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17+ Photos Of Eminem’s Daughter He Doesn’t Want You To See

Bikini Selfie

(Image Source/ inkle)

Hailie Jade is not camera shy in the slightest. Bikini body, bronzed tan, white bikini and bucket hat…what more could you want? This picture is definitely one her dad would not have wanted to see, especially knowing that this photo is going to be plastered over social media.

Six Pack On Show

(Image Source/ People)

This is Hailie Jade, Eminem’s only biological daughter. The two of them are really close and she’s pretty much his biggest fan. But, as well as being daddy’s little girl she’s also not a stranger to a sexy Instagram pic which is something he is certainly not a fan of.

Baring All

(Image Source/ thehundreds)

Again, there’s not much covered here. In fact the only saving grace for Eminem here is the fact that her top half is modestly covered. But that is more than can be said for the bottom. She looks great of course, but in Eminem’s eyes it’s a definite no no.

Sunset Smooch

(Image Source/ hola)

This is a cute photo, here Hailie is kissing her long term boyfriend Evan McClintock. The pair have been together around 6 years and are very happy together. But Eminem would not want to see this photo of his daughter kissing, even though we think it’s romantic.

With Bae

(Image Source/ DailyMail)

Here she is again with her boyfriend, the two of them look cosier than ever. Thankfully, Eminem has accepted him into the family now despite having to adjust to the fact that he would no longer be the main male figure in her life. But, Hailie’s happiness is his priority.

Sexy Slouch

(Image Source/

Does anyone want to see their daughter in this way? I don’t think so. Not only is the pose sexy, the way she is lying across the sofa with her knee up, but the outfit is also very revealing. It’s a cut out top that reveals her abs as well as some boob.

On Vacation

(Image Source/ Hellomagazine)

Hailie is on holiday in this photo and we can tell she’s somewhere exotic with the white sand and the straw sun umbrellas in the background. Although it is a bikini picture technically, it is actually a lot modest than the others as she is wearing a mesh cover up.

Bobbing Along

(Image Source/ capitalxtra)

And here she is on vacation again…in a bikini. This time she’s on a boat and she’s lapping in the life of luxury here. She’s on her knees whilst pushing her hair back in the typical sexy bikini pose. This is one definitely not meant for her dad’s eyes.


(Image Source/ TheMirror)

Here she is again sat perched on the edge of her chair, her abs out again. Would her father want to see this photo? We aren’t so sure. Her and her dad haven’t had an easy relationship – the family history is turbulent to say the least. Just listen to his track Bonnie and Clyde for example.

Hitting The Slopes

(Image Source/ capitalxtra)

Who looks that good whilst skiing? Most of us look pretty dishevelled after a day on the slopes…but not Hailie Jade. No, she’s managing to look as glamorous as ever, even with huge goggles on her forehead. And of course in true Hailie style, she’s got tight fitting style pants on so that even on the slopes her figure can’t be missed.


(Image Source/ capitalxtra)

She is definitely channeling Ariana Grande vibes here. The ponytail and the lolly and the pose look exactly like a copy of the singer. Perhaps that is what the intention of this photo was all along. Either way, she pulls it off and we love this new look on her.

Figure Hugging

(Image Source/ twitter)

We rarely see Hailie Jade in anything but a figure hugging outfit, and this is no different. We don’t blame her – if you’ve got it flaunt it. And Hailie loves to show off her body as she works really hard to keep in shape at the gym and enjoys showing the results. Eminem on the other hand, would not like to see these kinds of pictures.

Gazing To Sea

(Image Source/ pinterest)

Who doesn’t love a gazing out to sea picture? She’s in a white gym workout co-ord and she’s sorting her hair so that her back is exposed and her shape is on show. Her and her father may not always have had a smooth ride but now they are stronger than ever. Her Instagram account is something he prefers to stay away from however.

Pool Pic

(Image Source/ rapup)

There’s no question…Hailie Jade has an amazing body. Here she’s posing poolside whilst casually showing off her six pack. No father wants to see his daughter posting barely clothed pictures online for all to see. But, it’s her choice and who can blame her when she looks that good?

Sibling Strolls

(Image Source/ thethings)

This is Hailie and Alaina, Eminem’s two daughters. He adopted Aliana after his wife’s sister Dawn Scott started taking drugs while Alaina was just a few years old and battled with addiction. After trying and failing to help her he instead adopted her to provide a better life for her. He now refers to her as his daughter and the two girls as sisters.

