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What does this road sign mean?
  • No right turn
  • Bend to right

TEST YOURSELF: Can You Pass Your Driving Theory Test?

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Some people were simply born to drive, it comes completely naturally to them and they ace both the theory and practical tests first time! Others have an absolutely nightmare trying to get hold of that illustrious green license. We all know that one person who took 8 tries on their theory test and are currently 15 practical driving tests deep without passing yet.

However even competent drivers still struggle with the rules of the road, as i’m sure you have all noticed when you are out and about. So we have compiled a driving theory test to see if you still remember what you learned in those boring hours spent revising for your theory driving test.

A score of 43 or above classes as a pass. Get this shared amongst the questionable drivers you know to see if they know what they are doing on the road.

And don’t forget to let us know what score you got in the comments section!

Good luck.