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Remember Annalise From Neighbours? Here’s What She Looks Like NOW!

Annalise – Kimberley Davies:

1993 was the year a certain blond bombshell hit the small screen, when Kimberly Davies officially joined the cast of Neighbours to play the character Annalise. It wasn’t long before the actress and the character was branded as a ‘man magnet’ and ‘blonde bombshell,’ something the media struggles not to do to any off age woman with a bit of sexuality. As soon as she stepped foot on Ramsey Street, everyone knew that Annalise Hartman was being written in to cause nothing but heartbreak by flaunting her good looks. But who knew she herself would be heartbroken on the show as well?

To this day, Annalise is still Kimberly Davies’ biggest role, which is no big issue as Annalise was involved in quite a few story lines. Unsurprisingly, audiences soon found out that the beautiful Annalise was just as dramatic as the Neighbours story lines, and it wasn’t long before she started to make waves.

Any soap opera actress would be envious of the story lines Kimberly got to play about with during her time on Ramsey Street, where she managed to survive a plane crash, have a decidedly mild scare with cancer and eventually found herself kilted at the altar. It’s crazy how dramatic these soap opera stories can get, but then I suppose that’s just the point. It injects a little bit of excitement into normal life.

Ramsey Street’s blond bombshell had many relationships during her time on the show as well, making full use of her reputation. However, her most famous romance was with her landlord, Lou Carpenter. To this day, it is considered to be one of the more memorable plot lines on the show.

Annalise – Kimberley Davies:

Annalise ended up dropping out of school, decided to use her good looks to get by in the world, and soon after she got involved with Mark Gottlieb, Lassiter’s head chef. It wasn’t long after the mid-flight disaster that Mark popped the question, to which Annalise immediately said yes.

Unfortunately for Annalise when the big day came, Mark dramatically stopped the wedding. He announced in front of their friends and family that he wanted to be a priest, so there was no possible way he could marry Annalise. I’m no man of god, but can you imagine turning her down to become a priest?! Talk about temptation!

Her initial exit from the show came after Annalise’s public relations company was conned out of money, which probably gives you an idea of how they were likely running out of story lines for the character. I suppose there’s only so much drama someone can have in their life!

Quite soon after leaving the show Kimberly hosted the TV series Just Kidding! But she eventually made the decision to move to the United States to star in Pacific Palisades rather than continue on with the series.

Annalise – Kimberley Davies NOW:

Since playing the infamous blond bombshell and man magnet, she’s made a number of guest appearances on many shows. She’s appeared in shows like Alley McBeal, Early Edition, and The Next Best Thing.

Kimberly’s also become a reality TV personality, after taking part in I’m a Celeb (quitting after 11 days), as well as Celebrity Circus. You may not remember her from her time on ITV’s Dancing On Ice. Kimberly left the show 11 days in due to a shoulder injury. Sounds like there’s something pretty unlucky about the number 11.

Annalise – Kimberley Davies NOW:

Kimberly looks as gorgeous as ever, and still holds the title of ‘blond bombshell.’ She returned to Ramsey Street to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary.

Kimberly is happily married to a former model turned doctor, Jason Harvey, and the pair have three children together.

The Neighbours if you already didn’t know is an Australian soap opera that has really taken off in the last 30 years. While it’s not that popular in the United States this Hit show is very popular to this day in Australia and the UK.


The show was first broadcasted in 1985. The whole idea behind this show was to a series of realistic stories and ideas that people could relate to in their own life. The show did not do so well in the beginning with very little support and ended up getting canceled a few different times before it finally made it big time.

The whole story takes place is a fictional community called Melbourne, Victoria. The story mainly focuses on the residents that live on Ramsey street. But it does also bring in resident from other areas around the famous cul de sac.

Whether you fell in love with the show as a kid or it is a new found love in your life you can be sure that there are plenty enough episodes from the last 30 years that you can binge watch.

So let’s now take a look at some of the characters that we have fallen in love with or not and see what they look today compared to when the show first started.

Enjoy and make sure that you share this one with all of your friends.

