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21 Things That Haven’t Been Cool Since The 90s

1. These butterfly clips

Who remembers when these used to be hugely popular for us when we were younger?

There were so many weird hair accessories we used to wear as kids.

2. This pink fluffy pen

Image result for pink fluffy pen clueless

There was nothing cooler than rocking up to school with this pen.

We all know the inspiration came from Clueless.

3. Also this ostrich pen

This pen used to be so popular too! Did you have one of these?

There was nothing like standing this up on your school desk to show it off to everyone.

4. Combat pants

For some reason many of us had multiple pairs of combat pants when we were growing up.

There was nothing quite like these – comfort AND style!

5. Clips like these!

Image result for 90s butterfly clips

We would absolutely plaster our hair in these clips when we were younger.

We did get our inspiration from all the pop stars and celebs though.

6. Crimped hair

Melissa Joan Hart (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

This was another thing that will never come back into style.

There was nothing that looked good about crimped hair.

7. Blonde tips in your hair

Boys thought that the coolest look they could go for was to have blonde tips in their hair.

Justin Timberlake managed to pull it off.. but not anyone else.

8. Double denim

Image result for denim justin

We all know the ultimate classic denim over-load was from our two favourite popstars Britney and Justin.

This picture will just never get old or boring to look at.

9. This belt

Image result for 00s belt

This belt just screamed tacky.. but every one of us had one!

Who remembers this!?

10. Ed Hardy

For some reason boys thought that wearing Ed Hardy was good…

When in reality it was just awful.

11. Boy wearing these necklaces…

These necklaces were really popular when boys were going through the phase of getting their hair dyed blonde.

Who remembers these?!

12. Or these ones…

Image result for cross necklaces beads

What were people even thinking wearing these out of style?

Definitely NOT a good look.

13. Jeans underneath your skirt

Image result for ashley tisdale bad outfit

What was going on here? There was nothing stylish about this.

Any stylist that thought this was a good look needed to get fired.

14. Dance Mats

Image result for dance mats

The dance mat played a HUGE part in our childhood when we were younger.

There was nothing we loved more than spending hours on this at sleepovers.

15. Decorating your phone

Image result for decorating nokia phone with gems

We used to decorate our phones with gems and of course nail varnish.

This made them look super tacky but we really didn’t care

16. Phone charms

There was something amazing about phone charms back in the day.

Somehow we managed to get past the awkwardness that meant they got caught in our pockets 24/7.

17. Sing Star

Image result for sing star

This was another thing that we would spend hours on when we were growing up.

We took this to every sleepover. There was always one song that we could perform REALLY well.

18. Different phone cases

The tackier or more brightly coloured your phone case, the better.

We would stop at nothing to find the perfect phone case when we were younger.

19. Jelly shoes

We all used to be obsessed with getting ourselves a pair of these.

But, when it came to wearing them all we had left was sore feet and blisters!

20. Tie Dye stuff

There was nothing cooler than tie dye everything when we were younger.

However, these days its really isn’t that cool. Especially when everyone started making their own!

21. Mesh and neon

Image result for 90s fashion famous

The combination apparently was incredible back in the day.

Who remembers TLC when they wowed us with this outfit!?