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All The Men Princess Diana Was Romantically Linked To

‘I lead from the heart and not the head. I do things differently because I don’t go by a rulebook’. This is what Diana said about her own personality and situation, a poignant quote that stands true when it comes to Diana’s turbulent love life and her attitude towards the rules and regulations of her royal marriage.

It’s no surprise that a woman who led by her heart would not only have many suitors vying for her affection, but also would engage in many different romances herself. One of Diana’s most famous romances, of course, was to the Prince of Wales, Charles, with whom she had two sons, William and Harry. But it wasn’t the wedded bliss that it was cracked up to be…

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Britain Eagerly Awaited The Royal Wedding

Back in 1981, the nation at large was excited about the engagement and upcoming royal wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana. At the time, Lady Diana Spencer was only 19 years old, a normal young woman with a normal childhood and upbringing, who perhaps had no idea what she was about to get into when she fell in love with a prince.

At the time of their engagement and love story, Prince Charles was much older than Lady Di, at 32 years old. At this age, Charles was feeling the pressure of having to choose a suitable wide that was would one day be at his side when he became King. The woman he chose as ‘suitable’ – and it’s no surprise why – was Lady Diana.

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Charles And Diana Sent The Media Into A Frenzy

Prince Charles and Lady Diana took the media by storm. They were n the front page of every newspaper in the months running up to their big day, following their engagement announcement and those famous engagement shoot pics. Little did a lot of the public know, that Charles and Diana had actually only met 12 times before they officially tied the knot.

Was that enough time for them to not only get to know each other, but for Diana to truly understand what she was in for with a royal wedding? Or was it as simple as the pair simply know it was true love back then, and that there were no doubts about their upcoming nuptials (or no reasons to wait).

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Young Diana Was Catapulted Into Royal Stardom

The deal was done when Diana agreed to marry Charles, and the young woman was thrust into fame and the life of a royal under the constant scrutiny of not only the public eye, but the paparazzi, too. But Diana needn’t have worried, as she soon became beloved by the nation and truly the people’s Princess. Despite having the nation’s love and support…

Diana had a more negative relationship with the tabloids. She couldn’t go anywhere without being hounded by the paparazzi. Her every move was followed, her every expression was a new snapshot for the front page of the newspapers. And this inevitably led to many photos of Charles and Diana looking less than impressed with their newly wedded bliss…

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The Problems Between Diana And Charles Ultimately Led To Her Following Her Heart Elsewhere

The Princess couldn’t then be blamed for being romantically linked, or even involved, with other people, as a result of her unhappy marriage and turbulent life in the spotlight. Not doubt Diana was constantly looking for a reprieve from the pressures of not only royal life, but a strained marriage where she was forced to put on a public front.

And with all the rumours circulating about Charles being involved with Camilla, it’s no surprise that Diana felt as though she, too, wanted to find some form of happiness elsewhere, rather than the pair of them working to fix their royal marriage. Despite having two sons together, it was soon clear that Diana and Charles weren’t meant to be. So who are all the men Princess Diana was romantically linked to?

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Number One: Prince Charles

Naturally, Prince Charles is the most famous man Diana has dated, married and been romantically linked to. Ten years before his official marriage to Diana, Charles was dating Camilla Parker-Bowles – his current wife following Princess Diana’s death, and also the source of many arguments, stresses and rumours of affairs throughout the pair’s marriage.

Camilla’s grandfather was a baron, and both her and Charles ran in the same circles. It begged the question, then, why Charles didn’t just marry Camilla in the first place when she was obviously suitable based on her background, and the two of them were dating back in the 1970s anyway – young enough to get married and make their future royal plans.

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So Why Didn’t Camilla and Charles Officially Wed?

Historians and royal experts believe that the pair didn’t get married because Camilla wasn’t from enough of an aristocratic background to make a serious contender for the future queen of England. If this is the case, it seems that young Lady Diana made a more ‘suitable’ partner due to being born to wealthy parents and an aristocratic upbringing.

This then suggests that perhaps their pairing was forced based on ‘suitabililty’ more than true love? It’s very interesting to think how history would have played out differently if Charles had married Camilla instead (especially seeing as the pair are now married anyway) and Diana would have been free to find true love elsewhere…

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Camilla was Prince Charles’ First Love

If you’ve watched The Crown, then you’ll already know the rumours and information surrounding Camilla and Charles’ relationship – that she always seemed to be the woman for him, even after marrying Diana. But despite his relationship with Camilla, Charles and Diana’s love story (if that) began when Lady Diana was just 16 years old, growing up in an upper-class family.

Her family, the Spencers, were often invited to events that would also rub shoulders with the royal family (including Prince Charles) and its associates. It was actually Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarah, who dated Prince Charles first. When things didn’t work out, Sarah set her younger sister Diana up with the charming prince. This was when Charles took an interest in Diana in a way he hadn’t with sister Sarah.

