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16 Memories EVERY 90s Kid Will Remember

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish

Image result for rimmel spice lip liner

When we were younger we loved buying make-up, but we were horrendous at actually applying any of it.

There was nothing quite like making ourselves feel glamorous.

2. Toy Day at Primary School

This was actually the best day that you had at school, but somehow it ALWAYS ended up in tears.

There was honestly nothing better than getting to bring in your favourite toys to play with at school.

3. The toy in the cereal box

For some reason the only thing we loved about having cereal was the fact that we got a free present.

We wouldn’t even pick the cereals we liked based on flavour. Instead, we wanted them based on the free toy we got inside!

4. Mary Kate and Ashley films

Image result for new york minute

These films were actually our favourites from growing up.

New York Minute was ALWAYS the best of them all!

5. Jungle Run

Image result for jungle run citv

We all know that this was one of CITVs best programmes.

There was nothing we wouldn’t have done to be on this game show!

6. Atlantis

Image result for atlantis film

Who can remember this film from when we were growing up?

I bet these films would still be as enjoyable now as they were when we were kids.

7. Girl Talk magazine

Image result for girl talk magazine 90s

This magazine was honestly one of the only ones we would buy.

But, just like with the cereal we chose, we picked the magazine that gave us the best free gift.

8. The Osbournes

Image result for the osbournes tv programme

This was shown on MTV and we absolutely loved the Obsbournes when we were younger.

The whole family was completely bonkers, but we absolutely loved it.

9. Campino sweets

Image result for campino sweets

There was nothing more delicious than these sweets.

When people bought these you knew you were going on a long car journey.

10. This album

Image result for pop princess cd

The Pop Princess album used to be insanely popular when we were younger.

It had all the best female pop stars of our time on there and we probably knew all the words to this whole album with the amount we listened to it.

11. This ostrich pen

Who remembers when you were a proud owner of a pen like this?

There was nothing that we loved more than standing this at the top of our desks for everyone to see.

12. Mood rings

Image result for mood rings 9s

These were amazing. But, the mood it showed never really matched our moods, did they?

There was nothing we loved more than looking super tacky whilst wearing a million of these.

13. Bionicles

Image result for bionicles first gen

These were toys that every single boy used to have when they were younger.

They came in little packages and they were actually so hard to build! They took a LOT of patience.

14. White Malteasers

BRING THESE BACK!! These Malteasers were SO delicious.

They mustn’t have been popular enough to keep them on the shelves… sad times.

15. Supernanny

Image result for supernanny

We all LOVED watching this when we were younger. It made us feel like we were golden children to our parents.

I swear our mum’s and dad’s used to use ‘Supernanny’ as a threat if we weren’t behaving.

16. Dogz 4

Image result for dogz 4

This was an incredible game that we all used to play on our computers.

We fully felt like these dogs weren’t virtual but were actually real.