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17 Reasons Why Growing Up In The 70s & 80s Was So Memorable

1. Sewing at school

Who remembers the good old days when you used to sew at school? We used to have a specific lesson that was dedicated to sewing and we always ended up making square mosaics like this. There was nothing better than being taught practical life skills like this.

2. Chewing Nuts

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We all remember getting these back in the day. There was nothing more delicious than a bag of these. Chewing nuts are still available to buy online from eBay but you don’t really see them being sold in shops anymore. We’re not that sure why they stopped selling these but we might have to buy a few jars off eBay to see if they’re still as good as we remember.

3. Frustration

This game was definitely a bit frustrating, especially when someone landed on top of you and you had to send your counter back home. There was nothing we loved more than sitting and having family nights playing board games but they always ended up with someone getting annoyed that they didn’t win. Thankfully, Frustration is one of them games that managed to stay relevant throughout the most recent decades and the game is still availble to buy today.

4. Choc Ice

Our freezers were ALWAYS stocked up fully with choc ices. These were our favourite things to eat in summer! No matter what time of day it was there was always a few choc ices in the freezer. It was as if we had endless supply of these back in the day. I always had enough to give out to my friends so they would love coming to my house in summer because they knew they’d be in for a treat.

5. Chopper

This bike was the coolest bike in the whole world and if you had one everyone thought you were the coolest kid. There was nothing better than going on adventures with your friends. We all used to had races on them around the street and go on long bike rides. These were the things we loved to do that so many of this generation don’t find the fun in anymore. They’d rather ride around on a virtual bike than feel the wind in their hair on a Chopper.

6. Mr Pop

This game was always one of our favourites! When you had to try and rush to complete Mr Pop’s face before the timer ran out and pops Mr Pop’s incomplete face all over the place. This was another game we used to play on family game night which actually happened quite a lot in the 70s and 80s. We loved getting together with our family to try and beat each other.

7. £1 Note

Who remembers the days when we used to have £1 notes. When you opened up a birthday card and had loads of these you felt seriously rich. I remember when they stopped printing these notes half way through the 80s and wondering what would happen to them. Then the £1 coined got favoured so we started to use them instead.

8. Bullseye

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Who remembers this game show? You must remember it if you were born around the 70s and 80s. Even some of todays generation might recognise the catchphrases that came from this show. Jim Bowen used to present it back in the 80s. They decided to bring the show back in 2006 but it didn’t really do as well as hoped.

9. Super Mousse

Which flavour was your favourite? The mint one was always delicious. We used to buy these from Kwik Save and fill our fridges with them. There was always an argument in my house trying to find out who ate the last one.

10. Soap on a rope

These were the most basic Christmas presents you could have been given. Did anyone even use the soap on a rope? Because my family definitely didn’t. These were more of an ornament piece than soap that anyone actually used. Soap on a rope has definitely been left in the 70s and 80s.

11. Famous Five books

We used to read all these books! We loved the adventures!

12. Astro Wars

Who used to have this game when they were younger? Only one of my friends had it when I was younger, so we always used to go round to his house to play with it. We would spend hours taking turns on this game when we were younger. It’s a shame games like this don’t really exist anymore.

13. Pear Drops

These sweets used to last an absolute lifetime Every time we would go round to our grandparents house, she would have these hard boiled sweets and let us take some home with us. There was nothing more delicious than these!

14. Old Spice

Every single dad in the 70s and 80s used to have everything Old Spice brought out. These are still ridiculously popular these days!

15. Anais Anais

Who used to have this delicious perfume? I can still vaguely remember the smell of this!

16. Insignia

This was an aftershave… every single boy of the 70s and 80s used to smell of this. This brings back so many good memories.

17. Fresh milk to your door

We absolutely loved the fact that we used to have fresh milk delivered to our doors in the mornings. There was nothing better than how fresh it tasted. The cartons of milk that you buy today don’t even taste half as good as the glass bottles we used to get in the 70s and 80s.