12 Signs Of An Omnivert

By Aaron Love 2 months ago

What Is An Omnivert?

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An omnivert can come across as quite a confusing ideology to follow, and they can change their minds on being inside or outside on a daily basis! The best way I can think of describing it is that they appear almost bipolar in their decision making; one day they might want to be out all day completing a whole range of activities where as the next day there's nothing on this world that could get them to leave the cocoon they've buried themselves in within their bedroom. Sounds like pretty much every teenager to have ever existed then!

They're Controlled By Emotion

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The more I read about these so-called omniverts, the more I'm realising that I might be one of them! Essentially, an omnivert can show signs of being both an introvert and extrovert all within the space of 2 days. Basically, if the person is feeling happy and energetic then they'll probably display a whole range of introverted traits and want to get out in to the world. Whereas, if they're feeling down in the dumps or annoyed then you've got absolutely no chance of getting them to go anywhere with you on that day!

They Don't Like Socialising With Some People

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None of us are 100% confident when we have to meet new people, but we all have our ways of trying to show that we are, even when we aren't right? Some people choose to have a couple of drinks to make themselves feel more confident whereas others just struggle through it. An omnivert might find that they enjoy getting out of the house to socialise, but that the people they want to spend their time with have to be suitable to match the mood that they're going through at tat current period of time in their day.

They Lose Interest In Conversations

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We've all had those situations where we're trying to keep conversations going, but sometimes you might just need to dip out of the conversation if it isn't going so well. This is something that an omnivert will get extremely used to as even if they're the ones who have started the interaction they might actually lose interest halfway through and completely disappear from the conversation. Not only will you stop listening to them, you might also stop talking at all. Is this something you've ever done?

They Cancel Their Own Plans

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Have you ever made plans with your friends but as the time has come closer you've decided that you actually really can't be bothered? Well that might be a sign that you're secretly an omnivert! Typically, the reason you might have changed your mind is because you were in such a good mood at the time the plans were made that you'd be up for anything, but given some time (and a change in your mood) you're no longer remotely interested in getting out and socialising with these people anymore!

They Prefer Spending Time With Introverts

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Yes, we have already discussed that an omnivert might have more fun on different days with different people, but typically, they would probably prefer to spend more of their time with the introverts as the overt nature of extroverts can be quite overwhelming to them. Whereas, as introverted people are known to be quieter and more shy, they would probably prefer to spend time, inside, with other like-minded people. What do you think? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Or are you an omnivert?

They're Good Listeners

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When you're looking to cement a group of friends as a child and even as you grow further in to adult life, you want to have a good mix of different types of people. Thankfully, omniverts, as a result of their mixed lifestyle, can offer everything! One trait that typically comes with omniverts are that they tend to be very good listeners and would likely prefer to listen to their friends and let them lead the conversation instead of the roles having to reverse. Who doesn't love a good listener within our friend groups?

Their Personality Test Changes

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Have you ever taken the well-known personality test, the Myers-Briggs Indicator before? Supposedly if you answer a range of questions it should give you a specific 'personality type' signalled by different combinations of four letters, either beginning IN (for introverted) or EN (for extroverted). If you happened to be an omnivert, then it's quite likely that the test would offer up a different combination every single time you completed the test. Why don't you give it a couple of go's you might be able to find out some of your weak points.

The Limelight Is Both A Positive And A Bother

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Who doesn't want to be in the spotlight at some point in their lives? Finding yourself with people praising you can be scary, but also, it can be a real confidence booster for yourself. In terms of an omnivert, they might actually, thoroughly, enjoy having the spotlight shining on them, but they probably wouldn't enjoy all of the attention that they might receive from the people praising them. I suppose it would be hard to enjoy people praising you if they weren't people you wanted to socialise with!

Their Personality Changes Easily

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So, not only does your personality type change on paper (or the internet) if you're an omnivert, but your actual (I suppose visual?) personality also changes too. As we've mentioned, the mood changes day by day and so does the personality that's on show. So an omnivert might actually claim to be someone who is extroverted and wants to spend their times outside with their friends but they'd also be happy to spend just as much time inside, engaging themselves with something they'd like to do on their own instead.