Insta Poses

(Image Source/ thethings)

Hailie is not afraid of posing and she’s certainly got a talent for it. She’s crouched in a Kim K inspired sexy pose, which shows off her curves. Aside from Eminem, Hailie is definitely the most popular and followed member of the family. She’s now got around just under 2 million followers on her Instagram account.

Bronzed Glow

(Image Source/ geeksoncoffee)

This photo isn’t the most revealing however this top does show a lot of cleavage. Eminem, who feels more protective even than most father’s due to her mother trying to take her away when she way a baby, would prefer if he could keep Hailie under wraps.

Beach Babes

(Image Source/ themirror)

Here she is again in a bikini…Hailie loves nothing more than rocking a bikini picture at the beach. And it’s no wonder when she has an amazing body for it. The high waited bikini shorts and the sideways angle are really showing off those glute gym sessions.

Wet Look Leathers

(Image Source/ pinterest)

This is similar in terms of the fat that this picture is all centred around showing off her assets. And, the wet leather-look style pants are accentuating it. Hailie is not only famous for being the daughter of Eminem but also for being an actress as well as a major presence on social media.

Showing Off Her Muscles

(Image Source/ people)

This photo was posted on Hailie’s story showing off the results from her latest gym session. She’s taking a mirror selfie in the gym with the equipment behind her. We can see the muscles in her arms and stomach and it’s certainly impressive – who wouldn’t want to show that off.

Gym Pics

(Image Source/

Here she is again with the mirror selfie in her workout matching co-ord. One of her passions, when she isn’t working is working out. She spends a lot of time in the gym working on her physique and so of course, being a kind of influencer she documents this all for her fans to see.

Nothing But A T-Shirt

(Image Source/ thehundredsuk)

This picture is part of a sexy shoot she did…where she wears a top and white lacy underwear and nothing else. Lying across the sofa with her top inched over her waist, it’s not a picture that you want your parent to see – or that any parents wants to see for that matter.

Lacy Knickers

(Image Source/ thehundredsuk)

Let’s face it, whatever she’s looking outside at the window at isn’t what the people seeing this picture are looking at. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination and it’s very obvious exactly what this picture is showing off. There’s no way Eminem would be happy seeing his daughter in this way…

Climbing Trees

(Image Source/ thehollywoodgossip)

Not only are we jealous of Hailie…but we are highly envious of her bikini collection. This girl pulls out all the stops when it comes to her beach attire – or in this case her tree attire. It appears that she’ll even climb trees to get the perfect selfie.

Night Out

(Image Source/ instagram)

Hailie is definitely posing for her outfit of the night here (OOTN) before she heads out on her night out. The white cowgirl boots, the denim mom shorts and the strappy top are a classic combo. It’s a pretty sexy outfit…perhaps not dad approved though.

Pose And Pout

(Image Source/ NZherald)

She’s definitely perfected the pose and pout – which not many people can do and pull it off this well. She looks elegant and sultry in this picture with her white strappy top showing a bit of cleavage – something that her dad Eminem is not a huge fan of.

A Rare Family Shot

(Image Source/ themirror)

This is a rare family shot of Hailie, her mum and her dad altogether. Ad we know, it was not a happy family dynamic and the couple soon split which given the toxic relationship was for the best. Eminem may not like looking back at these memories which should be fond memories, and most likely are unpleasant.

Family History

(Image Source/ pinterest)

Again, here is a family throwback to a rare family moment together. Eminem never looks particularly happy in the family shots, which is probably because the two of them had a lot of trouble. Which as we know, often resulted in some extremely controversial rap lyrics.

College Girls

(Image Source/ thelist)

Here is a college picture with one of her close friends Kaitlyn. There’s nothing revealing or bad about this photo other than the fact that Eminem is protective about his daughter and college is one of those times where the child flies the nest. After she graduated from Michigan State University, Eminem told Mike Tyson he was very proud.

Daddy And Daughter

(Image Source/ thethings)

This is Eminem with his daughter Hailie when she is just a few years old. After he used Hailie’s name in his lyrics whilst rapping about dumping their mother’s body there was an outcry from the public. The rapper and his ex wife have managed to reconcile and now maintain a relationship for the sake of his daughter.

Prom Date

(Image Source/Pinterest)

This is a lovely photo of Hailie’s prom night, hugging her prom date looking very excited. By all accounts it is a very cute photo. But no dad wants to see his little girl grow up. And prom is a kind of coming of age ceremony after all – when you’ve finished school and are ready for the next chapter.

King And Queen

(Image Source/Pinterest)

Again, here she is as homecoming queen. We do not know who her last date was or who this home coming king is. But, the two of them look close as they take prom night by storm. Her popularity did not end here…this was just the start of her upcoming fame.