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Prince Charles Was Under Immense Pressure From His Father To Get Married

During this time, like any young royal would be, Charles was under serious pressure from his father, Prince Phillip, to get married, settle down with a wife and start a family to continue the royal bloodline. It was enough pressure in itself to be the future King of England, but Charles was feeling it tenfold with the mounting expectation that he should find a suitable wife.

Charles knew that he needed to do what was right, and during this time, ‘what was right’ seemed to be to choose Lady Diana to marry – someone with a ‘suitable’ background, title and upbringing, and who would be a seemingly perfect fit into the royal family (oh how sadly wrong he was). With Camilla deemed too unsuitable, Charles chose Diana.

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Charles and Diana’s Wedding Was Watched By Over 750 Million People

Despite any misgivings the pair might have had about their vows, or whether Charles was already resenting not being able to spend wedded bliss with Camilla, the royal wedding was still an exciting and happy event broadcast across the globe and watched by 750 million fans of the young royal couple. The pair seemed to be the perfect match ‘on paper’ for a royal couple, but in reality it couldn’t have been more different.

Despite their happy beginning, their amazing royal wedding day and the excitement shared by millions of people, their ill-fated reunion seemed doomed from the very beginning. It moved into years of scandal and heartbreak which shocked both the inner circle of royals as well as the rest of the world after the happy walk down the aisle wasn’t all it should have been.

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Princess Diana’s Famous Panorama Interview

The world could already see how unhappy the princess appeared to be in her marriage, based on photos and public appearances with Charles. But it was her famous Panorama interview in 1995 that solidified the rumours. Speaking during the interview, Diana revealed her marriage troubles and how, deep down, she wasn’t actually happy. The princess must have felt really desperate to want to speak to the world about how she was feeling, rather than her husband.

Diana spoke openly about her eating disorder and how she struggled with bulimia due to a result of her marriage stresses. She explained that the bulimia started a week after she had got engaged to Charles (so even before they had officially married). Charles had taken Diana to meet his royal family only a few times, so no doubt Diana felt overwhelmed with her new in-laws.

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Diana Appeared To Lack The Confidence That Came So Easily To Her Rival, Camilla

At just 19 years old and already thrust into the limelight with body issues and society pressures, Diana seemed to lack the confidence that Camilla made look so easy and natural. Diana also recalled the point when Charles put his hand on her waist and made a comment over her being a bit ‘chubby’. This, unsurprisingly, triggered something in the already vulnerable Diana, who became desperate and turned to bulimia as a way to cope.

With the princess’s demure attitude and young age, the press also became weirdly and inappropriately obsessed over whether Diana was a virgin based on the initial meet ups with Charles. But Diana explained that Charles was quite distant in his courtship, and that he would sometimes ring her up every day but then not contact her for weeks – signs of a relationship doomed to fail.

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Prince Charles And Diana Were Often Seen Arguing In Public

It’s public knowledge by now that most of the historic photos you will see of Charles and Diana together are fraught with tension. Even their engagement photos now, in hindsight, have something a little uneasy about them. And over their 12 years of marriage, the pair had their most intimate secrets splashed across every newspaper, as well as having their every move and expression scrutinised for the state of their marriage.

When Diana remembered her wedding day, it was far from the fairytale spectacle that everyone watching would have presumed it to be. Naturally with a royal wedding it’s going to be a little more anxious and formal than any other wedding, so you can forgive the princess for looking nervous, but apparently it was a lot worse than that: she recalls it as ‘the worst day of her life’.

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Number Two: Barry Mannakee

Princess Diana’s beauty and warmth always shone through, and it’s no surprise that she would become one of the most desirable people on the planet, attracting attention away from her husband. But falling for Princess Diana or trying to begin any sort of relationship with her would always come at a cost, for the simple reason that Diana was never out of the spotlight.

She was constantly hounded by the paparazzi, couldn’t leave the house without having a photo taken of her, and when she became one of the most famous women on the planet, it was clear that she would need serious security and close bodyguards to tail her every move and keep her safe. Enter her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee.

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Diana Was Never Seen Without Her Bodyguard, Barry

Because Diana could never leave her home or travel anywhere without being hounded or harassed, it was inevitable that she would need a bodyguard that would never leave her side. And when you spend that much time together with a bodyguard, often alone or in lonely social situations (perhaps when she was making public appearances away from Charles)…

It’s expected that you’d seek comfort and friendship from the person at your side at all times. This is the reason that one of Diana’s earliest affairs was with her bodyguard, confidant and friend, Barry Mannakee. Barry worked at Kensington Palace – and at Princess Diana’s side – for a year. Diana apparently only felt happy whenever Barry was around.

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Barry Became A Supportive Comfort To Princess Di During Dark Times

By 1985, Princess Diana was the mother of two young princes, William and Harry. It could be said she had a happy family life, but behind closed doors, she was battling depression alongside other mental illnesses without any support system, least of all (it would seem) from her husband, Charles. Battling depression is one thing, but battling depression when you’re a princess in the public eye trying to raise two sons is another battle altogether.

