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20+ Of The Craziest Nail Fails You Will Ever See

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day, And Your Nails Once

Image Source / YouTube

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier than full ears as your nails, this one is unveiled. We all know glossy white French Manicures are popular, but this is taking it a little too far. Though it may make hand puppets more interesting.

2. Never Worry About The Washing Up Again

Image Source / Bored Panda

Is there anything worse than realising you’ve run out of knives and forks and need to do the dishes? Well now you don’t have to worry about it when your own nails can be your cutlery! And posh silver cutlery at that. Gives a whole new meaning to finger food, doesn’t it?

3. Brings A Whole New Meaning To ‘Talk To The Hand’

Image Source / Buzzfeed

Other body parts and nails just don’t mix, but they seem to be a very popular option for crazy nail art. One ear on one nail would be freaky enough, but this just takes it to a whole new level. To top it off, the ears have piercings, too? No thanks!

4. Gender Reveal Nails?

Image Source / Pinterest

I mean, it’s actually not a bad plan as far as gender reveals go – it’s certainly a quirky reason to get some crazy nail art done. Sort of like unveiling a new engagement ring, but for a different meaning… It still looks mind-blowingly weird though.

5. There’s Apparently No Problem That IKEA Can’t Fix

Image Source / Bored Panda

Need a new table? IKEA. Need a flat-pack wardrobe? IKEA. Need some frankly rather disturbing new nails? IKEA. This nail art takes it to the next level by actually creating items of furniture and attaching them to the nails. Imagine trying to open a can of soda with a chair attached to the end of your finger.

6. Hair And Long Nails Don’t Mix

Image Source / YouTube

It’s difficult enough trying to wash or style your hair when you’ve just had really long nails done, but imagine combining the two? All this looks like is you had a really bad shower accident where you tripped and ripped half your hair out. Which, unfortunately, decided to stay attached to the fingers…

7. A Snack Right At Your Fingertips

Image Source / YouTube

It would be great if you had a ready-made sweet treat right at the end of your fingers, let’s be honest – it’d bring a whole new meaning to ‘biting your nails’, anyway. But these candy corn nails are a little too ridiculous. It’s like someone put superglue on their nails and shoved their hand in the candy jar!

8. Is That A Toilet Brush?

Image Source / Pinterest

Wait… It’s not just a toilet brush, but… Okay, the level of detail is either really impressive or really disturbing. Why would you even want that on the end of your nails? It might make cleaning the toilet a little bit easier if they were actually brushes that worked – and by the looks of this picture, they sure did…

9. Lava Lamp Nails

Image Source / YouTube

Create your own night light with this nail art! Compared to some of the others on this list (see previous point) these are actually kinda cool. The fact that they actually look like blobs of lava is definitely impressive… And if they do glow, well, even better when you need a reading lamp.

10. A Treat For Halloween

Image Source / Bored Panda

Or any other time of year, if you’re that way inclined. Fans of the Predator movies might enjoy this one – or maybe, actually, does that look like the Kraken? Maybe you see what you want to see, but one thing we can all agree on is that this one is gruesome – whether you like that or not!

11. The Unsolvable Rubik’s Cube

Image Source / Aesthetically Chic Beauty

You’ve no hopes of completing this one even if you were a dab hand at solving them. There’s something quite satisfying about the geometric shapes and colours on this one, but they’re still kinda crazy… especially when practical things come into it, like using your phone’s touch keypad.

12. Does Something Smell Funny To You?

Image Source / Society19

A nose on the end of your nail would be bad enough, but nose complete with nose hair? And nose hair that’s bound to drop and dip into every item of food or drink you consume? The creativity with the different nose sizes and moustache styles does deserve credit, though – as traumatizing as it is.

13. Like We’re Not Addicted To Our Devices Enough

Image Source / Bored Panda

Hey , know what would be better than scrolling through social media for hours on end on your phone or device? Actually having an iPhone replica as your fingernail! There’s no doubt that this is some serious talent, to be fair, though… the glossy black finish, the level of detail on that wallpaper – it’s all impressive.

14. Would You Kiss This Hand?

Image Source / Bored Panda

I think even fans of KISS would think this a step too far – or maybe it’s the right amount of crazy. Imagine forgetting that you’d had these done and waking up to see Gene Simmons staring at you. One thing’s for certain – this nail design was made for lovin’ you.

