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If You’ve Eaten 14/19 Of These Snacks, You’re Definitely British

1. Walkers prawn cocktail crisps

There’s no denying that prawn cocktail are probably the best flavour of these crisps ever. There’s nothing we love more than Walkers crisps. These are so typically British and we just can’t get enough!

2. Bourbon biscuits

Image result for bourbon biscuits

Bourbon biscuits are perfect when combined with a nice cup of tea or coffee. We can all agree that these are divine… it is SO easy to get through a full packet of these within a few days. Oops!

3. Frazzles

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Frazzles are truly one of a kind, aren’t they? These crispy bacon treats are a dream for our taste buds!

4. Jaffa Cakes

Now, there’s the never ending debate about whether or not Jaffa Cakes are classed as biscuits or if they’re classed as cakes. What do you think? Or are you not remotely bothered because either way, you’d eat them?

5. Soreen

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This is probably more of a healthy option if we wanted a snack. Although it is considered the more healthy option, a slice of this STILL hits the spot!

6. Ribena

If you are deciding what drink to wash down your snacks with, it is ALWAYS Ribena, isn’t it? There’s nothing we love more than the fruity goodness of Ribena.Image result for ribena

7. Custard Creams

Image result for custard creams tesco

We can all agree, that we Brits love a biscuit or two. So, deciding which packet of biscuits to buy when in Tesco or Asda is a struggle. However, the clear winner nine times out of ten is always Custard Creams.

8. Maltesers

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If you want a chocolate treat, but don’t want something really heavy to eat – then you need to go for the Maltesers. There’s nothing more delicious than a little sneaky treat and these definitely hit the spot all the time!

9. Cadbury Fingers

Image result for cadburyfingers

Cadbury Fingers are just perfect for so many situations. Whether you are having people round or just need snacks to have in the house when you need a little pick-me-up, these are always a safe bet.

10. Mr Kipling French Fancies

A ridiculously British thing… we really can’t get enough of French Fancies. Although they are seriously appetising, you can never just have one of these, can you? Which flavour is your favourite?

11. Quavers

Image result for quavers

I think we can all agree that Quavers are divine. These cheesy crisps are full of goodness. The only issue is that we can manage to make our way through a full packet of these in about 2 minutes. Imagine if they made a share bag of Quavers?!

12. Minstrels

Galaxy have really pulled it out the bag with inventing Minstrels. There’s nothing more delicious than munching on some of these. The hard shells complement the soft, milky chocolate underneath extremely well. Mmm.

13. Twiglets

Image result for twiglets

Twiglets are an acquired taste. But, if you love these then they are always the go to option when you want to binge out on something!

14. Skips

Image result for skips crisps

The best thing about Skips is that these just melt in your mouth. The prawn cocktail flavour is heightened by the fact that these crisps fizzle on your tongue. What a dream… the thought alone is making my mouth water!

15. Tunnock’s teacakes

These marshmallow chocolate biscuits are an absolute dream. There’s nothing we love more than digging into one of these. Who eats all the chocolate off the marshmallow first, then digs into the rest?

16. Chocolate Digestives

Image result for chocolate digestives

Another classic that will just never get old. We all love a good biscuit… it’s a shame that we can’t limit ourselves to just one of these, isn’t it!

17. Space Raiders

Image result for space raiders

The classic Space Raiders probably take us back to our youth. These crisps are so cheap and we can’t help but indulge in a packet every now and then.

18. Wotsits

Image result for wotsits

These cheesy puffs of goodness are enough to make anyone’s day. There’s nothing more delicious than a packet of these, is there? It is SO easy to get through multiple packets of these at once.

19. Mr Kipling Battenberg

Now, if you want a slice of cake then this is what you opt for. There’s nothing more delicious than battenberg cake… and Mr Kipling does it the best!