Not to mention the growing paranoia Diana had regarding Camilla and Charles. And it was all of this, perhaps, that pushed her to seek consolation with her bodyguard, Barry. Barry was a 37-year-old police officer – who was also married at the time. The pair became close through Barry’s work as her bodyguard, and through Diana’s personal struggles.

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Barry Was Sacked Due To His Romantic Closeness With The Princess

With their friendship and relationship growing, Barry was then transferred from his role of bodyguard to Princess Diana after a year working with her, following what was described as an ‘inappropriate’ relationship. And just like that, Diana was stripped of her close friend and confidant. Diana had previously stated in a video obtained by the NBC that she was “only happy when he was around”…

Which means it must have come as a devasting emotional blow when he was transferred away from her. Rumours had begun circulating about the pair both in the palace and within police circles, that Barry had become too close to the Princess. It was also rumoured that a member of royal staff had found Diana and Barry in a ‘compromising’ position on the eve of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding.

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Barry Escorted Diana To Most Events And Even Looked After William And Harry

It would make sense why two people spending so much time together would become close, and especially when Barry escorted Diana to most public and royal events, easily becoming a familiar presence at her arm. Not only was Barry her constant date, of sorts, but he was also a good caretaker of Diana’s children, Princes William and Harry.

In Channel 4 tapes of Diana’s interviews, she reveals that she was “deeply in love” with someone who worked in security, and that she would have been “happy to give it all up just to go off and live with him”. But whether their relationship is the truth or whether Diana seriously intended to go off with Barry would never be known because Barry was tragically killed in a motorbike accident three weeks after leaving his post as her bodyguard.

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Conspiracy Theorists Believe Barry Was Killed Because Of His Relationship With Princess Diana

It’s not the first sensational conspiracy theory to be circulated around Princess Diana, and it probably won’t be the last. But some theorists believed at the time of Barry’s death – and still believe – that he was ‘killed off’ because of his alleged affair with the princess. When Diana’s tapes were later released (4 years after her death) some people still held true to the belief that Barry’s death was arranged, despite what the princess herself argued.

Diana claimed the allegations were untrue and part of a ‘smear’ campaign against her then-husband, Prince Charles. One of the people who still believed the theories was none other than ex-lover James Hewitt (who we’ll get to in a moment…) who claimed that Barry had shared the princess’s bed and even given her a teddy bear as a gift.

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Number Three: James Hewitt

By 1986, it seemed that Charles’s relationship (or affair) with Camilla was back in full swing. Diana at this point had apparently given up any chance of their marriage being saved, and it seemed that Charles was in agreement. Camilla was never too far away from the prince. At this point, Diana was still very young in her mid twenties…

And was now having to deal with the loss (not only as a bodyguard and friend, but grieving his death of Barry Mannakee, on top of the loneliness and mental struggles she had already been dealing with. Diana was once again at a loss over who to confide in while Charles was spending more time with Camilla.

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Enter Sleazy Cavalry Officer James Hewitt

After giving up on her failing marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was next exposed to the red-headed cavalry officer James Hewitt. Indeed, Hewitt’s red hair and association with Diana was enough to spark rumours that he could, in fact, be the father of Prince Harry (as apparently a shared hair colour is all it takes). James was originally Diana’s horse riding coach.

He apparently tried to seduce the princess at a charity event (although who could blame him). At the time, Hewitt was also a polo player and cavalry officer who found himself in the same circles as the royals. After catching Diana’s eye in the summer of 1986, Hewitt had promised the young princess that he would help her overcome her fear of horses.

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Hewitt Latched Onto Diana During A Vulnerable Time

Still grieving over Barry’s death and her failing marriage, it’s no surprise that Diana would have easily succumbed to Hewitt’s charm and gained attention and support that she desperately needed. Hewitt slowly wormed his way into her inner circle and began showering the young princess with gifts and attention. It was around this time that Princes Charles was reportedly cheating on Diana…

And rumours of a five-year affair between Diana and Hewitt began. Diana’s former protection officer and confidante, Ken Wharfe, even discussed the relationship between Diana and Hewitt in his book ‘Diana: Closely Guarded Secret’. He stated that Hewitt was a ‘natural womanizer’ who gave Diana ‘the attention and affection she relished, and then the passion she yearned for’.

Image Source: The Sun

James Was Even Friends With Diana’s Husband, Prince Charles

During the time of Charles’ rumoured affair with Camilla, and Hewitt’s rumoured dalliance with Diana, the pair were actually close friends. Ken Wharfe continued to discuss the bizarre situation in his book, where he stated that Diana would ‘flush red’ when discussing the situation with Hewitt, whilst maintaining that ‘nothing was going on’. Wharfe also described in his book how Diana and Hewitt would meet at an old cottage in Devon, which belonged to Hewitt’s own mother.

This was alongside time spent between Charles and Hewitt as friends, running in royal circles together, playing polo together or attending social events together. Rumours soon began circulating around Kensington Palace regarding Diana and Hewitt’s close relationship – but Charles wasn’t really in a position to judge based on his relationship with Camilla.

