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25 Life Hacks That Will Definitely Make Your Life Easier!



1. Clean up that greasy hair!

If you have greasy hair but you don’t have the time to wash it out and dry it there is a solution just for you!

If you take some paper towels and blots the oil out at the roots it will dramatically fix that greasy hair of yours.

2. Need a good hack for your zipper problems?

You can easily fix a stuck zipper by simply taking a pencil and rubbing both sides of the zipper with the pencil lead.

This should help it get working again. You can also use chapstick to get it unstuck.

3. Fix that chest sweat.</yourself having a lot of chest sweat when it gets warm outside don’t worry we have a solution just for you!

You may not know this but panty liners are great at absorbing sweat. So good that if you put them in your bra you won’t get any sweat on your chest.

4. Having trouble with your leggings?

oblems with the leggings highlighting your flaws? We have an easy solution for you.

If you take an old pair of pantyhose and cut them so they are shorts and then put them on before your leggings you will be amazed at how toned you will start to look.

5. Have some unwanted ink stains?

pen in your pocket and then it leaked out? I think we have all had this happen at some point.

Don’t worry because there is an easy solution to clean up your clothes in a snap. Get some antibacterial hand gel and rub it into the stain. Make sure you put a towel or something underneath the area first. Then was and see how it all comes out!

6. How to have the freshest breath.

that you have some really nasty smelling breath? Are you already out and have no toothbrush with you?

If you can find some coffee beans grab them and chew on a few for about 30 seconds to one minute. This will take care of any unwanted smells coming from your mouth and it will clean any plaque off of your tongue as well!

7. Fixing those wet shoes.

Ifvorite pair of shoes wet and don’t want to ruin them in the dryer we have a great alternative for you.

If you take some cat litter, put in in some pantyhose tied up nice and tight, and placed in your shoes overnight it will absorb all the moisture. Then to get rid of any bacteria by adding some sodium bicarbonate in your shoes before wearing.

8. Fix those yellow teeth.

If ylow teeth that you have not been able to get them white? No worries, we have a great and natural solution that will quickly get those teeth white and you won’t need to worry about putting any harsh chemicals in your mouth.

Take a banana peel and run the inside portion of the peel on your teeth that you want to whiten. Let it sit on there for about 10-15 minutes and then remove by brushing your teeth. This will help gently whiten your teeth over time.

9. Do you have an issue with slippery shoes?

If youat your shoes are dangerously slippery when you are walking there are some easy solutions to help you from not falling on your butt. Find some sandpaper and rub the soles with it very gently in a circular motion.

Don’t use really strong grit either as it might damage your shoes. I would get 100 grit or similar.

10. Fixing those underarm sweat stains.

Well, acing to tell you how to prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

If you slice some potatoes and then rub them on your underarms they can help fight this. Let it dry first, then you can go and take a shower to wash off any unwater smells or sweat. Just use water to wash the underarm though.

11. Skirts that like to ride up your legs.

Have you epen to you? This is a simple fix and you will be wondering why you didn’t already do this one before!

If you can find some hairspray spray a little bit on your thighs and that pesky skirt will not ride up your legs anymore.

12. Getting any gum that might be on your clothes.

This can be ng because gum is one of those things that is really hard to get off just about anything it touches.

But we have an easy fix and it is quite genius if you ask me. Find some duct tape laying around the house or you can pick some up at just about any store. Place a piece of tape over the affected area and rip of quickly. If you do this a few times the gum should be completely gone!

13. Can’t get your ring off?

Have you ever on your finger? It’s definitely not something we like having to deal with and sometimes you really can’t get it off.

This one will blow your mind too! Simply raise your hand above your head for a few minutes and let all of your blood run out your fingers and then try to remove again.

14. An easy way to hold your keys and other things.

Find a tennis bame love.

Cut a slit in it and add some cute eyes if you wish.

15. Quickly remove the stem from a strawberry.

This one is easy and fun.

16. Need some chip clips in the house?

Hangers are your answer.

17. Quickly cool off any beverage.

How come I didn’t know this one?

18. How to not hit your thumbs with a hammer.

This one is genius!

19. The best way to toast bread for a sandwich.

Who would have known?

20. Repurpose that CD container.

A bagel now has a new home.

21. Making the cat happy.

This will make sure your cat isn’t always in your way.

22. Need a cupholder in the car?

Just take off a shoe!

23. Hide your money in plain sight.

If you want to ensure your money won’t be stolen this is definitely the best answer!

24. Repurposing toilet paper rolls.

This is cute and smart.

25. Use a wooden spoon to keep your pot from over boiling.

Not sure how this one works but it does work.

26. No words needed.

Total genius!

27. Hangers helping out again.

This is perfect!

28. Theft proof sandwich bags.

Nobody is going to steal a mouldy sandwich.

40. Fill up your bucket with ease.

OMG this is crazy genius!

41. Keep your pizza nice and warm.

With your seat warm if your car has one!

42. Stop those spam emails.

Just filter by unsubscribe.

43. Fix the evil zipper.

With a simple ring hack.

44. How to remember you locked the door.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

45. Don’t bang your car door on the garage.

A pool noodle could help with this.

46. Make a crib into an activity center.

Perfect repurpose for any crib.

47. Easy extension cord hack.

Just tie it in a know where it is plugged in.

Thanks for reading!