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12 Brilliant Things That All 80s Girls Will Remember

1. Twilight Teaser Lipstick

Ah, Seventeen. The make up brand was so popular it had always sold out in Boots! From dark purple shades to a bold red lip, the make up brand stocked lipsticks of all different colours! This brand was so so popular in the 1980s – I went through so many!

We are pleased to hear 17 are still going to this day! Do you remember these lipsticks?

2. Diffuser

Big and bold curls were essential in the 80s and these diffusers, which you put on the end of your hair dryer, were perfect for creating the signature look. Joan Crawford, eat your heart out!

We have to admit, whilst we loved this diffuser, they were pretty savage when it came to putting lethal knots in your hair. Ouch! If your hair wasn’t pretty messed up after a session with one of these, you must had not been using it correctly!

3. Hair Combs

Look at the lovely glittery colours! Every girl had one of these combs. Red, blue, green or yellow, whichever colour you had pretty much defined your personality! These were the essential tools to comb those curly locks!

Did you have one of these?

4. Jelly Shoes

Made your feet very sweaty – but we all had them! Yes, they did dig into your feet and crush them in places, but the pain was worth it! If you wore these shoes, you were instantly one of the most popular and stylish people in school. The best thing about these shoes were that they showed off your newly painted toenails. The most stylish girls painted there nails to co-ordinate with their shoes! Super chic!

We wish that these shoes were still being sold! Maybe using a different material to the hard plastic though!

5. Blue Eyeshadow

Did you use Miners make-up? Miners was described as a sophisticated yet feminine cosmetics brand. Whilst we struggle to describe this eyeshadow as sophisticated, back in the day this was the coolest make up to own!

6. Afro Comb

This was with me at all times! Whether you had an afro or not, in order tame your curly 80s hair, you needed to own one of these. Equip with holder, this comb was the perfect handbag essential for any young girl in the 1980s.

7. Insette Hairspray

As hair was such a big thing in the 80s, a setting spray was essential to keep your hair looking good all day! And it certainly didn’t move with this! Looking back, this spray made hair almost so hard that it felt like it could snap in half, but it certainly fulfilled its purpose! You just had to be careful you didn’t get this in your eye – ouch!

8. Body Shop perfume oils

Dewberry or Fuzzy Peach which was your favourite? These perfume oils were delicious smelling. Any girl who wore this you could smell them a mile away. The sweetest, fruitiest perfumes that ever existed!

9. Electric Blue Mascara

This mascara was certainly a statement. And combined with the matching blue eyeshadow, young girls could make a bold fashion statement. Whilst blue mascara might have looked a little weird at the time, whenever we put this one, we felt like the mot fashionable girl in the world!

What do you think to this blue mascara? Would you try it nowadays?

10. Chelsea Girl

Chelsea girl, which is now part of River Island was the trendiest shop on the high street. If you wanted to find some fashionable items, you were sure to pick something up here! From big shoulder pads to crazy colours, Chelsea girl stocked all the signature 80s garments!

We were so happy when we found out that Chelsea Girl was relaunching a collection in River Island! Did you ever go to Chelsea Girl?

11. Banana Clips

These banana clips were perfect if you had fine hair- if your hair was too thick they would ping open! Regardless, the selection of colours made things pretty exciting. You could decide in the morning what kind of colour day it was, depending on the weather and your mood! Red was always a good colour for blonde hair.

Did you have one of these, or the whole collection?

12. Freestyle Mousse

This certainly held hair in place and created an effortless volume, but also made your hair so greasy!! I used so much of this product for scrunching my hair, hoping to achieve that bounce! This was the ultimate product to use for  an evening out with friends.

Did you find this L’Oreal mousse to be effective to volume-ise your curly locks?

The 80s were famous for all kinds of things, from the perm, perfected by celebrities like Morgan Fairchild, to great music from Bowie and Michael Jackson. Did you grow up in the 1980s and remember this amazing decade for your own special reasons. If you were a young girl growing up in this time – do you remember any of these 12 things?

It seems that most of the things which we remember so well were products which helped to perfect that curly hair look. From styling mouse to combs, there were many things which were popular with young girls to help to get that desirable 80s style hair.

We hope that you enjoyed looking through this articles and reminiscing of all the things we used to love about this decade! Hope it has brought back many happy memories.