Their Social Group Changes A Lot

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So yes, if you haven't already realised, omniverts like to change whole aspects of their lives during different days of the week. And I'm sure you can imagine, this means that they can often need a few seperate social groups in order for them to be able to go about their lives without coming across too many problems. Yes, they might need a group of friends who can accept their constant changes in personality, but they also have to accept that there'll also be some days they just aren't interested in going out!

They Struggle Maintaining Relationships

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Not only is it your friends that might suffer from having to put up with your constant personality changes and switches from extroversion and introversion, but also any romantic partners you might also have. It's hard enough to find a partner for life WITHOUT having to also make them believe that you're unable to control the days where you have no interest with going anywhere or maybe even talking to them that much for that specific day. It takes a lot of commitment and effort for a relationship like this to work.

They Have Mood Swings

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As you've probably already noticed through the points we've already discussed, the personality changes that omniverts go through is very much reliant upon the mood that the person is in at the time. Unfortunately, these mood swings can actually be quite difficult to deal with for both the omnivert themselves as well as all of the people around them. This isn't just a change by the day either, they might wake up in a horrible mood and then hours later be as happy as can be! Could you put up with something like that?

Enjoying A Good Gossip

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Let's be honest, we've all been guilty of taking part (and thoroughly enjoying) in gossiping sessions with our friends, and surprisingly, often with our work colleagues. Although omniverts aren't particularly favourable when it comes to conversing with people, if you manage to get them going on the gossiping they might end up spilling the beans for hours and hours on end. And worst comes to worst, you'll have found something out before the end.

Judging People Well

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If we were all able to judge the people we meet perfectly the moment we met them we'd probably all be in a much better place in our lives, we wouldn't have to worry about having to be careful around new people (and in some cases, our older friends!). Thanks to omniverts being able to listen to people so well, they tend to be able to paint a real picture as to what people are really like. This is a skill we all wish we could have right? So if you know your personal character isn't the kindest you might want to avoid omniverts from outing you!

They Can't Always Be Relied On

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It might seem a little unfair to say that all omniverts can't be relied on, although most of the time, that statement seems to be completely true. Even if your closest friend is an omnivert, their might be a day that you really need a hand with something, whether that be physical, mental or emotional assistance, and they're not able to co-operate as you'd like. Unfortunately, the inconsistency of omniverts' emotions and personalities means they aren't always going to be by your side to get through the hard times.

They Might Have Triggers

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In some studies, it has been found that the changes in personalities and moods of an omnivert can actually be caused by physical (or environmental triggers). This means that they believe that it IS actually possible to lower the amount of changes an omnivert will have to go through, although this hasn't been fully researched! Supposedly, certain circumstances or places that omniverts go through or visit might cause them to revert to their alternate mood! It could be something as random as walking past an old house or school!

They Can Appear Arrogant

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Although someone that is described as an omnivert isn't meaning to be arrogant in their manners, the fact they can't control their ever-changing introversion and extroversion means that they can often come across as quite arrogant to the people around them. This can appear even more prevalently when they're put in to situations that they clearly don't want to be put in. And I mean, it isn't just omniverts that suffer from that, none of us ever want to be forced in to scenarios we aren't interested being put in!

They Struggle With Public Speaking

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If someone you know can be extremely confident around you and your friends, but are unable to act in the same manner when they're put in front of a larger group, it might be a sign that they're actually an omnivert! Now, it has to be noted that not EVERYONE who struggles with public speaking should be labelled an omnivert but it is definitely a possible sign. Let's be honest, it can be quite nerve-wracking having to stand in front of large groups of people in all walks of life, so don't judge them too strongly.

Some Can Be Flexible

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It should be notes however, that not all omniverts have zero control over what sort of personality they're feeling at one time, some of them are actually able to switch between the two seamlessly, depending on the social situation that they find themselves in. Essentially, when they're at a loud and pretty sociable party, they might be the center of attention and enjoy it, but if they're in a more formal, quiet scenario then they can introvert themselves in order to match the mood. Would you be able to do this too?