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Diana And Hewitt Were Forced To Separate When Hewitt Was Deployed

Five years after Diana and Hewitt first met, Hewitt was deployed to serve in the Gulf War. This forced him and Diana to forcibly separate, and permanently end what had been rumoured to be a five year affair when it their relationship was exposed to the media. The media attention was what also sparked the rumours that Hewitt could be Prince Harry’s father…

These rumours were denied by Wharfe, who came to Princess Diana’s aid and stood by her in refuting the claims, labelling them ‘nonsense’. These rumours had apparently greatly angered the Princess – and understandably so when it concerns her young son and marriage. Wharfe went on to say that a ‘simple comparison of dates’ was all that was needed to prove Charles is Harry’s father.

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James Betrayed Diana’s Trust In The End

But Princes Diana learned the hard way that her bae Hewitt wasn’t to be trusted. He betrayed her trust by working with author Anna Pasternak on her 1994 book ‘Princess In Love’. In this book, Anna revealed the truth about Diana’s relationship with James to the world, detailing their five-year relationship without Diana’s consent and with James’s full approval.

Diana since said about Hewitt that she adored and loved him, but she was very let down. Which is no surprise, seeing as Hewitt revealed deep secrets, and also attempted to sell Diana’s letters to him for £10 million dollars – AFTER her death. His true colours came out when it was clear he wanted to profit on their relationship, and her death.

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Number Four: James Gilbey

Also during the late 1980’s, whilst still rumoured to be involved with Hewitt, Diana became entangled with another man: James Gilbey. Gilbey and Diana had been childhood friends, a friendship that apparently became rekindled when they were young adults. Gilbey was a Lotus Car Executive as well as heir to a gin dynasty – so a lot to unpack with that one.

It was rumoured that Gilbey may have kissed Princess Diana, but if this is the case, he was certainly never kissing and telling – showing a loyalty that Diana’s former lover, James Hewitt, never had. Despite this respectable loyalty, Diana appeared to have stronger feelings for Hewitt than she did for Gilbey (seeing as the two overlapped).

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‘Lovey-Dovey’ Phone Calls Between Diana And Gilbey Were Leaked To The Press

Princess Diana always denied ever having an affair with James Gilbey, but despite her denial, there were leaked phone recordings between the pair of them which suggested a loved-up tone, even if they didn’t fully prove anything had physically been going on between the pair of them. It did appear that Gilbey had more affection for Diana that she did to him…

Undoubtedly she was distracted by the more ‘apparently charming’ Hewitt in her life during that time. Whatever Diana’s feelings were towards Gilbey, he was always there for her as a solid friend, it seemed. But at this point Diana was rumoured to be involved with two other men at the same time she was married to Prince Charles, which meant that the press were hounding her even more than usual.

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The ‘Squidgygate’ Scandal

The scandal between James and Princess Di began when the phone call tapes were leaked. Gilbey and the then-married princess were overheard having intimate phone conversations, and it’s unsurprising that Diana couldn’t find privacy even on her own personal phone calls after being hounded by the press. Diana’s calls were routinely eavesdropped on, including phone calls where she raged about Charles’ affair.

During the phone calls and subsequent scandal, Princess Diana went on to tell James that she ‘couldn’t afford to get pregnant with his child’. During the same call, James called the princess ‘darling’ 53 times. And – most embarrassingly of all – called the princess ‘Squidgy’. When the truth of the phone calls came out, the Queen herself was furious over the scandal.

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Diana Was Understandably Embarrassed Over The Phone Calls Between Her And James

Diana had previously admitted on more than one occasion that she never felt good enough for the royal family, and it’s difficult not to see why. It’s also easy to understand why she would relish phone calls with people like James to offer her support and company. She also mentioned previously that she always thought the royal establishment was ‘out to get her’…

The tapes somehow made their way to the press, and the scandal was out. With the Queen’s fury over the scandal, as well as the growing resentment between Charles and Diana, it’s said the monarch urged the two of them to get a divorce once and for all. Shortly after the scandal, Diana did just that – ended their relationship and leaving Charles and Diane to eventually separate.

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‘Squidgeygate’ Was Soon Followed By ‘Camillagate’

Following the leaked phone calls, Gilbey broke up with his fiancé of the time (yes, he was engaged while this was all going on) Lady Alethea Savile. She had actually stood by him through the entire scandal, and sadly died two years after their break up of a drug overdose. Despite Diana and Charles ‘final straw’ message from the queen, Diana and Charles didn’t ‘officially’ divorce until four years later.

More embarrassment for the royal family then came in the form of ‘Camillagate’. The scandal, also aptly named ‘Tampongate’, was the result of a leaked transcript of a phone conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla. During this time, when Charles was still married to Diana, he told Camilla over his ‘yearning’ to be a particular feminine hygiene product so that he could stay inside Camilla’s trousers… Yep.

