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20 Things That Most 90s Babies Will Have Forgotten About

1. These from every single holiday

Image result for best things from the 90s

Who remembers buying these from every single holiday you went on?

There was no actual purpose behind these, but we all loved them!

2. Shag bands

These were the most ridiculous trend that completely took over school back in the day.

There was nothing accurate about these shag bands, but we all believed the rules.

3. Ready Steady cook junior

Image result for ready steady cook junior ice cream maker

Who remembers getting these sets when you were younger?

These were always the Christmas presents that you asked for!

4. Prank Patrol

Image result for prank patrol barney

This was one of the best television shows for us kids!

It was on CBBC and you went on it to help prank your friends or family.

5. Sims Urbz for the PS2

Image result for sims urbz ps2

Who remembers this game that the Sims brought out for the PS2?

This was one of the best games in the world!

6. The Mii you created

Image result for miis for the wii

We all loved playing on the Wii when we were younger.

It all started off by creating your own ‘Mii’.

7. The endless amount of diaries we had

Image result for embarrassing kids diary entry

We will soon come across these old diaries and just CRINGE completely.

There was nothing more embarrassing than our old diary entries.

8. Blue tongue Monster Munch

Image result for blue tongue monster munch

These were some of the best crisps ever from our childhood.

We only loved them so much because they turned our tongues blue.

9. Mood rings

These were another fashion trend that we were all obsessed with.

We believed we were actually in the mood that the ring showed.

10. This at the swimming baths!

If you went to the swimming baths and this was up – then you knew you were having a good time.

There was nothing better than a Saturday at the local leisure centre.

11. Getting Claries Lucky bags

Image result for claires lucky bags

These were the most popular things in the whole world.

We would always count up how much the contents were worth and see how much free stuff we got.

12. Getting your ears pierced at Claires

Image result for getting your ears pierced claires

Although it was a complete rip off, this was the only place your mum trusted you to get your ears pierced.

There was nothing more exciting than when you were first allowed them done.

13. Classic pictures from rides you went on

We all know that the pictures that were taken of us when we were on rides were awful

We looked completely scared – but we bought them because they were golden memories.

14. Flubber

Image result for flubber

Who remembers this film from when they were younger?!

There was honestly nothing better than this little green guy!

15. Jumaji

Image result for jumanji

We ALL wanted Jumaji to actually be real.

However, we knew that this was simply impossible.

16. Frustration

Image result for frustration board game

Can we all remember playing this board game when we were younger? This got so competitive!

17. Top Trumps

Which collection did you have? There were so many different types that came out!

These were honestly so much fun to play with!

18. Baby G watches

Image result for baby g watches

These were the most popular watches when we were younger.

You either went for hot pink or baby pink.

19. Funnybones

Image result for childrens book with skeletons

Can we all remember reading these books back when we were at school?

There was nothing more fun than this being actual work!

20. The Magic Math Machine

We all remember this from when we were younger!

There was nothing that helped us out more than this!