15. Nails You Can Scrape Off Wallpaper With

Image Source / Pinterest

It’d certainly save you a lot of money on tools if you needed to do DIY, but if you’re not using these as massive scrapers or shovels for the gardening, then they’re definitely more a hindrance than a help. At a push, they’d be great for scooping up sweets for your cinema stash.

16. Succulent Lovers Might Like This One

Image Source / Bored Panda

Most people would agree that plants make you happier. Surrounding yourself with plants, and particularly easy-to-manage succulents, is a positive life choice. But when is it a step too far? When your home’s full? Or when you get nails made out of cacti? Probably the latter.

17. Handy Toolkit, Anyone?

Image Source / Bored Panda

It’d be great to carry a tool kit round with you, right? Handy if you need to tighten a nail or unscrew something. But instead of slipping a mini kit in your pocket, how about making your actual nails into screwdrivers? Why stop there? Why not make them neon coloured, too?

18. You’ll Feel Like You’ve Fallen Down A Wormhole With These Ones

Image Source / Bored Panda

Even the craziest nail art sometimes makes a tiny bit of sense, but this is just purely bizarre. In fact, horrifying. Unless you’re someone who wants worms dangling from the end of every finger, that is. The only plus of this is it would make a pretty good Halloween costume.

19. Fear Of Bugs? Look Away Now

Image Source / Bored Panda

And definitely never, ever ask for the cockroach special – or whatever insectoid from a horror movie these are supposed to be! Again, maybe a great Halloween look, but only with the understanding that you’d rip them off and burn them as soon as possible once the 31st has passed!

20. Suckling Pigs

Image Source / Bored Panda

Although this is definitely some serious talent (and kinda cute, all things considered) it should probably be left on the farm… Extra points for the twirly tails, but points taken off for the general absurdity and shocking shade of bright piglet pink.

21. Gone Fishing

Image Source / Bored Panda

… and gone a little bit too far with 3D nail art, maybe. It’s seriously impressive, but not practical in the slightest. At least the nails themselves are some semblance of normal in sleek white, but a fisherman perched on the edge is going to make a lot of daily tasks difficult.

22. Worried About Running Out Of A Bottle For Your Baby? Never Fear!

Image Source / Bored Panda

You’d have to be a parent to get these done, otherwise it would be a little weird… Or weirder, to say the least. It would be kinda handy if they were actually filled with milk, but can’t imagine it’d be more than a drop. The attention to detail on these is very impressive, even if the design wouldn’t be, er – for everyone.

23. She Sells Sea Shells On The Sea Shore

Image Source / Bored Panda

Or, if not the sea bed, then at the very least the nail bed. There’d be nothing wrong with ocean or shell-themed nails – in fact, it’d be very cute – but this takes it a little bit too far in the shell department. You’d definitely be worried about one of these falling off and making your next meal extra crunchy.

24. Nail Brush

Image Source / Bored Panda

Not a fan of the previous art on this list with nails made of teeth? Well how about a nail made out of a whole toothbrush head instead? At least this one is a little more practical by the fact you could actually use it as a toothbrush… Definitely helpful if you forget to pack yours next time you take a trip.

25. From Toothbrush To Makeup Brush

Image Source / Bored Panda

Another brush you might forget to pack is your makeup brush, which is always a killer when you’ve foundation to apply. So why not make your next nail appointment design one made out of… bristles? At least you can keep your makeup brushes more clean this way – just wash them every time you wash your hands!

26. Forgot Your Earphones? No Problem!

Image Source / Bored Panda

These nails actually begin with a seriously cute pale pink design with impressive musical notes – a design any music fan would love. It then gets a tad silly with a massive headphone stuck out of the top. Even if they actually miraculously worked, your hand would ache after a while holding it up to your ear…

27. How About Some Extra Fingers?

Image Source / Bored Panda

When a normal amount of fingers isn’t enough, why not have a bunch of extra ones attached to your hand? And not only that, but why not make them super creepy, too? Another one for the Halloween Pinterest board, maybe? At least if you got bored of them you could chop of the fingers and be left with a somewhat acceptable pale white polish!

28. Comb Over, Anyone?

Image Source / BeBeautiful

In need of a quick touch up? Forgot to pop your brush in your bag and need to straighten your hair? No problem! Not only one comb to hand, but one on every finger! Even though this design is a little absurd, we have to admit, the bright colours do look great.