It Can Help Creatively

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Most of the points to have featured in this list have been quite negative (they get even more negative after this!) but having two seperate ways of looking at life can actually be beneficial if you look at it a specific way! Omniverts have a unique view of life, knowing that they can see things from both introverted and extroverted view points. This means that, when discussing issues or problems that need to be solved, they might be able to see a route to success that someone who doesn't think the same way can.

Their Hobbies Are Diverse

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Another positive that omniverts can take from being the way they are is that you'll be able to say you have a completely diverse array of hobbies that most people wouldn't usually consider grouping together. Thanks to being able to switch between introversion and extroversion mean you might be able to enjoy things like spending time at home reading a book or maybe or gaming, or they might be more inclined to get out of the house and get some exercise or maybe even go for a mountain hike? Does this sound like you?

They Can Be At Risk Of Mental Health Problems

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Unfortunately, as a result of the erratic and sometimes difficult to deal with mood and personality changes, omniverts are often seen to be at a higher risk of developing some mental health conditions that make their quality of life slightly more difficult. For those of you reading this that suffer from some of these issues, you might understand that this is actually quite a broad topic title so yes, I will go through some of the specific problems that omniverts might end up coming across throughout their lives.

They Might Seem Anxious

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This probably comes as no surprise to any of you reading this, but thanks to an omniverts constant fluctuating between introversion and extroversion they can often develop a number of symptoms and disorders related to anxiety. Having to find a balance in their lives can be particularly difficult and so they can quickly fall back in to their shell if things aren't going their way pretty quickly after they get going. Realistially, they are constantly in a state of overthinking, hoping that one day will be better than what's already been.

They Can Get Depressed

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All of us have been through stages of sadness in our lives and they aren't always signs of being depressed, sometimes we just are sad and that's the way that life has to be. However, for an omnivert, the tendencies that come with intro/extroversion can contribute massively to the development of depression. For example, some days they'll desire social interaction and really enjoy it, whereas the next they'll want to isolate themselves. These feelings can be particularly damaging to anyone that feels them.

They Might Burnout

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Imagine being unable to plan as far ahead as the next day in your life because you never know whether or not you're going to be in a good enough mood to socialise anymore? This constant pressure that omniverts put themselves through in order to try and balance their social situations and spending time alone can actually burn them out to the point that their introverted side can begin to take over. The tiredness can then be a further issue when it comes to adding to the problems like stress and depression they may also be feeling.

Mood Swings Can Cause Mood Disorders

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Everyone can suffer from mood swings, it isn't always a sign that someone is suffering from any sort of issue or disorder, they genuinely might just be having a bad day. We've all had them sorts of days right? And we always try to power through because that's how we're taught. But the fact that all of the introversion and extroversion can be so complex, it can increase the chances of someone developing some more severe mood disorders like bipolar. Always try and support anyone and everyone through mood swings, no matter how hard it may be.

They Can Struggle With Stress Related Issues

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Unsurprisingly, when you take in to account all of the other issues that an omnivert might go through, one of the biggest signs is that of being stressed for large parts of days, weeks, months and even years. It's important that they manage to balance out the two sides they have within them as, if they can't, they might actually cause themselves to begin developing some more severe stress-related disorders. Some omniverts have even been diagnosed with PTSD due to the ongoing stress running through their heads.

Omniverts Are Unlikely To Succeed In Business

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Some studies have shown that, in the world of business, employers would probably want to avoid hiring any form of an omnivert as they're (supposedly) the least beneficial when it comes to working in business. Supposedly, an omnivert is the least likely personality type to succeed whilst having to work under the pressure of jobs like sales. That should come as no surprise anymore, imagine having to try and sell something to someone, or communicate with them when your brain is telling you to go to bed!

Eminem Seems To Be An Omnivert!

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If you were trying to think of people you know that might be an omnivert, then I've got you covered! You might also have some friends or family members that you can put in to the omnivert category as well! Although you might not want to openly tell them that eh? Seemingly, Eminem gives off a very extroverted stage presence and also in some other social situations, but, in most of his interviews he actually comes across quite introverted and in some scenarios even shy! Could Eminem be an omnivert then?