Image Source: Princess Diana Book Boutique

Number Five: Oliver Hoare

Understandably, the whole ‘Squidygate’ and ‘Camillagate’ saga had the public gossiping and worrying over the state of Diana and Charles’ marriage, which means it became more apparent when Diana was spending time with other men, or gave the press something extra to focus on with the potential for further affairs. And Oliver Hoare was the next subject for gossip when it came to the princess’s lovers.

Oliver Hoare was an Islamic art dealer, who was 16 years old than Princess Diana. Perhaps she was searching for an emotional maturity in an older man that she didn’t think Charles possessed… either way, it’s safe to say that she had a thing for the older man. Oliver and his wife (yes, he was married too) often visited the royals, and Oliver and Diana were often seen chatting alone.

Image Source: Daily Mail

The Princess Was In A Dark Place After Her Father Passed Away In 1992

For the princess who was already living a life of mental and emotional pressure and turmoil, the passing of her father didn’t do her suffering and grief any good. It’s no surprise, then, that she felt like she needed someone to turn to for emotional support and intimate attention. Enter Oliver Hoare…

Oliver was actually a close friend of Prince Charles, and they both attended Eton. Lady Diana first met Oliver at Ascot six years before their rumoured affair, and immediately took a shining to the married man. Being close friends with Charles meant that Oliver and his wife would often stay at Windsor Castle, which meant Diana found it difficult to resist becoming infatuated with him.

Image Source: Express

Despite Being Close Friends With Charles, Oliver Decided To Console Diana

When news of the friction and marriage break up between Charles and Diana became evident, Hoare (and even his wife) became intermediaries between the couple. But Oliver chose to spend longer with Diana during this difficult time, spending hours in her private rooms at Kensington Palace. What could easily have been a friend consoling another friend in private apparently turned into something more.

Which brings us back to Diana’s protection officer, Ken Wharfe, releasing intimate details about the princess’s life in his book. He revealed that one night he found a half-naked Oliver hiding behind a plant. He was found because the fire alarms had been set off by a cigar Oliver happened to be smoking – outside Diana’s room. The princess had presumably sent him outside the room to smoke.

Image Source: Standard

Hoare Was Also A Close Friend Of Camilla, Charles’ Lover

When the affair became public, a lot of people believed that Diana had chosen to become intimate with Hoare because he was a close personal friend of Camilla Parker Bowles – and that the princess had wanted to keep tabs on Camilla by using Oliver for information on her nemesis. When the affair became public, Oliver’s wife also threatened him with divorce if he didn’t break off the relationship with the princess – which he did…

Since his entanglement with the princess, the years since weren’t easy for Oliver, who was accused of embezzling fund from Qatar. The charges were eventually dropped, but another scandal arose in 2015 when he lost his driving license after being pulled over for drinking. Hoare sadly died in 2018 at the age of 73 when he lost his life to cancer.

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Number Six: Theodore Forstmann

By the time Theodore came around, Diana and Charles were officially separated, meaning Diana had more freedom about who she did and didn’t see romantically. Of course, she would never be fully free to date whoever she pleased, as the eyes of the paparazzi were always on her, and any of her lovers. Diana’s personal style had been evolving over the years…

But now that she was newly separated and looking for love, she donned the famous figure-hugging black cocktail dress which later became known as ‘the revenge dress’. The night before the event she wore this dress to – Vanity Fair’s annual fundraiser in London – Charles had revealed that he had been unfaithful during their marriage. So it’s no surprise Diana would want to wear something that filled her with newfound confidence.

Image Source: Vogue

The ‘New Diana’ Was Introduced To The World, Catching The Eye Of Billionaire Forstmann

This new version of the princess was clearly one who didn’t need the royal family, and especially didn’t need Charles – and she wanted the world to know it. She quickly established herself as a fashion icon, modern woman and still the people’s princess – and the revenge dress only sealed the deal. Diana’s newfound attitude caught the eye of billionaire entrepreneur, Theodore Forstmann.

With all his riches and powerful position, Theodore could easily sweep the princess away on his private jet, take her to beautiful cities around the world and truly spoil her. Though royalty was a life of riches in some respect, it wasn’t the freedom that a billionaire businessman could offer you. It’s clear that, with money being no object, Theodore was ready to do anything to impress the princess.

Image Source: Vanity Fair

Forstmann Was Apparently Still In Touch With Diana Right Up Until Her Death

Forstmann apparently send the princess flowers every day for three years – that’s a lot of determination, and a lot of flowers! Not only that, but Theodore was apparently still in touch with the princess in her later years, right until her tragic death. All eyes of the press and the world were now on the newly-single Princess Diana, which means even more concern over phone conversations being tapped and photos being taken…

But this didn’t deter billionaire Forstmann. U.S intelligence nevertheless still bugged Forstmann’s phone or plane in order to monitor his close relationship with Princess Diana. There were plans for Diana to visit Theodore in the summer of 1997, with William and Harry in toe, too. But her plans came to a halt when security stepped in and reportedly stopped the visit from happening.

