Brace yourself for narratives that will send shivers down your spine as people recount their unforgettable "creepy girl" stories.

Secure Encounters

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User: cojallison99

"Girl in my dorm. She had a crush on my roommate. My roommate clearly didn’t like and told her several times. Things got out of hand and there were times where my roommate would come running back to the room yelling 'lock the door, lock the door' and moments later the girl and her friend would try to come barge in without permission. What’s creepy is this next part. Apparently one night we accidentally left our room unlocked and she decided to sneak in and play/rub our heads. We didn’t wake up but her roommate told us what she did a couple days later. I haven’t seen her in about a year and I’m quite glad." 

Obsessive Pursuit

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User: Forethought-47

"I was bored once at a small, local festival and didn't want to be there so I just got a drink and started walking around aimlessly when I noticed a firebreather. The display was interesting and she was pretty hot, when she was on break she went to get a drink and we started talking. She seemed nice, we had a laughed but her break was up and she resumed her display so I left her to it and continued to wander around. 5 mins later security was called to her display…Turns out some crazy girl whom I had never met before was following me around the festival and assaulted the firebreather, she had claimed that we (me & crazy) were together and firebreather was trying to break us up."

Eccentric Front Desk

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User: MyNameIsRay

"I started going to a new doctor, the receptionist was cute, so I flirted a bit. In a waiting room, with other patients around. It was pretty innocent, she reciprocated, I figured it was all in good fun. She escalated a bit, stuff like scheduling me for days she was there, calling me directly with reminders, etc. Then she went into the records, got my cell number, and started texting me. Telling me she wants to meet up, she's not happy with her husband, they never have s-- any more, etc. I noped out as fast as I could." 

Surprising Residents

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User: ElephantOfSurprise

"I was accused of this. My husband and I moved and we happened to buy in a neighborhood that adjoined the one my ex and his new wife bought. Weird. Many years and many children later we moved further away. Guess who lives across the street? It was mildly weird until his wife and I met at the mailboxes one day and talked. Now our kids are friends and ride bikes and play basketball and such." 

Motherly Overreach

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User: paleobear1

 "Not so much as the girl herself but her mom. I dated this girl back in highschool and I went over to her house a few times just to hang out and such. But her mom made me incredibly uncomfortable by asking a billion different questions about my past relationships, my intentions with her daughter, even when i last looked at p---. Etc. Etc. She had to be in the same room as us at all times. She also had complete control over my girlfriends phone as well so she monitored every single message her and i sent back and forth. Obviously due to this, that relationship didn't last long."

Enigmatic Shadowing

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User: WirelessTrees

"In elementary school there was a new Spanish girl who had a crush on me and would literally be nonstop staring at me and following me. Me and my friends tested it. In class they would look and see she'd be staring at me. In recess we went to the very far corner of the field and she followed, so I went back to the school wall and she followed, so I told the teachers and they finally got her to stop following me. She disappeared a few days later. Nobody knew where she went." 

Dramatic Saga

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User: AnimalLover38

"I had a friend who went absolutely crazy after her boyfriend broke up with her. Trying to force him to get back together, getting him kicked out of the group to isolate him only for it to backfire and throw a fit. Etc. And that was only freshman year. When he started dating another girl from our group senior year she pretended to be cool…only to lie to the girl and try and convince her to break up with him because he was 'definitely' texting her last night! Oh and also he told her he hated her, and that she was ugly, and that he actually loved her (crazy girl) and was only with the new girl to make her jealous. Many other things happened too"

Supernatural Confusion

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User: irving737

"I once was hanging out with someone, we were on a 'getting to know each other' phase, nothing exclusive. I showed her a magic trick, for me it was a very simple magic trick. After the magi trick she started to freak out, saying that she was not into witch stuff or black magic. I tried to explain to her that it was just a simple trick, since then I got a weird vibe. After that I guess my spidey senses were more active since then and I decided to tell her that I rather not continue the relationship since I started to noticed patterns that I didn't like."

Whispering Apparition

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User: LongPorkJones

"This is wholesome. When my daughter was two years old, she'd sneak out if her bedroom about an hour or so after bedtime. She had this dark purple blanket that was impossible to see in our hallway, she'd throw it on and slowly make her way to the living room, where I, the lone adult in the house, would watch a little TV to unwind. I noticed movement in my periphery, and turned to see this…Pacman ghost giggling at me. Creepy giggling that haven't been able to get out of my head over the past five years. I gasped. My first instinct was to pick up and throw the creepy purple thing, but by the time I had my hands on her shoulders, logic took over and Iaughed until I cried." 