29. This Crazy Nail Design Trend Nose No Bounds

Image Source / Bored Panda

At least this one doesn’t come with crazy moustache hair! But does that really make it any better? Nope! All credit to the nail artist who can actually fashion a realistic-looking human nose on every finger – and on such a tiny surface area as a nail, at that – but still… that’s enough for me, thanks.

30. Fancy Some Talon Toes?

Image Source / DietZones

How would you ever not ruin a pair of socks? You’d have to wear flip-flops every single day, and then imagine stubbing your toe whilst wearing these. Ouch. Also sucks if you play football. The gothic black polish is a winner, but everything else is just plain scary.

31. Polka… What?

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

When you’re thinking of quirky nail art ideas, then polka dots are probably going to come top of the list. Trouble is, when you’re attempting it yourself, it can be very tricky to get those spots, well… spot-on. As demonstrated here. It’s less 101 Dalmatians and more 101 reasons not to do this again.

32. Stars And Stripes… And Smudges

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

There’s nothing like being proud of your home country, and the American flag offers a lot of nail potential with its bright colours, stars and stripes. It can be hard to translate that onto such a small surface area, though, as it’s less stars and stripes and more just a smudgy mess.

33. Turquoise Tips? More Like Turquoise Tears

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Another fun nail design can be to colour only the tips of your nails – a French Manicure but with a colourful twist. Well, this turquoise twist has turned a little more twisted than intended, which is a shame because it’s a great colour! Extra points for getting it all on the skin, too.

34. A Patriotic Attempt

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Once again, we have a patriotic attempt at stars and stripes – which has, once again, gone a little wrong. Although this is a little neater than the last one we saw (the white isn’t smudged, at least) it’s still more… spots and a random star-looking thing?

35. When The Pieces Just Don’t Fit

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

It sure is a puzzle trying to work out what this person was thinking when they attempted this. Kudos for trying, because there’s certainly nothing more difficult than intricate puzzle pieces, but this pink and silver jigsaw attempt is definitely not working out.

36. Plaid? More Like Sad

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

If you’re trying to replicate a material pattern on your nails, then plaid is certainly one of the hardest you can attempt. With not only the intricate line detailing, but the fact you have to get the lines straight, you’ve got yourself a pretty tricky nail design – which this attempt proves. Would you even know it’s supposed to be plaid?

37. X Marks The Spot

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Nope, it’s not supposed to be a pretty pirate’s map, but it sure looks like one! This design was supposed to be a floral red Poinsettia plant, but looks more like a big fat red X with a couple of green blobs piled on the top. In their defence, flowers would be pretty difficult to paint with nail polish.

38. Angling For Something A Little Different?

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Where are the geometric shapes and angles, I hear you ask – well, apparently it’s that solitary black blob on the thumb. This design was supposed to be full of pastel angle lines on every finger, but even the base coat looks like a pretty messy attempt.

39. I Think The Watercolour Was A Little Too Runny…

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

There’s wanting a watercolour design, and then there’s using nail varnish that’s apparently just as watery as the paint itself. This attempt was supposed to be a watercolour-inspired finish – but for the nails themselves and certainly not every area of exposed skin…

40. Patriotic Pride Turns To Patriotic Shame

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

This is the third time we’ve had to suffer a Stars & Stripes attempt, but this one might possibly be the worst! For red, white and blue you have red, white, blue and strangely brown. And that’s not so much a star or a stripe, but a messy red love heart.

41. Less Than Fan-tash-tic

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

We all know the quirkiness of a fake moustache – whether it’s tattooing one on the side of your finger so you can hold it up to your mouth when the time is right, or just for a little fancy dress. So there’s no doubt that it’d look cute as a nail design – but only if you do it right, of course…

42. A Whole New Meaning To Zebra Print

Image Source: YouTube

When it’s done right, animal print is a great nail vibe – cool zebra print, cheeky tiger print or playful cheetah print. But even when the print itself is done flawlessly, it all depends on the nail shape… and these are prime example of how the simple shape of nails can result in something rather terrifying.

43. Matz-Oh-No

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

You may think it’s silly to base your nail design on a popular flatbread, but Matzo design isn’t so unbelievable when it has cute hues of beige and brown. The problems only start when you do it incorrectly so it just looks like a messy glob of brown on every finger.

44. Neon Fail

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

The marble-effect nail design is very popular, and even more so when it’s in bold hues of neon. You may be looking at these nails wondering what they were supposed to be though, because there’s no real sign of marbling or even neon anywhere… but maybe that one chipped green nail counts?