Image Source: VeronKay’s Blog

Forstmann Broke Off The Romance With Princess Di

Perhaps it was a natural decline in their romance, the pressures of the press and security coming between them, or maybe a bit of both – but eventually Theodore decided to end the relationship with Princess Diana. It may have even been a mutual decision. Or, it could be that Forstmann’s ex played a part in the decision, seeing as the billionaire reunited with his ex-partner, Deborah Hagerty.

He reunited with Deborah after ending things with the princess. No matter how their relationship ended, Princess Di and Forstmann still remained friends in the following years, and – as mentioned – kept in contact up until the point of her death. Sadly, Theodore passed away in 2011 at the age of 71, after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

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Number Seven: John Kennedy Jr

As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire, and usually this is the case – but when it came to Princess Diana, and her reputation and fame, there was a lot of smoke without fire simply because people were ready to tarnish her name or betray her good graces. And when it came to the princess, an easy target was going to be rumours about her love life.

For people who were close to Diana who perhaps heard her secrets, they might decide they want to make a name for themselves for the worst reasons by revealing those secrets after her death. One of these people was ‘energy healer’ Simone Simmons, who spent a lot of time with Diana both during her marriage to Charles, and after the separation. Lo and behold, Simone published a book after Diana’s death detailing some of her ‘biggest secrets’… and one of these was John Kennedy Jnr.

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Simone Simmons Claimed Princess Diana Had An Affair With John Kennedy Jnr

It could, of course, be all untrue, based on how many people claiming to know Diana’s secrets want to make some money after her death. A book revealing shocking affairs would certainly be a money maker, whether they’re true or not. After all, someone claiming to be a close friend of Diana would never rush to reveal their friend’s secrets after their death – so how much can we trust Simmons’ word?

The published book goes into great detail about how Diana apparently had an affair with John Kennedy Jnr, American lawyer and son of president John F. Kennedy. In the book, Simmons claims that Diana told her JFK Jnr told his friends that Diana ‘had a great pair of legs’, and that their encounter at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan was a ‘moment of pure lust’.

Image Source: Soap Boxie

Despite What The Book Says, Friends Of Diana Claim It’s Not True

The book goes on to say that Diana admitted that ‘moment of pure lust’ went on to a conversation that led to them ending up in bed together, based on ‘pure chemistry’. But friends of the late princess – and presumably actual friends, rather than people claiming to be her friend, like Simmons – dismissed these claims are ‘simply untrue’ and ‘nonsense’.

Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, who was close to the princess, spoke openly about the claims to say that it’s a ‘fantastical story’ with no truth behind it. Not only were the rumours circulating damaging to princess Diana’s reputation, but also because JFK Jnr was married at the time, to his wife Carolyn, who no doubt would have been shocked by the rumours, too.

Image Source: Town & Country Magazine

It Was Anticipated That Diana And JFK Jnr’s Meeting Would Be Leaked

Whether people at the time knew that rumours would begin circulating about an apparent affair is unknown, but they at least knew that Diana meeting with JFK Jnr was something that was going to be talked about. Apparently JFK Jnr’s assistant found organising the meeting extremely difficult due to the reputation of both parties, and JFK Jnr himself apparently said there’s no way it wasn’t going to be leaked.

Someone then suggested JFK Jnr could go in disguise to avoid the press! But his assistant apparently vetoed the idea. The same assistant also accompanied the American lawyer to the meeting with the princess at the hotel that day, and said that the meeting was ‘way more innocent than people thought’. Hardly a lustful first encounter, then!

Image Source: Vogue

Number Eight: Will Carling

During the time that Princess Diana met rugby player Will Carling, she was in a great place in terms of her own personal image, freedom and the height of her popularity with the nation. She met Will in the early 90s, and while rumours were still circulating about her association with John Kennedy Jnr, new rumours were beginning regarding Diana’s alleged fling with the rugby player. She really couldn’t catch a breather!

And, to make matters worse, Will Carling was already married, as a lot of Diana’s alleged lovers had been in the past. While Princess Diana was always a woman loved by many, it seemed that following these rumours, one person who certainly didn’t view the princess in a favourable light was Will’s wife, Julia Carling. Though who can blame her when you hear rumours like that?

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Diana And Will Became Friends

There were a lot of rumours circulating about Diana and Will, and a lot of them will be nonsense based on rumours of an affair, but what was definitely true was that the pair did meet, become friends and spend time together. After initially meeting at the Harbour Club in Chelsea, West London, Diana asked the sportsman for ‘private training sessions’.

‘Private’ could certainly be enough to spark rumours, but what other kind of session is a princess going to be able to have with the eyes of the paparazzi watching her every move? And the sportsman wasn’t about to turn down a princess’s request. Though, again, Simone Simmons gives her opinion on their relationship – so taken with a pinch of salt – by saying that Diana and Will saw each other almost every day at the gym.

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Princess Diana Took Her Sons To Watch His Rugby Game

The princess also enjoyed days out with young William and Harry by taking them to watch Will Carling play rugby. This could, of course, have been a friend supporting another friend in his career – and really, when you have a rugby player as a friend and personal trainer, why wouldn’t you go to watch one of his games?

