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13 Images From Your Childhood That’ll Definitely Give You The Munchies

1. Walnut Whips

We all used to LOVE these when we were younger.

There was nothing more delicious than a walnut whip.

2. Texan chocolate bars

These were the best chocolate bars ever.

They need to bring these back!

3. Choc ices

Image result for choc ices

In summer the one thing that we all loved a ridiculous amount was choc ices.

Our freezers were always stocked up with these.

4. Peanut Treets

Image result for peanut treets

Whenever we went to the newsagents we got these.

These were SO delicious…

5. Cola cubes

You either loved cola cubes or pineapple chunks! Which were your favourite?

6. Super Mousse

Image result for super mousse

Our parents always stocked up the fridge with these and we got them as a special treat. We used to get these from Kwik Save.

7. Nestle Quik

Image result for nestle quik

The one biggest treat we could have was chocolate milkshake.

There was nothing more delicious than a glass of this!

8. Tudor crisps

Tudor Crisps came in a range of different flavours.

But, I think we can all agree that the best flavour was the gammon ones.

9. Angel Delight

Related image

This light, fluffy dessert was actually one of a kind.

Having this for dessert after your meal was SUCH a treat.

10. Trebor Fruit Salad

Image result for trebor fruit salad

We know that Trebor never failed to bring out delicious treats. You either loved the fruit salad ones or black jacks.

11. Sugar Puffs

Related image

This was such a delicious cereal purely because there wasn’t anything like this before. A bowl of this in the morning set you up for the day.

12. Milky Bar

Image result for milky bar kid 80s

Milky Bar is the only brand of white chocolate that has lasted for ages. There was nothing more cute than the Milky Bar Kid!

13. Jubbly

Image result for jubbly

A jubbly in the Summer made your day ten times better. This brings back so many memories.