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Fast Food Secrets



15. McDonald’s Nuggets Are Left In A Warming Tray ALL Day









The reason it’s fast isn’t because they’re made and cooked efficiently, it’s actually because they are pre-made and then kept in a warming tray all day ready to be served. This is pretty much just a breeding ground for bacteria.

14. A Lot Of The Drink Dispensers Contain E-Coli

There is a nasty strand of bacteria called e-coli which has been found in the drink dispensers of fast food chains. Whatever is in the drink dispensers is being released  into your drinks every time one is poured. This stuff can actually make you really ill.

13. Beetle Juice Gives Strawberry Milkshake Its Colour!













Ever wondered how fast food gets its colouring, those lovely pink milkshakes for example? Some of them contain red cochineal beetle, which are dried and crushed to make colourings. While it’s not harmful to consume in low doses, it is definitely not appealing.

12. Fast Food Apple Pies May Contain Hog Hair

In fast food chains the apple pies aren’t as innocent as they seem. They are actually loaded with strange chemicals to make production easier and faster. One of these is called L-cysteine. This substance is extracted from unsavoury areas such as hog hair, human hair or duck feathers.

11. The Chicken May Actually Be Bone And Nerves

The chicken nuggets and chicken burger patties are often rarely made up of chicken, or pure chicken. What they actually often contain is bits of muscle, bone, and nerve tissue. This makes production cheaper as it uses the unwanted parts of meat.

10. Some Drinks Contain An Ingredient From The Anal Gland Of A Beaver

To add sweetness to fast food drinks such as milkshakes, there is an ingredient which is added called castoreum. The worst part is that this ingredient actually comes from the anal gland of a beaver.

9. McDonald’s Burgers Can Last For 14 Years











Food goes off and decays over time, it’s a natural process and any natural substance will do the same. However, McDonald’s burgers have that many preservatives and unnatural ingredients in that it can last up to 14 years, meaning it’s a totally artificial burger, with all those chemicals going straight into your body.

8. Fast Food Chain Milkshakes Contain More Chemicals Than Garden Fertilizer










To make these drinks there is so much added to them in terms of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that they surpass the amount of chemical ingredients found in many garden fertilizers. That’s a pretty shocking way to realize what we are actually drinking.

7. Chicken Nuggets Are Made Out Of Pink Paste

The texture of chicken nuggets is like no other chicken texture, it’s completely smooth. That’s because it’s made from a huge paste. The chickens (whole) get thrown into a big machine, kind of like a smoothie maker, chemicals are added and then it is pumped into shaped trays.

6. Subway Bread Contains Something Found In Shoe Rubber

Azodicarbonamide is used as a bleaching agent to make Subway bread whiter and stretchy. It is also used in products such as yoga mats, rubber, and synthetic leather. It increases the elasticity in products. Subway still use the susbtance and have pledged to phase out its use.

5. Fast Food Chain Salads Contain Propylene Glycol

Getting a salad at a fast food chain seems like an accomplishment, a healthy option amongst a sea of unhealthy food. However, the salad is coated in propylene glycol which is the substance found in anti-freeze and lubricants.

4. The Cheese Is ONLY 50% Cheese

It turns out that the cheese in fast food chains is made up of 50% cheese. That leaves the question, what’s the other half – it’s pretty much additives, chemicals and fats. It does explain why fast food chain cheese is always more orange and plastic looking.

3. Spicy Fast Food Contains Sand

Silicon dioxide is added to fast food’s spicy food, such as the buffalo wings from Wendy’s. This is the chemical also found in sand. Sandy food does not sound appealing…

2. Beef Burgers Are Made From 100s Of Cow’s Parts

Hundreds and hundreds of cows are thrown into huge machines and ground up into beef patties. This means that while you bite into your beef burger, you could be eating different parts of hundreds of different cows.

1. Fast Food Egg Dishes Are Actually Made From Glycerine

To cut down production costs many fast food chains stopped using real eggs for their egg dishes and instead supplemented it with glycerine. Gylcerine is the chemical you’ll be familiar with from soaps, shower gels and aftershaves, as it is the same substance used in these products.