Springtime Extravaganza

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User: BeardedPotatoMan

"Had a gf once and things were not really going well, so after repeatedly trying to talk to her and not getting my points across and her saying everything should stay as is i broke up. It was around easter time so my family and me were having a nice dinner etc. As i went to bed i checked my phone… 170-180 missed calls… I took screenshots and sent them to a friend of mine so i could get a 'witness' to what had transpired… Tl;dr had a gf and she called me almost 200 times after breaking up in a matter of hours My friend and me still laugh about it to this day"

Social Media Intrusion

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User: Taz5768

"About ten weird girls I didn’t know started sending me really creepy snapchats, - 'we’re coming to visittttt' that kind of stuff, then they turned up outside my house and I didn’t know how, but they stayed there for a couple hours before getting bored when I didn’t come out. They also sent me weird photos of my family they took. Turns out they used snap maps off a friend to get my address and stalked my dad on his way to work. Absolute creeps" 

Moniker Echo

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User: Twrge2

 "When I was around 9 at a playground, there was this girl who came up to me and said 'hi'. In response, I said hi back. She said 'what’s your name' (we were the same age) I say my name, she says cool, and walks away. She comes back 5 minutes later and says 'hi' and I’m weirded out, but I say hi back again. She asks again 'what’s your name' like she was brainwashed. In the end, she probably just had short term memory loss or something."

Tenacious Chasing

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User: TheNitroBlade

"I guess not too creepy but when I was a sophomore in HS back in 2012 I had this one girl who would message me on FB every now and then trying to ask me out. I dated a few girls back then and anytime I would break up/ be broken up with, this girl would message me THAT SAME DAY and ask if I was single. I would tell her I needed time to move on and she would stop for a bit. One time I said that and then started dating a different girl like 2 weeks later and then she angrily messaged me about how I hadn't asked her out but started dating a different girl. BTW I spoke to her in person maybe three or four times total." 

Enigma at the Bus Stop

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User: panzerox123

"Not creepy, just a little weird. One time this girl from my University who, unknown to me at the time, lived close to my house waited at my bus stop till I reached home and stopped me to ask whether she can take the bus home with me on Wednesdays and Fridays(not sure why). She never followed up on that. I see her in the mornings occassionally, waiting for the University bus (I take the city bus) with her parents and her parents give me really dirty/angry looks for some reason. I do live 2 hours away from University by bus so maybe she just wanted company? Again, this wasn't a creepy or traumatising experience like some others I've read OTT, but I feel like it sorta belongs."

Unplanned Drive-Throughs

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User: urinalcakewhatinthef

 "I was once someone's 'creepy girl' story. Basically I used to drive by my boyfriend at the time (and even when he was my ex)'s house and sometimes drop in unexpectedly to say hi for a few minutes and then leave. At least once he saw me go by and not stop. I just waved. He legitimately thought (and asked if) I might have been stalking him. I was too embarrassed to let him know that the only other route to my girl friend's house had a roundabout and one-ways that I didn't know how to navigate." 

Unwelcome Confrontations

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User: J8kethesn8ke

 "Girl I was casually seeing in college was hitting me up more than I wanted her to be. I told her things were done, and that I wasn't interested in seeing her anymore.  She waited outside of my work for me to get off, and then chased me down on my bike to 'talk'. After I told her how weird it was that she did that, she apologized. Then she was waiting outside one of my classes, in a completely different major's hall."

Enigmatic Unveiling

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User: Felon73

"I was dating this goth chick and she had problems with depression. I was trying to call her one day and her phone kept ringing busy (mid 90’s before cell phones in every pocket). I jump in the car and ride over to her apartment. I had a key so I let myself in. There she was sitting in the middle of the floor holding a huge kitchen knife. She had cut open the couch, recliner and her mattress and pulled every bit of the stuffing out and was just sitting there in the middle of the stuffing holding the knife with a creepy smile on her face. I left my key on the table near the door and left. I never saw her again." 

Peculiar Retaliation

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User: optigon 

"We have a friend that I believe has since been medicated that had a serious crush on another friend. Other friend basically spent his days drinking and watching soccer. He wasn't particularly interested, but she was insistent on getting with him. He finally addressed the situation, telling her that he wanted to be friendly, but didn't want to be in a relationship.  I'm not sure why she told us, but she told us that she was frustrated by the rebuff, went to a grocery store, bought a whole fish, broke into his apartment, and put the fish in his toilet as 'revenge.' Amazingly, he never said a word about it to anyone, not even as a, 'How would a fish show up in my toilet?'"

Cringe-Inducing Freshman

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User: amateuratart

"I was the creepy girl. As a freshman in high school, I thought I had a crush on this guy, but now I realize that those just aren't a thing for me, and I was only interested in his looks. I once worked up the courage to ask his name, but got too nervous to introduce myself as well and just walked away. Later on I talked to him again, this time finally telling him my name and that I want to get to know him better. He acted nice, but obviously felt uncomfortable and got out of the situation as quickly as possible. After that I haven't tried being in any kind of contact with him because of my nonexistent social skills lmaoo Emil, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry dude"