Angie Jones – Then

Angie plays Jane Harris in the show. We all have fallen in love with her character.

Annie Jones – Now

Jane Harris really worked hard to win the heart of her crush Mike  Young. This is what she is looking like today after 30 on the show.

Kylie Minogue – Then

Kylie started acting when she was only 11 years old. This show was her big break and has since done very well for herself.

Kylie Minogue – Now

Kylie left her acting career behind to go after a singing career. Since then she has released over 12 albums. This is how she looks today! Gorgeous!

Liam Hemsworth – Then

Liam made it on the show in 2007 and he is definitely a hunk that we all fell in love with. He did start out as a guest star but that evolved into a full time cast on the show.

Liam Hemsworth – Now

This is what Liam looks like now. Still very much a hunk. You may have seen Hemsworth is big Hollywood movies like the Hunger Games. He has also done some stuff with Miley Cyrus in the past.

Rachel Blakely – Then

Do you remember Rachel as Gaby Willis on the show? She ended up staying with the show for two years before moving on. She did come back for the 20th anniversarry episode but that’s about it.

Rachel Blakely – Now

Rachel has since moved on to other small acting gigs. You may have seen her on City Life, or Blue Heelers. This is what she is looking like today!

Paul Keane – Then

Paul was one of the original cast members of the show out of twelve. Can you remember him playing as Des Clarke?

Paul Keane – Now

After leaving the show life was not that simple for Paul. He ended up having to battle his own depression and drug addiction along the way. This is him now.

Elaine Smith – Then

Elaine first just wanted to try out and be on the show as a guest star. That quickly turned around when her acting and personality caught the eyes of the directors. She landed the role of Daphne Clarke and the rest is history.

Elaine Smith – Now

Since her character was killed off Elaine has appeared in other shows you might know of like Home and Away. She has also been on Sons and Daughters. This is what she looks like today.

Dan Falzon – Then

Dan played the role of Rick Alessi. This is what he looked like back then.

Dan Falzon – Now

Dan no runs his very own Earth Sanctuary. This is what he is looking like nowadays.

Guy Pearce – Then

Guy was the one that played the infamous role of Mike Young. This is how he look in the late 80s.

Guy Pearce – Now

Since the show he has landed many big roles in huge Hollywood movies. This is what Guy looks like nowadays.

Alan Dale – Then

Alan was Jim Robinson in the show. He was also one of the original cast members. He has cast over 1,064 episodes of Neighbours over the years! Hats off to you!

Alan Dale – Now

Since the show Alan relocated to the US and landed a bunch of roles in different TV shows. This is him today.

Scott Michaelson – Then

Scott played the infamous Brad Willis over the years. This is what he looked like back then.

Scott Michaelson – Now

Since the show he has been on a bunch of small time shows. This is what he is looking like today.

Kym Valentine – Then

Kym played as Libby Kennedy on the show and instantly won all of our hearts. This is what she looked like back then.

Kym Valentine – Now

Since the show she appeared on the film: Dirty Dancing. She has also cast some smaller time shows. This is her today.

Dan Paris – Then

Dan played the character Drew Kirk. This is what he looked like back then. What a handsome hunk!

Dan Paris – Now

Dan was on the show until the writers cut his role. Then he went on to other gigs like the X-Files. This is how he looks today.

Anne Charleston – Then

We all remember Anne as the matriarch of the Ramsay Family. This was her back then.

Anne Charleston – Now

Since the show, Anne has been in several appearances on BBC. This is how she looks today.

Jesse Spencer – Then

Jesse started off his career by playing Billy Kennedy in the show.

Jesse Spencer – Now

He then moved on to other hit shows like House MD. This is what he looks like today.

Brooke Satchwell – Then

Brooke played the infamous role of Anne Wilkinson. This is how she looked back in the 90s.

Brooke Satchwell – Now

Since then she landed a main role on the comedy series Dirty Laundry. This is how she is looking now!

Fiona Corke – Then

If you watched the show back in the 80s you will remember Fiona playing the role of Gail Robinson.

Fiona Corke – Now

Fiona has switched gears and is now a wildlife activist. This is what she is looking like now.