45. Marbling Chaos

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

You at least have to give this one points for staying inside the lines and not getting the polish all over their skin. But this attempt at marble-effect still leaves a lot to be desired, and does look a tad runny. It might have also worked better with a brighter colour!

46. Lime Turns… Banana?

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Where’s the lime, you might ask. Well, that’s what this was supposed to be, but it’s come out with more a banana yellow finish. Not only that, but one nail is supposed to include an intricate henna-like design of swirls in black and white, but it looks more like a blob.

47. Epic Gradient Fail

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Gradient nails are great: they add a touch of subtle colour change for a more minimalistic look. When you get them wrong, however, they can look less like a gradient and more like a Grade-A mess up. Especially when you get more of the paint on your skin rather than the nail itself!

48. So Apparently Neon Marbling Is Very Hard

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Yet another example of why marbling is hard, and why you should probably start out with some basic colours like black and white maybe instead of neon. After all, the brighter the colour, the more obvious it is that you’ve completely messed it up akin to melted neon ice cream…

49. All Hail The Pumpkin King

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Any Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas Fan is going to rejoice at some Jack Skellington nails – but only if they’re done right, of course. Aside from the very messy pumpkin-orange outlines for the other nails, that Jack Skellington face is a little… well… scary.

50. Do You Feel Like Someone’s Watching You?

Image Source: Best City Nails

This has to be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know what the original idea behind this one was, other than that eyes would look really cool – and eyes that have been cut out of a magazine and stuck on very badly, at that. If you want eyes that are going to judge you for your poor nails every time you look at them, this is the design for you.

51. Gel Manicure? I Hardly Know Her!

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Any nail fan will know that a gel nail makeover looks great and feels great – so much so, that it’s often a most popular option. When you’re trying to do it yourself, however, there are certain dos and don’ts… and this one is definitely a don’t. As in ‘I definitely don’t know what I’m doing’.

52. Pretty In… Pink, I Guess?

Image Source: Pinterest

Baby pink and grey are usually a great combination, and definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a chic pastel look. When you get it wrong, however – and by this we mean exactly what’s done in this pic – it can look less cute pastel and more messy oh-well.

53. Chevron Stripes Turn Into Chevron Yikes

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Chevron stripes are a bold look if you get them right – when it comes to stripes, chevron patterns are often the best for a bold nail look. Get it wrong, however… and they look something a little like this. The fact that it’s only one nail with the “stripes” makes it worse, too!

54. When Cartoon Turns Caricature

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

This was supposed to be a fun and epic cartoon effect look, with bold black borders and a glossy finish. What we have instead is… well… this. The nails themselves don’t look too bad with the pink and hint of a shine, but the bold black borders are less cartoonish and more nightmareish.

55. Candy Cane Shame

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

If you’re looking for a great festive nail design, then candy canes are the way to go – bold red with sleek white stripes. We all know that candy cane stripes are supposed to at least go diagonally, of course, but this person apparently didn’t get the memo.

56. This Marble Effect Seems To Have Been Given A Halloween Twist…

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Did you think we’d moved on from the traumatic marbling attempts? Nope! Here’s another failure, complete with what looks like an absolute bloodbath of the nail polish world. It looks more like the skin was their priority and it just happened to leak on the nails…

57. Handy If You Need To Scoop Up A Bunch Of Snacks, I Suppose?

Image Source: Bright Side

Yet another example of how it’s not always the nail design itself that can go desperately wrong. With nails shaped like this, it doesn’t matter whether your nail art is a natural Picasso – this is what nightmares are made of. How do you even open anything with those things?

58. The Swiss Army Knife Of Nails

Image Source: Christian Podcast Central

We all know Swiss Army Knives are handy, so how about one ready made on your hand? This design wouldn’t be half as bad if it didn’t look like actual bone growing out and fashioned into different implements. Especially that big corkscrew one. Yikes…

59. Futuristic Fail

Image Source: Teen Vogue

The nail design here is actually awesome, a metallic silver finish that any fan of futuristic looks would love, but when you apply it with about 50 coats of nail colour, things start to look a little… off. We’d hope that in the future they’d actually be able to apply their nails in a better way than this!

60. There’s A Hole Lot Wrong With This Design

Image Source: Crazy Nailzz

You love cheese. You love nail art. What’s the next logical step? Well, this, apparently. As if the swiss-cheese nails weren’t strange enough to behold, did you even notice the little mouse eating the cheese? It sounds adorable in theory, but in practice… well… see for yourself.

