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Pierce Brosnan Has Been With His Wife For 25 Years. Check Out These Photos Of Them!



15. A modern day kiss.

This is one of the most recent pictures of the couple, who can be seen kissing at the beach.

14. At a Mamma Mia event.

The two have done so many things in the past. When Keely first met Pierce he had just finished with Mama Mia.

13. Going in for another kiss.

These two hold nothing back when it comes to affection. Even if they are in public view.

12. A more recent snap of the happy couple.

Here are Pierce and Keely talking a walk and laughing about something.

11. Pierce talking to Keely about his next 007 movie.

Or maybe just about how to set up the new furniture?

10. Getting a good kiss in.

Here is the couple kissing (again) and let’s just say it is magical.

9. Boys in all white!

These boys want to be just like their daddy. Who wouldn’t want to be like James Bond?

8. At the beach alone this time.

They must be on a vacation alone because we don’t see anyone else around them.

7. Posing for the camera.

Here is the young couple with a good shot.

6. One big happy family.

Wow, the boys have really grown up.

5. Here they are in a far away land.

Again looking very happy with each other and with life.

4.  Hanging out in Paris.

What better place is there for a top-secret international spy like Pierce?

3. Once a family always a family.

These guys really look so happy! They have worked hard at it too. Here is the whole family at the beach having a good time. Again, we see Keely eyeballing Pierce.

2. Wedding day to never forget.

If you haven’t seen their wedding photos yet you need to take a look at how happy they looked.

1. Holding hands while riding.

Any perfect couple has to hold hands while rising bikes together. They truly look like they are the happiest couple we have ever seen.