Also, it’s the perfect family day out for Diana and her two sons. But apparently it was situations like this that got rumours circulating, and Diana attending Carling’s game only meant more opportunity for them to spend time together, talk in public – and then have everyone else talking about them, including Carling’s wife, Julia.

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Carling’s Wife Blamed Diana For The Breakdown Of Their Marriage

Will Carling and his wife, Julia, eventually got divorced, and it seems that Julia blamed the princess for their marriage breakdown, whether an affair actually happened or not. Julia lashed out at the pair of them, saying that she was ‘sad Will put himself in that position, and that the princess did as well’. She also said that Diana has had these things happen to her before, and that ‘you hope she won’t do these things again, but obviously she does’.

So it seemed that Julia was not only a follower of all the tabloid stories regarding Diana’s love life, but also that she fully believed them all to be true – including the rumours about Diana’s relationship with her own husband. Will was also apparently warned to say away from Diana, which is understandable based on the amount of rumours circulating.

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Number Nine: Bryan Adams

Yes, that Bryan Adams. Because all it takes is for a musician to release a single with the title as a woman’s name, and that’s enough to get the rumours circulating. Which is exactly what happened when the music sensation released a hit called ‘Diana’ – with lyrics including ‘Diana, can’t you see you drive me wild’…

But it wasn’t until a decade after the single was first released that the world found out the pair may have shared more than just a song… He is still one of Canada’s most celebrated musical artists, but for a long while in the peak of his career, he was the latest subject of romance rumours with Princess Diana.

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The Pair First Met In The 80s

No, unfortunately their first meeting wasn’t the ‘summer of 69’, but was, in fact, in the 1980’s. The princess was seen chatting with the Canadian music star in Vancouver, during a gala event in 1986. It’s important to note that, by this point, Adams had already released his single ‘Diana’, which had caused people to speculate about his relationship with the princess – before they’d even met!

So either they are both very good actors in showing the 1986 meet up as their first ever conversation with each other, or the rumours were just that – rumours. Although Diana and Bryan both strongly denied any claims of romance, Adam’s girlfriend at the time (now ex) had a different viewpoint altogether…

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Adam’s Ex-Girlfriend Claimed She Knew About The Affair

Singer Bryan Adams wasn’t married at the time of his alleged hook up with the princess – unlike so many of her rumoured dalliances – but he was in a relationship. Adams was in a relationship with Cecilie Thomsen, a relationship that lasted 12 years before the pair called it quits. But was that Diana’s fault?

Despite both Diana and Bryan maintaining that they didn’t have an affair, Thomsen has spoken openly to say that an affair did, in fact, happen and that she knew all about it but chose to turn a blind eye to it. Bearing in mind this is an ex-girlfriend who could just be looking for fame and fortune off spreading rumours about Diana following her death…

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Adam’s Ex Spoke Openly About Bryan’s Relationship With The Princess

Cecilie Thomsen spoke about the fact that Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, also knew Bryan Adams very well. That Paul was part of the ‘inner circle’ around the princess, and that it was Burrell who introduced Adams to Diana. Thomsen went on to claim that the very first time Adams met Princess Diana, she herself hadn’t been invited.

So this is either implying that Cecilie wasn’t invited to the public gala event that was Diana and Adams’ first meeting, or Thomsen is suggesting that there was another ‘secret’ first meeting arranged by Burrell that she wasn’t invited to. She also said that her relationship with Adams was already ‘stormy’ and that Diana ‘didn’t make it any easier’.

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Adams Always Maintained They Were Never Anything More Than Just Good Friends

Even so many years after Princess Diana’s death, there are still rumours about her conquests and people coming forward to make money or publish books based on alleged secrets or rumours. No one knows to this day what really happened between Adams and Diana, despite what Bryan’s ex claims, but the musician still maintains that they were only ever just good friends.

Apparently Paul Burrell explained that he used to sneak Adams into Kensington Palace to see Diana, which the musician argued and stated that he was never snuck in, but ‘would just roll up’. If he was snuck in, it can be understandable why even a friend would want to see Diana in private with so many tabloids and rumours about.

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Number Ten: Hasnat Khan

Although it had been many years since Diana and Charles had officially separated, and Diana deserved to find her happiness with someone else, it seemed that she was still struggling to find ‘the one’, even with so many rumours about a great deal of suitors. Next up was Hasnat Khan, a British surgeon. Diana first met Hasnat at an event…

While she was still looking to find that someone special. The Pakistani heart surgeon, who was also known as ‘Mr Wonderful’ by Diana, arrived to sweep her off her feet shortly after the whole scandal with rugby player Carling – which no doubt left her feeling like she needed someone’s support.