61. The Haunted Nail Look

Image Source: Goolsj

There’s not two ways about this, this one is just plain disturbing. It looks as though some possessed spirit is trapped inside trying to get out…of the nails. Can you really imagine going to your nail place and when asked what look you are going for, replying with – i’ll have the demonic spirit look please?

62. Gobstoppers For Nails

Image Source: Facebook

These are such a bad shape that it genuinely begs the question – are these nails or marbles that have been stuck on? This is just a completely failed attempt, at what we are not sure. Unless of course the aim was to create shiny balls on the end of their fingers…

63. Who Knew Dead Flies Made Nail Art

Image Source: Bored Panda

Ew…this nail look looks as though a fly has accidentally flown into some wet nail varnish and got stuck. What is more disturbing is that this look was achieved on purpose. And yes, these are real dead flies. There are just no words for this nail fail. It has to be one of the worst we’ve seen so far.

64. An EGGcelent Choie

Image Source: Bored Panda

There’s loving eggs and then there’s this. Not only do we have a variety of uncooked, cooked, poached, fried and scrambled but they also have little faces on them. This look would perfect around Easter time. It’s impressive but definitely a little bit weird.

65. Cutesy Groovy Chic Vibes

Image Source: Pinterest

The thing is with this nail look is it has to be classed as a nail fail because the execution is definitely off. But, we have to admit the pink wonky hearts and poorly placed dots are actually adding to the effect of the cutesy kind of 90s groovy chick effect.

66. One Face Is Clearly Not Enough…

Image Source: Blogspot

This woman got mini replicas of her face on every single one of her nails with all the details right down to the hair. The detail has to be applauded, she’s even varied the expression on each. We have to say however, this is a little bit vain. Surely one face is enough?

67. Someone’s A Hello Kitty Fan

Image Source: Pinterest

Something about this nail look not so subtly suggests they are a MASSIVE Hello Kitty fan. The kittens, the hearts, the bows…it’s a lot. It’s definitely bright and cheerful but we have to class this as a nail fail because the overall effect is a little too sickly sweet.

68. What Colour Would You like? Cheese Please.

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Well who doesn’t love cheese? This is taking acrylic coloured tips a whole new level – cheesy tips. Who knows maybe it’s the next big trend to take off? And they do look appetising. In fact it actually looks like she’s taken a nibble from them already…

69. An Extra Nail Look

Image Source: Shareably

It’s hard to know what is actually going on here. There is definitely some talent here and some of the nail looks are cook but it’s way too extra. Not only is the vivid colour palette quite extreme but they have props stuck on their fingers. It also looks highly impractical.

70. Bowl Shaped Nails

Image Source: Shareably

This would not have been a fail if it wasn’t for the fact that the nails are bulbous with the amount of product that has been applied. The pattern and the intricacy would be great if it was not for the fact these nails are bowl shaped – it definitely ruins the elegance.

71. Pearls, Bows, Flowers…All On One Nail

Image Source: Bored Panda

This person has really just tried to find as many things as possible and fit them all onto one nail. There’s no design going on here or patters, it’s literally just an accumulation of pearls, bows, flowers…and more pearls. And who knows that is going on with the green and pink colour combo.

72. Breaking Bad Nail Fan Art

Image Source: Pinterest

Breaking Bad was one of the most popular shows of all times. So it’s no wonder people got it on their nails. After all we’ve seen cheese and eggs so why not Breaking Bad? This is only classed as a fail in the sense it’s pretty niche…but it’s also amazing nail art talent there’s no denying.

73. A Macabre Nail Choice…

Image Source: Getty Images

Rifles, guns…you name it. This girl has loaded (pun intended) her fingers with weapons and it’s a pretty disturbing look. Image rocking up to work with these on your hands. There’s a reason people go for the classic colours and manicures and not guns – it’s pretty terrifying.

74. A Giraffe Inspired Creation


Image Source: Blogspot

Okay yes it might not be the most glamorous of nail looks and it’s not for everyone. We won’t see it becoming the next big thing. But, in terms of cuteness it has to win. And, if you are a giraffe lover then this one is for you. Plus, the details have been done very neatly.

75. Hearts…We Think

Image Source: Instagram

The intention behind this look is clear; colourful hearts on a pink background. The hearts themselves haven’t quite hit the mark – some of of them look more like squished blobs. It’s a definite fail – but it’s still kinda cute nonetheless – for a kid’s look anyway.