(Image Source/Instagram)

Back to present day Hailie. And, we’ve established that she loves a back facing picture. Here she is again, showing off her stunning shape in a backless little black dress and cream boots. Who doesn’t love an LBD. On the other hand, we don’t think Eminem loves this photo as much as we do.

Mum And Daughter

(Image Source/YouTube)

Here is the homecoming queen with her mother. Now it’s no surprise why Hailie’s father Eminem might feel a little bit uncomfortable seeing this picture given the turbulent history between the two of them. But the relationship recovered since this moment.

Getting Glam

(Image Source/DailyBuzz)

Here Hailie is at yet another homecoming…with a different date. She looks older here and we can really see the glam Hailie that we know today. This is not something Eminem would like to see… his daughter all grown up, glammed up, next to her boyfriend who is all suited and booted.

All Dressed Up

(Image Source/Pinterest)

How many proms did this girl go to? I guess when you grow up with Eminem as your dad, you are going to get a fair few invites. After all…what a claim to fame it is…having Eminem’s daughter at the prom. This time she’s wearing a pink sleeveless number.

Playing At Happy Families

(Image Source/Dailymail)

Again…this one might bring back painful memories of a time that did not last and did not for long reflect the happy family that it appears to be here. At least in the photo anyway. The reality was quite different. This was taken on Christmas day when she was young.

Glam Queen

(Image Source/

Prom queen’s back – looking glam in her crown. Alongside her mother – which is a rare sight. There are not many photos of Hailie and her mother. The two of them have a good relationship now however even since her mother’s alleged suicide attempt she has been kept out of the media.

That Pout

(Image Source/

Have you ever seen a pout quite like it? Now this takes us back, when pouting became the big pose of the moment but nobody had quite perfected it. It’s a long way from the slick posed Hailie that we are accustomed to today. There’s no way she would want this to resurface.

The Girls

(Image Source/Pinterest)

This a picture of Hailie and her mum and her sister, back when they were much younger. It looks like a very cold day and the tree of them are setting out on a walk. As her father, Eminem would not want to see this photo as at this point the couple were split and so was the custody of Hailie.

Dog Mom

(Image Source/gempak)

Here she’s with her boyfriend and her dog – and could she look happier? Nope. Hailie has now been with her boyfriend for many years and the two of them live together with their little dog. It’s serious between them and they see themselves being together for the long run.

Looking Up

(Image Source/Pinterest)

Here Hailie is lay on a field whilst looking up at the camera smiling. She’s at a festival and looks to be enjoying herself. Yet the angle of the photo and the camera coupled with the style of the top result in a fairly revealing shot. Not something Eminem would approve of.

Biggest Fan

Hailie always looks happy when she’s with her boyfriend – and here it is no different. The two of them are at a music festival smiling for the camera in front of the stage. Who was performing? Eminem…her father of course. Hailie is without a doubt his biggest fan.

Out For Drinks

(Image Source/Dailystar)

Champagne and fountains…what’s not to love. This photo was taken recently and here Hailie is on holiday with her friends in a very luxurious looking hotel. Hailie acts, models and is a social media influencer and has made a name for herself despite her famous upbringing.

(Image Source/TheMirror)

One of Hailie’s passions (aside from bikini pics and the gym) is travelling. Whenever she gets the chance and a break from her bust schedule she jets across the world to explore somewhere new. Her boyfriend also shares the same passion for adventure and exploration.

ABSolutely Toned

(Image Source/Twitter)

We know Hailie has an impressive figure – but here she’s really showing off her hard work. When she’s not working, or travelling…she’s in the gym. She’s got her bikini top on and her denim shorts undone for the ultimate exposure…Eminem does not approve but we do.


(Image Source/TheViraler)

She’s the queen of posing and she is not disappointing in the sexy, sultry, black and white shot. This photo was taken during a photo shoot campaign for one of her assignments. Her modelling career is one of her favourite aspects of the work she does today.

Loved Up

(Image Source/briefly)

This one is really cute… Hailie and her long term boyfriend are sat across the table from one another holding each other’s hands whilst laughing and looking at one another. This is a bitter sweet one for Eminem. On one hand she has a new male figure in her life. On the other, she’s extremely happy here.

See Through

(Image Source/OKmagazine)

No dad wants to see their daughter with their underwear on show…even if it is just a bra under a mesh top. We are pretty sure that he would rather not see this – or rather Hailie did an outfit change before going out. Nevertheless, we think she looks great.