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15 Things That ALL Girls Will Remember From Their Childhood!

1. These Bobbles

Wow, this meme really does explain it all! How much did it hurt?!

2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina was such a classic! Remember the talking cat?? I loved him.

3. Baby All Gone

Wow, I had a love/hate relationship with Baby all gone. I loved feeding it with cherries though!

4. Jelly Shoes

Now these were the best, weren’t they? Notice the trend coming back in? You’ve probably got a pair now!

5. Stick On Ear Rings

The childhood equivalent to getting your ears pierced, as your parents deemed you too young for the real thing! It was tough growing up, wasn’t it?

6. Claire’s

Now then, this was a girls paradise, wasn’t it girls?? It had every accessory you wanted!

7. Beanie Babies

I loved collecting these. Can you remember finding the one which shared the same birthday as you?

8. Nokia, Snake

EVERYONE has played this at some point in their lives! What device did you use to play on it? I used my Nokia 3310. A classic game on a classic phone?

9. Sequin Art

I did this every night for weeks! It was so fun, however very frustrating when it went wrong.

10. Baby Annabel

Every girl had one of these!  These put me off having a baby for a while, I couldn’t cope with the crying.

11. Daisy Chains

Summer afternoons in the playground, enough said.

12. Frilly Socks

No summer dress was complete without the frilly socks! Isn’t it funny how these have come back into fashion? Maybe not quite to the extent of the ones in the picture though…

13. Jane Norman Bags

Every girl had one of these bags! They were used to put anything in, from your P: E kit to homework.

14. Butterfly Clips

Probably one of the most used accessory for a girl, right? I can’t remember a time my hair didn’t have one of these in!

15. Choker Necklace

Another accessory that has come back into fashion! Remember wearing one as a kid?