76. As Many Gross Things On One Hand As Possible

Image Source: Pinterest

The only explanation to this look is that this person wanted as many gross things as possible on one hand, and something different for each nail. There’s more than a few questionable nails here and one of the most gross has to be the black hair which has just been stuck randomly onto the finger, as well as the strange kind of pustule effect on another.

77. Popped Pimple Fingers

Image Source: Facebook

There’s definitely some irony here. When we have a pimple on our body or our face the first thing we want to do is get rid of it as fast as possible. Yet apparently now, people are purposefully creating pimple looking nails. And just to make the whole thing worse, one of them has been popped with what looks like fake pus seeping out. Ew.

78. Someone Has A Cotton Bud Obsession

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

This person has gone for the classic cotton bud manicure look. We can only imagine that this person has some kind of obsession with cotton buds. Because not only do they have around 30 stuck to one nail, they also have variations of different cotton bud arrangements.

79. Sweet Tooth…More Like Sweet Nails

Image Source: Bored Panda

Feeling peckish? This person certainly was. They clearly have a sweet tooth and wanted their love of candy to be translated onto their nails. Gobstoppers, Skittles…there’s everything you could ever want. The effect is pretty cool if not a little bit out there.

80. Pierced Nails

Image Source: Shareably

We’ve heard of pierced ears but how about pierced nails? It is pretty much possible to have a piercing just about anywhere on your body today and now apparently we can even have pierced nails. Do we want them after seeing this nail fail? No, we don’t think so.

81. Never Lose Your House Key Again

Image Source: Facebook

We can’t decide – is this really weird or just plain genius. Because we’ve all been there, we’ve forgotten the house key, we’re stuck outside – it’s not fun. And yes it’s not the best look, but this person will never have that problem. Maybe they really are onto something here…

82. A Handy Place To Keep Loo Roll

Image Source: Pinterest

Loo roll on your finger nails, you probably never thought to envisage this before. In a similar vain to the last it’s never a good thing to run out of toilet roll. And,this person never has to worry about that. It’s the ultimate way to be prepared. And if they are out and about they always have a tissue handy – literally.

83. Go On… Avo Manicure

Image Source: Blogspot

Avocados suddenly became the biggest craze, everybody was posting pictures on Insta of their smashed avo on sourdough toast. This person took it even further. They decided to have it as nail art. And, since seeing this we can’t imagine the craze went any further.

84. The Furry Nail Effect

Image Source: Pinterest

You know that horrible moment when you’ve painted your nails all neat and precise and you’re waiting for them to dry. Then you put your socks on a minute too soon or grab a towel…then you look down and you have a load of fluff stuck in them. Well this is exactly what this nail fail looks like – but WORSE.

85. A Wet Nail Look

Image Source: Bored Panda

If you’ve painted your nails or had a set of acrylics and watched the water settle in globules on the surface of them after washing your hands then you’ll know it’s a really cool effect. That’s exactly what this person has attempted to recreate…but unfortunately really badly.

86. Swirly Glitter Gel Pen Look

Image Source: joom

This look feels like a complete throwback to the glitter gel pens we used when we were kids. And, it also looks as though a kid has done them. While they definitely aren’t the biggest nail fail we’ve seen they aren’t exactly screaming sophisticated nail art.

87. This Is What Ears For Fingers Looks Like

Image Source: Elle

This is almost like this person has done one of those would you rather questions. Would you rather have ears for finger nails or finger nails for ears? It’s clear what they chose. And they even had them pierced. In no way shape or form is this a nail look anybody ever wants to recreate.

88. A Flower Bouquet On Each Finger

Image Source: Facebook

Flower designs and nail art are something that go hand in hand. But actual fake flowers… we now know it is not a good look. At all. The look of having an entire flower bouquet on each and every finger nail is certainly not something we want to replicate by any means.

89. Bling Nails

Image Source: Bored Panda

There’s no denying there’s a lot of bling on these nails; heart gems, diamantes, glitter…you name it. Perhaps that’s the reason that these nails are more like paddle sticks – so that there is more room to stick the extra diamantes on. This person clearly thinks more is less.

90. This Is What Fake Eye Lash Fingers Looks Like

Image Source: Pinterest

In this nail fail somebody as decided that sticking fake eyelashes on their eyes is too conventional, so instead they’ve tried out a variety of different lash looks on their fingernails. I guess it’s a good to try out new looks. Something about this is a little freaky.