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Hasnat – ‘Mr Wonderful’ – Seemed To Be The Perfect Man For Diana

Their relationship was off to a good start based on that fact that Khan wasn’t already married at the time of their meeting – so no drama about any affairs – and he also wasn’t already a celebrity. Even though Diana would be followed around by the paparazzi, at least Hasnat’s normal status would hopefully mean less attention…

And, in fact, the pair of them managed to keep a two year relationship quite secret for a while. Their relationship allowed the princess to experience something close to normality with someone who wasn’t a royal or in the public eye in any way. Their relationship was kept from prying eyes as much as possible. But, of course, Hasnat hasn’t lived a life away from prying eyes every since…

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Diana Wanted To Live A Normal Life With Khan

And who can blame her? Princess Diana and Khan spent a lot of their time at Kensington Palace behind closed doors, so that they could evade the paparazzi and spotlight on their relationship. Venturing out anywhere publicly with Khan would have meant that the tabloids and cameras would descend, so no doubt she wanted a moment of private normality with Khan.

In fact, the princess would often disguise herself to go out in public to be able to see Hasnat. When she went out with him around Chelsea, where he lived, she would often wear a dark wig and sunglasses to hide her face from the world. But it would certainly have been hard for the couple to find time together, with Hasnat working extremely long hours as a surgeon.

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Diana Wanted To Play The Typical Housewife For Khan

It’s a role that many people would hate – doing regular chores like the dishes and laundry, waiting for your partner to come home from work – but for Diana, these acts of normality and a typical lifestyle away from the royals must have been heaven. The princess would apparently do his dishes and fold his laundry for him in his small apartment while waiting for him to come home from work.

Khan wasn’t into the regular royal pursuits like hunting and playing polo – instead, he enjoyed jazz and a nice cold beer at his local pub, and it’s said that Diana would often join him at the pub, throwing herself into the ‘normality’ of his life and enjoying every second. She was also said to visit him at work when she could get away from the cameras.

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He Even Took Her To Meet His Parents In Pakistan

Diana apparently wanted to run away with Khan and get married. Close friend Jemima Khan said that Diana was ‘deeply in love’ with Hasnat. It makes complete sense, when here is a normal man, so different than any man Diana has ever associated with, and so different from the royal lifestyle she was forced into. And apparently Khan was just as besotted with the princes…

Because he took her to meet his parents in Pakistan, a big move to show how serious they were. The princess met Hasnat’s family in Lahore, and she even repaid the favour by having them for tea at Kensington Palace. But, unfortunately, their relationship ended due to Hasnat’s unwillingness to re-marry, and the fact he knew he would never be able to live a normal life with the princess.

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Number Eleven: Dodi Fayed

Dodi was perhaps the most well-known of Diana’s romances following her split from Prince Charles, and that’s because he was dating her right up until her death – and tragically died with her in the car that killed them both. Princess Diana, as the world knows, did a lot of charity work throughout her life, during her marriage to Charles, and after.

It seemed she was finding happiness in doing good, and seemed to be on a much more positive track in the years leading up to her tragic death. During these happy times, she met Dodi Fayed, who it seemed could easily become her next serious relationship and perhaps love of her life if tragedy hadn’t cut their lives short.

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Dodi Fayed Was Apparently A Bit Of A Playboy

The princess wasn’t the first to succumb to Dodi’s charms, as Fayed was apparently linked to a line of famous women before Diana, including actress Winona Ryder and singer Nancy Sinatra, as well as being engaged to American model Kelly Fisher in 1997. Dodi was the eldest son of former Harrod’s owner Mohamed Al Fayed, the billionaire.

So Princess Di had yet again fallen for someone who was very much already in the public eye with a reputation about him. But that didn’t sway her. And it seems that Dodi was just as taken with the princess (understandably) when it was rumoured he broke off his engagement with Fisher to be with Diana.

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Dodi And Diana Enjoyed A Romantic Summer Together

Diana, despite trying to sever ties with the royal family, was still no stranger to a polo match or two. She spent a lot of her life meeting a variety of people at these matches, and one of these meetings was when Diana and Dodi first spoke at a 1986 polo match. But it wasn’t actually at this time that they started up their romance. It was only later that they enjoyed their ‘summer of love’…

11 years later, in fact, when Diana was officially single and ready to meet a new handsome man, following her split with heart surgeon Hasnat. This was when she jumped at the chance to visit Dodi on his yacht in the South of France. She spent a few happy weeks there, along with her sons William and Harry, before returning again for some quality time alone with Dodi.

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Dodi And Diana Appeared To Be Deeply In Love In The Lead Up To Their Deaths

All the photos seen of Diana and Dodi appear to be love-filled and care free, spending summer days together walking or on his yacht together. The most famous photo remains the one of them kissing on the top of the yacht, so it can’t be denied that the pair had a close and intimate relationship. What seemed to start as a summer infatuation could easily have developed into something more serious, if they’d only been given the time.

Dodi and Diana were travelling together in Paris, in the car that killed them both. In the early hours of 31st August, following their whirlwind and happy summer romance, Dodi and Diana were killed in the Paris underpass in 1997. To make the tragedy of their deaths worse, it was rumoured that the pair had actually become engaged prior to the accident.

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